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“ Facts and Fancies, or Mental Diver- nounce a New Series of the Monthly Resions."

view, to commence on the 1st of January An Historical and Topographical De- next. The Numbers of that work which scription of Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, have been published since August last, including the Sixteen Parishes and Ham. exhibit a very visible improvement, both lets of the Half-hundred of Lothingland, in the style, the variety, and the spirit of in Suffolk, will soon appear, from the pen the articles. Among its principal contri. of Mr J. H. Druery.

butors, we understand, are some of the The Third and Fourth Volumes of most distinguished literary men of the Kirby and Spence's Introduction to En- day. tomology, or Elements of the Natural A Digest of the Evidence taken before History of Insects, will soon appear. the Select Committees of the two Houses

A work on the Infantry Movements, by of Parliament, appointed to inquire into the author of the “ British Drill,” (Capt. the State of Ireland. With Notes HistoBarow Suasso,) is announced. In the rical and Explanatory. In 2 vols. 8vo. preface, we are informed, a new mode of Vindiciae Christiane; a Comparative Exercise for the Foot is-proposed. Estimate of the Genius and Tendency of

Mr Murray projects a Collected Series the Greek, the Hindu, the Mahometan, of his Publications in Monthly Numbers. and the Christian Religions. By the He begins with Modern Voyages, and in Rev. Jerome Alley, LL.B. M. R. I, A. these, with Ross and Parry's First Expe. &c. &c. In 1 large vol. 8vo. dition.

A new edition of Smith's Wealth of Travels of the Russian Mission through Nations; in one vol. 8vo, with a Life of Mongolia to China, and Residence in the Author. A Preliminary DissertaPekin, in the Years 1820, 1821, by George tion, tracing the Progress of Political Timkowski, will soon be published. Science, and containing a View of its

A Letter to Thomas Fowell Buxton, present State, will be prefixed. Notes Esq. M.P. containing Statements re- upon the text will be subjoined. specting the Profits on Capital employed The First Number of Bolster's Quarin Working Mines in England, with an terly Magazine is to appear in London, Inquiry as to the Success likely to attend Edinburgh, and Dublin, on the 1st of similar undertakings in Mexico, by John February. It is the only Literary JourTaylor, Esq. is in the press.

nal in Ireland, and the Editor has secured Preparing for publication, in one vo- the assistance of many writers of distinlume, uniformly printed with Dr Todd's guished talent. So great is the interest edition of Johnson's Dictionary, Etymons excited in the sister kingdom by the anof English Words. By John Thompson, nouncement of this publication, that nearlate Private Secretary to the Marquis of ly 1000 subscribers have already come Hastings, in India.

forward to its support. The History of the Church of England, The First Number of a new Monthly during the Reign of King Henry the Work, of some originality of pretension, Eighth, by the Rev. Henry Soames, is entitled “ The Time Piece," will appear announced.

on the 1st of March. It will consist The Memoirs of the Prince de Mont- chiefly of Sketches of Society, and disquibarry, will soon appear.

sitions on the more popular parts of liteMessrs Hurst, Robinson, and Co. an- rature, and its history,


On the 25th of January next will be Annals of the House of Hanover, col. published, in 3 vols. post 8vo, Woodstock, lected and arranged by Andrew Halliday, a Tale of the Long Parliament. By the M.D. Author of “ Waverley," &c.

A New Edition of the Grave, and other A new periodical work is announced, Poems, by Robert Blair ; as collected by under the title of the Edinburgh Theolo- Dr Robert Anderson ; to which is pregical Magazine. No. I. to appear in Ja- fixed, a Life of the Author, is in the press, nuary next.

and will be ready for publication in the A Second Edition of a Treatise on the course of next month. Law of Evidence. By George Tait, Esq. The Edinburgh Annual Register, for Advocate.

the Year 1825. 1 vol. 8vo. A Sermon preached on the Sunday after A Painting, illustrative of “ Burns's the Funeral of the Rev. William Gillespie, Jolly Beggars," has just been finished by Minister of Kells. By the Rev. A. Mac- Mr A. Henderson of Glasgow, from which gowan, Minister of Dalry. Svo.

a Mezzotinto Engraving, on Steel, is anMartyoufle, a Tragedy. By Thomas nounced for publication. Aird, Esq. 8vo.





BIOGRAPHY. An Encyclopædia of Agriculture, com- Memoirs of Miss Jane Taylor. By her prising the Theory and Practice of the brother, Mr Isaac Taylor, jun. Valuation, Transfer, Laying out, Improve

EDUCATION. ment, and Management of Landed Pro. A Treatise on Greek Accents. By perty; and the Cultivation and Economy W. Viger. 12mo, Is. 6d. of the Animal and Vegetable Productions Letters on Entomology, for young of Agriculture, including the latest Im

persons. 12mo, 5s. provements; a General History of Agri- A Manual of the System of Instrucculture in all countries; and a Statistical tion pursued at the Infant School, MeaView of its present State, with Sugges- dow Street, Bristol. Illustrated by aptions for its future Progress in the Bri- propriate Engravings. The fourth edi. tisli Isles. By J. C. Loudon, F. L. S. tion, considerably enlarged. By D. G. H. S. &c. 8vo, Engravings, L.2, 10s. Goyder. 58.

An Essay on the Weeds of Agriculture, The Fundamental Words of the Greek with their Common and Botanical Names, Language. Adapted to the memory of the their respective characters and bad qua- student by means of derivations and delities, whether as infesting samples of rivatives, striking contexts, and other corn, or encumbering the soil; also Prac. associations. This work is intended liketical Remarks on their Destruction, by wise as Exercises in Greek, Latin, and Fallowing or otherwise.

The posthu- English Etymology for the higher classes mous work of Benjamin Holditch, Esq. of Schools. By F. Valpy, A.M.' 8vo. late Editor of the Farmer's Journal. Edited by G. Sinclair, F.L.S., F.H.S., Venus and Cupid, by Westall, and enAuthor of Hortus Gramineus Woburn- graved by Killaway. 4s. Proof, 7s. ensis. 3s. 6d.

Woolnoth's Ancient Castles, 2 vols. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

8vo, L.5; 4to, L.7, 8s. Part I. of Dowding's General Cata. The School of Athens, in imitative logue for 1826 ; comprising a rich, splen- cameo. 10s. 6d. plain; L. l, ls. shaded. did, and extensive Collection of Books of Prints, and Works connected with the The Laws of the Customs, compiled Arts and Sciences, in Drawing, Painting, by direction of the Lords Commissioners Engraving, Sculpture, Architecture, Sur- of his Majesty's Treasury, and published gery, Mechanism, Natural History, &c. by the appointment, and under the sanc&c. embracing every description of At- tion of the Commissioners of his Majes. lases, Surveys, Charts, Maps, Plans, and ty's Customs; with Notes and Indexes, Scenery of the known World-in Histo- by J. D. Hume, Esq. 16s. ry, Voyages and Travels, Biography, An- The Practice of the Court of Exche. tiquities, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Mili- quer. Part I. containing the Law and tary; Habits, Customs and Manners, Practice of Extents, Scire Facias, and Trades, and various callings of all Nations Revenue Informations, in the office of in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. the King's Remembrancer. The second

Bibliotheca Selectissima; a Catalogue edition, corrected and enlarged. By of Books printed in the 15th century, James Manning, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, productions of the presses established by Barrister at Law. 14s. Schoiffer, Caxton, Ulric Zell, Mentelin, The Elements of Hindu Law. By W. Eggestyn, Guldenschaaf, Coelhoff, Sorg, Stranger. 2 vols, L.1, 158, Homborch, Creusner, Sweynheym and Panuartz, Paugel and Laver, Zeiner, Ke. Further Observations on the Meditelaer, and Leempt, J. de Westphalia, cinal Leech. By James Rawlins JohnLeeuw, Veldener, the Fratres Vitæ Com- son, M.D. F.R.S., &c. &c. munis, Jenson, Ratdolt, Wynkyn de The New London Medical PocketWorde, and most other illustrious early Book ; explaining, in alphabetical ortypographers; including several Editiones der, the Causes, Symptoms, and 'TreatPrincipes and Volumes unknown to Bib- ment of Diseases. By J. S. Forsyth, liographers; with Books printed by the Surgeon. 69. Alduses, miscellaneous, curious and rare An Address to the Public on the proBooks, and ancient vellum Manuscripts. priety of Midwives, instead of Surgeons, By W. Baynes. 5s.

practising Midwifery.




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Observations on Cancer; comprising Table of Wages, calculated at the rate numerous Cases on Cancer in the Breast, of ten hours per day, from half an hour to Lip, and Face, cured by a mild method eight days inclusive, from 2s. to 40s. per of practice, which immediately alleviates week. 5s. the most acute pain. By T. J. Graham, Second Journey round a Bibliomaniac's M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Library. By William Davis, bookseller Surgeons. 3s. 6d.

Only 50 copies, large paper, price 12s.

and 250 copies, post 8vo, price 8s. 6d. Time's Telescope for 1826; or, a Com- printed. plete Guide to the Almanack: containing The Mechanics' Almanack; a most an Explanation of Saints' Days and Ho- complete Monthly Calendar, computed lidays; with Illustrations of British His. for the second after leap year, and for the tory and Antiquities.

year of Christ 1826. Containing an AbReminiscences of Michael Kelly, of stract of the Laws relative to Mechanics, the King's Theatre, including a period of Officers of Mechanics’ Institutions; to. nearly half a century; with original Anec- gether with Events, Incidents, Anecdotes, dotes of many distinguished persons, Memoirs, Records, and Miscellaneous Inroyal, political, literary, and musical. 2 telligence of all kinds. 4s. vols. 8vo, L. 1, 8s.

The Magistrates' Pocket-book; or, an The Free Speaker; Opinions on Hu- Epitome of the Duties and Practice of a man Character and Society. 2 vols. Justice of the Peace out of Sessions; al. L.1, 4s.

phabetically arranged. To which is added, History of the Transactions in India, a copious and general index. By William during the Administration of the Mar- Robinson, Esq. LL.D. of the Middle quis of Hastings. By Henry T. Prinsep, Temple. 16s. Esq. his private secretary. L.), 12s. Nos. I. and II. of Laconics; or, the

Remarks on the Exclusion of Officers Best Words of the Best Authors, with all of His Majesty's Service from the Staff of the Authorities given. This work is inthe Indian Army; and on the Present tended to be completed in Twelve Parts. State of the European Soldier in India, To be published monthly, 2s. 6d, whether as regards his Services, Health, Varieties of Literature; being Selecor Moral Character; with a few of the tions from the Portfolio of the late John most eligible means of modifying the one Brady, Esq. the Author of the “ Clavis and improving the other, advocated and Calendaria,” &c. Arranged and adapted considered. By a King's Officer. 8vo, for publication. By John Henry Brady, sewed.

The House-keeper's Ledger, for 1826; Mirror of the Months. “ Delectando a plain and easy Plan of Keeping accu- pariterque monendo." rate Accounts of the Expenses of House- A Discourse delivered at the Opening keeping. And the Elements of Domes- of the City of London Literary and Scientic Economy. By William Kitchener, tific Institution, on the 30th May, 1825. M.D. Author of “The Cook's Oracle." By J. R. M'Culloch. ls.

NOVELS AND TALES. Stockdale's Calendar for 1826, con- The Literary Souvenir; or, Cabinet of taining-Ist, The Peerage of the United Poetry and Romance, for 1826. Edited Kingdom, with the Arms, &c. of all the by Alaric A. Watts. With numerous Peers, with entirely new plates, carefully splendid engravings. The work contains revised and amended.-2d, The Baro- eighty original tales and poems, from the netage, with the Arms, &c. of all the Ba- pens of Southey, Milman, Montgomery, ronets, with entirely new plates. --3d, Mrs Hemans, Galt, Allan Cunningham, The Almanack for 1826.-4th, The Com- Campbell, Bowles, L.E.L., Miss Mitford, panion, with considerable additions and Coleridge, Maturin, Wiffen, Hogg, The emendations.-5th, The Index. L. 1, 8s. Author of “ Gilbert Earle," Wrangham, and L.1, 15s.

Bowring, Barton, Delta, The Author of A New System of Short-Hand; where- “To-day in Ireland,” Clare, Sheridan, by words can be written with all their the Author of “ Phantasmagoria,” Polvowels and consonants, as with the com- whele, Malcolm, Barnard, Doubleday, the mon hand, but in one fourth or fifth part Author of “ London in the Olden Time,” of the time; or they can be contracted to Alaric A. Watts, &c. 12s. the utmost brevity. By Thomas Gib- The Amulet ; or, Christian and Literbons, L.R. H.E.R. A. 6s. 6d.

ary Remembrancer. 12s. A Legacy for Young Ladies; consist- The Forget-Me-Not for 1826. 12s. ing of Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Pandurang Hari; or, Memoirs of a Verse. By the late Mrs Barbauld. 7s. Hindoo. 3 vols. 12mo, L.1, 4s.

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his son.


The English in Italy. By a Distin- A Brief Sketch of the History and Preguished Resident. 3 vols. L. 1, 103. sent Situation of the Valdenses, in Pie

Anselmo, a Tale of Italy, illustrative mont, commonly called Vaudois. By of Roman and Neapolitan Life, from Hugh Dyke Acland, Esq. 2s. 6d. 1789 to 1809. By A. Vieusseux, Author The Life and Writings of St Paul. With of “ Italy and the Italians.” 16s. an Introductory Inquiry into the Tradi

November Nights; being a Series of tions of the Fathers, and the HypotheTales, &c. for Winter Evenings. By the sis of Lightfoot, Viscount Barrington, Author of “ Warreniana.” 10s.

Doddridge, Lardner, Lord Lyttleton, PaChristmas Tales for 1826. To be con- ley, Macknight, Hales, and Townsend, tinued annually.

on the Apostle's Conversion, Ordination, The Highest Castle and the Lowest Mission, Journeys, and the Chronology of Cave; or, the Events of Days which are his History. By William Stephen Gilly, gone. By the Author of the Serinium. M. A., Rector of North Farnbridge, EsPOETRY.

sex, and Author of “ Narrative of Re. Julia; or, the Pilgrim. A Fragment. searches among the Waldenses.' With other Poems.

VOYAGES AND TRAVEL.S. The Saviour. A Poem. Founded on An Autumn in Greece. By H. Lytthe Rev. Samuel Wesley's Life of our ton Rulwer, Esq. to which is subjoined, blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. “ Greece to the close of 1825.”. By a By a Clergyman. 75.

Resident with the Greeks, recently arLove's Victory; or, a School for Pride. rived. A comedy, in five acts, now performing Travels through Russia, Siberia, Poat the Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden. land, Austria, Saxony, Prussia, Hanover, By George Hyde, Author of " Alphon- &c. &c. undertaken during the years zus,” a tragedy. 35. 6d.

1822, 1823, and 1824, while suffering Poetic Hours, consisting of Poems, ort- from total blindness, and comprising an ginal and translated ; Stanzas for Music, Account of the Author being conducted &c. &c. By G. F. Richardson. 5s. a State Prisoner from the Eastern parts THEOLOGY.

of Siberia. By James Holman, R.N. The Advent Kingdom, and Divinity of K.W. and P.L.S. A new edition enlarthe Messiah, demonstrated in a plain and ged. Scriptural Exposition of the Sacred Text. Greece in 1825; being the Journals of By Edwin T. Caulfield, Lt. R. N. 4s. 6d. James Emerson, Esq. Count Pecchio,

The Works of James Arminius, D.D. and W. H. Humphreys, Esq. ; written Translated from the Latin. By J. Nic during their recent visits to that counchols.

try, and exhibiting a picture of its preEssays on some of the Peculiarities of sent political condition, state of society, the Christian Religion. By Richard manners, resources. Whately, D.D. 7s.

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Marriage. By the author of The In- The Principles of Political Economy, heritance. Third edition. 2 vols, post with a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of 8vo, L.1, ls.

the Science. By J. R. M‘Culloch, Esq. Review of the Conduct of the Directors 8vo, 12s. of the British and Foreign Bible Society, A New Edition of Paxton's Illustrarelative to the Apocrypha, and to their tions of the Holy Scriptures, collected Administration on the Continent. With and enlarged. In 3 vols. 8vo. With an Answer to the Rev. C. Simeon, and Portrait of the Author, and Map of PaObservations on the Cambridge Remarks, lestine. L.1, 16s. By Robert Haldane, Esq. 2s. 6d.

A New Edition (the third) of Major A Letter to the Right Honourable the General Stewart's Sketches of the ChaLord Provost and Patrons of the Univer- racter, Manners, and Present State of the sity of Edinburgh, on the Proposed New Highlanders of Scotland, with Details of Regulations respecting the Study of Mid- the Military Services of the Highland wifery. By John Thatcher, M.D. Lec- Regiments. 2 vols. 8vo, L.1, 8s. turer on Midwifery, &c.

A Vindication of the Church of ScotThe Juridical Society's Styles. Vol. land from the Charge of Fatalism, urged III. containing “ Heritable Rights." against it in the Eighth Number of the Third edition. 4to, L.2, 12s, 6d. Phrenological Journal.


A New Edition (the fourth) of a Trea. Also, Pasted on a board, to be hung up tise on Leases. By Robert Bell, Esq. in Kitchens, a Manual of the Duties of 'Advocate. Enlarged and improved by a Servant of All-Work. Price 6d. ; or William Bell, Esq. Advocate. 2 vols. on paper, only 2d. 8vo, L. 1, 4s.

An Apology for the Study of PhrenoThe Substance of the Speech of Francis logy. 8vo, Sewed, ls. Jeffrey, Esq. at the late Public Dinner to Cases Decided on Appeal from the Joseph Hume, Esq. M.P. on the Subject Courts of Session and Tiends, from 15th of the Repeal of the Combination Laws. February to 5th July, 1822. Reported 3d. (Published at the request of the by Patrick Shaw, Esq. Vol. I. Part II. meeting.)

4s. 6d. Lord Stair's Institutions of the Laws Statement by the Directors of the of Scotland, the fourth edition, with Com- Edinburgh Drawing Institution, explanamentaries and a Supplement, by George tory of the Object and General System of Brodie, Esq. Advocate. Part I. L.), Instruction to be pursued in that Estalls. 6.

blishment. This Statement is intended A Letter to Dr Andrew Duncan, Sen. to guide those who intend to offer them. regarding the Establishment of a New selves as Candidates for the situation of Infirmary in Edinburgh. By Richard Masters, Assistants, and Matrons. Poole, M.D.

The Christian Psalmist ; or Hymns, The Works of James the I. King of Selected and Original. By James MontScotland. To which is prefixed, a Histo- gomery. With an Introductory Essay. rical and Critical Dissertation on his Life 12mo, 5s. Royal 24mo, 3s. 6d. - This and Writings; also some brief Remarks volume contains 100 Original Hymns by on the intimate Connexion of the Scots Mr Montgomery. Language with the other Northern Dia- The Philosophy of Religion ; being a lects, and a Dissertation on Scottish Mu. Sequel to the Christian Philosopher. By sic. The whole accompanied with Notes, Thomas Dick, author of the Christian Historical, Critical, and Explanatory. Philosopher. 12mo, 8s. With Portrait. 12mo, 6s.

Owen on Spiritual-mindedness. With Thomson's Diary for 1826. 49. an Introductory Esay by Thomas Chal

Outlines of a Greek Grammar on the mers, D.D. 12mo, 4s. 6d. plan of the Latin Rudiments. By Wil. Henry's Communicant's Companion ; liam Steele, A.M. Teacher, Edinburgh. with an Introductory Essay by the Rev. 3s. bound.

John Brown, Edinburgh. 12mo. 4s. Janus ; or, the Edinburgh Literary Horne's Commentary on the Book of Almanack. I vol. post 8vo, 12s. Psalms; with an Introductory Essay, by

The Lay of the Last Minstrel; a Poem. the Rev. Edward Irving. In 3 vols. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart. A new edi. 12mo, 12s. tion; handsomely printed by Ballantyne, Mather's Essays to Do Good; with an in fooolscap 8vo, with Vignette Title. Introductory Essay by Andrew Thom

son, D.D. 12mo, 2s. 6d. A System of Phrenology. By George Owen on Indwelling Sin; with an InCombe, Esq. late President of the Phre. troductory Essay by Thomas Chalmers, nological Society. 8vo. Second edition. D.D. 12mo, 3s. 6d. bds.

The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, Life of St Augustine. 18mo, 3s. conducted by Professor Jameson.


The Gardener of Glammis. 18mo, ls. XXVII. With Engravings. 7s. 6d. 6d.

The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Memoir of Catharine Brown, a ChrisJournal. No. LXXXVI. 6s.

tian Indian of the Cherokee Nation. By The Principles on which Man is AC- Rufus Anderson, A.M. Assistant Secre. countable for his Belief; or Henry tary of the American Board of Commis. Brougham, Esq. Defended, in a Conver- sioners for Foreign Missions.

A new sation occasioned by two Sermons lately edition. With an Appendix, containing published by Dr Wardlaw.

Original Papers, and Letters of her BroAn Advice to Domestic Servants. By ther, David Brown, Native Missionary to a Mistress of a Family. 20.

the Cherokee Indians. 2s.

page. 8s.

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