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so far modified as to allow any foreign imported merchandise, in the original packages, which has been entered, and the duties paid, according to law, to be transported, with benefit of drawback, by land or by water, or partly by land and partly by water, to either of the ports designated in said section, or such ports as may have been, or may hereafter be, designated, in pursuance of the authority conferred therein, and any such merchandise may be exported from either of the aforesaid ports, or from such ports on the seaboard, from which merchandise may, under existing laws, be exported for benefit of drawback, and be transported thence in like manner to ports in the adjoining British provinces, and to ports and places in Mexico, under such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe : Provided, That so much

Proviso. of the eighth section of said act as requires the production of the affidavit of the master of the vessel in which any such goods may be exported, may be dispensed with when such goods are not exported in vessels ; and the residue of the provisions of said section are hereby extended to cases arising under this act.

Sec. 17. That so much of the proviso to the fifth section of the act of Repeal of the third March, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, entitled “ An act requiring 110, so far as reall moneys receivable from customs, and from all other sources, to be paid lates to Canada immediately into the treasury without abatement or reduction, and" for and Chihuahua. other purposes," as exempts from the operations of said section the provisions of law relating to the exportation of merchandise to Canada and Chihuahua, be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

Sec. 18. That any imported merchandise, in the original packages, Imported merwhich shall have been duly entered and warehoused in pursuance of the housed under act warehousing act of the sixth August, eighteen hundred and forty-six, may of 1846, ch. 84, be exported therefrom in conformity with law, and be transported, in the may be exported manner indicated in the first section of this act, to ports in the adjoining joining British British provinces, and become entitled to the benefits of the warehousing provinces. act before mentioned.

Sec. 19. That the privileges granted by the act of second March, eigh- Extension of teen hundred and thirty-one, entitled “ An act allowing the duties on for- act of 1831, ch. eign merchandise, imported into Pittsburg, Wheeling, Cincinnati, Louis- duties on merville, Saint Louis, Nashville, and Natchez, to be secured and paid at those chandise importplaces,” be, and are hereby, extended to any foreign merchandise intended

burg, Wheeling, for either of the ports mentioned in said act, which may be imported into &c. such ports of entry on the seaboard of the United States, as may be designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, and be thence transported, to either of the aforesaid ports, by such inland routes as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate, under such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, as he may prescribe, and subject to the forfeitures and penalties prescribed in and by said act of March second, eighteen hundred and thirty-one.

SEC. 20. That the collector of the district of New Orleans be, and he Collector of N. is hereby, authorized to employ such number of temporary inspectors, not ized to employ

Orleans authorexceeding ten, in addition to the permanent and temporary inspectors now ten temporary authorized by law, as may be necessary for the prompt and convenient inspectors. despatch of business in said district; and that each of said temporary inspectors be allowed and paid a compensation of three dollars per day for every day he shall be employed in actual service: Provided, however, Proviso. That the said collector shall not be authorized at any time to employ a larger number of inspectors, including the permanent and temporary inspectors heretofore authorized, than the actual number of vessels from foreign ports, having cargoes to be discharged, then lying in said port or district of New Orleans.

President auSec. 21. That the President of the United States, by and with the ad

thorized to apvice and consent of the Senate, be, and he is hereby, authorized to appoint point two assisttwo additional assistant appraisers for the collection district of New Or- ant appraisers

for New Orleans.

ed into Pitts


leans, with the same salary as that now authorized by law, to the assistant

appraisers of said collection district. Jacksonville, Sec. 22. That the town of Jacksonville, in the State of North CaroN. C. made a

lina, shall be a port of delivery, subject to the same regulations as other

, and attached to' ports of delivery in the United States, and shall be attached to the collecdistrict of Wil- tion district of Wilmington, North Carolina, and that there shall be ap

Surveyor to be pointed, in pursuance of law, a surveyor of customs, and compensated for appointed. his services, in the mode prescribed by existing laws. Said surveyor shall

See act of Feb. exercise all the powers and perform the duties vested in deputy collectors 25, 1867, ch. 82.

under existing laws; the said surveyor of customs aforesaid to reside at said port of delivery.

No. 326. - SEPTEMBER 28, 1850. Stat. at Large, CHAP. LXXXVI. - An Act to provide for extending the Lars und the Judicial System Vol. IX. p. 521.

of the United States to the State of California. ! Laws of the U. Be it enacted, 8c. That all the laws of the United States which are not States not local- locally inapplicable shall have the same force and effect within the said ly inapplicable extended over

State of California as elsewhere within the United States. California.

| Stat. at Large, Vol. IX. p. 523.

No. 327. SEPTEMBER 30, 1850.
CHAP. XC. — An Act making Appropriations for the Civil and Diplomatic Expenses of

Government for the Year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and, and
for other Purposes.
Sec. 1. * *

*** That hereafter the proper accounting officers of the treasury, or other pay officers of the United States, shall in no case allow any pay to one individual the salaries of two different offices on account of having performed the duties thereof at the same time. But this prohibition shall not extend to the superintendents of the executive buildings.



No. 328. FEBRUARY 14, 1851. Stat. at Large, CHAP. VIII. — An Act to create additional Collection Districts in the Territory of Oregon, Vol. IX.

and for other Purposes.* . Three collec- Be it enacted, &c. [That in the Territory of Oregon there shall be three coltion districts es- lection districts, with a port of entry to each district, to wit: Umpqua, Oregon, tablished. Ports of entry.

and Puget's Sound. The district of Umpqua shall include all the land, bays, Boundaries of harbors, rivers, and shores embraced in that portion of the Territory aforesaid, Umpqua dis- lying between the forty-second and forty-fourth degrees of north latitude; and a trict.

collector shall be appointed, in pursuance of existing laws for said district; and Collector.

Scottsville shall be, and is hereby, made a port of entry and delivery for said Port of entry:

Boundaries of district, at which the collector shall reside. The district of Oregon shall include Oregon district. all the land, bays, rivers, harbors, and shores embraced within that portion of

the Territory of Oregon, lying between the forty-fourth and forty-sixth and a half degrees of north latitude, embracing the coast of the Pacific west of the coast

range of mountains, up to the forty-eighth degree of north latitude ; and Astoria Port of entry. shall be the port of entry for the district, at which the collector shall reside. The

district of Puget's Sound shall include all the land, bays, harbors, rivers, and Boundaries of shores in the Territory, not embraced in either of the before-mentioned districts, Puget's Sound

to wit: All that portion of the coast lying between the forty-eighth degree of district.

north latitude and the northern boundary of said Territory, and embracing all

the land and waters lying north of the forty-sixth and a half degree of latitude, Collector. and east of the coast range of mountains; and a collector shall be appointed, in

pursuance of existing laws for said district; and Olympia shall be the port of Port of entry. entry and delivery for said district, at which place the collector shall reside.

Nasqually and Portland, constituted ports of delivery, with surveyors to reside thereat, in pursuance of the act of Congress, approved fourteenth August, eigh- , Nasqually and teen hundred and forty-eight, shall be continued as ports of delivery for such Portland contindistricts created by this act, within the limits of which they may respectively be well as ports of situated.

* See acts of July 21, 1852, ch. 68; March 2, 1855, ch. 138; June 14, 1858, ch. 160, $ 4; June 19, 1862, ch. 112; June 11, 1864, ch. 122; July 1, 1864, ch. 202; July 25, 1866, ch. 252.

1848, ch. 177. SEC. 2. That the collectors of the districts of Umpqua, Oregon, and Puget's Compensation Sound shall be allowed one thousand dollars each per annum, with additional of officers. maximum compensation of two thousand dollars each per annum, should their respective official emoluments and fees, provided by existing laws, amount to that sum; and the surveyors at Nasqually * and Portland shall be allowed, in addition to the fees authorized by existing laws, a compensation of one thousand dollars each per annum. Sec. 3. That Pacific City,* on Baker's Bay, and Milwaukie, * on the Wil

Pacific City

and Milwaukie lamette river, in the collection district of Oregon, established by this act, are

made ports of hereby constituted ports of delivery; and surveyors of the customs shall be ap- delivery. pointed, in conformity to law, to reside thereat, whose compensations, in addition Surveyors. to the fees authorized by existing laws, shall not exceed one thousand dollars each per annum.]

No. 329. — March 3, 1851. CHAP. XX. - An Act to reduce and modify the Rates of Postage in the United States, Stat at Large, and for other Purposes.

Vol. IX. p. 587. Sec. 11. That from and after the passage of this act, it shall be lawful New coin of to coin at the mint of the United States and its branches, a piece of the value of 3 cents. denomination and legal value of three cents, or three hundredthis of a dollar, to be composed of [three fourths silver and one fourth copper, and to Weight. weigh twelve grains and three eighths of a grain ;] that the said coin shall 1853, ch. 96, 57. bear such devices as shall be conspicuously different from those of the Device. other silver coins, and of the gold dollar, but having the inscription United States of America, and its denomination and date; and that it shall be a legal tender in payment of debts for all sums of thirty cents and under. Made a tender. And that no ingots shall be used for the coinage of the three-cent pieces herein authorized, of which the quality differs more than five thousandths from the legal standard ; and that, in adjusting the weight of the said coin, Weight. the following deviations from the standard weight shall not be exceeded, namely, one half of a grain in the single piece, and one pennyweight in a thousand pieces.

No. 330. March 3, 1851. CHAP. XXXII. – An Act making Appropriations for the Civil and Diplomatic Ex- Stat. at Large,

penses of the Government for the Yeur ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and Vol. IX. p. 598. fijiy-two, and for other Purposes.

Be it enacted, &c. * * * Provided, That the collectors at the several ports at which the collector has heretofore discharged the duties or acted as superintendents of lights, shall continue to discharge them, and to act as such : And provided, further, That collectors whose compensation exceeds twenty-five hundred dollars, shall receive no compensation as superintendents of lights, or disbursing agents.

Sec. 4. That to assist the third auditor in more effectually carrying Additional out the provisions of the bounty land act, and other pressing business in clerk in office of his office, the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed 1850, ch. 85. to appoint an assistant chief clerk, to be chosen from among the experi. Salary. enced accou[n]tants already in said office, who, with the present chief clerk, shall have authority to sign and attest such official business as said auditor shall approve and direct. Sec. 5. That from and after the passage of this act, in lieu of the com

Salary of appensation now allowed by law for his services, there shall be paid hereaf- praisers and as

* Surveyorships of Nasqually, Pacific City, and Milwaukie, abolished by Secretary of the Treasury.


sistant apprais- ter to each of the assistant and deputy collectors,* and principal apers, and deputy collectors. praisers,t at the ports of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and

New Orleans, two thousand five hundred dollars per annum; and to the assistant appraisers † at the ports of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and

New Orleans shall each hereafter receive for his services, two thousand Expenses of dollars per annum: Provided, That the entire expense of collecting the collection of rev

revenue shall not be increased, the Secretary of the Treasury being hereReduction of by directed and required to cause such a pro rata reduction to be made in fees and number the number of persons, and in the fees now allowed by law to officers emof employees.

ployed in the collection of the revenue, as in his discretion may be just and expedient, to an extent which will provide the additional compensation

hereby secured to the said appraisers and assistant appraisers. And the Collector and

compensation of the collector and inspector of the revenue at the port of inspector at Milwaukee. Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, shall hereafter be the same as that of the col1864, ch. 71 lector and inspector of the customs at Chicago, Illinois ; and the same

shall be paid out of the sum appropriated for the collection of the rev1865, ch. 73, \ 5.

and 130.



No. 331. - MARCH 3, 1851. Stat. at Large, CHAP. XXXVIII. — An Act to amend the Acts regulating the Appraisement of im. Vol. IX. p. 629.

ported Merchandise, and for other Purposes. In assessing

Be it enacted, &c. That in all cases where there is or shall be imposed any duties on im- ad valorem rate of duty on any goods, wares, or merchandise imported into ports, the mar- the United States, it shall be the duty of the collector within whose district ket price of the

the same shall be imported or entered, to cause the actual market value country from which the im- or wholesale price thereof at the period of the exportation to the United portation is

States, in the principal markets of the country from which the same shall

period of export:- have been imported into the United States, to be appraised, estimated, and tion, with costs ascertained ; and to such value or price shall be added all costs and and charges, is to be taken.

charges, except insurance, and including in every case a charge for comSee 1864, ch. missions at the usual rates, as the true value at the port where the same 171, 23 and

may be entered, upon which duties shall be assessed. I By whom the SEC. 2. That the certificate of any one of the appraisers of the United certificate of ap- States of the dutiable value of any imported merchandise required to be praisement is to be made.

appraised, shall be deemed and taken to be the appraisement of such merchandise required by existing laws to be made by such appraisers. And where merchandise shall be entered at ports where there are no appraisers, the certificate of the revenue officer to whom is committed the estimating and collection of duties of the dutiable value of any merchandise required to be appraised, shall be deemed and taken to be the appraisement of such merchandise required by existing laws to be made by such revenue

officer. Four apprais

Sec. 3. That there shall be appointed by the President of the United ers to be ap

States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, four appraisers pointed. of merchandise, to be allowed an annual salary each of two thousand five Salary.

hundred dollars, together with their actual travelling expenses, to be Duties.

regulated by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall be employed in visiting such ports of entry in the United States, under the direction of the said Secretary, as may be deemed useful by him for the security of the revenue, and shall at such ports afford such aid and assistance in the appraisement of merchandise thereat as may be deemed necessary by the Secretary of the Treasury to protect and insure uniformity in the col

lection of the revenue from customs; and wherever practicable, in cases Appeal from appraisements.

of appeal from the decision of United States appraisers, under the provisions of the seventeenth section of the tariff act of thirtieth August, 1842, ch. 270. eighteen hundred forty-two, the collector shall select one discreet and ex- Ante, No. 247. perienced merchant to be associated with one of the appraisers appointed under the provisions of this act, who together shall appraise the goods in question ; and if they shall disagree, the collector shall decide between them ; and the appraisement thus determined shall be final, and deemed and taken to be the true value of said goods, and the duties shall be levied thereon accordingly, any act of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding. *

* Act of July 28, 1866, ch. 293, \ 4.
† Act of March 2, 1867, ch. 167, $ 5.

For provisions of previous acts respecting appraisements, see acts 1823, ch. 21; 1830, ch. 147; 1842, ch. 270, o 16; and 1846, ch. 74, § 8, and ch. 175, $ 2.

Sec. 4. That this act shall take effect on and after the first day of April Act to take next; and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of effect April 1, this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

No. 332. - March 3, 1851.
CHAP. XLIII. — An Act to limit the Liability of Ship Owners, and for other Purposes.

Stat. at Large,

Vol. IX. p. 635. Be it enacted, &c. That no owner or owners of any ship or vessel shall Owners not be subject or liable to answer for or make good to any one or more per- liable for damage son or persons any loss or damage which may happen to any goods or

by fire not caused

by their ueglect. merchandise whatsoever, which shall be shipped, taken in, or put on board any such ship or vessel, by reason or by means of any fire happening to or on board the said ship or vessel, unless such fire is caused by the design or neglect of such owner or owners: Provided, That nothing in this

Parties may act contained shall prevent the parties from making such contract as they ties by contract.

vary their liabiliplease, extending or limiting the liability of ship-owners.

Sec. 2. That if any shipper or shippers of platina, gold, gold dust, Owners not silver, bullion, or other precious metals, coins, jewelry, bills of any bank liable for certain or public body, diamonds or other precious stones, shall lade the same on unless notice is board of any ship or vessel, without, at the time of such lading, giving to given, &c. the master, agent, owner or owners of the ship or vessel receiving the same, a note in writing of the true character and value thereof, and have the same entered on the bill of lading therefor, the master and owner or owners of the said vessel shall not be liable, as carriers thereof, in any form or manner. Nor shall any such master or owners be liable for any Limit of liabilsuch valuable goods beyond the value and according to the character there- ity in case of of so notified and entered. Sec. 3. That the liability of the owner or owners of any ship or ves

Liability of

'owners for cersel, for any embezzlement, loss, or destruction, by the master, officers, tain losses not mariners, passengers, or any other person or persons, of any property, to exceed the

value of their goods, or merchandise, shipped or put on board of such ship or vessel, or

interest in the for any loss, damage, or injury by collision, or for any act, matter, or thing, vessel. loss, damage, or forfeiture, done, occasioned, or incurred, without the privity or knowledge of such owner or owners, shall in no case exceed the amount or value of the interest of such owner or owners respectively, in such ship or vessel, and her freight then pending. Sec. 4. That if any such embezzlement, loss, or destruction, shall be Proceedings

where there are suffered by several freighters or owners of goods, wares, or merchandise, several shippers, or any property whatever, on the same voyage, and the whole value of and the loss exthe ship or vessel, and her freight for the voyage, shall not be sufficient to ceeds the value make compensation to each of them, they shall receive compensation from her freight the owner or owners of the ship or vessel, in proportion to their respective losses ; and for that purpose the said freighters and owners of the property, and the owner or owners of the ship or vessel, or any of them, may take the appropriate proceedings in any court, for the purpose of apportioning the sum for which the owner or owners of the ship or vessel may be liable amongst the parties entitled thereto. And it shall be

* For previous provisions as to appeal, see act of 1842, ch. 270, s 1.

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