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A motion was made by Mr. Hamer, that said message be referred to the select committee this day appointed on the message communicating documents in relation to the contested boundary between the State of Ohio and the Territory of Michigan.

A motion was then made by Mr. Howard, that the said message be referred to the Committee on the Territories.

And pending the question on these motions,

The House adjourned until Monday next, the 14th instant, at 12 o'clock meridian.


Two other members, viz:
From Kentucky-William J. Graves,

From LouisianaRice Garland, appeared, were sworn to support the constitution of the United States, and took their seats.

Mr. Howard moved that the House do reconsider the vote taken on Thursday the 10th inst. referring to a select committee the message of the President of the United States, communicating sundry documents in relation to disputed boundary between the State of Ohio and the Territory of Michigan.

The consideration of this motion was postponed until to-morrow: when,

Mr. Haly, of Connecticut, rose and announced to the House, that Zalmon Wildman, one of the members of this House, from the State of Connecticut, died at his lodgings in this city on the 10th inst. subsequent to the adjournment of the House on that day.

Mr. Haley then submitted the following, viz:

Whereas, since the last adjournment of this House, the Hon. Zalmon Wildman, a Representative of the State of Connecticut, died at his lodgings in this city, and in testimony of respect for his memory, both Houses of Congress assembled in the hall of the House of Representatives on Saturday last, and attended the funeral of the deceased, under the superintendence of the Committee of Arrangements designated by the Speaker, viz:

Mr. Haley of Connecticut, Mr. Lincoln of Massachusets, Mr. Smith of Maine, Mr. Beaumont of Pennsylvania, Mr. Williams of North Carolina, Mr. Griffin of South Carolina, Mr. Hardin of Kentucky.

Resolved, unanimously, That, as a further testimony of respect for the memory of the deceased, the members of this House will wear crape on the left arm for thirty days.

This preamble and resolution being read, they were adopted, unanimously, by the House, and it was,

Ordered, That the Clerk communicate the same to the Senate.
A message from the Senate, by Mr. Lowrie, their Secretary.

Mr. Speaker: I am directed to inform the House of Representatives of the death of the Hon. Elias K. Kane, late a Senator of the United States from the State of Illinois, which took place on Friday evening last, the 11th inst. at his lodgings in this city, and that his funeral will take place this day at half past 12 o'clock : and then he withdrew : whereupon,

On motion of Mr. Casey, it was Resolved, unanimously, That the members of this House will attend the funeral of the Hon. Elias K. Kane, late a Senator from the State of Illinois, this day, at the hour appointed for the same, and as a testimony of respect

for the memory of the deceased, they will go into mourning for one month,
by wearing crape on the left arm.
And then, as a further mark of respect, the House,

On motion of Mr. Reynolds,
Adjoumed until to-morrow, 12 o'clock meridian.


A motion was made by Mr. Whittlesey, that the House do now proceed to the choice of a Sergeat-at-arms, a Principal Door-keeper and an Assistant Door-keeper.

And the question being put thereon,
It passed in the affirmative.

The House then proceeded by ballot, to the choice of a Sergeant-at-arms, and upon counting the seventh ballot, it appeared that Roderick Dorsey, of the State of Maryland, had obtained a majority of all the votes given in, and as therefore duly elected.

A motion was then made by Mr. Bockee, that the House do come to the following resolution, viz:

Resolved, That Overton Carr be appointed Principal Door-keeper ; and that John W. Hunter be appointed Assistant Door-keeper to this House,

And pending the question on this proposition,
The House adjourned until to-morrow, 12 o'clock meridian.

Two other members, viz:
From the State of South Carolina-Waddy Thompson, jr.

From the State of Louisiana-Eleazer W. Ripley, appeared, were sworn to support the constitution of the United States, and took their seats.

Roderick Dorsey, who was, on yesterday, elected Sergeant-at-arms of the House, appeared, when the oath of oflice, viz: faithfully to keep the secrets of the House, was administered to him by the Speaker, and he thereupon entered upon the duties of his office.

Vr. Fairfield presented a petition of female inhabitants of the county of York, in the State of Maine, praying that slavery and the slave trade may be abolished, immediately, within the District of Columbia; which petition Tas, on motion of Mr. Cramer, laid on the table.

JIr. Fairfield also presented a petition of inhabitants of Lymington, and its Ficinity, in the State of Maine, praying that measures may be taken for the immediate abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia; which petition teing read,

A motion was made by Mr. Fairfield that it do lie on the table.
And the question being put,

180, It passed in the affirmative, Nays,

31. The yeas and nays being desired by one-fifth of the members present,

Those who voted in the affirmative, are,
Mr. Chiton Allan
Mr. Samuel Barton

Mr. John Bell
Joseph B. Anthony
James M. H. Beale

Abraham Bockee
Michael W. Ash
Benning M. Bean

William K. Bond
William H. Ashley
Samuel Beardsley

Ratliff Boon
Jeremiah Bailey
Andrew Beaumont

James W. Bouldin

Mr. Matthias J. Bovee Mr. James H. Hammond
Lynn Boyd

Edward A. Hannegan
John W. Brown

Gideon Harit Andrew Buchanan

Benjamin Hardin Samuel Bunch

James Harlan Robert Burns

Samuel S. Harrison John Calhoon

Albert G. Harrison Churchill C. Cambreleng Albert G. Hawes Robert B. Campbell

Micajah T. Hawkins Jolin Carr

Charles E. Haynes William B. Carier

Samuel Hoar Zadok Casey

George W. Hopkins George Chambers

Benjaman C. Howard Joun Chambers

Elias Howell Jobn Chaney

Hiram P. Hunt Reuben Chapman

Abel Huntington Graham H. Chapin

Adam Huntsman Nath. H. Claiborne

Joseph R. Ingersoll John Coffee

Samuel Ingham Walter Coles

Jabez Jackson Henry W. Connor

Leonard Jarvis Thomas Corwin

Joseph Jolinson Robert Craig

Richard M. Johnson John Cramer

Cave Johnson Joseph H. Crane

Henry Johnson Samuel Cushman

John W. Jones John W. Davis

Benjamin Jones Edmund Deberry

Andrew T. Judson Philemon Dickerson

William Kennon Ulysses F. Doubleday Daniel Kilgore George C. Dromgoole Gecrge L. Kinnard William C. Dunlap

John Klingensmith, jr. Valentinc Elmer

Amos Lane Horace Evereil

Gerrit Y. Lansing John Fairfield

Joab Lawler Dudley Farlin

Abbott Lawrence John B. Forester

George W. Lay Samuel Fowler

Gideon Lee Richard French

Joshua Lee Jacob Fry, jr.

Luke Lea Philo C. Fuller

Siephen B. Leonard William K. Fuller

Levi Lincoln John Galbraith

Henry Logan James Garland

George Loyall Ricc Garland

Edward Lucas, jr. Ransom H. Gillet

Francis S. Lyon Thomas Glascock

Abijah Mann, jr. James Graham

Job Mann Francis Granger

Joshua L. Martin Seaton Grantland

John Y. Mason William J. Graves

William Mason William J. Grayson

Moses Mason, jr. John K. Griffin

Sampson Mason Elisha Haley

Abram P. Maury Joseph Hall

William L. May Those who voted in the negative, are, Mr. John Quincy Adams Mr. Hiland Hall Heman Allen

James Harper John Banks

Abner Hazeltine Nathaniel B. Borden

Joseph Henderson George N. Briggs

William Hiester William B. Calhoun

Edward B. Hubley William Clark

William Jackson Caleb Cushing

Henry F. Janes Edward Darlington

John Laporte George Evans

Thomas C. Love George Grennell, jr.

Mr. William McComas

James J. McKay
John McKeon
Isaac McKim
Charles F. Mercer
John J. Milligan
William S. Morgan
Henry A. Muhlenberg
George W. Owens
Sherman Page
Gorham Parks
William Patterson
Franklin Pierce
James A. Pearce
Ebenezer Pettigrew
Lancelot Phelps
Stephen C. Phillips
Francis W. Pickens
Hleury L. Pinckney
John Reed
John Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds
Eleazer W. Ripley
John Roanc
John Robertson
William Seymour
William B. Shepard
Augustine H. Siepperd
Ebenezer J. Shields
William N. Shinn
Nicholas Sickles
David Spangler
John N. Steele
Bellamy Storer
Joel B. Sutherland
John Taliaferro
William Taylor
Francis Thomas
John Thomson
Waddy Thompson, jr.
Isaac Toucey
George W. B. Tomus
James Turner
Joel Turrill
Joseph R. Underwood
Aaron Vanderpoel
Samuel F. Vinion
David D. Wagener
Aaron Ward
Tavlor Webster
Joseph Weeks
John White
Lewis Williams
Sherrod Williams
IIenry A. Wise

Mr. Mathias Morris

James Parker
Dutee J. Pearce
David Potts, jr.
David Russell
William Slade
Jonathan Sloane
William Sprague, ji.
Daniel Wardwell
Elisha Whittlesey

, }

A motion was then made by Mr. Slade, that the said petition from inhabitants of Lymington and its vicinity, in the State of Maine, be printed for the use of the members of the House.

A motion was made by Mr. Vanderpoel, that this motion to print do lie on the table. And on the question to agree to this latter motion, Yeas,

169 It passed in the affirmative, Nays,

49 The yeas and nays being desired by one-fifth of the members present.

Those who voted in the affirmative are,
Mr. Chillon Allan,
Mr. James Graham

Mr. William McComas
Joseph B. Anibony
Seaton Grantland

James J. McKay
Vlichael W. Ash
William J. Graves

John McKeon
William H. Ashley
William J. Grayson

Isaac McKim
Jeremiah Bailey
John K. Griffin

Jeremiah McLene
SuLue! Barton
Elisha Haley

Charles F. Mercer
JK V. H. Beale
Joseph Hall

William Montgomery
Brdih. M. Been
Thomas L. Hamer

Henry A. Míuhlenberg
Sicel Beardsley
James H. Hammond

George W. Owens
Andrea Beaumont
Edward A. Hannegan

Sherman Page
Johor Bell
Benjamin Hardin

Gorham Parks
Alam Bockee
James Harlan

William Patterson
Wam K. Boad
Albert G. Harrison

John M. Patton
RTL Boon
Albert G. Hawes

Franklin Pierce
Jan W. Bouldin
Micajah T. Hawkins

James A. Pearce
wat nie. J. Bovec
Charles E. Haynes

Ebenezer Petugrew
Lina Bord
George W. Hopkins

Lancelot Phelps
Jan W. Brown
Benjaiain C. Howard

Francis W. Pickens
Ardrer Buchanan
Elias Howell

Henry L. Pinckney
Samuel Binch
Abel Fiuntington

John Reynolds
Robert Burns
Adam Huntsman

Joseph Reynolds
Ibn Calhoun
Samuel Ingham

Eleazer W. Ripley
Corbill C. Cambreleng Jabez Jackson

John Roane
Robert B. Campbell
Leonard Jarvis

John Robertson
Juhn Cart
Joseph Johnson

James Rogers
Zad Casey
Richard M. Johnson

Ferdinand S. Schenck
Julin Chambers
Cave Johnson

Willian Sermour
Joan Chaney
Henry Johnson

William B. Shepard
Rerhen Chapmın
John W. Jones

Augustine H. Shepperd
G”: Sin H. Chapin
Benjamin Jones

Ebenezer J. Shieldo
3. 41. Claiborne
Andrew T. Judson

William N. Shinn
Jese F. Cleveland
William Kennon

Nicholas Sickles
I. 'n Coffee
Daniel Kilgore

Francis O. J. Sinih
Walter Coles
George L. Kinnard

David Spangler
Hari W. Connor

John Klingensmith, jr. James Sandefer
Rubert Craig
Amos Lane

John N. Sleele
Jun Cramer
Gerrit Y. Lansing

Bellamy Storer
Jaeph H. Crane
John Laporte

Joel B. Sutherland
Samvel Cushman
Joab Lawler

John Taliaferro
John W. Davis
Gideon Lee

William Taylor
Elmond Deberry
Joshua Lee

Francis Thomas
Philemon Dickerson
Luke Lea

John Thomson
Ulysse F. Doubleday Stephen B. Leonard

Isaac Toucey Gorge C. Dromgoole Henry Logan

George W. B. Towns
William C. Dunlap
George Loyall

James Turner
Valeniine Efner
Edward Lucas

Joel Turril
Libn Fairfield
Francis S. Lyon

Joseph R. Underwood
Die Farlin
Abijah Mann, jr.

Aaron Vanderpoel
Joun B. Forester
Job Mann

David D. Wagener
Richard French
Joshua L. Martin

Aaron Ward
Jacob Fry, jr.
John Y. Mason

George C. Washington
Philo C. Fuller
William Mason

Joseph Weeks
William K. Fuller
Moses Mason, jr.

John White
James Garland
Sampson Mason

Lewis Williams
Rice Garland
Abram P. Maury

Sherrod Williams
Ranson H. Gillet
William L. May

Henry A. Wise
Thomas Glascock

Those who voted in the negative are,
Mr. John Quincy Adams Mr. George Grenneli, jr. Mr. Thomas C. Love
Ieman Allen
Hiland Hall

John J. Milligan
John Banks
Gideon Hard

Mathias Morris
Vathaniel B. Borden
James Harper

James Parker
George N. Briggs
Alner Hazeltine

Dutee J. Pearce
William B. Calhoun
Joseph Henderson

Stephen C. Phillips
William B. Carter
William Hiester

David Potts, jr.
George Chambers
Samuel Hoar

John Reed
Timothy Childs
Edward B. Hubley

David Russell
William Clark
Hiram P. Hunt

William Slade
Thomas Corwin
Joseph R. Ingersoll

Jonathan Sloane
Caleb Cushing
William Jackson

William Sprague, jr.
Edward Darlington
Henry F. Janes

Samuel F. Vinton
George Evans
Abboil Lawrence

Daniel Wardwell
Horace Everett
George W. Lay

Taylor Webster
John Galbraith
Levi Lincoln

Elisha Whiulesey
Francis Granger
Mr. John Quincy Adams, by leave, submitted the following resolution,
which was laid on the table, viz:

Resolved, That the Secretary of War be directed to report to this House a statement of the names of all the pensioners for services during the revolutionary war, pensioned under the act of Congress, of 18th March, 1818, whose names were struck off the list by virtue of the act of 1st May, 1820, specifying those restored to pensions by the act of 1st May, 1923, or since again pensioned under the act of 15th May, 1828, the act of 7th June, 1832, or any other act of Congress subsequent to that of Ist May, 1820.

Mr. Evans presented a memorial of Thomas Fillebrown, jr. of the city of Washington, praying for the passage of an act, granting to him the amount of a certain judgment rendered in his favor for services as clerk in the Navy Department, together with costs of suit, and interest upon the said judgment.

Mr. Fairfield presented a petition of John White, of the State of Maine, praying remuneration for costs incurred and losses sustained in the trial of a certain cause, commenced by the United States district attorney for said State, by order of the Secretary of the Treasury, in the year 1834.

Mr. Fairfield presented a petition of Joseph Perkins, James Perkins and Jolin (. Perkins, of Kennebunk, in the State of Maine, praying for the allowance and payment of the sum of one hundred and sixty-three dollars and ten cents, with interest thereon, for a certain loss sustained by the schooner Packet, of Kennebunk, near the Florida reef.

Nr. Brigys presented a petition of Joseph Shearer, of Pittsfield, in the State of Massachusetts, praying remuneration for money expended and labor performed, in furnishing the United States troops and prisoners of war with provisions, in the year 1915, under contract with Thomas Melville, jr. Deputy Marshall for the district of Massachusetts.

Mr. Calhoun, of Massachusetts, presented a petition of the Springfield manufacturing company, praying compensation for losses sustained in relation to a certain contract with the United States.

Mr. Cambreleng presented the petition of James Case and John Richard, of the city of New York, praying for an indemnification for certain property destroyed by an officer in the service of the United States during the late war with Great Britain.

Mr. Vanderpoel presented the petition of Alexander Humphrey, of the county of Schoharie, in the State of New York, praying remuneration for damages sustained under a contract for repairing certain wharves at Staten Island.

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