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increased by county com. missioners,

once a year to compare them with the exhibit of the clerk of the proper county, hereinbefore required to be made to said

auditor. Bounty may be Sec. 6. That the county commissioners of any county,

may increase the bounty for killing wolves over six months
old, to eight dollars per scalp; Provided, such increase shall be
paid out of the treasury of the proper county.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Senate.
April 26, 1852.


To reorga nize the Benevolent Institutions of the State of Ohio.

Benevolent Institutions to be

control of a Board of Trus.

SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State placed under of Ohio, That the Asylum for the Insane, the Institutions

for the education of the Deaf and Dumb, and for the educatees, &c. tion of the Blind, be placed under the control of a Board of

Trustees, consisting of nine members; three of which board shall be selected from the city of Columbus, or its vicinity, and the remaining six to be selected from the different portions of the State, no two of whom shall be residents of the same county, which shall be denominated the Board of Trustees for the Benevolent Institutions; who shall each take an oath faithfully to discharge the duties required of them by law; and the said board shall be appointed immediately after the passage of this act, as provided for in the constitution; the three first named, shall be appointed for two years; the three second named, for four years; and three last named, for six years; and after their terms of service shall successively expire, three others shall be appointed in like manner, for the term of six years.

SEC. 2. That to the Board of Trustees shall be committed all the powers for the government and regulation of the institutions above named, now held by the several boards of

Their powers.

Committee ad interim.

trustees of these institutions, which boards of trustees it shall supersede, from and after the time specified in this act.

Sec. 3. That the board of Trustees shall appoint from Trustees to ap their own number, a President, to preside at its meetings, and dent, $c. a Secretary, to record, attest and preserve its proceedings.

Sec. 4. That the Board shall appoint from its own number, a committee of three for the institutions aforesaid, which committee shall have control of the respective institutions during the interim of the stated meetings of the Board; all their acts, however, shall be subject to the decision of the whole Board, at its stated meetings.

Sec. 5. That the Board shall meet annually, on the first Board to meet Monday in December, at which time the committee above sonually,and renamed, and also the Superintendents of the several institutions, shall present their written reports, which reports shall contain the names of each and every person employed about the several institutions, and also the amount paid to each person, which reports shall be approved by the Board, and presented to the Governor, as provided for in the constitution.

Sec. 6. That there shall be visitations and thorough ex- Visitations, and aminations of the several institutions, monthly by one, and report thereof. semi-annually by a majority of the trustees, and annually, by the whole Board of trustees, which board shall draw up and preserve, a detailed report or record of the proceedings of the several institutions under their charge, which record shall be subject to the command of the General Assembly, and open at all times to the committees on Benevolent Institutions.

Sec. 7. That the Treasurer of State shall be, and he is Treasurer of hereby appointed the treasurer of these several institutions, surer of instituand all the expenses of the several institutions shall be paid out of the funds appropriated for the use of such institutions, on orders signed by the Superintendent and two of the committee. Sec. 8. The Trustees provided for in this act, shall per

gratuitous — but for all the duties required of them gratuitously; Provided, expenses paid. however, that they shall be entitled to have their necessary expenses paid, during the time they may be actually engaged in the discharge of their official duties.

Sec. 9. That this act shall take effect from and after the When act to first Monday in June next; and the Board of Trustees appointed under the provisions of this act, shall meet at the city of Columbus on said day, and organize.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Senate.
April 28, 1852.


Services to be

take effect.


To provide for the erection of two additional Lunatic Asylums.

Governor to appoint six trustees to

Duties of trus. tees as to dona.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State locate of Ohio, That the Governor, by and with the advice and two new Asy. consent of the Senate, is hereby authorized and required to

appoint six Trustees, no two of whom shall be residents of the same county, or adjoining counties, whose duty it shall be to select and purchase, or receive by gift or donation, two lots of land, at such points as in their opinion will best subserve the public interest, suitable for the erection thereon, of two Asylums for the Insane; the unincumbered title to said lots to be secured to the State of Ohio; Provided, neither of said Asylums shall be located within five miles of any city containing fifty thousand inhabitants, nor within one mile of any other incorporated city, town or village.

Sec. 2. That in making such selections, the Trustees shall tions, location, take into consideration any donation that may be proposed &c.

towards the establishment and erection of said institutions. Each one of said lots of land so selected, shall contain not less than fifty nor more than one hundred acres. Said Trustees, after securing the land, shall forth with proceed to make arrangements for building, on each lot, suitable buildings for the cure and treatment of at least one hundred patients, and to enable them to proceed without difficulty or embarrassment, they are hereby authorized to contract (according to the provisions of the following section of this act) for the necessary materials, appoint suitable persons to attend the erection of the same, and to perform such other duties as may

be necessary to carry out the objects herein contemplated. Plan to be sub. Sec. 3. That said Trustees of said Asylum shall submit to toct, &c.

some competent architect, a statement of the dimensions, arrangement and plan of each of said Asylums, and of all buildings and other improvements necessary to the perfect utility of said Asylums, and also a statement of the several kinds and descriptions of materials which shall be used in the several parts of said improvements, as the said improve. 'ments shall have been agreed upon by said Trustees; and shall procure to be executed by said architect, such drafts, descriptions, plans, estimates and profiles, of all such proposed buildings and improvements of grounds, as will enable estimates to be made therefrom, of the cost of all parts of said work and materials; and said Trustees shall, at least four weeks before the time for receiving bids as herein provi. ded for, place copies of such drafts, descriptions, plans, esti

mitted to archi.

to lowest bid.

mates and profiles, in the office of the Secretary of State, and also publish said descriptions in four newspapers of general circulation throughout the state, stating therein the parts in which the said work and materials will be let, and the terms. And said trustees, after said notice, shall let the work to bo let said work and materials to the lowest bidder, who shall exe-dor. cute a bond, with two sufficient securities, conditioned for the faithful performance of his contract; but the entire cost to the state of each of said Asylums, including all necessary buildings, grounds and improvements, shall not exceed in the aggregate, when perfectly completed, seventy thousand dollars; and no contract shall be made for beginning any part of said work, nor shall any work be begun, until arrangements shall be made insuring their completion, at an aggregate not exceeding the sum aforesaid. Sec. 4. Said Trustees, before entering upon the duties of Oath, and com

. their office, shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, before some competent authority, faithfully to discharge all the duties required of them by this act; they shall each be entitled to receive three dollars for each day necessarily employed by them in selecting sites, contracting for the erection of buildings, and providing temporary arrangements for the accommodation of patients, as provided for in section six of this act, and the expenses necessarily incurred in the discharge of the duties assigned them, to be paid out of any moneys in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated; their accounts to be audited and allowed by the Auditor of State.

Sec. 5. Said Trustees shall be required to make a fair and Trustees to refull report of all their proceedings, (including the plans of the Port. buildings adopted by them,) to the present General Assembly, it in session; and if not, then to the next General Assembly.

Sec. 6. That said Trustees may, if in their opinion the Trustoes may suffering condition of the insane require it, cause temporary ry arrangements arrangements to be made for their accommodation and treat, for insane. ment, until the permanent buildings provided for in this act shall be completed; the same, as well as the institution herein contemplated, to be under the control of said Trustees, and subject to the rules and regulations provided for in the several acts for the government of the Ohio Lunatic Asylum, and the care of idiots and insane.

Sec. 7. That at the meeting of the next General Assem. Successors to bly, the Governor shall nominale, and by and with the advice trusteet: to be and consent of the Senate, appoint six persons as successors to be the meeting the Trustees herein named, who shall manage and direct the ture. concerns of the Asylums, in manner as provided for in the several acts for the “government of the Ohio Lunatic Asylum, and the care of idiots and insane;" and of those first appoint

Term of officevacancies.

Trustees may take grants of land, &c.

ed under this section, two shall serve for one year, two for two years, and two for three years.

Sec. 8. Said Trustees, to be appointed as provided for in the first section of this act, shall hold their office for the term of two years, or until their successors are appointed; and in case a vacancy shall occur by death, resignation, or otherwise, the Governor shall fill such vacancy by appointment, until the next General Assembly, or until his successor shall be appointed, as herein provided for.

Sec. 9. That said Trustees, and their successors in office, shall have power to take and hold in trust for the use and benefit of said Asylums, any grant or devise of land, and any donation or bequest of money, or other personal property, to be applied to the maintenance and support of insane persons, in, or to the general use of the Asylums.

SEC. 10. That the sum of one hundred and forty thousand dollars, is hereby appropriated for the purchase of the aforementioned lots of land, and the erection of the buildings there. on, as contemplated by this act, fifty thousand dollars to be paid in the year 1852, and the remaining ninety thousand as the work progresses, after the year 1852, out of any moneys in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be drawn on the order of a majority of the board of Trustees; Provided, that no moneys shall be drawn from the treasury, faster than the progress of the work may require.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

President of the Senate.
April 30, 1852.

Money appropriated.


To regulate elections for Senators and Representatives in New Counties,

erected since March 10th, 1851, and that may hereafter be created.

How new coun.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State ties shall be rep- of Ohio, That new counties, created since the 10th day of

March, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, and all new counties that may hereafter be created, shall be represented

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