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Lives there one 'tis past believing-
Who could see, unmov'd, the grieving
Of this mother and her child?
He would save his guilty nation :-
Now she sees what desolation,

Torments, stripes, his care repay :

Sees her Jesus, love-inspiring,
Scorn'd, deserted, and expiring,

Gently breathe his soul away.

Hail! kind mother, source of feeling!
Make me feel like sorrow stealing

O'er me make me grieve with thee. Set my heart on fire returning

All Christ's pains with love:-a burning
Love that may accepted be.

Mother blest! do not gainsay me;
Stamp my stony heart, I pray thee,

With th' impression of the cross.
Source of grief from thee I borrow;
Let me also feel thy sorrow,

Mourn with thee thy bitter loss.
Make me weep with thee for ever:
From the cross may nothing sever
Me so long as ere I live.

Let me linger with thee near it;
Joining with thee to revere it

Still with tears-which thou wilt give.

Virgin, of all virgins brightest !

Aid me thou who thus unitest

Hearts in grief-thy grief be mine.

Join me in my Saviour's anguish :
O'er his passion let me languish,
Worship every wound divine.

From no wound or torture shrinking,
All his bitter chalice drinking,

Let me thus my love declare;
Till, by love inflamed, amended,
Be my soul by thee defended,

Sav'd in judgment by thy care.

Let the cross my failings cover;
Jesus' passion shield me over,
Giving safety from above.
From my corse when life is riven,
Grant that to my soul be given

Heaven's glory, joy, and love.

V. A sword has pierced thine own soul. R. That the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.

Oh God, in whose passion, according to Simeon's prophecy, the sword of sorrow pierced the most devout soul of glorious Mary, thy Virgin Mother; mercifully grant that we, who with honour commemorate her sorrows and sufferings, may, by the glorious merits and prayers of all the Saints who stood faithfully by thy cross, obtain the happy effect of thy passion. Who with God the Father, &c.



Day of anger-fearful morning!
All shall be dissolved and burning!
David-Sibyls erst gave warning!

Oh! what terror then heart-rending,
When the Judge is seen descending-
To every thought, word, deed, attending!
Hark! the wondrous trumpet swelling
Through death's lone sepulchral dwelling,
All before the throne compelling!

Death and nature mutely wonder,
Seeing all obey the thunder

And crouch the seat of judgment under.

Then wide opes that volume's cover :-
Every page is written over:

Hence must all their doom discover.

The Lord, his seat of judgment gaining,
Reads-each hidden thing explaining,
Nothing unaveng'd remaining.

How, guilty wretch! shall I then bear me?
Who the patron then will hear me,

When e'en the just will tremble near me?

King tremendous, God of heaven,
Who savest where thy grace is given,
Fount of grace, may I be shriven !

Let not then thy pity fail me;
May thy sufferings then avail me:
In that day, in mercy hail me.

For my sake, what pains came o'er thee!
'Twas for me the cross upbore thee:
By those torments I implore thee,
Oh, just Judge of retribution!
Grant, oh grant me absolution
E'er that day of wild confusion.

All my sins I now weep over;
Shame and grief my features cover;
Spare, oh Lord, thy suppliant lover.

Thou didst pardon Mary sighing,
And the thief beside thee dying:
Thence I hope-on thee relying.

Prayers like mine could ransom never:
Be't thy mercy's kind endeavour,
Lest I burn in flames for ever.

Mid thy chosen sheep, oh place me;
With the goats, do not disgrace me;
At thy right, in glory raise me.

When the cursed far are driven
And to endless torments given,
Call me with the blest in heaven.

Lowly, suppliant, I adore thee;
Humbly bowing down before thee;
Shield me then, Lord, I implore thee.

Sad day! when guilty marf shall tear him
From the tomb and swift prepare him
'Fore the judgment seat to bear him.
Then, dear Lord, in mercy spare him!


Oh hasten, ye faithful, joy and triumph vying,
Oh speed ye to Bethlem to honour the Word!
See there the king of angels lowly lying!
Oh, come and kneel before him!

Oh, speed we to adore him!

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord.

True God of true God, Light of Light in heaven,
Born of a Virgin, 'tis Jesus ador'd!
True God eternal, for us truly given.
Oh, come and kneel before him!

Oh, speed we to adore him!

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord.

Now sing all ye angels, till echoes rebounding Swell through your courts; and for ever be heard,

Glory to God through all heaven resounding. Oh, come and kneel before him!

Oh, speed we to adore him!

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord!

All praise to the Word who has this day descended, Glory to thee, blessed Jesus ador'd!

Thou in whose nature God and man is blended:— Oh, come and kneel before him!

Oh, speed we to adore him!

Oh, let us hasten to honour the Lord!

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