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J. J. Cole,

Peter Prichart,

Henry Booher,

J. S. Dye,

Hiram Ross,

Horace D. Moore, Capt. L. B. Coates, Stephen B. Hoag, J. J. Arnold,

A. C. Roberts,

W. B. Spencer,
George McKenzie,
M. Hawks,

H. S. Munson,
Morton Gogs,

Oscar Hare,
D. Granger,
P. Kennedy,
Edward S. Row,

Orrin Ross,
Samuel D. Foster,
Calvin White,
Milo Pierce,

Joseph Pierce,
W. H. Ware,
John Chambers,
Elihu Eaton,
Jas. Smith,
James Lissne,
Squanec Edward,
Ethen Allen,
Delos Graves,

John Howrigrow,
Wm. Henderson,

Wm. Wirt,

C. W. Stone,

James Monteith,

Wm. Allen,

A. J. Lancaster,
H. House,

David Hendrison,

M. Van Husen,
S. E. Everts,
H. E. Reading,
Alvin Upson,
James C. Elliott,

H. E. Phelps,
Thos. Wilson,
John S. Karge,
Nelson N. Rouse,

Thos. M. Warrant,
Geo. N. Wade,
Geo. S. Clark,
Charles Myers,
Nelson A. Kierky,
Nathaniel Foster,

Rufus Houghton,
James Pinklen,
W. Sherwood,
George Selvaney,
Jeremiah Brown,
Wm. Cross,
Myron Ewits,
E. R. Squier,
Nelson Crittenden,

Henry Foster,

John Owe,

. Ioseph Devall,

J. J. Howe,

Jos. McIntyre.

[ No. 18. ]

MEMORIAL of John Howard, M. S. Gillett and 104 others, citizens of St. Clair county, respecting the drainage, reclaiming and sale of the swamp lands in this State.

To the Honorable Legislature of the State of Michigan:

The undersigned, citizens of St. Clair county, feeling a deep interest in the disposition of the swamp lands granted by the General Government for the purpose of enabling the State to drain said lands, reclaim them from the deadly miasma that hovers over them and the adjoining lands, and to promote the health of the country where said lands are situated, are not only desirous, but we believe it to be the duty of the State, to see that said lands are disposed of in such a way as to carry out the original design of the grant, to promote the health, hasten the settlement, and aid in developing the resources of the State. We would respectfully represent that if those lands are kept out of the market it will greatly retard the settlement of the several townships in which they are situated, embarrass and load the first settlers of said townships with the burdens of draining and building roads over said lands, which they cannot endure.

The greatest deprivation experienced by the first settlers of all timbered lands, is the want of roads; and they have not the means or the ability to build them.

We should regret extremely to see those lands sold, and the first set

tlers robbed of a legacy which we consider rightfully belongs to them, for the purpose of establishing schools or seminaries in other portions of the State, more favorably situated as regards roads, soil and climate, and leaving the first settlers of said townships to struggle with poverty, and to endure hardships brought upon them in a great measure by the want of roads. Therefore we pray your Honors, that said lands may be sold at auction, and the proceeds expended in draining, building and opening roads, through the several townships in which said lands are situated.

January 20, 1857.

John Howard,

J. D. Whitney,
George M. Sluper,
James Saville,
Edw. L. Boardman,
S. J. Murphy,
F. Saunders,
Wm. A. Bird,
Samuel S. Ward,

M. Gilbert,
John Johnston,
B. Gillingham,
R. S. Cummings,
James Pickering,
Cyrus Miles,

E. A. Patridge,

A. G. Peer,
Jas. A. Haslett,

John J. Thompson,
J. C. Forbes,

D. G. Gregory,
Thos. H. Hunt,
G. S. Lester,
J. H. White,

W. H. James,
J. W. Hughs.
Thos. Holiburn,

M. S. Gillett,
Alvah Sweetzer,
Joseph Smith,
G. C. Sweetzer,
N. Avery,
Allen Fish, Jr.,
E. Brockway,
J. W. King,
Wm. Thompson,
M. Walkes,
Allen Fish,
F. Hubert,
John Jackett,
D. Bryce,

John E. Waldron,

Amos James,
Patrick Kennedy,
John Haslett,
W. H. B. Dowling,
M. C. Armstrong,
L. Stevens,
E. White,
H. J. Boekins,
R. Crowell,
James Craig,
J. Jacobs,
H. B. Miller,

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