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A. Did you ever have any convertion with Jo. Tully la which you lastructed bla...

drook la coplng bore, theat

Ki noi sborso desconto sideru ko. 1. Can I go on?

Ai Sure.

K. May I ony a.s.1
A: Did you ever cell Mike Harder to give a false explonation as to how he

paid for his stock, in Tong 117.
1: Ano: Nite Wordergo Tong 11 no hobuse kes66 vono kord dusu o., sort of culto

Syoso no coisliite-o suru yo: Werder at 116. kolovo.

Ks Nosakuni-wa, ord......

"ove you ever told Nit. Worder to uke opdoe duele
wilon over bov ho purchased the tong 11' rcockol

K. do for o, I boven's.

As Did you ever tell Michael Warder that ... to call government Investigator,

thuc he got five thoussad dollars to purchase ocock in Tong Il from relatives of friends? Did you evet cell hia to rive that explenstion to


Amos Make Mordar as doou a., rs, porn-coru-o laseks yo anait, korn, comodo ad no snosti boro moratin, co, voao kono de, in, kobu-kou kote

I molto lo sullo a. ...on yo anniko ne hosttar. drou ao volodtatoru,

yoins, 1. 5.1 yui kore o it. Nocool. ordusu ke. K: Nocoolovo, isto... si I didn't do it.

Iy to Nik. Mordor, dove you ever told bt. to doelore lo

che governocas lavintigoslon, or to the otheu chor
(he) received 13,000 from the relativos, Priendo,

116., und sounds ofocle with ins nonny!
K- No, I dovao's.

Ki sora no Nike Vorderoso barigotu ni Nako Mordor no senso do 200. doru so

Todveo voso... doktor-olosite.

Mikoriste-spon... 1. I had five thousand dollars (1) cock losued for Mike Vardeş la auguet. Ko I had 08.660 otock sound .. Dobolt of Niko No

10 Auguet in usto Vorder'. ..... di dld Mr. Mordor give you say nonoy! 1: Anos Mordoron. ve ... 1 ok...-• apto.. 16. bol Ki Koreovn, kruusuduusto. Votolog.

Koefoongoo.18.. Masokoto yuns dasyonal usti. *. • $ . al.

1. No, he didn't, but I obtained 16

ond gove 16. co hle
Just so I can convince ale to be the president.

I: Da Nr. Vonos give you cho socoyo
Ko 1. 1140's. I boughene for Sto, bosons. (I wo

so to ... the prosidint (of the coupray).

Ai Did Reverend Moon ever have any conversations with Ms. Vardor about boconlag

president of Tong 11, to your knowledged I. Anot more *• obožio oraruru totoro de vo dos ani, tovarud Noor-v. (broot)

(Bresa in coplng 'hero. Nothing poro recorded on chlo sido (olde 1) of camsecco. Also, nothing recorded on sido 2 of chto cope (oppo 1) )

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TAPE 2. SIDE AL July es. 32-33, p. 43-42
A How many hours a week would be advise you on Tong Ili
1. Malogue ... Tong 111 ao tamo os ....sogo dostal anu-jikus gusal ...

oculos, consuledagoo ... Wengikoa 6. you .. vo vosoofovo 110...5, toont doo tored.... Bikers uduto.r toro coorudsons, stolour: horaguito otte, on, woosovai Iyurtyos daru koto-, kostolol...le.

1. I can't say for sure how way hours weekly, but for the afororild russons

I decided that he be paid.

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As Then let the record reflect that I's going to stop sho tape recorder right

.. now and change the cope, (short bruk in caplag) A: The witneso lo still under onth. 1. So re do o s bod.-.. ....1-go to. d... yuikot soovkore.

I- (I want 6rutad) you that the provlovo onih

oli nise. ẠI Did leverand Hoon advise you on business settore for Tong 111 I foag 11, ao kono buota... te otse Moon-1.65 wo odvisno odno-kurd woodca fol

Ki Mootron doo you 1: Yes, of course.

I. Dia lor, Moon udvi.. you said. Juola, notre

song 111
K-0f courot.

di Arad did he odviso you about finances financial mattora?
1. Soroto, otklant. no koso, kinyur so koso al Guito-ve dou do you kol

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No, because he didn't towardo che overall direction finding, buc noc in che niccy-griety of our financing.

I- And how shout the outcore of capriol, limoncl.


ki Wall, do dos nos couch euch practical bussa.

ollotro. (No. odusord oo) ovorell (116ccl...

Ai Wall, whac kind of business pattere did ho odviso you about?

1. so; overco bolo... • koco to youto oo doono koto dooukal v1.0-0116

tureco nova. Ki focordo, deseneste iru dicotati osukastato datoto, Boro kero tengo

ne burla... si borlot o.1 drova., 3.1 Bonpoe as wotoru coloroso, a consulcone dusuno, natood as s01616. st. kasoyo us todos66 s... Motostogo hlavyos auro votos-80 msiso, coro-os cocotto kotanto kusere so you kose desu.

1. As to how to cope with the workers or the caployers,

and ses up a direccion to our future violons,
and again overall atcers where he 'ecced a consultaat end advisor end
if I were to raise any querclen ho_was always willing to answer,
I• so, what blod of busso... auctor. 018 do five you

cho advies ..::
Ko sorunmpdo, lipu so true the compoyooo, ond cho

luturo diruotspe of the busto.... volt, ho vos
6.souls tag on ivosoll, soworod otsaso, lor .. ..
the company. He toond to, i com ook ho ond be
novori oy quons loa..

A: How often did you discuss Tong Il with him?
1: Toalld no koe de no dono kurot, shoku-choku, obornosno uronske kot

Ki Sore-u., 1nos, votokulogsori-alt.l.ft.-ao odtunen-, ourodo soro auri-as

koronto kuse unovod. diu cold-ve kuruos ao anko do oru tokiovo oll1..-.

ho-non otto turorord'.... Is Whenever I rotsed question he always tried to answer mo,

of the office or whilo la tranost in a cor.

I. abous towall, bow auch, frequently, 110 you colt

with 1101


K. Woll, chusi.. 10 ook die quootlono porcelaine

oved, he would sasvos accordingly. mad, sonuld...
cho cor, .co.tla.. bo vould come to the oflic..

Ai How often? 1, Soroove alado-ve done juros doon ko? Kito yun kore vo jikonoe yui a durvide, corotone dovyuo koso ona donyookol

li kutowe Ki Kolonel Soroove bol comoudront dookora, comuudkontorno oruroko at yubilo

buboru, coro-va jikon-de doou ao, sitoo-do you koto ve dondus doou ...


I whas so sho eso quency of oued locomodonos
Ko Do you sona che ouabus of bourol or, what do you

Lo'sho nuobbe of sano. ..
Ko gbo auador or so... voll, that ... No'lo o com
: oudsont ... Coqoulinto oy whore poundodo (10con

A1 Old you colk co nla ivery day about Tong 111 once a wooke once a monthl

once your1 I, sonovcute tong in s tou do .....! so no bancos tu yuo se vo

Sonnet Coke .... alue os itkos guros once code, orutvo. guld siitos juros •116 roke, un of inpan toko .• yu ....

Xi Nocontovo 60010, con dov. N... os ou R$801-se ostoso Boro dobro delo...

os cando doteke, 181.poru s lcdido datoke, .. que dur ao tocojos

1. When I calk about the chanc. of oy sucing Roverend, it was almost coastsat.

So it's not a infrequenc u. oace • yuar or once a month. Ic'o' more frequent.

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1. sore do doa burol oib. ib., occ. il..., Nov. t. dan..11

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