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Intornational Prosidons

Sulto 7 to 12, Law Bullding, 721 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kas.

WA, J. GILTHORPE.........

International Socrotary-Troasuror

Sulto 7 to 12, LAW Building, 721 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kas.


First International Vioo-Proaldont

Sulto 7 to 12, Law Building, 721 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kas.

MISSOURI AND MISSISSIPPI DISTRICT-States of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nobraska, Arkanssa,

Mississippi, Alabama (other than Mobile), Tennessee, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma and


...... Second International Vice-President

OHIO VALLEY AND TERRITORY DISTRICT—States of Pennsylvania (other than the City of

Erle), Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois (other than the City of Chicago).


Third Intornational Vico-Progidont

601 Middle Streot, Portsmouth, Va.

GULF AND SOUTH ATLANTIC DISTRICT—Statos of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Goorgia, North

and South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, and Mobile, Ala.


Fourth International Vice-President

91 Manufacturer Street, Montreal, Que., Can.

CANADIAN DISTRICT-The Dominion of Canada.


Fifth Intornational Vico-Prosidan

6201 Fir Avonuo, N. W., Cloveland, Ohio.

GREAT LAKES AND TERRITORY DISTRICT-Statos of Wisconsin, Michigan, Citles of Chicago,

Toledo, Cloveland and Lorain, O., Erie, Pa., State of New York (other than the City of New



Axth Intornational Vice-Presidont

2312 24th St., San Francisco, Cal.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN AND PACIFIC COAST_DISTRICT—Honolulu, States of California, Oregon,

Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, old Mexico, Now Moxl.

co and Canal Zone, Panama.


Bovonth International Vice-Presidons

Home address, 168 Wilkinson Ave., Jersey City, N. J., Office 67 St. Mark's Place, N. Y. City.

EASTERN SEABOARD DISTRICT—States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusette,

Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York City.

JOA. P. RYAN........:

Knighth Intornational Vice-President

4521 S. State St., Chicago, Ill.

HELPER'S DIVISION, WESTERN DISTRICT-Buffalo, N. Y., and all torritory went theroof.


.Ninth International Vice-Presidont

1711 Ortnere Street, Portsmouth, Ohio.

HELPER'S DIVISION. EASTERN DISTRICT-All territory east of Buffalo, N. Y.


DISTRICT NO. 10Davonport, Iowa, Rook Laland

System. Lodgor Reprosontod: 377, 144, 840, 191,

GRAND WESTERN DISTRICT NO. 1-To covor all 340, 293, 323, 434, 489, 491, 96, 32, 66, 470, 393;

nailroad linowost of parallel of longitudo No. 622, 633; E. D., 146, 119, 110, 9, 149, 150, 330,

17 North to Canadlan Lino and Sonth to tho 114, 30.


Goo. Pring, Pres., 410 7th St., Valloy Junction, le

1. Sens. Prou., 7200 Lexington Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Ed. Kooloy, V.-P., Box 366 El Rono, Okla.

A. T. Bingham, Vico-Prou, sapulpe, Okle.

G. W. Pring. R. S. de C. 8., Valley Junction, la.

J. M. Keller, C. 8., 1136 Cambridge Avo, Rosedale,


J. J. Lynch, Trous., Horrington, Kas.

DISTRICT NO. Now York, N. Y. Lodges ropro-

sented: 16, 31, 33, 36, 46, 163, 171, 176, 300, 388.

DISTRICT NO. 11-Sayro, Pa, Lohigh Valloy R. R.

B. J. Craa., Secretary, 264 Hoyt St., Brookyn, N. Y


John J. Doyle, Vice-Pres.

Jas. Lyonı, L. 141, Pro

Thor. J. Lilll, C. 8., 67 St. Marks Place.

Fred Wolls, Vico-Prei., 299 N. Division St.

Jas. Mahor, L. 141, 800-Trent, 587 N. Dlmor Bt.,

New York. N. Y.

Sayro, Pa

J. J. Dowd, 67 St. Mark's Placo, Now York City, John Linton, L. 7, Trustoo.

N. Y.

Wm. Falsoy, L. 141., Trustoo.

Jas. Marks, L. 7, Trustoo.

DISTRICT NO. 8.-Dodoto, Mo. Mo, Pac. and Iron

Mountain R. R. Lodges roprouontod: 32, 44, 66,

DISTRICT NO. 12-Now York. Now York Contni

82, 113, 117, 286, 322, 403, 607, 621; H. D. 4, 126, ytem. Lodges represented: 6, 7, 86, 167, 169, 175,

146, 153, 542 and 643. Meets 2d Mondya in Octo- 197, 218, 223, 229, 250, 321, 64. 516. 67. 492.

ber, each year at St. Louis, Mo.

413, 534, H. D. 161.

Charles J. Klein Pres., 254 Morton Ave., Albany,

Jou. Plyan, Pret., 120 N. Chester St., Little Rock, N. Y.


A. M. Anderson, V.-P., 2108 Francis St., Jackson,

B. Boyle, V.- Pres., Osawatomie, Kas.


3. J. Murphy, F. 8., 4069 Cleveland Ave., St.

Joseph Ernst, Soc. - Treas., 676 Eaglo St., Buffalo,

N. Y.

Louis, Mo.

Trustees-Wm Weber, E. J. McNamara and

John Richter, C. S., Council Grove, Kai.

Charles Pink.

L :. Grant, B. A. 601 Clocoland Ave., Kannu

City, No

DISTRICT NO. 13 Solma, Ala.. Southara R. R.

System. Organized Feb. 23, 1904. Lodgor repro-

DISTRICT NO. 6Bouthorn Pacific R R. Lodge

sented: 2, 4, 12, 40, 60, 143, 276, 238, 313, 384,

represented : 32, 38, 46, 48, 52, 72, 74, 92, 94, 98,

344, 369.

101. 118, 179, 198, 206, 216, 233, 239, 252, 309, 345,

Thor. J. Garvey. Pros., 414 E Byrd St., Riah-

339, 638. 553. 169.

mond, Va.

Charles Thomas, V. P., 119 Dameson St., Knox.

J. J. Jones, Pra, and C. 8., 1680 New Hampshir.

ville, Tenn.

Ave., Liis Angeles, Cal.

J. E. Basham, Sec. - Treas., 321 Cooper St., Atlanta,

J. C. Carroll, V.-P., North Platte, Neb.


8. T. Feazelle, Sec. - Treas., Gate City Hotel, Poca- A. E. Barksdale, B. A., 641 E. La Fayetto St., Jack-

tello, Idaho.

SOD, Tonn.

J. M. Nolan, V.-P., 25 Chapel St., Atlanta, Ga.
J. A. McCloud, V. P., 841 W. Monroe St., Jackson-

ville, Fla. E. E. Quinker, C. Sec. - Treas., Box 371, Valdosta,

Ga.. or 418 N. Leo St.

DISTRICT NO. 27-Chattanooga, Tonn. Quoon and

Crscent System. Moets 1st Monday in Deoen. ber, Birmingham, Ala. Lodges represented: 4

14, 105, 419. H. W. Schang, Pres., Sta. "A", Somerset, Ky. Wm. Gribbin, V.-P., Sta. "A", Somerset, Ky. W. S. Dupree, Sec. and Tread., 611 N. 22nd St.,

Birmingham, Ala.

DISTRICT NO. 80-Canadian Pacific District

Headquarters Winnipeg, Man. Can. DISTRICT NO. 80-Meets 3d Monday, Tob., 1911.

Lodges Nos. 392, 326, 606, 303, 379, 134, 117, 478, 126, 461, 631, 648, 466, 194; H. D., 186, 301, 243, 212, 127, 244. Wm. Morris, Pres., 335 Ogden St., Ft. William,

Ont. A. Singer, Lodge No. 134, V. P., 1488 Simora Ave.b

Montreal, P. O. James Hume, Sec. - Treas., 424 Scotland Ave., Wi

nepeg, Man., Can. DISTRICT NO. 31-Grafton, W. Va. Baltimore &

Ohio R. R. System. J. B. Burns, Pres., 306 Elizabeth St., Pittsburg.

Pa. H. D. Horchler, V.-P., 237 E Madison Ave., New

Castle, Pa. C. G. Jackson, Sec. - Treas., 827 Boyd St. DISTRICT NO. 82-Louisville, Ky. Louisville &

Nashville System. W. D. Holt, Pres., Box 113, r. 1. d. 38, Louisville,

Ку. C. A. Ryder, V.-P., 367 8. Jefferson St., Mobile

Ala J. P. Driscoll, C. 8. F. 8., R. 8., 100 Wickliffo Ave.,

Louisville. DISTRICT NO. 88 Grand Rapida, Mich., Pere

Marquette System. Lodges reprosentod: 24, 124,

413. I. F. Miller, Pres., 226 8th Ave., Grand Rapids,

Daniel Gray, Sec. - Treas.,


Grand Rapids, Mich.
Wm. Angus, V.-P., 162 Roos St., St. Thomas, Ont.,


DISTRICT NO. 16Boono, Iowa. C. & N. W. R. R.

Lodges represented: 129, 145, 161, 201, 277, 31,
440, 496, H. D. 8, 17, 40, 113, 236. Date of most-

ing 1st Thursday in April of 1910.
T. J. Rico, Pres., 574 W. 7th St, Winona, Minn.
Mark Hallinan, V-Pros., 917 S. 6th St., Lyons, Ia.
E C. Hodgson, R. S., 648 Christianla Ave., Chicago,

Loo P. Humphrey, 4226 Park Avo., Chioago, Ill.
J. D. Curran, Chairman Trustees, 1627 Story St.,

Boono, Ia.
W. N. Miller, Trustee, So. Kaukauna, Wls.
A. Lundeen, Trusteo, Huron, S. Dak.

DISTRICT NO. 19-Roanoke, Va

Western System. Lodges represented: 29, 402, 30,

406. Meets Union Labor hall.
L. H. Urquhart, Pres., Roanoke, Va.
R. L. Johnson, V. P., Portsmouth, O.
F. M. Harris, R. & C. S., 705 6th Ave., S. W.,

Roanoke, Va.
B. I. Wade, Treas., Box 63, Vinton.

DISTRICT NO. 20–111. Cent. R. R. Headquartors,

Chicago, Ill. Lodges represented: 56, 88, 138,
187, 40, 224, 126, 180, 220, 284, 800, 815, 863,
399, 95, H. D., 97, 106, 116, 102, 230, 174, 282,

K. H. Eicker, Prest., 315 Dane St., Waterloo, Ia.
W. T. McCoid, V.-P., 412 Madison St., Clinton, Ill.
E. G. Pullen, C. S. & Treas., 503 Columbia St.,

Waterloo, Iowa.

DISTRICT NO. 21-Bellefontaine, Ohio. Meeting

place Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 1, July 1. Big Four Route, N. Y. Cent. & Hudson R. R. System.

Lodges represented: 10, 150, 248, 348, 324, 224,

18, H. D. 48, 75, 84, 116. D. Shea, L. 243, Preu., 208 Colton Ave., Bellefon

taine, O.
Frank Bannin, V.-P., 809 W. Wash., Champaign,

Ben Wulle. Sec. - Treas., 3647 B. Wood Ave., In-

dlanapolis, Ind.
Trustees—Wm. Norton, Indianapolla, Ind.; E. C.

Hudsplit, Delaware, O.; Wm. Sohner, Mattoon,

DISTRICT NO. 22-D. R. G. System, Colorado and

Utah. Meeting place, Denver, Colorado; Date
Meeting, December, 1911; Lodges represented, 44,

103, 179, 335, 427, 446, 473. and 228 H. D. Almon Treesh, Pres. and B.

723 Court St.,
Pueblo, Colo.
Otto M. Murseuer, V.-P., P. O. Box 611, Helper,

Geo S. Warden, Sec. - Treas., 408 E. Routt Avo.,

Pueblo, Colo.

DISTRICT NO. 84Boston, Maso. Boston & Mala

System Lodges represented: 142, 246, 871, 388,
481, 615, 517. Meets at Boston, Mass., 1st Mon-
day in August.
D. Martine, Yule Pres., 30 Stone Ave., Somerville,

Chas. Broderick, V.-P., Mechanicsville, N. Y.
R. P. Aldrich, C. 8. & R. 8., Lock Box 891, Lyn.

donville, Vt.
Carl F. Jansen, Treas., Keene, N. H.

DISTRICT NO. 23-Meets Kansas City, Kas., 18t

Monday la February each year. Lodges represented: 4, 22, 32, 51, 70, 96, 180, 230, 419, 449, 456, 458, 530,531, 543, 546; Helpers' Division, 4,

30. 47, 139, 220, 245.
A. F. Bingham, Pres. & B. A., 536 South St.,

Springfield, Mo.
H. B. White, F.S., 1009 w. Chase, Springwield, Lo.
J. E. Reddy, 1st V.-P., 1742 Freemont St., Dan-

ville, Ill.
A. A. Denton, Treas., 785 Elm St., Springfield, Mo.
R. A. Leahy, 2d V.-P., 1811 Bacon St., St. Louis,

Wm. Speacht, R. S., Cor. Melton and Atlantic Sts.,

Springfield, Mo.

DISTRICT NO. 35-Denison, Tex. Meets 1st Mon

day in May, 1912, Denison, Texas.
I. E. Clifton, Pres. & B. A., 512 N. 2d St., Parsons,

Wm. Murzin, R. S., Denison, Texas.
Trustees—Robt. Rosbottom, chair., L. 209; Arlle

Taylor, L. 292; Frank Leach, L, 22, H, D.
Fred Alsdort, C. 8. F. S., and Treas., L. 309, 516

W. Owings St., Denison, Tex.

DISTRICT NO. 24-S)pringfield, Ill.. Advisory

Board Wabash System.. Lodges represented: 54,
81, 267, 384, 447; H. D. 24, 239.
C. F. Eichel, Pres., L. No. 54, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
J. J. Cadagin, V.P., L. No. 54, Moberly, Mo.
Jno. L. Welk, S.-Tr., L. 81, 1320 E. So. Grand

Ave., Springfield, Ill.
Associate Board Members-H. L. Berry, L. 384:

J. J. Cada gin, L. 267; Ed. Siebold, L. 54; James
Gray, L. 417; G. J. Maher, L. 81.

DISTRICT NO. 86-American Locomotive Com -
pany Plant

Lodges represented: 134, 202, 125,
527, 526, 540. H, D., 135, 251, 56.
P. W. Donahue, Pron, 436 Door St., Dunkirk, N. I.
C. F. Horn, V.-P., 109 Jackson St., Pittsburg. Pa.
J. S. Nicholas, C. & F. S., 1923 Stuart Ave., Rich-

mond, Va.
Patrick Deignan, L 134, Treas., St. 641 Catherine,

Maisonevue Montreal, Can.

DISTRICT NO. 26–Savannah, Go.. Advisory Board
South Atlantic, Lodges represented: 2.

4. 12, 14 26, 40, 50, 88, 105, 108, 112, 143, 170, 222. 226. 235, 239, 280, 312, 320, 334, 369, 402, 422, 419. 424. 425, 436, 490, 503, 510, 511, 524; H. D, 27, 60, 175, 240. Meets once a year. Next meeting place, Richmond, Va.

DISTRICT NO. 87-Texarkana, Texas. Pin. Bluft,

Ark. Cotton Bolt, R. R. Systom. Mooto let

Sunday in January and July each year,
Jas. Walsh, Pren., Caro Cotton Bolt Round House,

Tylor, Texas.
B. E. Shields, V.-P., & C. S., 1503 E. 7th Ave., Pino

Bluff, Ark.
A. M. Hendersk, Treas., Pino Blutt, Ark.

Subordinate Lodges and Officers


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1-CHICAGO, ILL. Bricklayers' Walnut St.

Robt, Hoag, C.8., 171 Eckford St.
Hall, 241 W. Monroe St lit-34 Wm, Ehrmantrant, C.S., 1206 N. J. J. Down, B.A., 67 St. Mark's
Morris Ave.

Place, New York City.
Jas. McKernan, Pres., 849 Vernon 25-SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.
Park Place.


Roesch Hall, 16th and Mission
Jas. S. Simpson, C.S., 1236 W

Hall, 2d-4th Wed.
Sts., 2d-4th Thurs.
Madison St.

Geo. R. Wallace, Pres., P. O. Box
John Kane, Pres., 41 Collingwood.

151. Frank Condon, B.A., 1142 Fair. Thos. J. Sheridan, C.8., & Treas., field Ave.

A. E. Welch, C.S., 2525 O'Neil St.

2312 24th St. L-ATLANTA, GA. 1st-30


47_DES MOINES, IOWA. 26 BAVANNAH GA, 2d-4th Red Men's Wigwam, Owl

Thurs., Trades Assembly Hall. Tues., Board of Trado Bldg.

E. W. Turner, Pres., 800 Walker Ave.

J. L. Kent, Pres.., 401 W. Ogle- St. Fred H. Howell, Pres., Georgia thorpe Ave.

Geo. Kirscher, C.S.. 413 8. E. 4th. Ave.

R. B. Allen, C.8., 609 E. 32d St. J. E. Basham, C.S., 321 Cooper

48-LARAMIE, W YO. 27-ST. LOUIS, MO. Every Thurs.

1st - 30

Tues., 707 S. 6th St.
at Harugart Hall, 926 Carr St.

Jacob Plaus, Pres., 101 Seeley St.
L. Kickham, Pres., 2845 Madison
Every sa

Carl Rebman, C.s., 504 S. 4th St. Fri. at Maloney Hall.

Wm. Johnson, Pres., and C.s., 112 R. A. Leahy, C.S., 1811 Bacon St.

50-CHARLESTON, 8. C. 1st-3d York St. M. J. Gleason, B.A., 1201 N


Irish Volunteers Hall Broadway.

Vandernorst St.near King St. BIRMINGHAM, ALA, Each 29-ROANOKE, VA, 2d-4th Wed., Wm. Ellsworth, Pres., 37 Society Tues., at 1910 % 3d Ave., Vasley at Labor Home.

St. Hall.

F. M. Harris, Pres., 1221 Chap- M. J. Cochran, C.S., 4 Bee St. H. E. McBryde, Prest., 1100 John

man, S. W. Roanoke, Va.

H. J. Hartnett. B.A.. 18 Anson St. St.

J. R. Anderson, C.S., 502 Camp-151-ST. LOUIS, Mo. R. L Carmack, C.S. & B.A., 21842

2d-4th Wod., bell Ave. N. 21st St.

Lafayette Hall, 17th and Casi 30-ROANOKE, VA. 2d-4th Mon., Ave. CLEVELAND, OHIO. 1st-30 Labor Home Hall.

M. J. Downey, Pres., 1914 DiviBat.. Labor Council Hall, Bu- J. B. Coske, Pres., Roanoke, Va. slon St. perior Avo., and E. 9th 8t. B. I. Wade; C.S., Box 63, Vin - M. J. Gleason, B.A., 1414 N. 19th. William Wober, Pres., 1873 E. ton, Va.

Chas. McDonnell, C.S., 1961 0. 26th.

Falton. 31-ST. JOSEPH, MO. Daniel J. Jamoson, C.8., & B. A.,

L. J. Burde, Pres., 1712 Lafay-62—POCATELLO, IDAHO. 1st-sd 310 Prospect Ave. ette Ave.

Thurs., Q. P. Hall.

James L. Morley, Pres., 246 Charles H. Weber, C.S., 109 Vir7-BUFFALO, N. Y. Evory Fri., Council Hall, cor. Ellicott and ginia St.

Main St. Huron St.



Carl Hackney, C.S., 836 N. Gar

field Ave. Geo. F. Muir, Pres., 116 Goodall. Fri., at 14th and Woodland, Fred Goodall, C.S., 431 Carlton St.

E. Friend, B.A., 359 N. Main St.

Labor Temple, K. C., Mo. Tho. King B.A., 1275 Seneca St

2d-4th A. B. Kane, Pres., 3216 Michigan 54—FORT WAYNE, IND. Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

Wed., Harmony Hall, W. Berry 10-INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Everyw. E. Lerow, C.S., 4311 Fair

St. Wed., Wallaha Hall, 387

mount Ave.. Kansas City, Mo. Wm. Miller, Prei., 1826 8. Harri. Washington St.

A. Shultz, B.A., 14 N. 6th St., son St. E. E. Montgomery, Prest., 27 Tre

Kansas City. Kas.

Wm. Rehm, C.S., 722 Forest Avo. mont St.


J. Wm. Frohliger, C.S., 337 E. Wash


1st-30 55NEWPORT NEWS, VA. ington St.,

ery Wed., 332 430. (office) 643 E.

Fri., Odd Fellows' Hall,
Louisiana., (home).

James O'Donnell, Pres., C.8., 126 Chas. McBride, Pres., 243 38th St.
Ave. E, Bayonne.

W. K. Hutchens, C.S., 326 45th St. 11-MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. 20- Andrew Coughlin, C.S., 23 W. 14th 56%VICKSBURG, MISB. 1st-30 4th Mon., Richmond Hall, 223 St.

Tues., R. of P. Hall, N. Wash5th St

34_TOPEKA, KAS. 2d-4th Thurs. ington St. A. R. Lybert, Preg., 1016 26th

at 613 Kansas Ave., Industrial J. J. Dereaux, Pres., Mulberry St. Ave., N. E.

Council Hall.

Frank Schrader, C.S., 906 Dewitte E. A. Conlin, C.S., 3144 16th Ave., Charles F. A. Strickrott, Pres., 135 St. So.

Tyler St.

57—PORTSMOUTH, VA. lot-3d 12-MACON, GA.

L. A. Johnson, C.S., 1331
Lackey's Hall,

Thurs, C. L. U. Hall 2d-4th Fri., of each month.

Weston Ave.

John Dorsey, Pres. Pi Keene, Pres.

38-OMAHA. NEB. 1st-3d Wed., Geo. Thomas, C.S., 523 Nelson St. C. T. Williamson, C.S., 2554 Labor Temple, 14th and Doug- 60-PEORIA, ILL. 1st-3d Mon., Houston. lass Sts.

411 Cedar St. Walter F. Scholes, Pres., 928 Ave. John Welsh, Pres., 111 McRoy. 14 CHATTANOOGA, TENN. F. Council Blufts, Ia.

nolds. Central Labor Hall,


Thos. Tierney, C.S., 1017 Ave. B, F. Hierspiel, C.s., 410 Warner Av. Market Sto., 2d-4th Sat.

Council Bluffs, Ia. 8. M. Farris, Pres.

61-NEW HAVEN, CONN, 1st-3d 39—SOUTH CHICAGO, ILL. 2-4th John Schmitz, C.S., 1202 Cham

Thurs., Boardman Bidg..

cor Tues., Gallistels

106 berlain Ave.


St. State and Chapel Sts. and Ave M.

Eric R. Swan, Pres., 238 Wash16-DUBUQUE, IOWA. 1st - 20 Jno. P. Conley, Pres., 10336 Ave.

ington Ave. Tues, of each month at Un


R. W O'Donnell, C.S., 36 Button Hall, Courtier Ave. Patrick Wynn, C.8. & B.A., 10316

ton St. Wm. Peat, Pres., Whito Bt.

Ave. N.

Wm. H. Shore, C. S., 260 Portrea L. L. Kreamer, C.S., 1270 Rhom

St., Box 1321. berg Ave.

40—LOUISVILLE, KY. 2d-4th 164JERSEY, N. J.

64—JACKSON, MICH. 2d-4th Fri. 1st-3d Mon., Wed., in Beck's Union Hall, 1st

Sauer, Hall. Fischer', Hall, Newark

and Jefferson Sts. Ave.,

Geo. Foust, Pres., 1620 E. Main A. M. Anderson, Pres., 2108 Francor. Erie St.

cis St. P. J. Kenneally, Pres., 239 Har

St., New Albany, Ind.

R. Terrell, B. A., 308 N. 19th St. Ed. McNamara, C.S., 613 8. Pleasrison, Hugh Fitzpatrick, C.S. Thomas Espin, C.S., 218 Calgon St


Labor 2d-4th 66_LITTLE ROCK, ARK.

Temple Hall, 18t-4th Sat., Thomas Callahan,

Thurs., 2104 Union St.
Pres., Crum-

John B. lyne, Del Co., Pa.

Brewer, Pres., 211 4th

Scot St.
Ave., So.

R. J. Sullivan, Pres., 115 Denison
Thad Higgins, C.8., 1613 W. 2d 8t.
C. B. Gatlin, C.S., 1316 McGovack

St. 11-NEW YORK, N. Y.


E. Wortsmith, C.S., 300 W. 11th Robt. Broadly, Pros., 13 Cooper R. 0. Marks, B.A., Charloot Pike

St., Argenta, Ark. Brooklyn.

and Pilcher Ave.

68—PINE BLUFF. ARK. 2d-4th John J. Lynch, C.S., 322 10th


Ave., New York City, N. Y.

Tues., I. 0. 0. F. Hall.
Hall, 4th and Santa Fe Ave.,

E. J. Bremer. Pres.
ANVILLE, ILL. 1st-30
per! Thurs.

Sam Songer, C.S., 1506 E. 6th St. Tue., A. o. U. W. Hall, cor.

J. J. McIntyre, Pres., 42 Block S. 70-SPRINGFIELD, MO. 1st-30 Yain and Harol 8tu.

Geo. S. Warden, C.S., 408 E. Routt Thurs., Eagles' Hall, E. ComLeo. Senger, Pres., 25 College St.


mercial St. Adolph Longer, C.S. & B.A., 1210

45_BROOKLYN, N. 1. Green L. E. Reddick, Pres., 1043 Blair. Tennessee St.

point and Manhattan Ave... 20 H. B. White, C.S., 1009 W. Chase 24-BLOOMINGTON, ILL. 20-4th 4th Tues.

Thurs.. 810 West Chestnut St. Patrick W. Cantwell, Pres.. 136 A. F. Bingham, B.A.. 536 Soutb Honry Van Moter, Pres.. 8011 E. Kent St.




71—SCRANTON, PA. odd Fel- 100_MARSHALL, TEXAS. 1st-3d (129_OLINTON, IOWA 2d-40 lows' Hall, Lacka Avo.

Tueo. I. 0. O. F. Hall.

Fri., Labor Templo, 5th Ave. TUOL.

A. H. Moore, Pres., Park Ave. Jas. Endis, Pres., 810 Summit An Pat Shaughnessy, Pres., 423 N. 9th J. P. O'Neil, c.8., 108 E. Rusk St. Fred Todts, C.8., 406 N. 2d St. Ave.

BUTTE, MONT. L. A. McDonough, C.S., 404 Web- 103. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. 180

1st-34 Moose Club rooms, 222 S. Tem Tues, ster Ave.

Carpenters' Hall, oor. ple St., 2d-4th Mon.

Granito and Montana Sto. 72PORTLAND, ORE 2d-4th D. A. Camomile, Pres., 45 Amer John Gaebel, C.S., 1260 E. 20 st Thuri., 228 Yamhill St.

ican St.

G. C. Wright, Pres., 1007 S. Art. Prank Disbrow, Pres., 685 E. 20th G. V. Cochran, C.S., 335 So. Sec zona St. St.

ond St., W. A. W. Rickett, C.S., 652 South


104-SEATTLE, WASH. 2d-4th tral Labor Hall, 2d-4th Wod.

Thurs., Labor Temple, 6th and E. G. Pullen, Pres., 602 Columbia 78–TBOY, N. Y. 2d-4th Mon., University St.

St. Swan and Goorgia Sus., Mochan Wm. Cooper, Pres.

James Higgins, C.S., 413 O'Neda ice Hall,

Geo. Talley, C.8., and B.A., 4002 St. James Keating. Pres.

19th Ave., S.W.

134MONTREAL, David Boyd.

QUE.. CAN. C.S., 105 4th St., 106-CINCINNATI, OHIO. 28-4th

1st-3d Thurs., Watervliet

Monument Na.

tional, St. Lawrence and Main

Tues., Workman's Hall, Mercer 74HOUSTON, TEXAS.

St. 1st-3d and Walnut Sto. Wod., Halverton Hall, 1823 Frank Bareswilt, Pres.,

924 3d F. Ripley, Preb, 321 Poupert St. Washington St.

Stephen Craig, C.S., 147 St.

Ave., Dayton, Ky.
Frank Abbitt, Pres., H. & F. C.

Etienne St.
Walter J. Russell, C.S., 1126 Budd

St., Cincinnati, O.

138_CHILLICOTHE, OHIO. Ru F. C. Jackson, C.8., 1204 Sawyer.

Men's Hall, 1st-3d Mon. 70-GARRETT, IND.

107—MILWAUKEE, WIS. 2d-4th Chas. F. O'Neal, Pres. Evory oth Mon.

Elmer Dennowitz, C.S. & B.A, 193 or Sat., 1. A. of M. Hall, Cowon Thomas Olson, Pres., 1003 21st St. Sycamore. and W. King Sta.

Chas. E. Holdor, C.S.. 150 Sth St. D. T. Housor, Pres.. Altona, Ind.

136COLORADO CITY, COLO. Charles Hopper, C.S.

108 AUGUSTA, GA, 2d-4th Red Men's Hall, 1st-3d Fri. 80 ANACONDA, MONT. 2d-4th


Machinists Hall, Broad J. H. Cook, Prei., 216 W. 10th St Wed., M. & M. Hall, Lodgo Box H. v. Pead, Pres., 618 Lincoln St.


Carl West, C.8., 16 Lincoln Ava 372.

137—PUDUCAH, KY, lat-3n Ben Cornellus, Pres., 708 W. Park P. K. Tant, C.s., 215 11th St. St.

Wed. 6th and Broadway. 111-MISSOULA, MONT. Wiko Wynn, C.8., 809 E. 3d.

20-4th J. C. Jones, Pres., 704 S. 11th St Mon., Union Hall

H. C. Beadles, C.s., 1708 Trim ble 81.SPRINGFIELD, ILL. 1st-3d Chas. N. Matt, Pres., 213 N. 20 St. Wod.



Seng. B.A., 7347 Lexington Nick Otto, Pres., 1600 E. Edwards. H. A. Chase, C.S., P. O. Box 368, Ave., Chicago, Ill. H. J. Freischlag. C.S., 3117 E. Lawrence Ave.

112 MOBILE, ALA. 2d-4th 143-KNOXVILLE, TENN. 319 X 82-08AWATOMIR, K.

Von., Contral Trados Council.

Gay St., 1st-3d Tues.
Thuri., Eaglos'_Hall.
John T. Head, Pres.

S. E. Carnes, Pres., 623 Calloway H. Fader. Pres., Box 461.

Wm. A. Pritchett, C.S., Washing St.

ton Ave. D. P. Smith, Cor. Soc.

Joe Galloway, C.S., R. F. D. No.

12. 84_GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. 28. 118_SEDALIA, MO. 1st-20 Tues., 4th Thuri., Campau Hall., D1 Tillberry Hall, cor. 6th and En. 144-CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA vision St. and 9th Ave. ginoer St.

3rd Mon., Fodoration Hall. Pierre M. Sackett, Pres., 649 S. A. L. Lacky, Pres., 145 E. Pettis Chas. Bowman, Pres., 816 EII Ionio. St.

Blvd. Daniol Gray, 'C.8., 326 Jefferson J. H. Sullivan, C.8., 821 N. Sum Chas. E. Kaser, C.S., 822 Davo W. Ave. mit,

St. 85 - TOLEDO, оно. 2d-4th 116 - PORT HURON, MICH. 14KMISSOURI VALLEY, IOWA Tues., Mitchell's Hall, oor. WalTrades and Labor Hall, 2d-4th

2nd-4th Wed., Walker', Hall. out and Summit 8ts.


Chris Sorensen, C.s., P. 0. Box Wm. C. Serman, Pres.,

1648 Jack White, Pres., 912 Pino Bt. 181. Poole St.

Gus Fountain, C.S., 2633 Walnut Chas. Stephap C.S., 672 Howland St.

148—VALLEJO, CAL and-sta St., E. Tolodo. 116-BRAINERD, MINN.

at 2d-4th

Mon. Vallejo, Cal., Labor 86_JACKSON,

TENN. 2d-4th

Fri., Union Labor Hall,
Len Bodal, Pror.

J. W. O'Brien, Pres., 617 SacraB. B. Seward, Pres.

J. W. Gabion, C.8., 601 8. Sth St. mento St. C. F: Fisher, F.S.. 561 E. Lafay- 117-DE SOTO, MO.

G. L. Allen, C.8., 612 Bonom& St.

1st-3d Mon., ette.

Union Labor Hall.

149 MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA -LOS ANGELES, CAL. 20 - 4th Wm. Castleberry, Pres.

1st-3rd Mon. Trados and Labor Wed., Union Labor Temple, 640 H. J. Brummer, C.S., Box 305.

Assembly Hall, Maln 8t. Maple Ave.

Wm. Wortman, Pres., 709 N. 4th Charles Clark, Pres., 206 S. Work- 118-NORTH PLATTE, NEB. 4th St. man Ave.

Sat., K. of P. Hall.

J. B. Feld, C.S., 703 E. Boone. J. W. Taylor, C.8., 2807 Darwin John Seth, Pres. Ave. Jno. C. Carroll, F.8., 220 E. 9th st. 150-URBANA,

ind-401 93-JOLIET. ILL. 1st-3d Tues., | 123—LIVINGSTON, MONT.

Mon., Carpenter Hall. 2d

Chas. Mullens, Pres., Urbana, Ill. Conner', Hall.

4th Fri., Odd Fellows Hall.

A. E. Strode, C.S., 733 N. Neil St. Herbert Abbey, Pres., 120 Norton J. M. Butler, Pres., 615 E. Galli

Champaign, Ill. Ave.

tan. Chas. Mork, C.8., 424 Landan Ave. A. D. Nelson, C.S., Box 134.

154-PITTSBURG, PA. Event

Fri., 633 Smithfield Bt. 94-SACRAMENTO, CAL. 1st-3d 125—DUNKIRK,

N. Y. 2d-4th Loo. J. Connolly, Pron. & B.A. Thurs., Labor Temple.

Tues., A. 0. U. W. Hall, Lion 574 Grant Blvd., Pittsburg. Pa J. Grabfelder , Pres., 3001 G. St. St.

H. J. Thumel, C.8., 181 Iton St. Charles White, C.S.

P. J. Hanrahan, Pros., 849 Park Allegheny. Pa. 95—EVANSVILLE, IND. 1st-3d


167—SYRACUSE, N. Y. 1st-3d Mon.. Barnetts Hall, 5th and C. M. Coults, C.S., 91 Railroad

Wed., Bartender's Hall, Clinton Slcamore Sts. Ave.

and W. Genesee St. Gilbert Menke, Pres., 1118 S. Gov. 126-WINNIPEG, MAN. 2d-4th

H. P. Brownell, Pres., E. Syreernor St. Thurs., Trades Hall, James St.,

cuse, N. Y. - FORT WORTH, TEXAS. 3d

Geo. Rechburg, C.S., E. Syracuse, Thuri., Labor Temple.

Geo. Chadburn, Pres., 1697 Alex N Y. J. M. Short, Pres, 326 S. Calhoun ander Ave.

189/WILKESBARRE, PA. sadSt. Ernest Thompson, C.S., 1569 Pa

4th Sat., Building Trade CounS. W. Steele, C.S., 214 E. Dog cilio Ave.

cil Hall, W. Market St. gett Ave.

127 — BATTLE CREEK. MICH. | Warron Smith, Pros., 48 Brook 98 TUCSON ARIZ. 2d-4th 20 - 4th Wod., Socialists' Hall.

St. Wed., I. 0.0. F. Hall.

Frank Curtes, Pros., 85 4th St. Thompson McGowan, C.S., Robert Rouchoy, Pres.

T. B. Davlos, C.S., 64 Kingman Ridge St. A. L. Dognan, C.8., 231 Horbert Ave.

161-BOONE, IOWA 1st-sod St. 128-TORONTO, ONT.. CAN. 20


Bloctrical Workon 90-NEWARK. OHIO. Druids 4th Fri., Occident Hall, Quoon Hall. Hall. 8. 2d 8t., 1st-3d sun.

and Bathurst St

Wm. Heltkamp. Proi., 1116 Liga Frank Peterman, Pres., 34 Ger James Mack, Pres., 630 Welling. St. man St.

ton St., W.

H. W. Martons, C.8.. 1389 Yor. J. B. Lents. C.8.. 17 Curtis Ava. John Dairs, C.S., 255 N. Lisgar. dlan St.

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163-HOBOKEN, N. J.-28-4th 198–BALTIMORE, MD. Evory,216KL PASO, TEXAS. Labor Fri., 500 Bloomfield St. Thur., 103 N. Frederick St.

Bureau Hall, 2nd-4th Fri. Edwin L. Norwood, Pres., 933 Wm. Wulf, Prol, 505 B. Randall W. M. Parker, Prou., 408% Wye. Garden St. St.

W. Bodson, C.8., 1024 Wyoming Frank T. Remmell, C. S., 1137 | Phil Yingling, C.8., 410 E. 27th St

St. Garden St.



Wod., Winklor', Hall 165 - DULUTH, MINN. 3d-4th ADA. 1st-3d Mon., at Labor

Bridgos nd Water St. Sat., 7:30 p.m., Sloan's Hall, Hall.

John J. Griffin, Pres., 117 Tonth 30th Ave., W. & Superior St. D. Neilson, Pres., P. O. Suu. No.7. St. Wm. Farley, Pres., 2612 W. 4th A. Fraser, C.8., 1151 Howo St.

Wm. E. Donovan, B.A, 9 Arbor St.

St. B. Koons, C.S., Gen. Del., Proc- 195—KEWANEE,

1st-38 Jorh c. Driscoll, C.8., 141 Patton tor, Minn. Fri., O'Donnell's Hall, 3d St.

Edward Hippert, Pres. & B.A.,

219_NEWPORT, R. L. 160DETROIT, MICH. 1st-3d

Fishcer Ave.
Tues., 22 Monroe Ave.

Bert McKinney, C.S., 133 Dwight Felix Hackett, Pres.

Alexander M. O'Sullivan, C.S., 31 Wm. Allen, Pres., 1455 Latayotte

Gould St. Ava 197-ALBANY, N. Y. 41 Hudson 220 CHICAGO,

1st-sd Carl F. Aderholdt, C.S., 3894 Avo., 2d-4th Sat.

Tues., 63d and Jackson, Park Meldrum Ave. Wm. C. Reilly, Pres., Third St.

Ave. J. J. McMahon, B.A., 62 Pine St.,Wm. Douglas, Pres., 8251 E. End 170_RICHMOND, VA. 1st-sa Rensslaer, N. Y.

Ave. Sat., Labor Templo Hall, 6th Jno. J. Leamy, C.8., 68 Living

Chas. McGinley, C.S.. 632 E. 90th and Marshall ston Ave.

St. Thos. J. Garvey, Pres., 414 S.

198–O GDEN, UTAH. Bird St.

KAS. 20-30 221-PITTSBURG,

1st-34 H. C. McCabe, C.S., 711 Louisiana Tues., Union Labor Hall on 24th Wed., Labor Hall, N. Broadway. Ave.

St., between Washington and R. A. Lines, Pres., 521 E. 9th St.

P. J. Hlett, C.8., 1801 N. Grand 171-BROOKLYN, N. Y. 18th St., J. J. McDonald, Pres., 2861 Pa Ave. 3d Ave. Northeast cor., 2d-4th cific

F. Cushman, B.A.
Tues. of each month.
F. S. Dunn, F.S., 2242 Lincoln.

222-JACKSONVILLE, FLA, Thoi. Purvis, Pres., 525 Logan.

Central Labor Hall, cor. E. Bay 199HORTON, KAS Redmon's Thor. F. Smith, C.S., 696 Honry

and Liberty Sts., 1st-3d Thurs. St

Hall, 2d-4th Thur.

J. A. McCloud, Pres., 912 W. E. J. McCarty, Pros.

Monroe St. 17.–PROVIDENCE, B. I. 2d-4th

E. S. McGinnis, C.S., P. O. Box J. C. Garvey, C.S., 808 W. Adams

Tues., 98 Weylosset St.
Ja. H. Crook, Pres., 3 Warron 200-STATEN ISLAND,

N. Y. 228—UTICA, N. Y. Labor Tem-
St., West Arlington, R. I.
I. 0. G. A. Hall, W. Brighton,

plo 2nd Fri. Allen P. Brown, C.8., 960 West S. I., N. Y.

J. Erhard, Pres. minster.

James Fleming, Pres., 166 Vine- Thos. H. Tiplady, C.8., 19 City 8t.

gar Place, W. Brighton, N. Y. 224-MATTOON, OLL 1st-3rd 175_OSWEGO, N. Y. 2d-4th Eathen R. Johnson, C.S., 61

Tuos. in I. 0. 0. F. Hall, Mon., 8 p.m., Forester Hall, E. Greenleaf Ave.,

Brighton, Charleston Ave. Bridgo St.

S. I., N. Y.

J. A. Meyers, Pres. Wm. Perean, Pres., 90 Hart St.


MINN. Patrick Sheehey, c.8., 87 Varick 201-WINONA,

Cummings, C.S., 1700 Wal1st-3d

nut St. St.

Wed., at 112 West 3d St.

226SALISBURY. N. 0. W. 0. Frank Rice, Pres., 574 W. 7th. 176-ELIZABETH, N. J.

W. Hall, Ianes and Main Sta. G. A John Buchholz, C.S., 251 E. King

2nd-4th Fri. R. Hall, East Jersey St., be St.

B. W. Barger, Pres., 128 Hurrah tween 1st-2d St., 2d-4th Wed.

St. John H. Reynolds, 33 Dolawar. 202SCHENECTADY, N. Y. 20

4th Sat., at 3 p.m., Hibernian R. L. Staley, C.S., Box 118, SpenSt

, Hall in the Sanikord Block,

cer, N. C. Wm. J. Kelly, C.8., 245 Clark Pl.

State St.


3rd Sat, 177-RACINE, WI8, 1st-3d Tues, Edward Cummings, Pros. , 610 Garflold Hall, 4039 W. Madison at Trades and Labor Council Liberty St.

St. Hall, 4th and Mala Sts.

Bernard Rafferty, B.A., 368 Car John Seldon, Pres., 2920 N. RidgeChristian Sornson, Proi., 1304 rie St.

way Ave. State St. Michael E. Quinn, C.S., 300 Park

Frank Reinemeyer C.S., 111 W.

Chestnut wood Blvd. Wm. J. O'Neil, C.8., 1638 N. St.

Dearborn St., Phono

1141. Clair St.

203-LONDON, ONT., CAN. Car 229ROCHESTER, N. Y. 2nd179 — DENVER, COLO. 2d-4th ling's Block, Richmond St., 3d 4th Frl. at Room 2, Maccaboo Fri., room 38 Club Bldg., 1733 4th Wed.

Arapa hoe.
Wm. Stinson, Pres.

R. Wamer, Pres., 125 Depew St. Albert Nelson, Pres., 805 W. 7th Harry Kibber, C.s., 811 Central

Brush, C.S., 59 W. Main St. Aie.


230_JOPLIN, MO. 1st-30 Mon., Harry Shaffroth, c.8., 3745 Wyn-204HONOLULU, H. I.

Carpenter's Hall, 112 W. 9th St. koop St.

Waverly Fred Wetherell, Pres.

Hall, 20 - 4th Thurs. Chas. A. Hall, B.A., Room 3, Clue

E. E. Vaughn C.S., 1802 2d Ave. Geo. Jordan, Pres.. Honolulu Iron 233—OAKLAND, CAL Bldg.

2nd-4th Works.

Mon.. cor. 7th and Peralta St. 180—MEMPHIS, TENN. Italian

W. H. Lane, C.8., Honolulu Iron John Gardiner, Pres., 7th and Pin. Hall 1st-3d Fri,

Mike O'Neil, Pres., Frisco Shop. 206—SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.

A. E. Clyements, C.s., 1202 8th G. I. Alexander, C.S., 667 Louis 2d-4th Tues., at 3265 16th St.

St. lana St. Wm. J. Clinton. Pres., 2271 Turk.

284CORNING, N. Y. 2nd Tuor. Dominick Kane, 182-NEW CASTLE, Pa.


in Gerbels Hall.

1160 42 Trades

Thos. E. Fitzgerald, Pres., 366 E. Washington St. Assembly Hall, 2d-4th Tues

First St. A. W. Sponseller, Pres., 106 206—ALGIERS, LA. 2nd-4t. Fri., John E. Smith, C.8., 332 Oak Bt. Friendship St. Renecky Hall.

235 COLUMBIA, 8. O. 2nd-4th P. McNicholas, C.S., 106 Elm St. Jos. Koenig. Pros. & C.8., 800 Pa. Thurs., 1716 Blanding St.

cific Ave.

E. R. Ferrell, Pres., 1716 Bland183 - WARREN, PA. 1st - 30

ing St. Thurs., at Koller Block.

208-PATERSON, N. J. Columbia 1. J. Neff. C.8.. 2312 Laurel 8t. Frank Hohman, Pres. Hall. 462 Main St., 1st-3rd Frl. 236- MARQUETTE. MICH.

2ndTheo. Dietch, C.s., Mohawk Avo Thos. Gorman, Pres., 167 Pine St. 4th Thur.. Seigles Hall. S. Side.

August Reichert, C.S., 182 Oliver Edw. Cooney, Pres., 318 W. Bluff

188-GENEVA, N. Y. ovory 28 209-DENISON, TEXAS. 2nd-4th Arthur M. Davis, C.S., 622 8. 7th
Fri., 7:45 p.m., Paintor. Hall,
Mon., Labor Hall.

St. cor, Seneca and Lindon St.

2ndWm. Tracey, Pres., 54

A. McDowell, Pres., 708 W. Shep. 237-HARTFORD. CONN.
pard St.

4th Wed, at C. L. U. Hall, Conworth St. Fred Alsdorf, C.S., 515 W. Ow

tral Row. Hugh Reddy. C.S., 309 William St. ings St.

John P. Glynn, Pres.. 68 Grove St. 101-VICTORIA, B, C., CANADA. 214-QUINCY,

Edw. F. Mullaly, C.S., 26 Loonis

MARS. Johnson St. Lobar Hall, Douglas St., 2d-4th Bldg., Quincy Square, 2nd - 4th 238—CLIFTON FORGE, VA. 3rd Toa. Mon.

Tues., Mon., Eagles Hall. J. Newbigging, Pra.

Edw. F. Welch, Pres., 16 Gay St. A. J. Haur. Pres.. Ridgeway St. W. C. Stewart. C.S., Beaumont John McDonald, C.S.. 49 Chestnut w T. Hayth, F.S. & C.S.. P. O., Victoria, B. C., Canada. st.

Ridgeway 8t.


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