Proceedings of the Liverpool Literary & Philosophical Society, Volumen18


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Página 47 - unto an holy temple in the Lord; in whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit." Gothic—" Ana-timridai ana grunduvaddjau apaustaule jah profete at visandin auhumistin vaihstastaina silbin Xristau iesu ; in thamma alia
Página 60 - of the original Greek, which similarly combines the two shades of meaning. The Gothic galaubjan became contracted into the German glauben, and the parallel forms quoted above are merely dialectic variations. The double sense of trust and belief is well shewn in the following passage from the Anglo-Saxon version of the Gospels. Matthew ix, 2, " And Jesus seeing their faith, said unto the sick of the palsy,
Página 11 - ADDRESS. I have to thank you most sincerely for the honour you have conferred upon me in electing me to the office of President of the Literary and Philosophical Society. The chair which has been filled hy Roscoe,
Página ix - Sidmouth, Devonshire. Nov. 18, 1861 Nugent, Rev. James, Crosby. Mar. 23, 1863 Page, Rev. George C., LL.D., Gambier House, Fairfield. Nov. 4, 1861 Philip, Thomas D., 49, South Castle-street, a.nd 47, Prospect-vale, Fairfield. Dec. 28, 1846 Picton, James Allanson, FSA, Chairman of the Library and Museum Committee, 11, Dale-street, and Sandy-knowe, Wavertree. PRESIDENT.
Página v - and 99, Shaw-street. *April 6, 1840 Dickinson, Joseph, MA , MD Dub., FRS, FRCP MRIA, FLS, 92, Bedford-street South. Nov. 27, 1848 Dove, Percy Matthew, FSS, 1, North John-street, and Claughton. Nov. 27, 1863 Dove, Jno. M., Royal Insurance Office, and Claughton. Jan. 23, 1848 Drysdale, John James, MD, Edin., MRCS, Edin. 44, Rodney-street.
Página 75 - animalcule or a seed. But a moment's reflection will make it plain how vast a step is taken if we gain from science the admission that her kingdom is not universal. None will be more ready than the man of science to confess how little is that which is known, when compared with that which still remains to
Página 86 - the permanence of form and structure observable during many generations of the same species. 5th, the absence of any indications as to what becomes of the vital principle at death. 6th, the periodicity of life. generis, but the question naturally arises, how far, supposing our conclusion to be a right one, a demonstrative proof is possible. An instance somewhat parallel may
Página 75 - be shown that vitality, even in a vegetable cell, is a thing which lies beyond the scope of scientific investigation, the spell is broken, and a claim is established for the determination of what may or may not constitute the higher faculties of man, on other grounds than
Página 82 - spot on the petal of a Pelargonium could in no conceivable way have been produced through the agencies of chemical affinities, heat, electricity, and the like, except from the existence of some corresponding physical starting point in the seed. This is admitted by some who question the existence of a vital principle;
Página 77 - its place by no means on the confines of the animal kingdom. Discoveries relating to the allotropic forms of matter and the correlation of the imponderable forces, warrant the same conclusion as to the close affinity subsisting between inorganic things. In fact, that " nature does not proceed by a leap " might seem to be a rule that lacks the criterion of

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