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The House proceeded to the consideration of the resolution from the Senate, for the appointment of a joint committee to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that, unless he may have other communications to make, the two Houses are ready to close the presen: session by an adjournment; and the said resolution being read, was agreed to by the House; and

Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky, Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Parks, were appointed of the said committee on the part of this House.

Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate therewith. A message was received from the President of the United States, by Mr. Dickins, chief clerk in the Department of State, notifying that the President did, this day, approve and sign enrolled bills of the following titles, viz:

No. 545. An act to repeal so much of the act of March 2, 1799, as re. spects the issuing of certificates on the importation of wines.

No. 574. An act to authorize the corporation of Georgetown to close certain streets in said town.

No. 357. An act for the relief of Frederick C. De Krafft.

No. 426. An act granting half pay to widows and orphans where their husbands and fathers have died of wounds received in the military serrice of the United States in certain cases, and for other purposes.

The rules being suspended for the purpose of receiving the same,
Mr. Cambreleng moved the following resolution, viz:

Resolved, That the usual allowance be made to the watch and lamp-
lighter about the Capitol.
And on the question that the House do agree to the resolution,
It passed in the affirmative.

Mr. Cushing, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, made unfarorable reports on the cases of William Fettyplace, John R. Brown, Robert Roberts, Peter A. Karthaus, Alexander Woodruff, which reports were ordered to lie on the table.

On motion of Mr. Cushing, Ordered, That the Comınittee on Foreign Affairs be discharged from the further consideration of the memorials of sundry persons praying the enactment of a law to indemnify the petitioners for losses incurred by spoliations committed by France prior to 1800; and also, the resolutions of Maryland on the same subject; and from the consideration of all other matters not finally acted on by the said committee, and that the memorials and papers appertaining thereto be laid on the table.

Mr. Ingersoll, from the Committee of Ways and Means, made an unsavorable report on the petition of Richard Drummond ; which report was ordered to lie on the table.

Mr. Galbraith, from the Committee on Private Land Claims, made an unfavorable report on the petition of Nancy Stewart; which report was ordered to lie on the table.

Ordered, That the several Standing Committees, and Select Committees, be discharged from all matters of business referred at the present ses sion of Congress, and not reported upon.

A message from the Senate by Mr. Lowrie, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker : The Senate have been notified by the President of the United States that he did, this day, approve and sign enrolled bills of the following titles, viz:

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No. 255. An act to carry into effect in the State of Alabama and Mississippi, the existing compacts with those States, in regard to the five per cent. fund, and the school reservations.

No. 310. An act supplementary to an act entitled “ An act to regulate the deposites of the public money, passed 230 June, 1836."

No. 222. An act confirming claims to land in the State of Louisiana.

No. 174. An act for the purchase of certain rights or inventions of William H. Beil, of North Carolina.

Nc. 214. An act to suspend the discriminating duties upon goods imported in vessels of Portugal, and to reduce the duties on wines.

No. 2. An act confirming claims to land in the State of Missouri, and for other

purposes. No. 239. An act to promote the progress of useful arts, and to repeal all acts and parts of acts heretofore made for that purpose.

No. 155. An act to reorganize the General Land Office.

No. 264. An act to authorize the appointment of additional paymasters, and for other purposes.

No. 284. An act granting a pension to General Eleazer W. Ripley.

No. 300. An act in addition to the act entitled “ An act making appropriations in part for the support of Government in the year 1836, and for other purposes.

Explanations having been made to the House,

A motion was made by Mr. Phillips, that the House do reconsider the vote taken on Saturday, the 2d of July instant, whereby it was

" Resolved, That the member from Kentucky, (Mr. Williams,) having refused to take his seat ordered to do so by the chairman of the Committee of the Whole House, having ordered the chairman to take his seat, and having defied the power of the chair and the House, has committed a contempt of this House, and is justly liable to its censure.”

And on the question, Will the House reconsider the said vote?
It passed in the affirmative.

The question then recurred that the House do agrec to the said resolu. tion ?

And being again put,
It passed in the negative.

Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky, from the Joint Committee appointed to wait on the President of the United States, and notify him that, unless he may have communications to make to Congress, the two Houses are ready to close the present session by an adjournment, reported that the committee had waited on the President, and fulfilled the duties of its appointment, and that the committee was informed by the President that he had no further communication to make to Congress at the present session.

And then, on motion,

The Speaker adjourned the House until the first Monday in the month of December, 1836, the day fixed by the Constitution of the United States for the annual meeting of Congress.



Abɔition of slavery, memorials for the. (See the name of the State from whence

the memorials came. See also Slavery.]
Absence, leave of, granted to-

Mr. Cushing
Mr. Holsey
Mr. Dickson

Academy, Military, at. West Point, favorable views of the President with respect
to the

sundry inquiries proposed respecting: also into propriety of

161, 181, 184, 521, 733, 853
appropriations for

[See bills Ho. No. 259.)
Academy, Naval, propriety of creating

312, 665
Accountability of public officers, better regulation of

(See bills Ho. No. 106.]
Adams Mr. does not vote, and proceedings thereon

asks to be excused from voting

moves to amend journal, so as to show he did not vote

Adjournment of Congress, resolution fixing day for 584, 695, 727, 797, 813, 861, 897, 914,

929, 933, 941, 965, 1004, 1018
Adjourned, hour 10 which the House shall stand, 12 o'clock

changed to 11 o'clock

changed to 10 o'clock

changed to 8 o'clock

Alabama, members from, appear, viz:
Reuben Chapman, Joab Lawler, Francis S. Lyon, Joshua L. Martin

Dixon H. Lewis

establish a third district court in

amend act for better organization of district courts in

[See bills S. No. 6.)
reduce price of land granted to State to improve navigation of certain

440, 564
[See bills Ho. No. 505.]
remedy evils consequent on burning court records in

pay certain volunteers against Seminole Indians

carry into effect compact about five per cent. fund

See bills S. No. 255.)
rations to be furnished to suffering inhabitants of

[See resolutions S. No. 18.)
Alexandria, Egypt, salary to consul at

Alexandria, renew charter of Fire Insurance Company

[See bills Ho. No. 79.]
embarrassed condition of

relief granted to

294, 561
(See bills Ho. No. 275. Also bills S. No. 112.]
amend charter, election of mayor

(See bills Ho. No. 429.)
report of due bills destroyed by corporation of

report on survey of aqueduct

762, 878
Allegheny river, survey. [See bills Ho. No. 385.]
Allowances, extra, prohibit to public officers

[See bills Ho. No. 106.)
American State papers, to be furnished new members

1112, 1223
André, Major, ereci monument to captor of

• 754, 1082

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117, 163,

for the navy

Appalachicola river, remove mud shoal in west pass

[See bills S. No. 146.]
remove mud shoal in east pass

[See bills Ho. No. 523.]
Appeals from Speaker's decision 128, 233, 253, 254, 309, 312, 357, 361, 385, 38, 401, 4K

442, 464, 577, 586, 587, 591, 679, 689, 716, 747. 74

874, 879, 885, 889, 900, 902,998, 1033, 1213. 2
Speaker's decision reversed
Appointments, proceedings respecting President's power over

[See bills S. No. 41.]
Apprentices on board vessels, regulations proposed respecting

[See bills Ho. No. 581.]
Appropriations for 1836, estimates of

special order on bills making
for support of Government

117, 239, IGE
[See bills Ilo. Nos. 51, 216, 696. Also bills S. No. 300.)
for pensioners

[See bills Ho. No. 52.]
for military esiablishment

[See bills Ho. No. 55.]
for suppression of Indian hostilities

129, 238, 492, 749, 850. III
[See bills Ho. Nos. 69, 215, 427, 594, 619, 733.)
for fortifications

[See bills Ho. Nos. 54, 103, 201. Also, bills S. No. 123.
for military academy

[See bills Ho. No. 259.)
for protection of western frontier

[See bills Ho. No. 610.)

[See bills Ho. Nos. 53, 207.)
for internal improvements

[See bills Ho. No. 323.]
for harbors and rivers, (old works).

[See bills Ho. No. 307.)
for harbors and rivers, (new works.) [See bills Ho. No. 523. Also bus

No. 230.]
for light-houses, &c.

[See bills Ho. No. 363.]
for Indian departments, annuities, treaties, &c.

[See bills Ho. No. 70.)
for carrying into effect certain Indian treaties

[See bills Ho. No. 695.)
for public buildings. [See bills Ho. Nos. 251, 325. Also bills S. No. 91
Aqueduct, Alexandria, survey of condition of the
Argentine Republic, will send a minister 10 U. S.
Arkansas Territory, A. H. Sevier, delegate from, appears

additional land granted for building legislative hall

[See bills Ho. No. 117.)
make compensation tocitizens who lost improvements by treaty
with Choctaw Indians

(See bills Ho. No. 208.)
ask admiliance into the Union as a State, copy of her constitu-

census of
ordinance of
bill for admission into the Union, and establishing district

(See bills Ho. No. 439. Also bills S. No. 178.]
memorial of Choctaw Indians respecting bouudary of
appropriation for arsenal in. [See bills Ho. No. 54. Also

bills S. No. 234.]
sundry propositions submitted to new State of

[See bills S. No. 256.]
proceedings respecting slavery in
depot of arms to be established in

[See bills S. No. 234.)
Arkansas river, report on levee on

(See resolutions Ho. No. 10.)
Armories, expenditures and work at national, in 1835

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• 69, 73, 601

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