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and fearsome, like turkey.cocks ; swag, mercifully, on this side of hanging, gering about with their hands and by a verdict of manslaughter." arms as if they had been the king's Od, I fund mysell immediately in a dragoons; and priming a pair of pis- scrape ; but how to get out of it baftols, which ane of the surgeonts, a fled my gumption. It set me all a speerity, out-spoken lad, Maister Blis- shivering ; yet I thought that, come ter, was hadding in his grip.

the warst when it wad, they surely I jaloused at ance what they were wad not hang the faither of a helpless after, being now a wee up to fire- sma family, that had naething but his arms; so I saw that skaith was to needle for their support, if I made a come o't; and that I wad be wanting proper affidavy, about having tried to in my duty on four heads,-first, as a make peace between the youths. So, Christian, second, as a man, third, as conscience being a brave supporter, I a subject, and fourth, as a father, if I abode in silence, though not without withheld mysell frae the scene ; nor many queer and qualmish thochts, lifted up my voice, however fruitlessly, and a pit-patting of the heart, no unco against such crying iniquity, as the pleasant in the tholing. wanton letting out of human blood; “ Blood and wounds !” bawled sae furth I hastened, half dressed, with Maister Thomas Blister, “ it woull my grey stockings' rolled up my thighs, be a disgrace for ever on the honourover my corduroys, and my auld hat able profession of physic," egging on aboon my cowl, to the kail-yard of puir Maister Willy Magneesy, whose contention.

face was as white as double-bleached I was just in the nick of time, and linen, “ to make any apology for such my presence checked the effusion of an insult. You not fit to doctor a blood for a little—but wait a wee. So cat,--you not fit to bleed a calf,-you high and furious were at least three of not fit to poultice a pig,-after three the party, that I saw it was catching years' apprenticeship,” said he," and water in a sieve to waste words on a winter with Doctor Monro? By the them, knowing, as clearly as the sun cupping glasses of Pocrates," said he, serves the world, that interceding “ and by the pistol of Gallon, but I would be of no avail. Howsomever, would have caned him on the spot, if I made a feint, and threatened to bowl he had just let out half as much to away for a magistreet, if they wadna me. Look ye, man,” said he, “ look desist, and stop from their barbarous ye, man, he is all shaking;" (this was and bluidy purpose ; but, i'fegs, I had a god's truth,) “ he'll turn tail. At better have keepit my counsel till it him like fire, Willy.” was asked for.

Magneesy, though sadly frightened, “ Tailor Mansie,” quoth Maister looked a thocht brighter; and made a Thomas Blister, with a furious cock of kind o' half stap forrit. “Say that ye'll his eye; he was a queer Eirish birkie, ask my pardon once more,--and if no,” come owre for his yedication ; “ since said the puir lad, with a voice broken ye have ventured to thrust your nose,” and trembling, “then we must just said he, “where nobody invited ye, shoot one another." you must just stay,” said he, “and “ Devil a bit," answered the other, abide by the consequences. This is

“ devil a bit. No, sir; you must an affair of honour," quoth he; "and down on your bare knees, and beg ten if ye venture to stir one foot from the thousand pardons for calling me out spot, och then,” said he,." by the po- here, in a raw morning; or i'll have ker of St Patrick, but whisk through a shot at you, whether you will or ye goes one of these leaden playthings, no." as sure as ye ever spoiled a coat, or “ Will you stand that?” said Blise cabbaged broad-cloth. Ye have now ter, with eyes like burning coals.“ By come out, ye observe, hark ye,” said the living jingo, and the holy poker, he, "and are art and part in the busi- Magneesy, if you stand that if you Dess ;-and, if one, or both, of the stand that, I say, I stand no longer principals be killed, poor devils,” said your second, but leave you to dishe,“ we are all alike liable to take our grace, and a caning. If he likes to trial before the Justiciary Court, hark shoot you like a dog, and not as a ye; and, by the powers," said he, “I gentleman, then his will be done.” doubt not but, on proper considera “No, sir," replied Magneesy, with tion, that they will allow us to get off a quivering voice, which he tried in


vain, puir fellow, to render warlike, the pistols like lightning; and, as soon (he had never been in the volunteers as I got my hands ta’en from my een, like me.)

Hand us the pistols and looked about, wae's me, I saw then ; and let us do or die !". Magneesy clap his hand to his brow,

“ Spoken like a hero, and brother wheel round like a pierie, or a sheep of the lancet: as little afraid at the seized wi the sturdie, and then play sight of your own blood, as at that of flap down on his braidside, breaking other people ;" said Blister, “ Hand the necks of half a dozen cabbageover the pistols."

stocks, three of which were afterwards, It was an awfu' business. Gude clean lost, as we couldna pit them all save us, such goings on in a christian into the pat at ae time. The haill o'. land ! While Mr Bloatsheet, the us ran forrit, but foremost was Bloat.. young writer, was in the act of doing sheet, who, seizing Magneesy by the what he was bid, I again, but to no hand, said, wi' a mournful face, “I purpose, endeavoured to slip in a word hope you forgive me? only say this as edgeways. Magneesy was in an awfu' long as you have breath ; for I am off case ; if he had been already shot, he to Leith harbour in half a minute." could not have looked mair clay and The bluid was rinning over puir corpse-like ; so I took a kind of whis- Magneesy's een, and drib, dribbling pering, while the stramash was draw. frae the neb o' his vose, so he was ing to a bloody conclusion, with Mais: truly in a pitiful state ; but he said ter Harry Molasses, the fourth in the with more strength than I thocht he spree, who was standing behind Bloat- could have mustered,-“ Yes, yes, sheet, with a large inahogany box fly for your life. I am dying without under his arm, something in shape much pain-fly for your life, for I am like that of a licensed packman, gang, a gone man!". ing about frae house to house, through Bloatsheet bounced through the bit the country-side, selling toys and trin- kail-yard like a maukin, clamb ower kets ; or niffering plaited ear-rings and the bit wa, and aff like mad; while sic like, wi' young lasses, for auld sile Blister was feeling Magneesy's pulse yer coins, or cracked tea-spoons. with ane hand, and looking at his doc

“ Oh !” answered he very compo- tor's watch, which he had in the ither. sedly, as if it had been a cannister fu' Do ye think that the puir lad will of black-rappee, or blackguard, that live, doctor?” said J till him. he had just lifted down from his tap- He gave his head a wise shake, and shelf, " it's just Doctor Blister's saws, only observed, “ I dare say, it will be whittles, and big knives, in case ony a hanging business amang us. In of their legs or arms be blawn away, what direction do you think, Mansie, that he may cut them off.” Little we should all take flight ?” wad have prevented me sinking down But I answered bravely, “ Flee through the ground, had I not re- them that will, I'se flee nane. If I membered, at the preceese moment, am ta'en prisoner, the town-officers that I myself was a soldier, and liable, maun take me frae my ain house ; but, when the hour of danger threatened, nevertheless, I trust the visibility of to be called out, in marching-order, my innocence will be as plain as a to the field of battle. But by this time pikestaff to the een of the fifteen!". the pistols were handed to the two in- “ What then, Mansie, will we do fatuated young men, Mr Bloatsheet, with poor Magneesy? Give us your as fierce as a hussar dragoon, and Mag- advice in need." neesy as supple in the knees as if he Let us carry him down to my ain was all on oiled hinges; so the next bed,” answered I ;“ I wad not desert consideration was to get weel out of a fellow-creature in his dying hour ! the way, the lookers-on running near- Help me down wi' him, and then flee ly as great a chance of being shot as the country as fast as you are able !". the principals, they no being accus- We immediately proceeded, and tomed, like me, for instance, to the lifted the poor lad, whae had now use of arms ; on which account, I dwammed away, upon our wife's hands scouged mysell behind a big pear. .barrow-Blister taking the feet, and tree; baith being to fire when Blister me the oxters, whereby I got my gied the word “ Off!"

waistcoat a' japanned with bluid ; so, I had hardly jouged into my hidy- when we got him laid right, we prohole, when - crack-crack" played ceeded to carry him betweci us down

my man."

the closs, just as if he had been a great deal of the laddie' weel, weel, stickit sheep, and in at the back door, they cannà prevent me coming to sew which cost us some trouble, being beside ye; and, if I can take the meanarrow, and the barrow getting jam- sure of customers without, ye can cut med in ; but, at lang and last, we got the claith within. But what is't for, him strieked out aboon the blankets, maister ?” having previously shooken Benjie, and “ Coine in here,” said I to him, waukened him out of his morning's " and believe your ain een, Tammy, nap.

A' this being accomplished, and “ Losh me !" cried the puit laddie, got ower, Blister decamped, leaving glowring at the bluidy face of the me my lieving lane, excepting Benjie, man in the bed. Ay-ay-ay! wba was next to naebody, in the house maister ; save us, maister; ay-aywith the deeing man. What a frightfu' ay-you have na clowred his harnface he had, all smeared over with pan wi' the goose ? Ay, maister, maisbluid and pouther-and I really ja- ter! whaten an unyearthly sight!! loused, that if he deed in that room, I doubt they'll hang us a' ; you for it wad be haunted for ever mair, he doing't--and me on suspicion-and being in a manner a murdered man, so Benjie as art and part, puir thing. that, even should I be acquitted of But I'll rin for a doctor. Will I, art and pairt, his ghaist might still maister?" come to bother us, making our house The thocht had never struck me bea bell upon yearth, and frighting us fore, being in a sort of a manner dung out of our seven senses. But, in the stupid; but catching up the word, I midst of my dreadful surmeeses, when said wi' all my pith and birr, “ Rin, all was stili, so that you might have rin, Tammy, rin for life and death !" heard a pin fall, a knock, knock, But Tammy bolted like a nine-yearknock, cam to the door, on which, auld, never looking behint his tail: coming to my senses, I dreaded first so, in less than ten minutes, he rethat it was the death-chap, and sync turned, hauling alang auld Doctor that the affair had gotten wind, and Gripes, wham he had waukened out that it was the beagles come in o' his bed, by the lug and horn, at search of me; so I kissed little Benjie, the very time I was trying to quiet wha was sitting on his creepie, blube young Benjie, wha was following me bering and greeting for his parritch, up and down the house, as I was pawhile a tear stood in my ain ee, as I cing to and fro in distraction, girning gaed forrit to lift the sneck, to let the and whinging for his breakfast. officers, as I thocht, harrie our house, “ Bad business, bad business ; bless by carrying aff me, its master; but it us, what is this ?" said the auld Docwas, thank heevan, only Tammy Bode tor, staring at Magneesy's bluidy face kin, coming in whistling to his wark, through his silver spectacles—“What's with some measuring-papers hinging the matter?” round his neck.

The puir patient knew at ance his Ah, Tammy,” said I to him, my maister's tongue, and, lifting up ane heart warming at a kent face, and of his eyes, the other being stiff and making the laddie, although my barkened down, said in a melancholy bounden servant by a regular inden- voice, “ Ay, master, do ye think I'll ture of five years, a friend in my need, get better?" “ come in, my man. I fear ye'll hae Doctor Gripes, auld man as he was, to take charge of the business for some started back, as if he had been a time to come; mind what I tell’d ye French dancing-master, or had stramabout the shaping and the cutting, pit on a het bar of iron. “Tom, Tom, and no making the guse ower warm, is this you? what, in the name of wone as I doubt I am about to be harled der, has done this?” Then feeling his awa to the tolbooth."

wrist" but your pulse is quite good. Tammy's heart laup to his mouth. Have you fallen, boy? Where is the * Ay, maistèr," he said, " yere joking. blood coming from?". What should ye have done that ye “Somewhere about the hairy scaup,” should be ta’en to sic an ill place ?" answered Magneesy, in their own sort

Ay, Tammy, lad," answered I, of lingo. “ I doubt some arter's cut " it is but ower true."-"Weel, weel,"

through !" quo' Tammy-I really thought it a The Doctor immediately bade him 1. 'ie quiet, and hush, as he was getting condemned thief with the rope about a needle and silken thread ready to his neck, and the white cowl tied ower sew it up; ordering me to get a ba- his een, to say naething of his hands son and water ready, to wash the puir jerked thegither behind his back, and lad's physog. I did so as hard as I on the nick of being thrown ower, was able, though I was na sure aboot couldna have been mair thankfu for a the bluid just;

auld Dr Gripes watch- reprieve than I was, at that same ing ower my shouther, wi' a lighted blessed moment. It was like Adam penny candle in ae hand, and the seeing the deil's rear marching out o' needle and thread in the ither, to see Paradise, if ane may be allowed to where the bluid spouted frae. - But think sic a thing. we were as daft as wise; so he bade The haill business, tag, rag, and me tak my big sheers, and cut out a' bob-tail, soon, however, spunkit out, the hair on the fore part of the head and was the town talk for mair than as bare as my loof; and syne we wash- ae day. But ye'll hear. ed, and better washed; so Magneesy At the first I pitied the puir lads, got the ither ee up, when the barken- that I thocht had fled forever and ed bluid was loosed, looking, though aye from their native country, to Benas pale as a clean shirt, mair frighted gal, Seringapatam, Botany Bay, or Jathan hurt; until it became as plain maica ; leaving behint them all their as pease to us all, first to the Doctor, friends and auld Scotland, as they syne to me, and syne to Tammy Bod- might never hear o' the gudeness of kin, and last of a' to Magneesy bim. Providence in their behalf. But sell, that his skin was na sae much as

wait a wee. peeled ; so we helped him out of the Wad ye believe it? As sure's death, bed, and blithe was I to see the lad the haill was but a wicked trick played standing on the floor, without a haud, by that mischeevous loon Blister and on his ain feet.

his cronies, upon ane that was a simI did my best to clean his neckcloth ple and saft-headed callant. Deil a and sark-neck of the bluid, making haet was in the ae pistol but'a pluff him look as dacentish as possible, con- o'pouther; and, in the ither, a carsidering circumstances; and lending tridge paper fu' o' bull's blood was him, as the Scripture commands, my rammed down upon the charge, the tartan maud to hide the infirmity of which, hitting Magneesy on the eehis bluidy breeks and waistcoat ; bree, had caused a business, that seemhame gaed he and his maister thegi- ed to have putten him out o' life, and ther, me standing at our closs mouth, nearly pat me (though ane of the vowishing them a guid morning, and lunteers) out of my seven senses. blithe to see their backs. Indeed, a


When four young maidens, all even as if the garland were but one beautiful as angels, come floating in, flower, the galaxy but one star. It is wreathed arm in arm, beneath the but one fair cloud illuminated by the high-arched door of a drawing-room, sunlight-a holy glee of four voices, where you are sitting on an Ottoman but one harmony! Christopher North in romantic reverie, how starts the supports himself on his crutch, and dreamer to his feet at the instanta- bends down before the undistinguishneous Apparition! The effect, at first, able glory. His senses, his imaginais as of a single overpowering counte- tion, his reason are bewildered—all is nance-a combination of the four into bright dazzling confusion before the one-the magic of a mysterious Mo- old man's eyes—and you may count nad. Eyes, noses, cheeks, lips breathe the very beatings of his heart. As the love and delight, smiles and kisses— divine rustling of silks and satins ap

* 1. Literary Souvenir; or, Cabinet of Poetry and Romance. Edited by Alaric A. Watts. London. Hurst, Robinson, and Co. 1826.-2. The Amulet; or, Christian and Literary Remembrancer. London. William Baynes and Son. 1826.-3. Forget me Not, a Christmas and New Year's Present for 1826. London. R. Ackermann. 1826.-4. Friendship's Offering; or, a Literary Album. Edited by Thomas K. Hervey. London. Lupton Relfe, 13, Cornhill. 1826.

proaches, he collects his wandering ten-but who cares, if they are all thoughts, and gaping with incipient perused or looked at with pleasure discrimination, he chuckles to ob- now? Of all prospects, that of the 'serve that they are not angels—not future is surely the most unintergoddesses, but four young flesh-and- esting. The present for our money, blood misses, each in her way prettier and the more it is embellished the beta than her pretty mama, a Forget-me- ter, for it richly deserves cuts. None Not, a Friendship's Offering, a Lite- butninnies lookinto futurity, and what rary Souvenir, a Christian Remem- thanks will they get for their pains ? brancer.

Why not a creature born ten years hence Now, we know not how we could will ever so much as condescend to better have expressed our satisfaction know that they ever existed. Should on beholding the entrée into our Sanc- it so happen that some one of the tum Sanctorum of these Four Bloom- Paulo-post-futurum gentry should lay ing, Perennials. They are all jewels his hand on an author who ap

- delights-perfect loves. How hap- pealed to posterity, can there be a py can we be with either--not were doubt that he will break out into the other dear charmer away—but a horse-laugh, and ask if the idiot were they merely lying asleep for a could have believed in his heart that season on our capacious table ! Sweet children were wiser than their facreatures ! we are in love with you all, thers? Show us an instance of any renor perhaps would it be gallant to de- spectable gentleman, passing muster clare a preference. Each becomes Sul- as a blockhead all his own lifetime, tana in her turn-according to the and imposing on posterity as a firstmovements of that most capricious of rate fellow.–No, it won't do.-Once a all passions—custom cannot stale your dunce, always a duńce. If a literary infinite variety—and we swear to be man, a genius, cannot hold up his faithful to you during the period of head above water, but suffers it to be our natural lives, in all the innocent kept under for the short space of twenaffection of Platonic polygamy. ty minutes, not all the Humane Sociés

There was a clever paper in our last ties on earth will resuscitate him. We Number upon Metaphors, showing, shall suppose that he has been found that broken Metaphors (like other drowned, and he must be buried under bankrupts) always make the best fi- a plain slab. But get a name-a title gure. We are availing ourselves of from your contemporaries, however that excellent doctrine, and extending small, be it even that of Count Tims, its principle to composition in general. and you are immortal.-Tims will be We have spoken first of angels, we triumphant over Time. Saturn will think-then of pretty girls—and now, in vain try to devour him-long after still meaning the same thing, we use he has made no bones of Wordsworth, the common word, volumes-volumes and all those other wiseacres who put -twelve shillings, half bound or in their trust in posterity. boards--embellished with engravings Where were we? Let us see. Ay, . from pictures by the first masters, and the Literary Souvenir ; or, Cabinet of the letter-press furnished by forty of Poetry and Romance, edited by Alaric the best poets of the age.

A. Watts. Six thousand copies, he Now what is there to hinder a fero- tells us, of last year's volume have been cious, shaggy-eye-browed Aristarchus sold, and we can easily believe it. Our of an editor or contributor to frighten own article upon it could not do less off with a single frown all these four than introduce it into a thousand bou.. virgin volumes ? It cannot be denied doirs. This year there is no falling that their contents are extremely tri- off; on the contrary, the tree has come fling—not to be weighed for a single to its full bearing, and the fruit is of moment, against the article Steam brighter hue and richer flavour. That Engine in any Encyclopædia, or the palate would be indeed fastidious that Stot’s Principles of Political Economy. could not relish such a dessert. It is a It would be rash to assert that the failing of ours to get drowsy after dinstate of mankind—nay even of Europe, ner, especially in the heat of a Christwill be widely, deeply, or permanently mas fire; but with this awakening affected by the publication of these volume spread fan-like before our annual perisdicals. In half a century "eyes, they retain all their usual lustre they may even be generally forgot throughout the evening. What deliciVOL. XIX.


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