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Revolutionary, Indian, Mexican, Civil, and European Wars; to encourage the proper marking of battle fields, houses, and other places celebrated in the history of the State; to encourage the study of Georgia history in the public schools; and to assist in the observance of patriotic occasions.

Georgia, Laws 1913, No. 134, p. 137. 523. California volunteer records to be printed.—The State has authorized a revision and printing of the records of its volunteers.

California, Stat. 1889, p. 228; Gen. Laws 1915, act 520. 524. Historical volume entitled "Illinois at Vicksburg."-Provision is made for the compilation, editing, publication, and distribution of a commemorative and historical volume showing the services of Illinois troops during the campaign and siege of Vicksburg, Miss., in 1863, and showing what a later generation has done to commemorate such services by the erection of regimental monuments: and markers and a State temple in the national military park at: Vicksburg

Illinois, 6 Ann. Stat. 1913, par. 11078. 525. Department of Massachusetts, Grand Army of the Republic, to receive copies.—The bureau of statistics is directed to transmit to the Department of Massachusetts, Grand Army of the Republic, three hundred copies of an alphabetical list of those persons recorded by the bureau in the decennial census of 1915 as having served in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States during the Civil War.

Massachusetts, Resolves 1915, ch. 25, p. 402. 526. Michigan in the War.-The board of State auditors is authorzed to bid for twenty-five thousand copies of Robertson's Michigan in the War, not to cost over $1 per volume. Any person who served in any Michigan regiment, battery, or company during the Civil War and has been honorably discharged, or his widow or parents, shall be entitled to a copy of such work by depositing with the adjutant general thirty-two cents for postage if the application for such copy be not made in person.

Michigan, 1 Howell's Ann. Stat. 1912, secs. 1753–6. 527. Annual report Grand Army of the Republic, Department of New Jersey.—The adjutant general may publish the annual reports of the Department of New Jersey, Grand Army of the Republic, and such proceedings shall be considered a part of the military archives of the State.

New Jersey, 4 Comp. Stat. 1910, p. 4877, sec. 76. 528. Reports of encampment to be published.-Provision is made for publishing the reports of the State encampments of the Grand Army of the Republic for the years 1912–1916, inclusive.

Utah, Laws 1917, ch. 88; Similar provision: Pennsylvania, 6 Purdon's Dig. 1915, supp. p. 7192, sec. 168. Pub. Laws 1915, No. 178, sec. 19.

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529. Indiana volunteers in Spanish-American War.—The adjutant general is authorized to have ten thousand copies of the records of Indiana volunteers in the war with Spain printed and distributed.

Indiana, Acts 1899, p. 414. 530. Proceedings of veteran encampment to be preserved. The secretary of the Commonwealth shall annually procure a copy of the proceedings of the annual encampment of the United Spanish War Veterans of Massachusetts with the general orders, special orders, circulars, and other papers, and cause the same to be kept as part of the records of the Commonwealth. Copies shall be printed and bound, and one sent to each library of cities, towns, and camps of the Spanish War Veterans.

Massachusetts, Gen, Acts 1915, ch. 175. Similar provision, including also the Grand Army of the Republic: Nebraska, Laws 1915, ch. 128, sec. 7163.

531. Withholding or destroying commission or discharge papers.It shall be unlawful for any person who has possession or control of the commission or discharge papers of any officer, soldier, sailor, or marine of the United States Army or Navy to withhold such document from the party named therein when he shall demand possession thereof. It shall also be unlawful for any person having the possession of such papers to wilfully destroy, mutilate, or make away with such paper to the prejudice of the owner, or to deliver the same to any other person without the written request of the person named therein or, in case of his death, his widow or legal representative.

Indiana, 4 Burns' Ann. Stat. 1914, secs. 10054–55. Similar provision: Pennsylvania, 4 Purdon's Dig. 1905, p. 4408, secs. 9–12.



Crimes and offenses:
By soldiers-

Absence without leave....
Mutilation to prevent enlistment.

Corporal punishment...
By civilians, unlawful sexual intercourse.
Civil rights, holding office......
Library to furnish books to soldiers....
Military or naval pilots may operate aircraft without a license.
State hospitals; honorably discharged soldiers may be admitted.


532 533-535


537 538, 539 540, 541

542 543 544

532. Absent without leave.-In case of war every person ordered out or who shall volunteer or is drafted, and who shall not appear at the time and place designated by the sheriff or other proper officer, or who shall not produce some able or proper substitute at such time and place, or shall not pay to the sheriff for the use of the State $300 within twenty-four hours of such time, shall be deemed to be a soldier in actual service absent without leave, and liable to a penalty of $300.

Michigan, 1 Howell's Ann. Stat. 1912, sec. 1591. 533. Desertion.-If any commissioned officer, noncommissioned officer, musician, or private shall desert the service of the United States or of this State, he shall, unless claimed and punished by the United States, on conviction thereof in any court of this State be imprisoned in the State prison or county jail not exceeding two years; and it shall be the duty of any sheriff, under sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable, city or village marshal, to arrest any such deserter wherever he may be found in this State whenever any such officer shall have knowledge or reasonable evidence by affidavit of such desertion and shall thereupon forthwith notify the adjutant general of this State.

Michigan, 5 Howell's Ann. Stat. 1912, sec. 14897, 534. Desertion. Any person who shall have enlisted into the service of the United States and been sworn in, or who shall offer himself as a substitute for a citizen duly drafted into the service of the United States, and shall after having been duly sworn into such service desert the same, shall be punished by imprisonment in State prison not less than one year, or by fine not over $1,000. Michigan, 5 Howell's Ann. Stat. 1912, sec, 14902.

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535. Slacker.-It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to give aid, comfort, or employment or otherwise to abet any person who is a slacker or deserter from the military service under the selective service laws and regulations. Violation is a misdemeanor.

Arizona, Laws 1918, ch. 4, pp. 6–7. 536. Mutilation to prevent enlistment.-He who shall mutilate himself or give his consent to his mutilation for the purpose of securing exemption from military service, and shall have been declared exempt from such service on account of such mutilation shall be imprisoned from six months to six years. He who shall disable another, with his consent, for the same purpose shall incur minimum or medium penalty.

Porto Rico, Penal Code, Cuba and P. R. 1900, arts. 435-6. 537. Corporal punishment under military law.—No person shall be subject to corporal punishment under military law, except such as are employed in the Army or Navy, or in the militia when in actual service in time of war or public danger.

Maine, Const. art. 1, sec. 14. Similar provisions: Maryland, Const. Decl. of Rights, art. 32; Massachusetts. Const., pt. 1, art. 28; Rhode Island, Const. art. 1, sec. 18; South Carolina, Const. art. 1, sec. 27; Tennessee, Const. art. 1, sec. 25; Vermont, Const. ch. 1, art. 17; Virginia, Const. ch. 1, art. 17; West Virginia, Const. art. 3, sec. 12.

538. Prohibiting engagements for unlawful sexual intercourse. It shall be unlawful for any person to make an appointment for or solicit any person engaged in the service of the United States military or naval forces or of those of the allies in the present war with Germany to meet or come in contact with any woman for the purpose of having unlawful sexual intercourse, or for any woman knowing herself to have a communicable venereal disease to have unlawful sexual intercourse with any person in the military or naval forces of the United States or its allies. It shall be unlawful for any person operating a vehicle for hire to transport either such men or such women to meet for unlawful sexual intercourse, or for any owner or keeper of any house to permit such therein. Violation is punishable by imprisonment in penitentiary.

Texas, Gen. Laws 1918, ch. 16. 539. Protection from certain contagious diseases.-Any person, who knowing himself or herself to be infected with venereal disease, such as chancroid, gonorrhea, or syphilis, in any of the variations or stages of such diseases, has sexual intercourse with a person in the military or naval service of the States or of the United States shall be guilty of a felony.

New York, Laws 1918, ch. 264, sec. 343s.


540. Disqualified for holding office. Soldiers, seamen, or marines in the Regular Army or Navy of the United States are ineligible to and disqualified for holding office in this State.

Alabama, 1 Code 1907, sec. 1467, par. 6. Similar provision: Tennessee, Code 1918, sec. 1069.

541. Person receiving money from the United States is not excluded from holding office.- No person to whom a pension has been granted by the United States on account of injuries or disabilities in war shall be excluded from office under the State because of such pension; neither shall post officers or soldiers on account of pay they receive from the United States when called out in actual duty be excluded from office; nor shall any employee in any navy yard or naval reservation in Virginia be excluded from holding any office under the government of any town, county, or city in this State.

Virginia, Acts 1918, ch. 315, p. 488. 542. Library to furnish books.—The board of free public library commissioners is authorized to expend not exceeding $1,000 annually, during the continuance of the present war, to supply books for the use of the members of the United States Army or Navy or of the National or Home Guard who may be stationed within the Commonwealth. The board may place the books in the custody of any military officer or other person or of any corporation, and may make such other arrangements for the distribution and collection of the books as it may deem proper.

Massachusetts, Gen. Acts 1917, ch. 239. 543. Pilots in United States military or naval service may operate aircraft without a license.- No person shall without license from the governor operate an aeroplane, balloon, or other aircraft in or across the Territory of Hawaii, except a member of the Aviation Corps of the United States Army or Navy or National Guard or Naval Militia of Hawaii or a person employed as a pilot in the United States military or naval service.

Hawaii, Laws 1917, act 107. 544. Soldiers may be admitted into State hospitals.—Honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, and marines are entitled to admission into the various State hospitals and to receive transportation to such institutions from place of residence.

Connecticut, Gen. Stat. 1902, secs. 2867–88; 1 Gen. Stat. 1918, secs.


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