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Joseph Kemp Bourne,

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W. D. Aris,

W. Whittaper,
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Chas. Remners,
Edward Smith,
W. Humphrys,
G. D. Ampton,
Chas. Clark,
H. S. Potter,
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W. P. Wilson,
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A. Boynton,

L. S. King,

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Thos. A. Wright,

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James F. Baly,
Joseph Willman,
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John G. Breakwake,
John Davidson,
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G. F. Smith,
John Jobe,
Ira Paige,
T. M. Wiel,

L. S. Noble,

Rob't. H. Hickling.

[ No. 19. ]

PETITION of B. M. Springsteen and others, relative to tax law. To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan:

The undersigned, your petitioners and citizens of Berrien county' would most respectfully represent, that the time has in our opinion come, when some law should be enacted to secure the payment of taxes on non-resident lands, or protect those citizens who do pay them by purchasing said lands at tax sales, as has been the custom for a series of years last past.

Your memorialists would respectfully represent that no inconsiderable portion of the non-resident lands in this and other counties are suffered to be sold for taxes, and persons bidding them in, obtaining tax title deeds, as well from the State as from the county Treasurer, have found their titles, by the adjudication of our courts to be valueless. We submit whether a law should not be enacted at your present session, mak” ing it obligatory on those owning non-resident land to pay the taxes and in default of which that the land thus sold be held as security for the payment and interest thereon as also for all improvements made on such land, and have the act so drawn as that mere technicalities in the assessment or in making out and collecting the tax list, shall not operate to defeat the collection of just and equitable taxes, and thus throw the entire support of government upon the actual resident.

We also submit whether a law should not be eracted by which those who have paid taxes as above, should have a lien on the lands thus sold for taxes, until the money and interest accruing therefrom should have been paid by those claiming ownership.

Your memorialists would represent that without some law bearing on this case, non-resident land will go without taxation, as the owners will be slow to pay and none will hazard their money in buying up tax titles or paying delinquent taxes.

Relying upon you, that you will remedy this evil complained of, we

shall ever pray.

B. M. Springsteen,
Foster J. Parks,

Luther Smith,
W. S. Wetherell,
Mordecai Price,

B. B. Duncan,

P. Weckler,
John Taylor,

J. H. Leland,

T. Valberson,
James Garret,

Wm. Bradford,
Richard Stanley,

J. N. Arnden,

J. Alden,

Francis Finegan,
Horace Guernsey,

John McManus,

Robert Gregory,

Luke Shavai,

Lewis Forsith,

D. A. Foster,

E. R. Baker,
John Steel,
A. L. Keeler,
George H. Scott,

Patrick Yoare,
Oscar F. Fay,
Michael Kao,
Charles Cronkhite,
J. E. Stevens,
Charles E. Tryon,
Hiram Jones,

R. A. Gragg,

S. P. Phillips,

R. D. Jameson,
Simon Berg,
John Campbell,
J. R. Pearl,
N. W. Nassie,

H. Grant,
O. L. Green,

B. Kingsley,
K. Olds,

W. Cludine,

G. S. Bacon,
T. Shavai,
Samuel Spink,
H. Johns,
G. W. Kingsley,
John Haller,

O. D. Rector,

J. J. Drake,

T. Shott,

Daniel Bringam,

Hon. A. D. Guernsey,

W. J. Boyce,

Charles Marsh,

Samuel Hicks,

John King,
G. R. Gaver,

John Vaenton,

Richard Lysaght,

M. Carroll,

John Slattery,

John Yore,

S. W. Holland,

A. Livingston,

E. Coffinger,
Kellogg Martindale,
J. V. Parmenter,
Charles T. Hamlin
R. E. Baum,
Joseph Gard,
Joseph Colwell,

J. M. Hull,

John Fisher, J. E. Watson, E. T. Moulton, John Tryon, John Killing, J. Brant, D. B. Crane, Calvin Britain, M. Lectzel, Thomas Ames, L. J. Brown,

H. A. Smith,

C. McNeill,

C. Kingsley,

G. W. Moore,

John Martin,

R. Horbein,
James Turner,
A. Knight,

T. Kringer,
D. S. Monroe,
Alex. Petrea,
L. F. Warner,

J. Gantary,

A. Jackson,

John Horn,
John E. Rogers,
A. Vanderbank,
George Hannett,
W. B. Smith,
Barnard Miller,

D. M. Crane,
C. P. Brown,
W. C. Weaver,
C. Stanley,
Thomas Evans,
D. King,
C. King,
Solomon Pearl,
Barney Hodge,
Wm. Barron,

H. M. Brown,
L. M. Olds,

O. P. Mix,

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