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President-elect WEBB. Thank you, Martin. Let me tell you, truthfully, this is a surprise. I know that it has been usual for the vice president to step up to the presidency of the association. But things were such in California prior to last week that I knew it was going to be impossible for me to attend the convention. I also knew that if there was a chance for me to be president of this great organization, I was waiving that opportunity in view of my official responsibilities in the State of California.

Although I was not physically with you, the moments that I could, I was certainly with you in thought and spirit. However, when the chairman of the nominating committee called me, he indicated that the nominating committee had suggested my name as one who would succeed our very able president, Martin Catherwood. And certainly, being shown this consideration, I just had to come to New Orleans. It is quite a responsibility to take over the presidency of this association. I have been connected with it directly or indirectly for the last 11 years, and had the pleasure of associating with many of the outstanding labor officials in government in that period of time. And certainly, we have had some outstanding presidents. I want to assure you that I approach this job with all humility and with a feeling of inadequacy. But I hope that inadequacy will be overcome by the fine executive board and vice president that you have chosen to help me carry out these duties, as well as the fine representation from the States.

I want you to know that I am going to dedicate myself during the next 12 months to try to carry out the fine traditions that this association is noted for. Certainly, with the help of the people you have chosen, I think we can do it. Possibly, during the next year we are going outside of the executive board and recruit some other talents, as indicated by Martin in his closing remarks. So with the aid and assistance of all of you, I want to assure you that we are going to do the job.

My first task is one of the most pleasurable I think I will have as president of the association. It has been customary for many, many years to recognize the services of the presidents of the association by presenting to them a plaque that indicates the appreciation for the efforts and dedication for the job they have accomplished in the past on behalf of the States and Provinces.

Martin, let me present to you on behalf of the International Association of Governmental Labor Officials this beautiful plaque that indicates in a small way how much we appreciate your efforts and your accomplishments during your presidency of this association. [Rising applause.]

President CATHERWOOD. Ernie, thank you. I may have failed to emphasize appropriately the tremendous resources that I have had during the past year in the membership of the executive board of its participation far beyond the call of duty and the tremendous cooperation that I have had in the members of this group, including the hard work of the committees and their chairmen concerned with resolutions.

Thank you again. [Applause.]

President-elect WEBB. I notice that this is our 49th annual convention. Next year will be the 50th anniversary. Possibly, there is some significance here. This will be our golden anniversary and the president of our association comes from the Golden State of California.

So possibly at the next convention, in view of the fact that it will be our 50th anniversary, we might have certain things that would be appropriate under those circumstances.

At this time, I want to impress upon the delegates who are not officers of this association that we will want your suggestions and we respectfully solicit them. I, as president, share the view of the executive board in writing any views or any specific problems that you think should be undertaken in a study or any other business that the organization is legitimately concerned with.

Commissioner LUTTRELL. I personally want to thank the executive board for all of the wonderful consideration they have given me. I feel that we have one of the finest executive boards that this organization could possibly have obtained.

But there is one point that I would like to leave with the new officers for study. As you know, we decided basically to contain so-called hosting in our conventions. I have studied this carefully since the first year that this organization has tried out this particular motivation. My personal observation is that the thought is sound, but I question slightly as to the effect.

Primarily this association's duties are not just to formulate projects and attempt to get laws enacted that would affect the working forces of our two countries through labor-management relations and, of course, our Government statutes as well as our State legislatures and so forth. I also looked around very carefully to find out how much support we obtain and where we get that support and strength in its most effective degree. I find that we need as much support as we can possibly obtain from those affected by what we propose and attempt to accomplish.

That means labor-management relations to the nth degree with the association from the State level and the national level. However, in the ensuing year, I would request that the executive board give this some serious thought. I don't mean by the method of hosting but by trying to step up ways and means to encourage and interest these people in our annual conventions. We need those people; and they need to know what we are doing. Because those people will be directly affected, good or bad, by our actions. If it is good and they feel it is good, we have their added support. If they do not agree with us, they may fight us. We have to sell on the State level. I assume the same applies to the Provinces of Canada. I assume that they are either appointed or elected, as I am. So, consequently, we are representatives of a very large segment of our respective communities and we have responsible duties to perform. In order to perform them most effectively, we must carry a majority of those people who will be directly affected by our actions.

Mr. Chairman, I merely leave this as a thought for the new executive board. [Applause.]

President-elect WEBB. Thank you, Curtis.

May I again express the appreciation of the association and its members for the fine job that you have performed in hosting this convention. I am sure that appropriate communications will be made with the State officials here to indicate the fine job that you have performed

I do hope that during the next year each one of you in your jurisdiction will be most successful and have great results with respect to your work.

We now stand adjourned.

[Whereupon, the 49th annual convention of the International Association of Governmental Labor Officials adjourned at 11:35 a.m., sine die.]


Organization of the International Association of

Governmental Labor Officials

OFFICERS 1966–67

President.-Ernest B. Webb

Vice President.--Carl Cabe

Secretary-Treasurer.-George T. Brown



SECTION 1. Name.—This organization shall be known as the International Association of Governmental Labor Officials.


SECTION 1. Objects.—The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage the cooperation of all branches of Federal, State, and Provincial governments who are charged with the administration of laws and regulations for the protection and welfare of workers; to encourage improvement in the administration of such laws and regulations; to encourage progressive legislation; to encourage cooperation with associations of employees and employers; and through the exchange of information, to bring about a greater uniformity of laws and regulations and the administration thereof.


SECTION 1. Membership.—Membership in this association shall be of two types:

(a) Active.

(b) Honorary. SEC. 2. Active membership.Available to the labor department of each State of the United States and each Province of Canada, or to the proper agencies administering the labor laws in such State or Province, the United States

1 Adopted at Chicago, Ill., May 20, 1924; amended Aug. 15, 1925, June 4, 1927, May 24, 1928, May 23, 1930, Sept. 15, 1933, Sept. 29, 1934, Sept. 16, 1937, Aug. 1, 1948, Sept. 7, 1951, May 16, 1956, Aug. 28, 1958.

Department of Labor, the Canadian Department of Labour, and such other governmental agencies as the convention shall vote to admit. Only active members shall be entitled to vote through their duly accredited delegates in attendance at meetings.

SEC. 3. Honorary membership.-Honorary membership in this association is available to any person who has rendered service while connected with any Federal, State, Territorial, or Provincial Department of Labor, or who has rendered outstanding service to the IAGLO in furtherance of its objectives provided such membership is subject to the unanimous vote of approval of the executive board. Honorary membership shall not have the privilege of voting.


SECTION 1. Officers.—Elected officers of this association shall be a president and vice president, each of whom shall be administrator of a member agency. No person holding the office of president or vice president shall be eligible to immediately succeed himself.

A secretary-treasurer shall be elected at each annual convention, but said secretary-treasurer need not be the administrator of a member agency.

SEC. 2. Election of officers.-Officers shall be elected at the regular annual business meeting of the association by a majority ballot and shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected and qualified.

SEC. 3. Executive board.—In addition to the officers herein provided, there shall be an executive board constituted of the president and vice president of the association, the immediate past president, and six other members to be elected at the regular annual business meeting by a majority ballot of those present and voting. The members elected to the executive board shall be the administrators of member agencies or their designated and accredited representatives.

SEC. 4. Vacancies.—The executive board shall fill all vacancies caused by death, resignation, or other reasons.


SECTION 1. Duties of the officers. The president shall preside at all meetings of the association and the executive board, preserve order during its deliberations, appoint all committees and serve as ex officio member of such committees, and sign all records, vouchers, or other documents in connection with the work of the association.

SEC. 2. Duties of the vice president.The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in his absence.

Sec. 3. Duties of the secretary-treasurer.—The secretary-treasurer shall have charge of all books, papers, records, and other documents of the association ; shall receive and have charge of all dues and other moneys; shall keep a full and complete record of all receipts and disbursements; shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the association and the executive board; shall conduct all correspondence pertaining to the office; shall compile statistics and other data as may be required for the use of the members of the association; and shall perform such other duties as may be directed by the convention or the executive board. The secretary-treasurer shall present a detailed written report of receipts and expenditures to the convention. The secretary-treasurer shall be bonded for the sum of $2,000, the fee for such bond to be paid by the association. The secretary-treasurer shall keep a complete record of the

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