Proceedings of the Lake Superior Mining Institute ... Annual Meeting, Volúmenes11-14;Volúmenes1905-1909

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Página 96 - Dissolve the residue in a little water to which a few drops of hydrochloric acid have been added.
Página 188 - The term of office shall continue until the adjournment of the meeting at which their successors are elected. Vacancies in the Council, whether by death, resignation, or the failure for one year to attend the Council meetings, or to perform the duties of the office, shall be filled by the appointment of the Council, and any person so appointed shall hold office for the...
Página xi - Institute are to promote the arts and sciences connected with the economical production of the useful minerals and metals in the Lake Superior region, and the welfare of those employed in these industries, by means of meetings for social intercourse, by excursions, and by the reading and discussion of practical and professional papers, and to circulate, by means of publications among its members the information thus obtained.
Página vi - The duties of all Officers shall be such as usually pertain to their offices, or may be delegated to them by the Council.
Página 107 - ... bells, ready to shoot in the shaft. (See rule 3.) Engineer's signal, that he is ready to hoist, is to raise the bucket or cage two feet and lower it again. (See Rule 3.) Levels shall be designated and inserted in notice hereinafter mentioned.
Página 108 - Miners must then give the signal of " men to be hoisted," then "spit fuse," get into the bucket, and give the signal to hoist. Rule 4. All timbers, tools, etc., "longer than the depth of the bucket," to be hoisted or lowered, must be securely lashed at the upper end to the cable.
Página xii - VicePresident or Manager shall be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office at the expiration of the term for which he was elected.
Página 109 - Rule 2 — No person must get off or on the bucket or cage, while the same is in motion. When men are to be hoisted give the signal for men. Men must then get on bucket or cage, then give the signal to hoist.
Página 109 - California, shall be responsible for accidents that may happen to men disobeying the above rules and signals. Said notice and rules shall be signed by the person or superintendent having charge of the mine, who shall designate the name of the corporation or the owner of the mine.
Página 107 - For the purpose of enforcing and properly understanding the above code of signals, the following rules are hereby established: RULE 1. In giving signals make strokes on bell at regular intervals. The bar ( ) must take the same time as for one stroke of the bell, and no more. If timber, tools, the foreman, bucket, or cage are wanted to stop at any level in the mine, signal, by number of strokes on the bell, the number of the level first before giving the signal for timber, tools, etc. Time between...

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