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And a quorum, consisting of a majority of the whole number of members: of the House, being present,

And the members being about to proceed to the election by ballot of a Speaker to preside over its deliberations,

A motion was made by Mr. Patton, that the Speaker be elected vira


And after debate,

A motion was made by Mr. Evans, that the motion made by Mr. Patton, that the election of Speaker be made viva voce, do lie on the table.

And on the question, that the said motion do lie on the table,
It passed in the affirmative.

On motion of Mr. Beardsley, it was Resolved, That the House do now proceed to the election of a Speaker, by ballot.

And the ballots being taken and counted by the tellers, it appeared that JAMES K. Polk, one of the Representatives from the State of Tennessee, having received a majority of all the votes given in, was duly elected.


Mr. Polk was conducted to the Speaker's chair; from whence he made his acknowledgments to the House in the words following: Gentlemen of the House of Representatives :

In accepting the high station to which I am called, by the voice of the assembled Representatives of the People, I am deeply impressed with the high distinction which is always conferred upon the presiding officer of this House, and with the weight of the responsibility which devolves upon him. Without experience in this place, called to preside over the deliberations of this House, I feel that I ought to invoke, in advance, the indulgent forbearance of its members, for any errors of judgment which may occur in the discharge of the new duties which will devolve upon me. shall be my pleasure to endeavor to administer the laws which may be adopted for the government of the House, justly and impartially towards its members, and with a view to the preservation of that order which is indispensable to our character as a body, and to the promotion of the public interests. To preserve the dignity of this body, and its high character before the country, so far as shall depend upon its presiding officer, will be objects of my deepest solicitude; and I am sure I shall have the cooperation and support of all its members, in the discharge of my duty, with a view to these objects.

I return to you, gentlemen, my sincere acknowledgments for this manifestation of your confidence, in elevating me to this high station; and my ardent hope is, that our labors here may merit and receive the approbation of our constituents, and result in the advancement of the public good.


The oath to support the constitution of the United States, as prescribed by the constitution, and by the act of the 1st of June, 1789, entitled “ An act to regulate the time and manner of administering certain oaths,” was then administered to the Speaker by Mr. Williams, one of the Representatives from the State of North Carolina. The same oath (or affirmation) was thereupon administered by the Speaker to all the other members who answered to their names, as per list herein before recited.

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