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ters, expressive of continued interest, from Vice Presidents Kimball and Pettes, were also read.


Evening. The Institute came to order at 78 o'clock. The first question on the printed list was discussed, viz: “ Is Specific Education necessary for Teachers ?Remarks were made by Messrs. G. B. Emerson, Robinson, Greenleaf, of Bradford, Robbins, of Rochester, Ladd, of Westport, Howe, of Boston, and Congdon, of New Bedford.


Wednesday, August 18th. At 9 o'clock, a Lecture was delivered by the President, G. B. Emerson, on Moral Education.

At the close of the Lecture, on motion of Mr. Thayer, it was Voted, that the thanks of the audience be presented to Mr. Emerson, for his highly valuable and interesting Lecture; also, on motion of Mr. Thayer,

Voted, that five thousand copies be printed forthwith, for gratuitous distribution in this Commonwealth.

A recess of ten minutes was then taken; after which Dr. S. G. Howe, of South Boston, delivered a Lecture on “ The Philosophy of Language.

Messrs. Thayer and Fowle were appointed a Committee to attend to the publication of Mr. Emerson's Lecture, and empowered to act in the premises according to their discretion.

Mr. Thayer, of the Nominating Committee, read the Report of the Nominating Committee, which was accepted.


Afternoon. At 3 o'clock, a Lecture on the Girard College, sent by Mr. E. C. Wines, of Philadelphia, was read by the Secretary, the author being unable to attend.

The Institute then proceeded to the choice of officers, and the whole list reported by the Nominating Committee was chosen, as follows:


GEORGE B. EMERSON, Boston, Mass.


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John Pierpont, Boston, Mass.
Daniel Kimball, Needham,"
Gideon F. Thayer, Boston,
Joshua Bates, Middlebury, Vt.
Jacob Abbott, Farmington, Maine.
Horace Mann, Boston, Mass.
Peter Mackintosh, Jr., Boston, Mass.
John Kingsbury, Providence, R. I.
Elipha White, Johns’ Island, S. C.
Samuel Pettes, Brookline, Mass.
Nehemiah Cleveland, Newbury, Mass.
Dennison Olmstead, New Haven, Conn.
Theodore Edson, Lowell, Mass.
Charles White, Owego, N. Y.
Andrew S. Yates, Chittenango, N. Y.
Benjamin Greenleaf, Bradford, Mass.
Samuel M. Burnside, Worcester, “
John A. Shaw, Bridgewater,
Elisha Bartlett, Lowell,
Samuel G. Goodrich, Roxbury,
Charles Brooks, New York.
Stephen C. Phillips, Salem, Mass.

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Charles K. Dillaway, Roxbury, Mass.
William J. Adams, Boston,
Joseph H. Abbott,


Theodore Dwight, Jr., New York.
Emory Washburn, Worcester, Mass.
David Mack, Northampton,
William Barry, Framingham,
Thomas D. James, Philadelphia, Pa.
Alfred Greenleaf, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Nathan Bishop, Providence, R. I.
Henry Barnard, 2d, Hartford, Conn.

Luther Robinson, Boston, Mass.
A. B. Muzzey, Cambridge,“
Edward B. Hall, Providence, R. I.
Thomas A. Greene, New Bedford, Mass.

A Lecture was then delivered by the Rev. A. B. Muzzey, of Cambridgeport, on "The Schoolroom as an Aid to Self-education."


Evening Mr. Thayer called the meeting to order at 4 of 8 o'clock. The fifth question on the list, viz: Ought

, children under eight years of age to be kept still when not employed upon their lessons, "-was taken up for discus

! sion. Remarks were made by Messrs. Greenleaf, of New York, Mann, Nott, Baker, of Conn., Bishop, Fowle, Greenleaf, of Bradford, and Emerson, of Boston.

The "utility of the blackboardwas then made the subject of discussion, and remarks were made by Messrs. Emerson and Baker.


Thursday, Aug. 18. The meeting came to order at 91 o'clock. It was

Voted, That when the Institute adjourn at noon to-day, it adjourn to meet at the Town Hall, this evening, at 71 o'clock, for discussion. A Lecture was then delivered by Mr. William H. Wood, of Cambridge, on the " Moral responsibility of Teachers.

After which the President informed the Institute that he had received a communication, apparently from a lady, which the Institute voted to hear.

The President accompanied the reading of it with many highly valuable comments and suggestions ; after which,

it was

Voted, That it be recommended to the Censors to publish the communication, and, if possible, the remarks of the President.

The Secretary having obtained leave of absence for the remainder of the session, Mr. Edward M. Gardner, of Nantucket, was appointed Secretary pro tem. On motion of Mr. Thomas A. Greene,

it was Voted, That all persons who may now be present, in pursuance of a notice contained in the Common School Journal, for the Bristol County Common School Convention to assemble at this time and place, be invited to unite with us, and participate in the proceedings of this meeting.

At 11 o'clock, Mr. Mann delivered an Address on District School Libraries.

Adjourned to 71, P. M.

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Evening. The Institute met at 71 o'clock, according to adjournment.

The subject of High Schools" was taken up and discussed by Messrs. Emerson, Congdon, Bishop, Gardner, Mann, and Arnold; Mr. Baker, having been called for, made some remarks, after which the question was laid on the table.

On motion of Mr. Thayer, of Boston,

Voted, That the thanks of the Institute be presented to the gentlemen from whom we have received the course of instructive and interesting lectures of the present session;


To the Committee of Arrangements, by whose agency the lectures were secured, and other duties performed.

Voted, That the thanks of the Institute be presented to

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