Reports of the Proceedings in Committees of the House of Commons, Upon Controverted Elections: Heard and Determined During the Present Parliament

E. Brooke, T. Whieldon, and J. Debrett, 1790

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Página 218 - ... upon the return for that place ; and if anything shall come in question touching the return or election of any Member, he is to withdraw during the time the matter is in debate...
Página 4 - Majefty that it may be enacled ; and be it enacted by the King's moft Excellent Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That...
Página 47 - They are the depositaries of the laws; the living oracles, who must decide in all cases of doubt, and who are bound by an oath to decide according to the law of the land.
Página 381 - ... offer to interrupt the title of the grantor. If he holds it under an honorary engagement, the moft imperfect in point of actual obligation, in my opinion, he holds it fraudulently. The right of ufing it is not in reality or in facl in him.
Página 178 - ... made, or to be made, in that behalf, on the whole or any part of any piece of vellum, parchment, or paper, whereon there...
Página 212 - And it is to be understood, that if the indenture be bipartite, or tripartite, or quadripartite, all the parts of the indenture are but one deed in law, and every part of the indenture is of as great force and effect as all the parts together be.
Página 312 - Act for preventing the growth of popery And also declaring that none shall be capable to elect or be elected to represent a shire or burgh in the Parliament of Great Britain for this part of the United Kingdom except such as are now capable by the laws of this kingdom to elect or be elected as commissioners for shires or burghs to the Parliament of Scotland...
Página 41 - That fuch votes fhall be deemed to be legal which have been fo declared by the laft: determination in the Houfe of Commons ; which laft determination concerning any county, fhire, city, borough, cinque port, or place, fhall be final to all intents and purpofes whatever, any ufage to the contrary notwithftanding...
Página 217 - ... be brought in. And the Committee are to have power to fend for perfons, papers, and records, for their information. And all members, who are returned for two or more places, are to make their election by this day three weeks, for which of the places they will ferve, provided there be no queftion upon the return for that place. And if any thing...
Página 381 - The eftate, therefore, would not be drawn back by the granter upon the plea of fraudulent confidence: and yet it is not held by the grantee legally. I do not care for pointing out by what means; but this information has been conveyed to me in fuch a form, that I verily believe it will not be long before your Lordihipa will hear of difputes to a great amount turning upon the ground 1 am ftating.

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