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Armories, pay of officers of the national

[See bills Ho. No. 409.)
appropriations for. [See bills Ho. No. 54 and 55.)
Armory on the western waters, inquiry into the propriety of establishing

[See bills Ho. No. 375.)
provision for the establishment of an

[See bills S. No. 234.)
on Green river in Kentucky, proposition to establish
in the south, to be established

(See bills S. No. 234.)
Arms, depot on western frontier of Missouri

(See bills S. No. 142.)
depots in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Arkansas

[See bills S. No. 234.]
Army Register for 1836, furnished
Army, sufficient for all its purposes. [President's message.]
increase of Corps of Engineers recommended

[See bills S. No. 22.]
contingent expenses of military establishment in 1835
allow iations to Inspector General

[See bills #o. No. 143.]
provide for appointment of additional paymasters

(See bills Ho. No. 182.]
provide for appointment of additional paymasters

[See bills is No. 261.]
expenditures of the military establishment in 1835
additional estimates for the Quartermaster's Department
compensation of officers on duty in the War Department

(See bill Ho. No. 3:22.)
allowances of all kinds to officers in two last years
an additional regiment of dragoons to be raised

(See bills Ho. No. 261.)
Topographical Engineers, better organization of

[See bills S. No. 52.]
increase of, provided for

[See bills S. No. 185.
provision for the moral and religious instruction of the

[See bills S. No. 220.)
additional surgeons to be appointed. (See bills s. Nos. 264 and 270.)
in absence of thief military bureau, temporary appointments to be made.

[See bills S. No. 264.)
appropriations for the various branches of the military service. (See appro-

Arsenal, propositions to establish:

at Vicksburg
at North Carolina

[See bills Ho. No. 374.)
at Charleston, S. C.

[See bills Ho. No. 459.]
at Memphis, Tenn.

[See bills Ho. No. 54.]
in Missouri, appropriation for. (See bills Ho. No. 54.]
in Ohio
in Arkansas, appropriations for. [See bills Ho. No. 54.)
to be established in States in which there are none

(See bills S. No. 234.]
appropriations for. (See bills Ho. No. 54.)

report respecting compensation of keepers of
Arundel manuscripts, in British museum, catalogue of
Assault within the hall between reporters. [See privilege, breach of.]
Attorneys of South Carolina and Georgia, allow salary to

[See bills Ho. No. 562.)

pay for extra services

[See bills Ho. No. 648.)
Attorney General, declines giving an opinion to the House

(Petitions from)
Abel Peggy

(See bills Ho. No.

645 )
Abbott William F. and others



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314, 388

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345, 550





270, 705





Abbott John T..
Abbott James heirs

(See bills S. No. 57.)
Adams James
Adams heirs of Col. Peter and Capt. Nathaniel (bounty lands)

50, 57

201, 101
(See bills Ho. No. 725.)
Adams Capt. Nathaniel, heirs of, half-pay

404, ION
Adams Benjamin and others, of Boston

382, 12
[See bills Ho. No. 399.)
Addoms John T. Executor of John

[See bills Ho. No. 515.)
Addison Anna widow of William H.

915, 1012, 1165
Allen Clark

49, 130
[See bills Ho. No. 78.]
Allen George
Allen Peier S.

93, 303
(See bills Ho. No. 312.]
Allen Lathrop, daughter of

101. 221
[See bills Ho. No. 183.]
Allyn Capt. Francis (Lafayette)

[See bills S. No. 135.]
Alexander Lucy and others, [See Lawrence Brooks's heirs.) -

61. 119
Alexander Sarah, trustees of
Alexander James

(See bills Ho. No. 141.)
Alexander Doctor George D. devisees of

274. 51
Alexander John

276 01
Alexander Oliver
Alford Benedict

56, 176,352
(See resolution Ho. No. 2, and bill No. 475.)
Almy William, [See John H. Dexter]
Alba Peter

58, 131, 277, 32
[See bills Ho. No. 396.)
Almon John and George Woolsey

[See bills Ho. No. 526.)
Allison Robert .

121, 12
[See bills Ho. No. 126.]
Allcorn James

[See bills Ho. No. 273.)
Allsup Holsey

661,809. 9.21
Alabama Legislature, improve Tennessee river
Legislature, canal, Tennessee to Coosa riaer

103, 1013
[See bills Ho. No. 697.]
Legislature, prompt payment, public lands

inhabitants of, Indian depredations, 1812 and 1813

133. 214
Legislature, Circuit Court system
and Mississippi, inhabitants of, sell reserved lands
Legislature, settlements lost Indian treaties

(See bills Ho. No. 592.]
Legislature, railroad, Tennessee valley
Legislature, against distribution, proceeds public lands

434, 536
Legislature, extend act 29th May, 1830, to settlers Creek lands
inhabitants of Mobile, British, French or Spanish grants

434 50
Legislature, 16th sections, for schools
Record court, Northern district, destroyed by fire.
and Georgia, citizens of, frauds, Creek Indians

- 1167, 11:3
inhabitants of Chambers and Randolph, post

423, 450, 677
of Benton, post

post, Livingston to Washington
post, Wetnmpka to Huntsville
post, Columbiana to Chambers
post, Tuscaloosa to Vienna
post, Tuscaloosa to Mobile

of Mardisville, post

of Sumpter, post
of St. Clair, post
of Barbour, post
of Sumpier, of Coosa, of Irwinton, of Russell and of Setump-
of Dallas, post

ka, post


labama, inhabitants, of Washington and Sumpter, post

of Flat Creek, Monroe, post

of Cane Brake, post

of Perry, post

mes John, renewal of patent

inhabitants of Massachusetts, against renewal, asking to withdraw
their names

inhabitants of Massachusetts against renewal of patent

mberson William
nderson Samuel T.

342, 404
nderson Samuel T. claim, Navy Department
nderson Ann

96, 249
[See bills Ho. No. 263.]
nderson Thomas D. -

202, 1116
aderson John R.
nderson Robert M. and Geo. W. Churchill

537, 895
nderson Richard's heirs

[See bill S. No. 197.]
nderson Richard, agent of

409, 549
ndrews Ammi

ndrus Clement

507, 1165
ndrews Asa

igel Sarah, heirs of King

[See bills S. No. 190.)
zpraisers of Boston. [See Massachusetts.]

sperson, Richard, executors of

259, 332
buckle Col. M.

mington Asa

[See bills Ho. No. 128.]
mstrong, John and Jeremiah

96, 169
mstrong John

121, 172
mstrong Andrew

[See bills S. No. 226.]
tman Justice

Tell Capt. David

nold Aza

my, U.S. officers of 7th regiment
officers employed in War Department

[See bisls Ho. No. 322.]
officers of, pay same as Navy

officers of late war, bounty land

142, 297
soldiers, 4th regiment artillery, chaplains

mory, Springfield and Harpers Ferry, persons employed at

western waters, old petitions for that object, referred

(See bills Ho. No. 375. Also bill S. No. 234.]
tkansas, Legislature, hospital mouth of White river

losses by Choctaw treaty


57, 231
[See bills Ho. No. 208.)
pre-emption to settlers

draining bottoms, Mississippi

roads and public buildings

57, 168
[See bills Ho. No. 117.]
in favor of Capt. Shreve

[See bills Ho. No 388.]
inhabitants of, mail, Little Rock, &c.
Legislature, for arms, &c.

64, 1152
[See bills S. No. 234.]
roads and rivers, several

66, 118
improve Little Red river

108, 364
compensation, deputy surveyors

114, 243
[See bills Ho. No. 237.]
convention, admission into the Union

[See bills S. No. 178.]
ordinance adopted by a convention

462, 493, 886
[See bills S. No. 256,]
copy of census

Legislature, open road

penitentiary and State prison

improve Arkansas river

inhabitants of Lawrence, road Jackson, to Little Rock


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Arkansas, citizens of various Siates, reclaim inundated lands
inhabitants of Miller county, deprived of their improvements

of Washington, post
of Washington and Hempstead, post
of Territory, post, Fayetieville to Barry c. h.
of the State, post

of Chicot county, post
Ash Samuel P.

[See bills Ho. No. 367.)
Aspinwall, Thomas

[See bills S. No. 10.)
Asbury Samuel M.

[See bills Ho. No. 550.]
Ashton James
Atwell Joseph [See Hayden and Atwell.]
Atkinson, David
Aulick John H.
Austin Samuel, jr.

[See bills Ho. No. 233.)
Austin and Taylor

[See bills Ho. No. 652.)
Avery William H. administrators of
Avery John



201, 2



Balances, unsettled annual lists of, viz:

on the books of the Second Auditor
on the books of the Register of the Treasury

on the books of the Fourth Auditor
on the books of the Third Auditor
against receivers of Land Offices

on the books of the Register
Baltimore, report on warehouse in
erect marine hospital in

[See bills Ho. No. 100.]
deepen harbor of

[See bills Ho. No. 523.)
Banks in District of Columbia, applications for renewal of charter 116, 121, 124, 145, 771, 1654

charters extended to October 1, 1836

[See bills Ho. No. 169.)
chariers extended to March 4, 1837

[See bills Ho. No. 712.)
charters extended to July 4, 1838. [See bills S. No. 242.)
proposition to pay clerk to committee on
Bank of Columbia and Bank of Alexandria, allowed
time to settle up

(See bill s. 'No. 114.]
return of the affairs of the

proposition to inquire into loans made Members of

Congress and officers of Government by
Bank of United States, discontinue receipt of its bills

[See bills Ho. No. 312.)
provide for closing concerns of the U. S. with the
no longer to act as commissioner of loans

[See bills Ho. No. 303.]
Secretary of Treasury to act as agent in all business with

(See bills Ho. No. 341.)
adjust claim on bill of exchange and recover dividends

(See bills Ho. No. 438.)
inquire into loans made Members of Congress and officers

of Government by
resolutions of New Jersey against
resolution of Missouri against

Banks, deposite, inquiry into loans made Members of Congress and officers of Go-

vernment by
bill to regulate the

[See bills Ho. No. 436. Also bills S. Nos. 42 and 310.)

124, 1055, 11%

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Banks, deposite, amount deposited by officers of Government

720, 783
propositions of Mr. Wise to inquire into the mode of selecting, con-
tracts with, and the agency of R. M. Whitney therein, &c. 621, 622, 628,

636, 656, 682, 686, 693, 697, 756, 885, 1056
Mr. Dromgoole's motion for information as to the manner of select-
ing deposite banks, the agency employed, &c. 692, 694, 697, 720, 743, 756,

765, 885, 1056
Mr. Robertson's propositions as to the necessity of banks in the busi-

ness of the Government, the mode, manner, and reasons of the
transfer of public money from bank to bank, and the connection
of the Treasury with an agent, &c.

Banks in the several States, report on the condition of the

Banks, compromise claims of U. S. against certain

(See bills S. No. 136.]
Bank, Allegheny of Penn. compromise claim against

(See bills No. 157.)
Bank notes, small denominations, discourage use of

under $20 not to be received by U. S. (See bills Ho. No. 52.]
banks that issue less that $5, not to be received by U. S. (See bills S.

No. 42.]
Bank charte:s or banking privileges granted by Territories not valid

(See bills S. No. 306.)
Barracks, appropriations for. (See bills Ho. Nos. 53, 54, 55.)
Barracks ai Key West, purchase ground for

(See bills Ho. No. 709.
Bartholomew Bayou, survey

(See bills S. No. 54.)
Barren river, improve navigation of

Barry William T. late Postmaster General, proceedings respecting a letter of

287,305, 360
Bastrop's land claim, provide for settlement of

154, 610
(See bills S. No. 1.)
Bass river, improve harbor at mouth of

(See bills Ho. No. 523.]
Bath, vapor, purchase right to use Reilly's

(See bills S. No. 98.]
Bayou Bartholomew, survey

(See bills S. No. 54.]
Beacon Island, N. C. erect Hospital on

603, 705
(See bills Ho. No. 563.)
Beacons, Buoys, &c, (See light-houses.)
Beaufort N. Č, improve harbor of

(See bills Ho. No. 523.)
Belgium, proceedings, &c. respecting discriminating duties on vessels and car-

13, 359
(See bills Ho. No. 348.)
Belleview in Wisconsin, relief to inhabitants of

441, 1056
(See bills S. No. 207.)
Big Barren river, improve navigation of

Big Sodus bay, continue improvements

[See bills Ho. No. 307.)
Bill opposed on first reading

Bill not approved by the President

Bills introduced on leave, notice and motions for

Bill which, through error, had been signed by the proper officers, and approved by the

President, when in fact, if had not passed one House of Congress, proceeding
in relation to

498, 525
(See resolutions Ho. No. 2.]

goes of

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