Christian Inculturation in India

Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2007 - 234 páginas
Drawing together international and Indian sources, and new research on the ground in South India, this book presents a unique examination of the inculturation of Christian Worship in India. Paul Collins examines the imperatives underlying the processes of inculturation - the dynamic relationship between the Christian message and cultures, and then explores the outcomes of those processes in terms of architecture, liturgy and ritual and the critique offered of these outcomes, especially by Dalit theologians. This book highlights how the Indian context has informed global discussions, and how the decisions of World Council of Churches, Vatican II and Lambeth Conferences have impacted upon the Indian context.

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Vatican Christianity was a weapon of war, created to assimilate every one else in the world. The same pattern was followed by Islam after 500 years of creation of Christianity.
If you play the game
"age of empires" its a Strategic game, you can see that religion is used as a weapon against different cultures. "Convert" them and they will not attack you, and does your work.
Both Christianity and Islam intend to dominate the world, and have assimilated the majority of the world. Soon the war between these twin evil powers will be seen.

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I found this book's reading (in parts ) really inspiring. Its inspiring because I worked my Philosophy dissertation on the concept of religious pluralism, trying to find an alternative path to Hick's understanding of Pluralism. As a novice I was brain washed to a form of relativism which rsulted in a kind of faith crisis in me. This was due to the faulty understanding of inculturation presented to me by my formators.
The faith was often relativised and the cultural funda,entalism of the Indian priests made them water down their catholic and christian faith. As a novice I was forced to adhere to such a faulty theology and I cant disobey my formators.
later my philosophical enquiries were directed to the search for a healthy form of Christian Inculturation of the Gospel in the South Indian cultures. I find the findings of this book really in line with my search and I would like to read this book.


The Export Factor
Landscapes and Imperatives to 1963
Whose Values Which Cultures? The Effects of Local Theologies
Temples and Churches in South India
Lex Orandi Lex Credendi?
Imperatives for a New Agenda
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Paul M. Collins is Reader in Theology at the University of Chichester, UK.

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