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HON. SHELBY M, CULLOM, of Sangamon.


First Assistant Clerk......

........J. F. ALLISON. Second Assistant Clerk........

.........J. D. HAMILTON. Third Assistant Clerk................... ..G. W. JOHNS. Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk.....................W. I. ALLEN. First Assistant Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk.......V. W. DASHIEL. Second Assistant Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk..... EDMUND ROACH. Doorkeeper.......

......A. B. KIRKBRIDE. First Assistant Doorkeeper..

.....Thos. ROUNTREE. Second Assistant Doorkeeper.

.....J. R. ROBERTS. Postmaster ....... ..........

......W. F. WILTON. Assistant Postmaster.........

........ Thos. E. WOODS.

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8, 1873.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, the members elect to the House of Representatives of the Twentyeighth General Assembly convened at the State House in the city of Springfield, on Wednesday, the 8th day of January, A. D. 1873, at the hour of twelve o'clock M.

The members were called to order by Hon. Edward Rummel, Secretary of State. Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Reed.

On motion of Mr. Johnson, Hon. John Thomas, of St. Clair county, was appointed Speaker pro tem.

Mr. Rummel appointed the following committee to wait upon Mr. Thomas and conduct him to the chair, viz: Messrs. Hawes, Hopkins and Middlecoff. The committee performed the duty required of them, and

Mr. Thomas took the chair and returned thanks to the House for the honor conferred upon him.

On motion of Mr. Grey,

On motion of Mr. Inscore, it was Resolved, That the following pamed persons be and they are hereby declared to be temporary officers of this Honse, viz: Assistant Clerk.' W. B. Pike, of Clark county ; Doorkeeper, Jonathan Biggs, of Clark county First Assistant Doorkeeper, W. M. Summers, of Cass county, Second Assistant Door. keeper, John R. Campbell, of Sangamon county.

On motion of Mr. Dalton, it was Resolred, That the rules and principles of parliamentary law as laid down in Cushing's Manual, be and the same are hereby adopted for the government of this House during its temporary organization.

On motion of Mr. Hildrup, it was Resolved, That the Speaker pro tem. appoint a committee of five on credentials, that the Clerk bo instructed to call the representative districts in numerical order, and that the members elect, as their respective districts shall be called, present to said committee their certificates of election, and that said committee examine the same and report the names of the members elect to this House.

The Speaker pro tem. appointed as such coinmittee Messrs. Carpenter, Shaw, Jaquess, Sherman and Oberly. .

The calling of the districts was proceeded with and the credentials of the members elect were presented and placed in the hands of the committee on credentials.

On motion of Mr. Connelly, it was
Resolved, That when the House shall adjourn, it adjourn to meet at ten o'clock to-morrow morning.

On motion of Mr. Shaw,
At 12:35 P. M. the House adjourned.


Prayer by Rev. Mr. Hale. The journal of yesterday was read and approved. Mr. Carpenter, from the committee on credentials, submitted the following report :

REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON CREDENTIALS. The undersigned, to whom was referred the credentials of the members elect of the House of Representatives of the Twenty-eighth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, respectfully report the following named gentlemen entitled to seats, as appears from certificates of election submitted to us :


1 First, Second, Tenth and Eleventh Wards of the City of Chicago, in the James B. Bradwell. county of Cook .............................

John A. Lomax.

William Wayman. 2 Third, Fourth and Fifth Wards of the City of Chicago, and the Townships Solomon P. Hopkins. of Hyde Park and Lake, in Cook county...........

Francis T. Sherman.

Charles G. Wicker. 3 Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Wards of the City of Chicago, in the county of E. F. Cullerton. Cook.

Constantine Kann.

Thomas M. Halpin. 4 Ninth, Twelfth and Thirteenth Wards of the City of Chicago. ......., John F. Scanlan.

Thomas E. Ferrier.

William H. Condon. 5 Fourteenth, Fifteenth and Eighteenth Wards of the City of Chicago... William A. Herting.

Ingwell Oleson.

Hugh McLaughlin. 6 Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Wards of the City of Otto Peltzer. Chicago....

John M. Rountree.

George E. Washburn, 7 Townships of New Trier, Northfield, Wheeling, Palatine, Barrington,

Hanover, Schaumberg, Elk Grove, Maine, Niles, Evanston, Lake View,
Jefferson, Leyden, Proviso, Riverside, Cicero, Lyons, Lemont, Palos, Daniel Booth.
Worth, Calumet, Thornton, Bremen, Orland, Rich and Bloom, in the Charles H. Dolton.
county of Cook..

Henry C. Senne.
McHenry county..

Richard Bishop. I Lake ..........*

Flaval K. Granger. **

Elisha Gridley. 9 Winnebago

Robert J. Cross. Boone.....

Jesse S. Hildrup.

Duncan J. Stewart. 10 JoDaviess.

Edward L. Conkrite. Stephenson.....

Alfred M. Jones.

James S. Taggart. 11 Carroll...

James Shaw. Whiteside...

James E. McPherran.

Dean S. Efner. 12 Ogle. .........

Isaac Rice. Lee .....

Henry D. Dement.

Frederick H. Marsh, 13 DeKalb ..

Lyman B. Ray. Kendall.

George M. Hollenback. Grundy

Perry A. Armstrong, 14 Kane.

Sylvester S. Mann. DuPage...

Julius A. Carpenter.

James Herrington. 15 Will...

Amos Savage.
John S. Jessup.

Jabez Harvey. 16 Kankakee ........

Milliard J. Sheridan, Iroqnois.. ..

E. B. Collins.

Thomas S. Sawyer. 17 LaSalle ...............

Lewis Soule.
Joseph Hart.
George W. Armstrong.

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