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Middle-English and Latin texts, with music, from a manuscript in the British Museum

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THIS volume is based upon the authors' more advanced History of English Literature. The aim has been to preserve those features of the previous book which have most commended themselves to high-school and academy teachers, to remove everything which they have found too detailed or too difficult for their students, and to add whatever was suggested by their friendly criticism as likely to increase the value of the book in class-room practice. The literary comment has been simplified, partly by oniission, partly by the substitution of explicit statement in the place of what was before only suggested. The number of authors treated has been much reduced, and the attention of the student centred exclusively on a few great representative figures. More space has been given to biography and descriptive sketches, especially in the later periods. Each main epoch has been prefaced by a full historical introduction, and summarized in the form of a review-commentary and questions, together with tabular views. Suggestions concerning the best available texts, and the best biographical and critical aids to study, are given at the close of each chapter. A number of portraits are added, taken in each case from an authentic source. For purposes of fuller reference, some authors not treated in the text are included in the tabular views.

The thanks of the authors are due to the many teachers, in all parts of the country, who have, either personally or by letter, generously aided them in their effort to give a

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