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A. Mochizuki's Japanese asks if there were problems with the Immigration Officer (1) asks about problems with


B. Mochizuki's Japanese states trouble with visag or entering the country: (1) does not specify then.

c. Ms. Kamiyana's Japanese may be responding to part of Mochizuki's Japanese concerned with entering the


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Well, you purchased Tong Il stock, but didn't you do this as a means to legalize your stay in this country and in order to prolong your stay here?

I would like to consult my lawyer.

Hinds' Translation WHAT INTERPRETER TOLD Mr. K.


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Well, (someonc) obtained shares in Tong il, but as for that, wasn't there a scans to legalize your stay in this country and to make your stay longer?

I would like to consult my lawyer for just a second.

A. Mochizuki's Japanese 18 negative implying that the reason is correct, (1) does not

do this,

B. Not clear who bought the shares in Mochizuki's Japanese, it 1. in 11).

c. No reference to "legalize your stay" in (1), but there is in Mochizuki's Japanese

(gohoka shite)

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Did you wke your investment in Tong il in part for the purpose of obtaining the right to stay in the country for a longer period? of time?

I want you to know sir, that I did that investment purely for the expansion of the Tong il Enterprises,

Court Appointed Translation New Count l--PROSECUTOR'S QUES.


Court Appointed Translation


Correct translat./

Well, you invested in Tong il, but did you do so although it may not be the sole purpose, in purt to enable you to prolong your stay or your desires to stay in this country legally?

As I have told you earlier, it was the for purpose of the development of Tong Il Enterprises that I invested in that and I want you to know that.

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1. Mochizuki's Japanese 18 not clear who invested in tong ito 110 18. B. Mr. Kamiyama's Japanese does not contain the word purely.

any other, as there is in 14).

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And your visa or immigration matters didn't
enter into that at all, is that correct?

I took that step purely for the
expansion of Tong Il Enterprises.

Court Appointed translation New Count l--PROSECUTOR'S QUES.


Court Appointed Translation


Correct Translat.

Then, can you say that it never entered in your mind such problems as a visa problem or with the laun igration, and that they have nothing to do with it?

I invested for the development of Tong Il Enterprises lin Japanese) ... Tong il enterprises (he repeats it in English).

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A. NO use of word purely in Mr. Kamiyama's Japanese but it so in


B. Negative question in Mochizuki's Japanese, affirmative to 11).

c. 14) 18 ambiguous response to (1).

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1. I, Tomoko Torii, currently live in 5-13-1, Takenog uka, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and am a house wife.

2. During the per od 1973-1976, I participated in the
campaigns conducted on behalf of the International
Unirication Church movement in the United States.

I was also responsible for performing accounting
functions for the Japanese Family Fund from 1973 when
I succeeded the responsibility from Yoko. Yananishi, to

3. I remember that an several occasions I cashed checks
at the request of Mr. Onuki and other church members,
I cashed these checks using monies from the Japanese Family

4. During the period in which I per:ormed accounting functions for the Japanese Family Fund, we were very busy because of the extensive campaign activities.

Thus, I did not report to Mr. Kamiyama all of the details surrounding various activities concerning the Japanese Family Fund, such as the cashing checks for church members. !

Before I returned to Japan, I gave Yukiko Matsumura the fragmentary note 8 received from Yoko Yamanishi as well as my own brief note.

I swear under the penalty of perjury that the above statements are true and correct.

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