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1st. District-1st, 2d, 3d, 4th. 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 13th Abstract of wards of the city of Cincinnati, 64,118; Eastern precinct of district. Mill Creek, Fulton, Spencer, Columbia, Anderson, Symmes and Sycamore townships, in Hamilton county, 16,194—80, 312. 2d District—6th, 7th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 8th and 121h wards of the city of Cincinnati, 51,423 ; balance of Mill Creek, Storrs, Delhi, Green, Miami, Whitewater, Crosby, Colerain and Springfield townships in Hamilton county, 25,115–76,538. 3d Districi — Butler, 30,794; Preble, 21,748; Montgomery, 38,217—90,759. 4th District, Miami, 24,957; Darke, 20,277; Shelby, 13,956; Auglaize, 11,341; Mercer, 7,712; Allen, 12,116 - 90,359. 5th District-Vanwert, 4,793; Paulding, 1,766; Putnam, 7,221; Henry, 3,432; Defiance, 6,966; Williams, 8,018; Fulton, 7,780; Lucas, 12,381; Wood, 9,165; Hancock, 16,774–78,296. 6th District-Clermont, 30,449; Brown, 27,334; Highland, 25,781; Adams, 18,943—102,507; 7th District-Warren, 25,560; Clinton, 18,837; Greene, 21,947; Fayette, 12,736; Madison, 10,012—89,092. 8th District -Clark, 22,174; Champaign, 19,743; Logan, 19,168; Union, 12,205;Delaware, 21,814–95,104. 9th District--Hardin,8,251; Marion, 12,554; Wyandott, 11,169; Crawford, 18,177; Seneca, 27,105; Sandusky, 14,529; Ottawa, 3,310—95,095. 10th District-Scioto, 18,729; Pike, 10,955; Lawrence, 15,247; Gallia, 17,064; Jackson, 12,724; Ross, 32,084—106,803. 11th District --Perry, 20,774; Athens,18,217;Vinton, 9,353; Fairfield, 30,257; Hocking, 14,119–110,280. 12th District-Franklin, 42,880; Licking, 38,845; Pickaway, 21,110—102,835. 13th DistrictMorrow, 20,240; Richland, 30,877; Huron, 26,203; Erie, 18,578—95,898. 14th District-Lorain, 26,091; Medina, 24,433; Wayne, 33,045; Ashland, 23,826-107,395. 15th DistrictTuscarawas, 31,722; Holmes, 20,458; Coshocton, 25,671; Knox, 28,870—106,721. 16th District--Muskingum, 45,053; Morgan, 23,460; Washington, 26,812—95,325. 17th District -Belmont, 34,599; Guernsey, 25,474; Monroe, 23,367; Noble, 18,960—102,400. 18th District, Portage, 24,387; Stark, 39,888; Summit, 27,481—91,756. 19th District-Cuyahoga, 48,105; Lake, 14,655; Geauga, 17,823—80,583. 20th District -Ashtabula, 27,767; Trumbull, 30,560; Mahoning, 23,733— 82,060. 21st District-Columbiana, 33,601; Jefferson, 29,123; Carroll, 17,685; Harrison, 20,460—100,869.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Senate.
April 30, 1852.

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Supplementary to an act entitled "An act for the assessment and taxation of

all property in this state, and for levying taxes thereon according to its true value in money, passed April 13, 1852.

Real estate to


ticable to com. plete assess

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State pe valuation is of Ohio, That the real property of this State, and the value

thereof, as it stood upon the tax duplicate of the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, with such additions for new structures or otherwise, as may be made to the same under the provisions of the "act for the assessment and taxation of all property in this state, and for levying taxes thereon according to its true value in money,” passed the thirteenth day of April, in the year eighteen hundred and fiftytwo, shall remain on the duplicate for taxation for all purposes that are or may be required by law to be levied and col. lected, and shall be taxed in the same manner and to the same extent that other property is now or may be taxed at the place where such real property is situated, until such time as a re-valuation of said real property shall be made, in pursuance of the provisions of the act to which this is supplement

ary: Where imprac. Sec. 2. That in any county in this state, where it shall

prove impracticable for assessors to complete their assessment, the time ments for the year eighteen hundred and fifty-two, within the ed by county period limited in the act to which this is supplementary, it

shall be lawful for the auditor of said county to extend the time for such assessment till the fourth Monday in May; and in all such cases, the meeting of the county board of equalization shall take place on the first Wednesday after the fourth Monday of May.

SEC. 3. That all assessments of property made by town, under leid township or ward assessors elected for the present year, under laws, to be val. the provisions of any law repealed by the act to which this is

supplementary, shall be of the same validity as if such assesssors had been chosen under the act to which this is supplementary.

JAMES C. JOHNSON, Speaker of the House of Representatives. WILLIAM MÉDILL,

President of the Senate. May 1, 1852.


Assossments by assessors elect. ed



To authorize the Auditor of State to remit and refund taxes in certain cases.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State What ta res are of Ohio, That the auditor of state be, and he is hereby author- to be refunded. ized and required to direct the treasurers of the several coun. ties of this State, to refund to the persons paying the same,

all taxes collected by such treasurers under and by virtue of the 26th section of the act passed February 8th, 1847, entitled "an act to amend the act for levying taxes on all property in this state, according to its true value," passed March 2d, 1846, after deducting from such taxes the cost of collecting the same; Provided, that no taxes shall be refunded when the same have been paid into the State treasury.

SEC. 2. That the treasurers of the several counties be and suits for certain they are hereby authorized and directed to discontinue all taxes to be dissuits commenced and now pending in any county of this state, for taxes levied under the 26th section of the act aforesaid, on the defendant in such actions paying all costs that may have accrued therein.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Senate.
April 30, 1852.



To define the duty of Manufacturers of Salt.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Stale Draining and of Ohio, That it shall be the duty of all manufacturers of Salt in packing of salt. the State of Ohio, to have the same well and sufficiently drained, to be packed in good barrels, made of good sound seasoned barrels to timber; the head and bilge hoops to be well nailed with not

Description of

be used.

Fine for non. compliance.


less than four nails in each hoop; one head shall be bored with some metallic instrument not less than one inch in size; the name of the manufacturer distinctly branded on the head of each barrel; also, all Salt sold at the licks, shall be marked with the net weight in figures, directly under the same, with good durable paint.

Sec. 2. Any manufacturer refusing to comply with the first section of this act, shall be fined for each offence the sum of fifty cents per barrel; the same to be collected by any court having authority, as in case of debt, complaint having been first made by any person taking cognizance of the

Sec. 3. Any fines thus assessed and collected, after paying all costs that shall have accrued, shall be paid into the county treasury, for the benefit of the common

schools. Salt may be SEC. 4. Nothing in this act shall be so construed as to shipped in bulk.

prohibit the manufacturers from shipping salt in bulk.
Sec. 5. This act shall be in force from and after its

passage. Acts repealed. Sec. 6. That the act entitled An act to repeal an

act entitled an act to provide for the inspection of Salt manufactured in the State of Ohio, and creating the office of Inspector, and defining the duties thereof," passed February 5th, 1847, be and the same are hereby repealed.

JAMES C. JOHNSON, Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Senate. April 30, 1852.


Regulating the use of Jails of adjoining counties.

Commitment to

of adjoin

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State ing counties-- of Ohio, That whenever any county of this State shall have when fees must been erected and organized for the term of five years,

without having provided any or sufficient jails for the confinement

be advanced.

of prisoners within such county, and any person or persons shall be taken from said county on any mesne or final process, in any civil proceeding, action or judgment of, or in any court of said county, or on a charge or conviction of any misdemeanor or crime, for commitment to the jail of an ad joining county, the sheriff or jailer of such adjoining county shall not receive any such prisoner, unless there shall be deposited in his hands, in addition to all fees now allowed him by law, fifty cents for the use of such jail, for each and every such prisoner, for each week such prisoner is ordered to be committed; and the like sum for any period of time less than one week; Provided, that if any such prisoner shall be dis. charged before the expiration of the term for which he or she was committed, the excess advanced shall be refunded.

Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the sheriff or jailer of Sheriffs or jail: such adjoining county, at the end of each quarter of each cal- for fees. endar year, to account for and pay over to the treasurer of his county, all sums of money thus received.

Sec. 3. That whenever a writ of habeas corpus shall be in case of reallowed and issued, to bring any prisoner confined in the jail w.corpus, coun of such adjoining county, as specified in this act, before any im.committing judge, to enquire into the cause of the caption and detention of any such prisoner, the county from which such prisoner was sent and committed, shall pay all the costs arising and accruing on any and every such writ of habeas corpus; and upon presentment of a certificate of the clerk of the court of common pleas at the county where such prisoner was imprisoned, as aforesaid, stating the amount of costs on any such writ of habeas corpus, to the county auditor of the county from which such prisoner was sent, he shall draw an order on the treasu. rer of his county thereby, in favor of said clerk or such person as he shall order, and the said clerk shall pay the same over to the several persons entitled thereto.

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Sec. 4. That the county which shall use the jail of an ad- Also liable for joining county, shall be liable to such county for all damages that may be done by any prisoner such county using such jail shall confine therein.


Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Senate.
April, 30, 1852.

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