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3. At all times when the General Conference is met, it shall take two thirds of the representatives of all the annual conferences to make a quorum for transacting business.

4. One of the general Superintendents shall preside in the General Conference; but in case no general Superintendent be present, the General Conference shall choose a president pro tempore.

5. The General Conference shall have full powers to make rules and regulations for our Church, under the following limitations and restrictions, viz.

1. The General Conference shall not revoke, alter, or change our articles of religion, nor establish any new standards or rules of doctrine contrary to our present existing and established standards of doctrine.

2. They shall not allow of more than one representative for every five members of the annual conference, nor allow of a less number than one for every seven. 3. They shall not change or alter any part or rule of our government, so as to do away Epispocacy, or destroy

the plan of our itinerant general superintendency.

4. They shall not revoke or change the general rules of the United Societies. 5. They shall not do away the privileges of our ministers or preachers of trial by a committee, and of an appeal: Neither shall they do away the privileges of our members of trial before the society or by a committee, and of an appeal. 6. They shall not appropriate the produce of the Book Concern, or of the Charter Fund, to any purpose other than for the benefit of the travelling, supernumerary, superannuated and worn-out preachers, their wives, widows and children. Provided nevertheless, that upon the joint recommendation of all the annual conferenres, then a majority of two thirds of The General Conference succeeding, shall suffice to alter any of the above restrictions.

the Annual Conferences.

. 3. Who shall attend the Year

It geferences?

h. All the travelling preachers, full connexion, and those

who are to be received into full connexion.

Quest. 4. Who shall appoint the times of holding the Yearly Conferences?

Answ. The bishops; but they shall allow the annual conferences to sit a week at least.

Quest. 5. Who shall appoint the places of holding the annual conferences? Answ. Each annual conference shall appoint the place of its own sitting. Quest. 6. What is the method wherein we usually proceed in the yearly conferences?

Anste. We inquire,

1. What preachers are admitted on trial? 2. Who remain on trial?

3. Who are admitted into full connexion? 4. Who are the Deacons ?

5. Who have been elected and ordain-
ed Elders this
year ?
6. Who have been elected, by the suf-
frages of the general conference, to
exercise the episcopal office, and
superintend the Methodist Episcopal
Church in America?

7. Who have located this year?
8. Who are the supernumeraries ?*

* A supernumerary preacher is one so worn out in the itinerant service as to be rendered

9. Who are the superannuated or worn

out preachers?

10. Who have been expelled from the connexion this year


11. Who have withdrawn from the connexion this year?

12. Are all the preachers blameless in life and conversation ? 13. Who have died this year ? 14. What numbers are in society? 15. What has been collected for the contingent expences, for the making up the allowances of the preachers, &c. ? 16. How has this been expended? 17. Where are the preachers stationed this year?

18. Where and when shall our next conferences be held?

Quest. 7. Is there any other business to be done in the yearly conferences ? Answ. The electing and ordaining of deacons and elders.

Quest. 8. Are there any other directions to be given concerning the yearly conferences?

Answ. There shall be twelve confer

incapable of preaching constantly; but at the same time is willing to do any work in the ministry, which the conference may direct, and his strength enable him to perform.


ences in the year. See Second Part. Sect. 1.

A record of the proceedings of each annual conference shall be kept by a seand -cretary, chosen for that purpose, shall be signed by the president and seciretary: and let a copy of the said record be sent to the general conference.


Of the Election and Consecration of Bishops, and of their duty.

Quest. 1. How is a bishop te be constituted?

Answ. By the election of the general conference, and the laying on of the hands of three bishops, or at least of one bishop and two elders.

Quest. 2. If by death, expulsion, or otherwise, there be no bishop remaining in our church, what shall we do?

Answ. The general conference shall elect a bishop; and the elders, or any three of them, who shall be appointed by the general conference for that purpose, shall ordain him according to our form of ordination,

Quest. 3. What are the duties of a bishop?


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