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392. Dissolution.-A general partnership is dissolved by war or the prohibition of commercial intercourse between the country in which one partner resides and that in which another resides.

California, Civil Code 1915, sec. 2450. Similar provision: Montana, 1 Rev. Codes 1907, sec. 5494.



Civil pay:



394 395, 396


Commission to investigate pay.

pay continued... Proportionate amount..

Officers assigned under Isthmian Canal Commission.
Army pay:

Veterans of Indian Wars..
Engineers' compensation...

Officers detailed as instructors.
Civilians: Increased pay...

398 399 400 401

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393. Commission to investigate pay.-A commission is created to investigate the difference between the compensation paid by the United States to members of the National Guard' who performed services on the Mexican border in 1916, and the compensation that would have been paid by the State had such service been performed within the State.

New York, Laws 1917, ch. 497. 394. Civil pay continued.—The departments, institutions, committees, commissions, or other bodies of the State, or any subdivision or municipality thereof, may pay the salaries or compensation of their employees or attachés during the time said employees or attachés, as members of the National Guard of this State, are performing military duty incident to current war conditions.

New Jersey, Laws 1917, ch. 268. Similar provisions: Pennsylvania, Pub. Laws 1917, No. 320, p. 999, cities of second class; Rhode Island, Laws 1917, ch. 1538, full or part pay, also hold places for employees; Laws 1918, ch. 1660.

395. Officers and employees in active service shall receive salary less their Army pay.-All officers and employees of Hawaii, its counties and cities shall have deducted from their pay while on active duty under call of the President or governor only such amounts as they receive for such active service. No such persons shall be held to have forfeited his position by reason of absence from the performance of the duties thereof while in such active service as member of the National Guard or Naval Militia.

Hawaii, Laws 1917, Acts 170, 234. Similar provisions: Massachusetts, Gen. Acts 1917, ch. 301; Stat. 1917, ch. 336; Resolves 1917, ch. 43, p. 454; New York, Laws 1917, ch. 435, sec. 245.


396. Officer or employee may direct that one-half of the pay of the office shall be paid to dependents.—Any officer or employee of Pennsylvania in its civil service or that of any county, municipality, township, or school district who shall in time of war, or contemplated war, enlist, enroll, or be drafted, and having dependents may file in writing with the head of the office his intention to resume the duties after the expiration of his military or naval service, and directing that one-half of the salary of the office, not exceeding $2,000, shall be paid during his service to his wife or children or dependent parents.

Pennsylvania, Pub. Laws 1917, No. 201, p. 600. 397. Officers assigned under Isthmian Canal Commission.-Army and Navy officers and officers of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service who are assigned under the Isthmian Canal Commission on the Isthmus of Panama, apart from and in addition to the pay which they receive from any of the above named departments, shall receive from the "Appropriations for a canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans” the amount equal to fifty per cent of the pay proper and longevity allowance which they would receive from said departments as compensation for service in the United States. Said salary increase to be due and payable while the officers are traveling outside of the United States, to and from the Isthmus, while serving on the Isthmus, and while absent from the Isthmus on authorized leaves of absence.

Canal Zone, Laws, p. 228, act No. 16. 398. Pay for actual service to veterans of Indian Wars.—Provision is made for payment to veterans of Indian Wars or their widows of certain sums for actual service in the militia, provided they have not been granted a pension from the United States.

Utah, Laws 1913, ch. 103. 399. Engineers' compensation.—Provision is made for the compensation of engineers of the Army and Navy in charge of canal work.

Canal Zone, Exec. Order, Mar. 16, 1907. 400. Officers detailed to act as instructors, advisors, or umpires.Officers of the Army and Navy of the United States hereafter detailed by the War or Navy Departments, at the request of the commander in chief, to act as instructors, advisors, or umpires, or to perform any other duty in connection with the volunteer militia of the Commonwealth, shall be reimbursed by the Commonwealth from the appropriation for compensation of officers and men of the militia for all expenses incurred by them in the performance of the said duty, and authorized or approved by the adjutant general in excess of those expenses allowed and paid by the United States. Claims shall be approved by the adjutant general.

Massachusetts, Acts & Res. 1909, ch. 280.

401. Increase of pay for civilian employees.—During the continuance of the existing war with the German Empire and its allies there shall be paid to all persons employed by the State of New York as civilian employees ten per cent increased compensation to such as receive salaries of less than $1,500 per annum, except to persons who receive maintenance.

New York, Laws 1918, ch. 556


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402 403, 404 405, 406


408 409 410 411


Officials to aid in securing..
Fees limited.......
Purchasing transfers of claims..

Waiver of claims against the United States.
Who entitled to-

Soldiers and sailors...
Confederate veterans.
Appropriation prorated..

Not granted for disability in United States service..
Civil employment:

Retirement of Civil War veterans...

Retirement of widows of Civil War veterans.

Money exempt from attachment...
Money exempt from taxation....

Practice medicine without payment of tax..
Aid to soldiers and veterans-

Relief committee..

Aid by municipalities and States.....
Aid to dependents; aid family, widows and orphans..
During unemployment...

412 413

414 415 416

417 418-426 427-430


402. Public officials to aid in securing pensions. Public officials are provided to furnish instruction and advice to soldiers, sailors, and marines of the State, their heirs or legal representatives, respecting claims against the United States for pensions, bounties, back pay, or otherwise, by reason of military or naval service, and to assist in the collection of such claims.

Florida, 1 Comp. Laws 1914, sec. 735. Similar provisions: Kansas, Gen. Stat. 1915, sec. 9488; Massachusetts, Acts & Res. 1909, ch. 468, sec. 1; Minnesota, Laws 1917, ch. 400, sec. 41; Gen. Stat. Supp. 1917, sec. 2451–41; New Jersey, Comp. Stat. 1910, sec. 7, p. 3939; North Dakota, 1 Comp. Laws 1913, secs. 2360 (8), 2360a; Ohio, 1 Ann. Gen. Code 1910, secs. 811-19; South Dakota, 1 Comp. Laws 1913, p. 635d, sec. 57.

403. Affidavits regarding pensions to be certified free by public officials.-All county clerks are authorized to take and certify affidavits for United States pension claimants without demanding or receiving any fees or compensation therefor.

California, Gen. Laws 1915, act 829; Stat. 1897, p. 55; Pol. Code 1915,

sec. 4302.

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