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No. 23.

[ No. 23. ]

PETITION of A. R. Calkins and 400 others, for a grant of swamp lands lying in Allegan county, to aid in the construction of a railroad from Grand Rapids to Allegan, aud from Allegan to St. Joseph and New Buffalo.

Memorial to the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, in Legislature assembled:

Your memorialists humbly show that they are residents of the county of Allegan; that they live in an important lumbering and agricultural region of the State of Michigan; that the various branches of business and manufacture in which they are engaged are seriously impaired for the want of those railroad facilities enjoyed by other parts of the State. They, therefore, respectfully ask your honorable body to pass such a law during the present session of the Legislature as will authorize a grant of the swamp lands lying in said county, the proceeds of which to be appropriated to the construction of a railroad from Grand Rapids to Allegan, and from Allegan to St. Joseph and New Buffalo, as soon as an efficient company shall be formed to receive such grant and to construct such railroad.

A. R. Caulkins,

C. W. Caulkins,

John Littlejohn,
Henry S. Clubb,

D. Ellinger,
S. A. Bentley,
A. S. Wells,

John P. McCormick,

C. F. Rogers, Henry Dumont,

J. C. Elliott,

Robert Linn,

Charles Baker,
James W. Coburn,
Austin Killam,
Albert B. Mallery,
Jacob Killman,
Parmer Cook,
Theodore Stratton,
Andrew Vanpatten,
Wilson Flagg,
Oramel Calkins,
George W. Taylor'
E. B. Born,
E. W. Brownell,
D. C. Aenderson,
Eldridge Morey,

Samuel Clipson,
Joseph Gernison

H. S. Priest,

William T. Bliss,
George Bakson,
W. A. Albert,

John Claffry,
B. Johnson,
Isaac G. Austin,
John H. Depriest,
George Middaugh,
Harvey F. Kingsley,
Pardee Griswold,
Charles Middaugh,
M. B. Marsh,

George W. Kingsley,
Wm. H. Parrish,
Elijah Cummings,
George Buchanan,

James D. Henderson,

W. B. Williams,
L. Bailey,

John B. Dumont,

J. W. Nichols,
Alex. Henderson,
Clark Nichols,
William O. Bond,
Isaac Lamoureux,

A. C. Fish,
J. N. Clark,
L. Hoyt,

H. D. Edgerton,
N. Dickinson,
Stephen Shank
Thos. E Strater.
Lansing Kenson,
J. Wood,
A B. Eaton,
Joel Hewett,
John Cummings,.
Benjamin Doty,
J. F. Harrington,
William Wetbay,
Geleriel Butrs,
John Frank,
James Bucanon,
Sherman P. Stanley,
Charles R. Wilkes,
J. D. Follett,
G. M. Foster,
George F. Stone,
S. M. Daily,

R. R. Allen,
Z. L. Griswell,

Samuel A. Hewitt,

Peter Smith,

Joseph Pleifner,

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