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[No. 9.]

PETITION of the Port Huron and Milwaukee Railway Company for a

grant of lands.


Detroit, January 3d, 1857.

To the Legislature of the State of Michigan:


The undersigned, on behalf of the Port Huron and Milwaukee Railway Company, respectfully represent that they with others, applied to the Congress of the United States at its last session, for an act granting lands to aid in the construction of railroads in this State; that prior to the passage of said act they had commenced the construction of their railway from Port Huron to Owosso, that they have expended in the purchase of Depot Grounds at Port Huron, Flint and at other points, in securing rights of way, in grading, grubbing and clearing, over two hundred thousand dollars; that in addition they have purchased T rails sufficient to lay forty miles; that the whole of their line is under contract, and that the work upon it is now in rapid progress. And your petitioners further represent, that the granting to this company of the lands lying on and near their line from Port Huron to Flint and thence to Owosso, is of great importance to their undertaking, and that the capital stock of the said Port Huron and Milwaukee Railway Company is mostly subscribed by citizens of this State.

Your petitioners therefore respectfully pray that an act may be passed granting to the said Port Huron and Milwaukee Railway Company the lands lying within fifteen miles of the line of their road pursuant to the provisions and subject to the conditions of said act of Congress. And your petitioners will ever pray, &c.,

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