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ever extent this may be regarded as figurative, it must be admitted at the very least to suggest a trust committed to them, a work to be done: and the mind that carefully revolves what is written seems to be set in motion by it to make its way through the universe, God's inconceivably vast creation, and to find spheres innumerable for doing God's will in ways which he will appoint, but which now we cannot foresee and could not comprehend.






The unwearied energy of God and his employment of angels in doing his will combine to throw light-we may think it a strong light— on the revelation given to us concerning the employments of Christ's redeemed in the life to come. They assist us to attach a distinct and interesting meaning to the promise that his servants shall serve him. It is not given to us to fix on the places and scenes or on the kind of service which they may be appointed to render. That further knowledge is still reserved within the mind of God. But the whole of this world is


his. He also telleth the number of the stars and calleth them all by their names. In the boundless scenes of the operation of his power he deigns to employ ministering spirits; and therein his servants redeemed unto him by the blood of Christ may have regions assigned to them in which they too shall serve him and shall find their happiness in work to which he shall have appointed them.-R. B. HONE.

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Behold, O ransomed soul, the wondrous glory of the heavenly life! Some measure of this glory it is granted us even now to behold, but it is "through a glass darkly." There, before the throne, the redeemed of the Lord dwell in the brightness of that light which is above the glory of the sun. There, as they gaze undazzled upon the splendor of that light, they are illuminated with its rays, and, like the face of Moses on Mt. Sinai, their faces shine as God talks with them. They are transfigured with the vision of God. The glory that dwells in the sacred Humanity and which even here flows

from Him into his own, is there given in fulness unto God's sons who stand resplendent in that glory before the throne. Oh wondrous beauty of the saints, beautiful with the beauty of God! Oh soul-entrancing glory of the saints, resplendent with the glory of God! "My soul is athirst for God, yea, even for the living God; when shall I come to appear before the presence of God?"

But there is not only this glory, there is also the development of humanity beneath the rays that stream from the light of God. It is there that the hidden powers of the intellect are developed and the magnificence of mind is manifested. It is there that the capacities of the heart to love are recognized, for there alone its hidden depths are sounded. It is there that the wondrous energies of the spirit are unfolded in a degree now inconceivable to us, as it is flooded with the vision of God. There, and there only, is the grandeur of humanity realized, where the varied capacities of each created nature attain their perfection. In the imperfect

there is no rest, but when we are perfect, as "He is perfect," in the "perfect day,” then shall be realized by us the joy of the sons of God.

But not only in the heavenly life is there this perfect development of our wondrous nature, but with this development there comes the satisfaction of the wants of man. To develop and not to satisfy were but to intensify human sorrow by the increase of human wants. But in heaven "they hunger no more, neither thirst any more." There, before the throne, the wants of the intellect are satisfied as they can never be on earth. Grand is the field that is opened up to human thought as it gazes around on creation and reads its mysteries in the light of God, or passes from the creature to the Creator to contemplate God— as now "within the veil" it passes from phenomena to causation, and so from speculation to certainty, from opinion to truth-it revels in an intellectual feast in which the cravings of the mind are stilled with the communicated knowledge that flows from God, "knowing as it is known."

There, before the throne, the yearnings of the heart are stilled as it yields itself up to the sway of the passion of love. There the heart, that is created with capacities to love God, finds the satisfaction of its fully-developed powers in the love of God. There the faithful departed of every time (and specially those perhaps whom we have loved on earth, or towards whom we have felt a special attraction) shall be loved perfectly in God. There the heart loves restfully, for there is no cause for restlessness in the loves of heaven. There no imperfections try love, no rivalries or jealousies can mar, no death can rob us of it. Perfect, restful, everlasting, is the love of heaven. There, with a blessed satisfaction, may the heart lavish its whole being on those it loves.

There again is the full satisfaction of our bodily nature. It is not only that there, “the corruptible having put on incorruption," the tyranny of the flesh is broken and the creature is set free "with the glorious liberty of the children of God;" it is more than this. The body is

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