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My Mother.

"Not lost, but gone before."


THE following collection of extracts was begun, with no thought of publication, simply to meet the Compiler's own need in a time of sorrow. As, in the course of months, their number grew, and they seemed to fall naturally under various headings, the idea arose that others also, suffering bereavement, might find help from the same source, and the collection was continued with a more definite aim.

No exhaustive discussion of the various topics has been attempted. The main object of the little book is not so much to stimulate active thought as to bring to stricken spirits a few drops of comfort from the DIVINE CONSOler. He alone can lead his children forth "beside the waters of comfort:" but those who follow him, and taste of those waters, may hand on the cup to others.

Perhaps also some, not actually enduring the

loss of friends, but troubled as to their own future, may gain from these pages a power of quickened realization of "the things which are not seen."

It will not, of course, be supposed that the Compiler could unreservedly endorse all the opinions of every author from whom she quotes. While, however, so far as might be, keeping clear of needless controversies on disputed points, she has endeavored to show how remarkably "at are the views of very many, belonging to widely divergent schools of thought in the Church, on leading questions connected with both the present and the future condition of those who have passed before us into the Paradise of God, and respecting also the consolations offered to those left behind.

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The Compiler's most grateful thanks are offered to all, both authors and publishers, who have kindly granted permission for this use of extracts from their writings or publications. With regard to those whose permission, from one cause or another, she has failed to procure,

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