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No. 531.-JULY 28, 1866.
CHAP, CCDCVIII. - An Act to protect the Revenue, and for other Purposes.

Stat. at Large,

Vol. XIV. p. 328. Be it enacted, fc. That from and after the tenth day of August, eigh- Duties in lieu teen hundred and sixty-six, in lieu of the duties now imposed by law on of former duties, the articles mentioned and embraced in this section, there shall be levied, 1866, upon collected, and paid, on all goods, wares, and merchandise imported from foreign countries, the duties heretofore (hereinafter) provided, viz:

On cigars, cigarettes, and cheroots of all kinds, three dollars per pound, Cigars, cigarand, in addition thereto, fifty per centum ad valorem : Provided, that

ettes, and che

paper cigars and cigarettes, including wrappers, shall be subject to the same duties as are herein imposed upon cigars : And provided further, That on and after the first day of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, no cigars shall be imported unless the same are packed in boxes of not more Imported than five hundred cigars in each box; and no entry of any imported cigars, how to be cigars shall be allowed of less quantity than three thousand in a single how to be enpackage; and all cigars on importation shall be placed in public store or tered, and where

placed ; bonded warehouse, and shall not be removed therefrom until the same

to be stamped. shall have been inspected and a stamp affixed to each box indicating such inspection, with the date thereof. And the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to provide the requisite stamps, and to make all neces- Stamps to be

provided. sary regulations for carrying the above provisions of law into effect; On cotton, three cents per pound;

Cotton. On all compounds or preparations of which distilled spirits is a com- Compounds

or preparations ponent part of chief value, there shall be levied a duty not less than that

of distilled spirimposed upon distilled spirits : Provided, That brandy and other spirit-its. uous liquors may be imported in casks or other packages of any capacity Brandy, spirit not less than thirty gallons; and that wine in bottles may be imported in wines how to be boxes containing not less than one dozen bottles of not more than one quart imported; each ; and wine, brandy, or other spirituous liquor imported into the United

if in less quan

tities after OctoStates, and shipped after the first day of October, eighteen hundred and ber 1, 1866, to be sixty-six, in any less quantity than herein provided for, shall be forfeited forfeited. to the United States. Sec. 2. That the second proviso in section four of an act entitled “ An

Vessels beact amendatory of certain acts imposing duties upon foreign importations,” United States approved March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, shall be con- and Sandwich strued to include any ship, vessel, or steamer to or from any port in the Islands, &c. not

to pay tonnage Sandwich Islands or Society Islands.

duty more than Sec. 3. That so much of an act entitled “ An act to authorize protec- once a year. tion to be given to citizens of the United States who may discover de

1865, ch. 80.

Guano, exposits of guano,” approved August eighteen, eighteen hundred and fifty- portation of cersix, as prohibits the export thereof, is hereby suspended in relation to all tain: persons who have complied with the provisions of section second of said . 1856, ch. 164. act, for five years from and after the fourteenth day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. Sec. 4. That all laws and parts of laws allowing fishing bounties to Fishing boun

ties repealed. vessels hereafter licensed to engage in the fisheries be, and the same are hereby, repealed: Provided, That, from and after the date of the passage of [t]his act, vessels licensed to engage in the fisheries may take on board imported salt in bond to be used in curing fish, under such regulations as

Duties may be

remitted on salt the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe, and upon proof that said used in curing salt has been used in curing fish, the duties on the same shall be remitted. fish. Sec. 5. That, from and after the passage of this act, all goods, wares,

Goods arriving or merchandise arriving

at the ports of New York, Boston, and Portland, at designated or any other port of the United States which may be specially designated for places in by the Secretary of the Treasury, and destined for places in the adjacent adjacent provinBritish provinces, or arriving at the port of Point Isabel

, Texas, or any entered and carother port of the United States which may be specially designated by the ried through, &c. Secretary of the Treasury, and destined for places in the republic of

tween the


Mexico, may be entered at the custom-house, and conveyed, in transit, through the territory of the United States, without the payment of duties, under such rules, regulations, and conditions for the protection of the

revenue as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. Goods, with Sec. 6. That imported goods, wares, or merchandise in bond, or duty consent of

paid, and products or manufactures of the United States, may, with the authorities of provinces, &c. consent of the proper authorities of the provinces or republic aforesaid, be may be carried transported from one port or place in the United States to another port across their territory from one

or place therein, over the territory of said provinces or republic, by such place to another routes, and under such rules, regulations and conditions as the Secretary in the United

of the Treasury may prescribe; and the goods, wares, and merchandise, so transported, shall, upon arrival in the United States from the provinces or republic aforesaid, be treated in regard to the liability to or exemption from duty, or tax, as if the transportation had taken place entirely

within the limits of the United States. Excess of Sec. 7. That whenever it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the moneys paid for Secretary of the Treasury that more moneys have been paid to the colmay be refund- lector of customs, or others acting as such, than the law requires, and the ed, without com- parties have failed to comply with the requirements of the fourteenth and certain forms of fifteenth sections of the act entitled “ An act to increase the duties on imlaw.

ports, and for other purposes," approved June thirtieth, eighteen hun1864, ch, 171, $$ dred and sixty-four, and the Secretary of the Treasury shall be satisfied 15

that said non-compliance with the requirements as above stated was owing to circumstances beyond the control of the importer, consignee, or agent making such payments, he may draw his warrant upon the treasurer in favor of the person or persons entitled to the overpayment, directing the said treasurer to refund the same out of any money in the treasury not

otherwise appropriated. The protection Sec. 8. That the provisions of the second, third, and fourth sections given to revenue of the act approved March second, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, to persons acting entitled “ An act further to provide for the collection of duties on imports," by direction of and of the twelfth section of the act approved March third, eighteen hunthe executive under the laws

dred and sixty-three, entitled “ An act to prevent and punish frauds upon for the collection the revenue, to provide for the more certain and speedy collection of of abandoned claims in favor of the United States, and for other purposes,” shall be property, &c. 1833, ch. 67, $$

taken and deemed as extending to and embracing all cases arising or 3, 4.

which may have heretofore arisen, and all suits and prosecutions hereto1863, ch. 120, 4 fore brought and now pending, or which may hereafter be brought against

any officer of the United States or other person by reason of any acts

done or proceedings had by such officer or other person, under authority 1863, ch. 120. or color of the act approved March twelve, eighteen hundred and sixty

three, entitled “ An act to provide for the collection of abandoned prop

erty, and for the prevention of frauds in insurrectionary districts within 1864, ch. 225. the United States,” or the act approved July two, eighteen hundred and

sixty-four, entitled “ An act in addition to the several acts concerning commercial intercourse between loyal and insurrectionary States, and to provide for the collection of captured and abandoned property, and the prevention of frauds in States, declared in insurrection": Provided, That such acts done or proceedings had under the two acts last aforesaid, or under color thereof, shall have been done and had under the authority or

by the direction of the executive government of the United States: And Amounts re- provided further, That when a recovery shall have been, or shall herecovered in suits after be, had in any such suit or prosecution brought, or which may hereagainst such officers, to be

after be brought, as aforesaid, the payment of the amount recovered, as paid out of pro- provided for in the said twelfth section of the act approved March third, and leases, cc. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, aforesaid, shall be made out of the

moneys arising and obtained from the proceeds of sales and leases and fees collected and paid over to the government under the two acts approved March twelve, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and July second,


voiced value.

This not to

eighteen hundred and sixty-four, aforesaid, in relation to captured and abandoned property.

Sec. 9. That in determining the dutiable value of merchandise here- Dutiable value after imported, there shall be added to the cost, or to the actual wholesale of imported merprice or general market value at the time of exportation in the principal be determined. markets of the country from whence the same shall have been imported into the United States, the cost of transportation, shipment, and transhipment, with all the expenses included from the place of growth, production, or manufacture, whether by land or water, to the vessel in which shipment is made to the United States; the value of the sack, box, or covering of any kind in which such goods are contained ; commission at the usual rates, but in no case less than two and a half per centum ; brokerage, export duty, and all other actual or usual charges for putting up, preparing, and packing for transportation or shipment. And all charges of a general character incurred in the purchase of a general invoice shall be distributed pro rata among all parts of such invoice; and every part thereof charged with duties based on value shall be advanced according to its proportion, and all wines or other articles paying specific duty by grades shall be graded and pay duty according to the actual value so determined : Provided, That all additions made to the entered value of mer- Additions to chandise for charges shall be regarded as part of the actual value of such entered value to merchandise, and if such addition shall exceed by ten per centum the be part of actual value so declared in the entry, in addition to the duties imposed by law, it over ten per there shall be levied, collected, and paid a duty of twenty per centum on

cent. what duty

to be paid. such value: Provided, That the duty shall in no case be assessed upon an amount less than the invoice or entered value: Provided further, That

Duty never on nothing herein contained shall apply to long-combing or carpet wools cost- less than ining twelve cents or less per pound, unless the charges so added shall carry the cost above twelve cents per pound, in which case, one cent per pound apply to certain duty shall be added.

wools, unless,

&c. Sec. 10. That the second proviso in section twenty-one of an act Proceeds of entitled “ An act increasing temporarily the duties on imports, and for goods sold, after other purposes," approved July fourteen, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, remaining three which provides that any goods remaining in public store or bonded ware- store, less exhouse beyond three years shall be regarded as abandoned to the govern- penses, &c. to be ment, and sold under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury paid owner &c.

, . may prescribe, and the proceeds paid into the treasury, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury, in case of any sale under the said provision, to pay to the owner, consignee, or agent of such goods, the proceeds thereof, after deducting duties, charges, and expenses, in conformity with the provision of the first section of the warehouse act of August six, eighteen hundred and forty- 1846, ch. 84, $ 1. six.

Sec. 11. That during [the] period of one year from the passage of Machinery to this act, there may be imported into the United States, free of duty,

make sugar froin

. beets may be any machinery designed solely for and adapted to the manufacture of duty free for one sugar from beets, including all the preliminary processes requisite there- year. for, but not including any machinery which may be used for any other manufactures.

Sec. 12. That upon the reimportation of articles once exported of the Upon reimgrowth, product, or manufacture of the United States, upon which no in- products of the ternal tax has been assessed or paid, or upon which such tax has been United States paid and refunded by allowance or drawback, there shall be levied, col

paid an internal lected, and paid a duty equal to the tax imposed by the internal revenue tax, a duty shall laws upon such articles.

be imposed Sec. 13. That there shall be established in and attached to the De- equal to such partment of the Treasury a bureau to be styled “the bureau of statistics,” Bureau of staand the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to appoint a

Jished in Treasdirector to superintend and control the business of said bureau, who shall ury Department.

that have not


tistics estab


commerce and

be paid an annual salary of thirty-five hundred dollars. And it shall be Director, his the duty of the director of the bureau of statistics to prepare the report salary and 'du.

on the statistics of commerce and navigation, exports and imports, now Statistics of required by law to be submitted annually to Congress by the Secretary

of the Treasury; and said report, embracing the returns of the comnavigation.

Report, when merce and navigation, the exports and imports of the United States to to be submitted the close of the fiscal year, shall be submitted to Congress in a printed to Congress.

form on or before the first day of December next succeeding; and the said director, as soon as practicable after the organization of this office

shall, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, prepare and Monthly re- publish monthly reports of the exports and imports of the United States, ports of exports including the quantities and values of goods warehoused or withdrawn

from warehouse, and such other statistics relative to the trade and industry of the country as the Secretary of the Treasury may consider ex

pedient. And the director of the bureau of statistics shall also prepare Annual state- an annual statement of vessels registered, enrolled, and licensed under the ment of vessels. laws of the United States, together with the class, name, tonnage, and

place of registry of each vessel, and such other information as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem proper to embody therein ; and to enable the said director to furnish the information required, the Secretary of the

Treasury shall have power, under such regulations as he shall prescribe, System of

to establish and provide a system of numbering vessels so registered, ennumbering vessels enrolled,

rolled, and licensed; and each vessel so numbered shall have her number registered, and deeply carved or otherwise permanently marked on her main beam ; and licensed, may be if at any time she shall cease to be so marked, such vessel shall be no

Numbers, how longer recognized as a vessel of the United States. The said director to be marked.

shall also prepare an annual statement of all merchandise passing in tranVessel ceasing to be marked

sit through the United States to foreign countries, each description of

merchandise, so far as practicable, warehoused, withdrawn from wareUnited States

house for consumption, for exportation, for transportation to other districts, vessel. Annual state- and remaining in the warehouse at the end of each fiscal year. It shall

be the further duty of said director to collect, digest, and arrange, for the chandise in transit, ware

use of Congress, the statistics of the manufactures of the United States, housed, &c. their localities, sources of raw material, markets, exchanges with the pro

ducing regions of the country, transportation of products, wages, and such

other conditions as are found to affect their prosperity ; and to aid him in Clerks. the discharge of these duties, the several clerks now employed in the prepa

ration of statistics in the Treasury Department, or any bureau thereof, may be placed under his supervision and direction; and, in addition, the

Secretary of the Treasury shall detail such other clerks as may be neExpenses of cessary to fully carry out the provisions of this act. And the expenses of bureau.

the bureau of statistics for clerical service, publication of reports, stationery, books, and statistical periodicals and papers required by the bureau, shall be defrayed on the order and approval of the Secretary of the Treas

ury, out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. And Franking privi- all letters and documents to and from the director of the bureau of statislege.

tics, relating to the duties and business of his office, shall be transmitted

by mail free of postage. Collection of Sec. 14. That the Secretary of the Treasury be authorized to suspend direct tax in any the collection, in any of the States heretofore declared in insurrection, of in insurrection the direct tax imposed by an act of Congress passed August fifth, eighteen may be suspend- hundred and sixty-one, entitled “ An act to provide increased revenue ed until Jan. 1,

from imports, to pay interest on the public debt, and for other purposes,” 1861, ch. 45.

until January first, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight.

ceases to be a

ment of mer

Statistics of manufacture.


No. 532. — JULY 28, 1866.
CHAP. CCCI. — An Act to authorize the Use of the Metric System of Weights and

Stat. at Large,

Vol. XIV. p. 339. Be it enacted, &c. That from and after the passage of this act shall be

Use of weights

and measures of lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the weights the metric sysand measures of the metric system ; and no contract or dealing, or plead- tem authorized. ing in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein are weights or measures of the metric system.

Sec. 2. That the tables in the schedule hereto annexed shall be recog- Tables of nized in the construction of contracts, and in all legal proceedings, as es

equivalents. tablishing, in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States, the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system; and said tables may be lawfully used for computing, determining, and expressing in customary weights and measures the weights and measures of the metric system.

[blocks in formation]

1,000 1 cubic meter

1.308 cubic yards 264.17 gallons. 100 g of a cubic meter 2 bushels and 3.35 pecks 26.417 gallons. 10 10 cubic decimeters

9.08 quarts

2.6417 gallong. 1 1 cubic decimeter

0.908 quarts

1.0567 quarts.
to to of a cubic decimeter 6.1022 cubic inches.

0.845 gills.
10 cubic centimeters . 0.6102 cubic inches. 0.838 fluid ounces.


1 cubic centimeter. 0.061 cubic inches 0.27 fluid drams. 500



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