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In Peace and War

In Peace and War


A Narrative of Mexican History and Conditions from the Earliest Times to the Present Hour, Including an Account of the Military Operations by the United States at Vera Cruz in 1914 and the Causes

that Led Thereto.

By Thomas H. Russell, A.M., LL. D. Member of the American Historical Association, the National

Geographic Society, Etc.


Reilly & Britton Syndicate


Copyright, 1914

Sumner C. Britton

N. B.-All the photographic illustrations used in this book are copy.
right by their owners and all rights of reproduction are strictly reserved.

Henry S. Curtis


It was never intended that “ Mexico in Peace and War" should be limited in scope to a mere“ war book,"

, although many months ago it was thought that war was imminent, and quite probable, before a solution of existing difficulties could be brought about, or before this volume could go to press.

For several years the eyes of the civilized world have been directed toward Mexico because of the revolution of the masses against certain classes which had been fiercely waged. The American public seemed eager for details of this civil war, and such details were furnished by the daily press. Then came a demand for all kinds of information about Mexico.

What seemed necessary to the situation was a popular, readable book that would embrace all the facts concerning this land of conquest, revolution and treasure. Such a history must necessarily be authentic and comprehensive.

It was part of the plan that should war actually take place between the United States and Mexico ere its publication, allowance would be made in this history for the incidents and causes leading up to and into the beginning of such a war. In the event of conflict it would be only reasonable to expect that whether or not the opposing forces should be in actual conflict, or in a position of armed belligerency pending peaceful settlement, the ultimate solution would be long drawn out; and to postpone the volume for a “ last wordof war developments would be to deprive the public of an immense fund of information never before issued in popular form. Therefore, in the make-up of this history the first four chapters

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