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[No. 15.]

PETITION of D. O. Dix, A. Winslsow and 31 other citizens of Berrien county, for a general banking law.

To the Legislature of the State of Michigan:

The undersigned, citizens of Berrien county, State of Michigan, respectfully petition your Honorable body to enact a general law, at your present Session, to authorize the business of Banking-believing the present necessities of the business interests of the State require a well guarded and safe law.

January 1st, 1857.

A. Winslow,

Elliot Chamberlain,
George Wright,
John N. Fowler,
H. B. Harrington,
Michael Fletcher,

G. Antrim,

J. Taintor,

B. Enos,

George C. Balcom,

Albert Antrim,
A. B. Taft,

John Lewis,

William Poisall,
Myron Higbee,
Ira Enos,

D. O. Dix,
A. M. Gustin,
C. Kellogg,
J. Armis,

J. K. Bishop,
N. L. Bishop,

F. A. Wakefield,

E. Yerington,

J. T. Doan,

C. Nutting,

Z. G. Townsend,

P. P. Hoag,

W. L. Finck,

M. Boyer.

G. W. Hess,

Wm. Wilder,

D. T. Hurd,

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