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TITLE 26-Internal Revenue

I Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury
JI United States Processing Tax Board of Review, Department of the

III United States Board of Tax Appeals

TITLE 27—Intoxicating Liquors
I Federal Alcohol Administration, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 28Judicial Administration
I Department of Justice

TITLE 29_Labor
SUBTITLE A--Office of the Secretary of Labor

SUBTITLE B-Labor Regulations
I United States Employment Service, Department of Labor
II National Labor Relations Board
III National Railroad Adjustment Board

TITLE 30—Mineral Resources
I Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
II Geological Survey, Department of the Interior
III National Bituminous Coal Commission, Department of the Interior
IV Petroleum Conservation Division, Department of the Interior

TITLE 31-Money and Finance: Treasury
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Money and Finance
I Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury
II Office of the Commissioner of Accounts and Deposits, Department of the

III Public Debt Service, Department of the Treasury
IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 32-National Defense
I National Munitions Control Board, Department of State
II National Guard, War Department
III Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
IV National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
V American Battle Monuments Commission

TITLE 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters
I Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury
II Corps of Engineers, War Department

Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce
IV Bureau of Lighthouses, Department of Commerce
V Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce

TITLE 34-Navy I Department of the Navy

TITLE 35 Panama Canal
I Canal Zone Regulations

TITLE 36-Parks and Forests
I National Park Service, Department of the Interior
II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

TITLE 37—Patents and Copyrights
I Patent Office, Department of Commerce
II Copyright Office, Library of Congress


TITLE 38—Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief Chap.

I Veterans' Administration

TITLE 39—Postal Service

I Post Office Department

TITLE 40—Prisons

I Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

TITLE 41—Public Contracts
I Procurement Division, Department of the Treasury
II Division of Public Contracts, Department of Labor

TITLE 42—Public Health
I United States Public Health Service, Department of the Treasury
II United States Children's Bureau, Department of Labor
III St. Elizabeths Hospital, Department of the Interior
IV Freedmen's Hospital, Department of the Interior

TITLE 43-Public Lands: Interior
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior

SUBTITLE B-Public Land Regulations
I General Land Office, Department of the Interior
II Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior
III Division of Grazing, Department of the Interior

TITLE 44—Public Property and Works
I The National Archives
II Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

TITLE 45 Public Welfare

I Office of Education, Department of the Interior
II Civilian Conservation Corps
III Works Progress Administration
IV National Youth Administration

TITLE 46—Shipping I Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce II United States Maritime Commission

TITLE 47- Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission

TITLE 48-Territories and Insular Possessions I Division of Territories and Island Possessions, Department of the Interior II Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Department of the Interior

TITLE 49—Transportation and Railroads I Interstate Commerce Commission

TITLE 50 Wildlife
I Bureau of Biological Survey, Department of Agriculture (including Alaska

Game Commission)
II Bureau of Fisheries, Department of Commerce
III International Fisheries Commission

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Part SUBCHAPTER A-Rules of practice 13 Commercial radio operators 1 Rules of practice and procedure 14 Alaska radio services

SUBCHAPTER B—Licenses and special 31 Uniform system of accounts, Class radio regulations

A and B telephone companies 2 General rules and regulations

32 Units of property: telephone com3 Standard broadcast stations

panies 4 Broadcast services other than stand. 35 Uniform system of accounts for teleard broadcast

graph and cable companies

41 Franks and passes 5 Experimental radio services

42 Destruction of records 6 Fixed public radio services

43 Filing of contracts, periodic reports 7 Coastal radio services

51 Classification of telephone employees 8 Ship radio services (including ship radio telegraph safety regulations)

SUBCHAPTER C—Regulations appli9 Aviation radio services

cable to communications companies 10 Emergency radio service

61 Tariffs 11 Miscellaneous radio services

62 Rules governing applications under 12 Amateur radio: radio stations and section 212 to hold interlocking operators


CROSS REFERENCES Taxes on telegraph, telephone, radio and cable facilities: See Internal Revenue,

26 CFR Part 130. Telephone and telegraph lines in Alaska : See Territories and Insular Posses

sions, 48 CFR Part 5.

SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS Annual Reports of the Federal Radio Commission and Federal Communications Commission: Annual Reports of the Federal Radio Commission to the Congress of the

United States, June 30, 1927; Second Annual Report of the Federal Radio Commission to the Congress

of the United States, June 30, 1928, together with supplemental report

covering period 7-1-28 to 9-30-28; Third Annual Report of the Federal Radio Commission, 10–1-28 to 11-1-29; Fourth to Seventh, inclusive, Annual Reports of the Federal Radio Com

mission for the fiscal years 1930 to 1933, inclusive. First Annual Report of the Federal Communications Commission for the

fiscal year ended June 30, 1935. Cable Landing License Act, May 27, 1921 and Executive Orders Nos. 3513

(7-9-21) and 6779 (6-30-34), authorizing the Commission to receive and

make recommendations on applications filed thereunder. Cairo General Radio Regulations, 1938. Communications Act of 1934 (with amendments and index thereto) published

by the Federal Communications Commission, revised to May 20, 1937. Executive Agreement Series, No. 62—Radio Communications Between Private

Experimental Stations and Between Amateur Stations-Arrangement Between the United States of America and the Dominion of Canada Continuing the Arrangement Effected by Exchange of Notes Signed October 2, 1928, December 29, 1928, and January 12, 1929. Effected by Exchange of Notes Signed April 23 and May 2 and 4, 1934—Effective May 4, 1934. For list of abbreviations used in this chapter, see note to 8 1.1.

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[1] gress and State officials. 1.23 Applications for admission.

Subchapter A-Rules of Practice

Administration, meetings

1.78 License where construction permit 1.1. .'Ofice; place and hours.

not required; when filed. 1.2 Meetings.

1.79 Modification of license; when 1.3... Official record.

filed. 1.4. Authentication.

1.80 Renewal of license; when filed. 1:5 • Ýrrspectior ‘of records.

1.81 Application called for by the Com1.6 Certified copies.

mission, 1.7 Official reporter; transcript. 1.82 Extension of station and operator 1.8 Definition of “person".

license. 1.9 Authority for representation. 1.83 Assignment or transfer of control. 1.10 Computation of time.

1.84 Special authorizations. 1.11 Additional time to parties in cer

Action on applications tain cases.

1.91 Defective applications. Personal appearances; practition

1.92 Secretary to prepare weekly reers 1.21 Appearances.

report on progress of applica

tions. 1.22 Persons who may be admitted to 1.93 Copies of report mailed to Conpractice.

1.94 Commission to be notified of de1.24 Oath.

sire to be heard. 1.25 Suspension, disbarment, revoca

1.95 Applications under section 214 of tion.

the Act. 1.26 Register of practitioners. 1.27 Former Commission counsel

1.96 Applications under section 221 of

the Act. barred for 2 years.

1.101 Conditional grants without hearParties

ing. 1.41 Parties to proceedings.

1.102 Partial grants without hearing. 1.42 Applicant.

1.103 Applications designated for hear1.43 Complainant.

ing. 1.44 Defendant.

1.104 Repetitious applications. 1.45 Petitioner,

1.105 Applications pending appeal from 1.46 Intervener.

decisions of the Commission. 1.47 Protestant.

Complaints 1.48 Respondent.

1.121 Formal or informal. 1.49 Receiver. 1.50 Substitution of parties.

1.122 Informal complaints; substance.

1.123 Action on informal complaints. Applications under title II of the 1.124 Resubmission ; 6 months' rule. Act

1.125 Formal complaints; requirements. 1.61 Forms prescribed by the Commis- 1.126 Statement of issues; joinder of sion.

causes of complaint. 1.62 Amendments.

1.127 Notice of complaints. 1.63 Amendments within 30 days of 1.128 Charges, etc., complained of; spe hearing; discretionary.

cific reference. 1.64 Amendments ordered.

1.129 Provisions of Act violated; sep1.65 Form of amendments.

arate statement. Applications under title III of the 1.130 Allegations; appropriate cerAct (radio)

tainty. 1.71 Forms prescribed by the Commis- 1.131 General rate adjustment chalsion.

lenged; reparation. 1.72 Place of filing; number of copies. 1.132 Discrimination; clearly specified. 1.73 Amendments and withdrawals; 1.133 Preference or prejudice. when permitted.

1.134 Reparation specifically prayed for. 1.74 Specification of frequency.

1.135 Sufficiency to toll statute; dam1.75 Removal or installation of trans

ages pendente lite. mitting apparatus.

1.136 Supplemental complaints. 1.76 Extension of time of construction. 1.137 Supplemental complaint seeking 1.77 License following construction

damages. permit.

1.138 Cross complaints.

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