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this evening I stand my ground against the cry which I have heard, then may I stand more firmly against another, and another, and another cry; and thus will your case be every day becoming worse, and your chance for heaven will every day become more desperate, and your contempt and carelessness about divine things will grow upon you from one day to another;


your whole life may be one continued resistance to the mercy and grace of that God who is now plying you with messages of love, and entreating you to turn to the paths of peace and of pleasantness. Oh! hold out no longer, lest in return for his cry being unheard by you

all your lives long, you will at length send forth a fearful and a piercing and an exceeding bitter cry when death stares you in the face, and the terrors of the coming hell draw near to your affrighted soul, and the cry be disregarded, and the gate of mercy be shut, and the Spirit have left you to the fruit of your own ways, and an everlasting seal be set on that fountain which is now flowing out so freely, and to which you are now invited, that you may wash out your sins in the blood of the Lamb. Return unto God and he will return unto you. Seek him while he is near. Call upon him while he is to be found; he will receive you graciously, he will love you freely, if you will go to him now, and put yourself under the protection of his Son Jesus Christ, and under the bidding of him as the Master whom you have chosen, and whom alone you are determined to serve.”

We hope these solemn warnings and kind persuasions will be seriously thought about by our beloved young friends.

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“NINE o'clock is come again;

Hark! the bell begins to ring; Master's coming up the lane;

Let us go and have a swing." Some are jumping, some are pumping;

What a racket, what a poise! Some are coming, some are running

What a lot of girls and boys ! Some are on the Jack-and-Jill;

Some are flying in the boats; Some are drinking water still;

Some are taking off their coats ; Some with happy hearts and faces;

Some with pockets full of toys; Some, like horses, running races

What a lot of girls and boys! Jem and Joe, and Bill and Tom,

Sally, Lucy, Lizzy, Ted,'

Nanny, Gussy, little John,

Charley, Polly, noisy Fred, Ringing, swinging, all so merry

01 the shouting, din and noise! Here comes Peggy, Letty, Jerry

What a lot of girls and boys!
Now they crowd the school-room door,

Pouring in it like a flood;
"Last boy in, and ring no more;

Leave outside your noise and mud.” Now they hasten to their places;

Forgotten all the games and toys; Side by side smile different faces

What a lot of girls and boys! “Hands behind, and sit upright;

Call his name who dares to speak; Give fixed attention, hearing, sight

Let every one instruction seek.” Now the Scriptures have been read

“In your places without noise !" Round the room in circles spread

What a lot of girls and boys! Reading done, 'tis half-past ten,

Some fresh study each awaits; Now the "music class," and then

“Drawing, mapping, blackboards, slates :" India-rubber, pencil, chalk,

Something every mind employs; All the little hands at work

What a lot of girls and boys! Time to write, half-past eleven,

Copy-books lie ready there, Pen and ink to each are given

"Now begin and write with care." All the little heads are down ;

Writing every hand employs;

Some at small, some text, some round

What a lot of girls and boys!
Twenty minutes—"Finish lines,

Clean your pens, and show your books :"
Each examined, marked with fines

All the blots, mistakes, and crooks.
Twelve o'clock-"Turn out, pass on;

That boy stop who makes a noise."
Class by class, and one by one-

What a lot of girls and boys!
There they go! those little feet,

Busy hands, and noisy tongues;
Soon they'll wake the village street,

With their games, their mirth, and songs.
There they go! how dear to mothers

Those young hearts all full of joys.
There they go! sweet sisters, brothers-

What a lot of girls and boys!
here they go! each has a home,

A little corner by the fire;
Each some privilege all its own,

Each some parent's fond desire.
There they go! each has a heart

Where lie hidden suture joys;
Sorrows, too, with each a dart

Which shall pierce those girls and boys!
There they go! the future men,

Who one day will rule the world!
There the future mothers, when

We into the past are hurled.
There they go! a world is there,

In those laughter-loving eyes.
There they go! how vast that power

Growing in those girls and boys!

Wyton, Hunts.

F. C.

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BREAKFAST IN THE STREETS. WHAT are they doing here?. Getting their breakfast in the street. “That is curious," you say, and so it is; and yet it is the way hundreds of people get their breakfasts, and sometimes their dinners, too, in London and other large places.

And it is a good way of getting a cheap breakfast for such people. Perhaps you ask why they do not, as you do, get their breakfasts at home? For a very good reason. They have no home in which to get their breakfasts. There are

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