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c. Project Volunteer (PV): Project Volunteer distributes millions of pounds of surplus foods, medical supplies and other needed materials to a network of over 300 community-based charitable organizations. PV has been working to establish the channels by which the surplus resources here in this country can be funneled to the areas of this and other nations which are in desperate need.

IV. The struggle Against Comunisi

Having been a prisoner of a tyrannical communist regime for almost three years, I have direct experience of what communism in power means to those caught in its web. My opposition to communism is the result both of my direct personal experience and my religious convictions. I believe communism to be among the worst enemies of God and humanity.

I have, therefore, been immensely saddened by the fact that many idealistic men and women in the Free World, especially young people, have been misled by communist ideology. I have sought to establish and support institutions which will better prepare the Free World to defend itself against the religious, cultural, political and military threat of communism.

Marxists do address real problems. Unfortunately, their atheistic and violent measures create situations far worse than the original problem. Nevertheless, I believe that the solution to communism can only come when we solve the problems of poverty and social inequity which the Marxists challenge.

a. International Federation for Victory Over Communisa (IFVOC): I founded the IFVOC in Korea and Japan in 1968. IFVOC has systematically conducted educational activities in the villages, towns and cities of Korea. This is absolutely essential for the survival of the country. The Korean young people did not personally experience the barbarism of the Korean war, and without clearly understanding the communist ideology, they are apt to lose their awareness of the threat posed by the Soviet-supported North Korean communists. A repetition of the war of 1950-1953 would be an unthinkable tragedy for Korea today. The activities of IFVOC fortify the Korean people to prevent such a war.

In Japan, the activities of the IFVOC are equally vital, and equally impressive. The IFVOC movements of Korea and Japan count a membership of 1,000,000 and 7,500,000 members respectively.

b. CAUSA International: In 1980, I created CAUSA International in response to an acute and immediate need: the need to provide an ideological framework for Latin America in its struggle against communism.

As the work of CAUSA has progressed, it has become active all over the Western world. National chapters have been established in South, Central and North America, Europe and Asia. Plans are being made to extend the work into Africa. CAUSA USA, with headquarters in Washington, DC, expects to have chapters in all 50 states by the end of 1984.

CAUSA, the Latin word for "cause," symbolizes the common cause and aspiration of all free men. CAUSA conducts seminars in which Marxism-Leninism is examined and sharply critiqued as a social failure and as a grievously flawed

doctrine. This work is vital in Latin America, for it is especially here that communists are able to intensify legitimate social and economical grievances and misdirect these toward the destruction of governments struggling to achieve genuine representative democracy.

CAUSA is much more than another anti-communist organization, however. CAUSA teaches Godism. a worldview based on God's heart of love. Godism provides fundamental principles which, when applied, can work toward healing the social fabric and prompting accelerated economic development. Godism supports the common beliefs of God-affirming people, and inspires them to fulfill the ideals of their respective faiths.

The CAUSA Institute, located in New York, conducts ongoing investigations into communist strategy and operations and is responsible for training instructors and providing instructional materials for educational programs. The Institute publishes texts and other books, magazines and bulletins in English, Spanish and French.

c. The Collegiate Organization for the Research of Principles (CARP): Mindful of the ettectiveness of communism in securing the commitment of idealistic students in the universities of the free world, we founded CARP as an important aspect of our mission to revitalize the spirit of free thought in the world. If communism is successful in the universities of the Free World, there would in the long run be little hope for the survival of freedom. CARP's goals are to revive the Christian tradition, combining intuition and intellect as well as religion and science; to build an ethical foundation for student life; to present a positive counter-proposal to the atheistic and materialistic lifestyle so often to be found on the campuses of the free world; and to foster love of the world community as well as enthusiasm to carry out one's mission in life.

CARP is active on over 100 campuses in North America and several thousand campuses around the world.

V. Establishing Standards of Media Responsibility

a. The World Media Association: A journalist wields tremendous power over the minds of the public. The World Media Association is a worldwide association of communications scholars and professionals dedicated to ethical and responsible journalism. The Association, headquartered in Washington, DC, sponsors the World Media Conference, which brings together journalists and media executives from every part of the world to form working relationships and discuss timely aspects of media responsibility. The Association also sponsors numerous fact-finding tours to trouble spots of importance to world peace and stability. Tours have been undertaken to Central America, Europe, the Far East, and twice to the Soviet Union. These tours have provided background information to participants and yielded a wealth of articles.

b. Nev Publications: As I have stated, my mission is to work for the survival and prosperity of America so that God's plan for America and the world can be fulfilled. Because neither America nor any other nation can survive in freedom without a responsible press that fully appreciates the threat of communism, I am working to create publications which embody the God-centered ideals of the religious tradition and set standards of media responsibility. In 1975 I founded a

newspaper in Tokyo, Sekai Nippo. The following year I established The News World, now the New York Tribune. Since then, I have created a number of publications throughout the world including the Hispanic newspaper Noticias del Mundo in the United States, Ultimas Noticias in Uruguay, a weekly in Korea, and Free Press International, a world-wide news service.

My greatest media challenge came when I realized that unless I acted, the capital of the most powerful nation on earth would remain a one-newspaper town. When Time, Inc. could not prevent the demise of The Washington Star, I hoped that some patriotic Americans would establish a second news paper to offer alternative views to the nation's capital. However, it became apparent that no profit-motivated business corporation would attempt to establish a newspaper in Washington. Out of my deepest religious convictions, I determined that no matter what the cost, Washington must have a second news paper. I therefore worked with others to establish The Washington Times.

Whether you are liberal or conservative, you can surely appreciate the need for the expression of an alternative point of view. To date that project has cost our movement well over $100,000,000.

VI. Minority Alliance International (MAI):

In 1981, I created Minority Alliance International as an organization which would safeguard the civil and religious rights of individuals. MAI aspires to forge an alliance of minority organizations upon the common recognition of inalienable human rights, particularly the freedom of worship. Through the combined efforts of these groups, centered upon the clear ideology of Godism, I believe that bigotry can be completely eliminated from the world.

Minority Alliance International champions the cause of individuals and groups which are victims of persecution. Seminars have been conducted in which ministers and concerned citizens are made aware of threats and brought together in dialogue to create solutions to the problems which they face. MAI is also working to develop general education programs to expose the deleterious effects of bigotry on societies throughout the world.

VII. Educational Activities

Proper education is fundamental to genuine religion and the truly religious way of life. The Unification Movement has initiated a far-reaching educational program involving institutions of elementary, secondary and advanced education throughout the world.

I am the founder of the little Angels School for the Performing Arts in Seoul, Korea. The Little Angels School has 3,600 students of both sexes from kindergarten through senior high school. The physical plant of the school is one of the most modern and best equipped in the world. In size, capacity, and beauty, it compares favorably with the campuses of many small American liberal arts colleges. Enrollment is open to children of all faiths and the record of achievement is exceedingly high. I also support many other schools at various levels and have offered scholarship aid to many students of varied religious backgrounds.

In the United States I have founded the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, N.Y. The Seminary has an international student body and a distinguished faculty consisting of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish scholars as well as members of the Unification Church. Although the Seminary is very young, many of its students have been accepted in doctoral programs at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Drew, Columbia, Chicago and Claremont, where they have consistently been recognized as among the best students in their respective classes.

We have also offered full scholarships which allow promising students to attend the divinity schools of Yale, Harvard and other fine institutions. We are confident that many of them will become future leaders of this society.

Finally, we have plans to create a worldwide network of seventy universities at which an international student body will pursue their studies in preparation for the ever more interdependent world of the technological age. Professors will not only be able to serve in their own country but will be able to serve as exchange professors, thereby contributing to international understanding and furthering the cause of world peace.

To those who question whether such ambitious projects are possible, I point out that I began my mission in a crude, handmade hut with only a handful of disciples. It would have been far more difficult for an observer at the beginning of my mission to have foreseen the progress which has already been made, than for someone to agree with me today that such plans as these are realistically possible.

VIII. Ocean Church

One activity that is particularly close to my heart is the Ocean Church Movement. At a time when ever fewer young Americans are choosing to make their livelihood from the sea I have encouraged my disciples to regard the people who work on the sea not only as the most important source of food in a world rapidly growing in population, but also as a vital area of spiritual ministry. We maintain ocean churches in America's principal seaports. In the future, our members will be able to cooperate with Coast Guard officials in the fight against drug smuggling.

IX. Arts and Culture

I have also sought to promote the performing arts, supporting performing arts teams, maintaining performing arts organizations, and attempting to reform the decadence which constitutes so great a part of the entertainment industry. The Little Angels Performing Arts School is itself an outgrowth of a project which I initiated, the Little Angels Childrens Folk Ballet. The Little Angels were organized as ambassadors of good will from my homeland of Korea, and they have travelled all over the world sharing the beauty of traditional Korean dance, song and dress. They have performed before numerous heads of state, including United States presidents and the Queen of England.

As is well know, I inspired the film "Inchon." The movie cost the Unification movement millions of dollars. Certainly profit was not our motivation in producing the film. I wanted to recall to Americans, especially young

people, the heroic determination of General Douglas MacArthur who was a humanitarian, an anti-communist, and a devout believer in God. As a Korean who was liberated by United Nations forces under his command, I am especially aware of General MacArthur's contribution to the preservation of the Free World. Had all of Korea been conquered by the communists, it is very likely that the tremendous technological capacity of the Japanese and the Korean people would today be in the service of those committed to the destruction of America and the world's freedom. It would have been impossible for Japan to remain America's ally had the communists permanently seized all of Korea. I want every American to appreciate what General MacArthur and his forces accomplished against overwhelming odds for all of us.

X. Other activities

The list of the activities of the Unification movement is long and worthy of detailed elaboration. However, I will not attempt to enumerate them further in the present context.

XI. Misunderstandings about the Unification Movereot

These projects have required a vast amount of financial resources, as well as the hard work and loving sacritices of fellow church members. Several hundred million dollars have been poured into America, because this nation will decide the destiny of the world. These contributions are primarily coming from overseas. In my movement, the United States has been a recipient, not a source of funds. I have acted from the firm belief that if America is lost, everything is lost. There is no other country that God can turn to.

When you understand the scope of my work, can you really believe that I came to America to defraud the United States government of an estimated $25,000 in taxes?

Obviously, the IRS could only behave in such a manner because I am the leader of a religious movement which some Americans look upon with disfavor. I am saddened by this phenomenon and trust that it is only temporary. Regrettably, few Americans know accurately the history of my work. I must sadly report that the news media have all too frequently depicted my mission and the work of the Church in a distorted and sensationalized manner. I am also saddened that I have been misunderstood even in the Christian Churches. It is my fervent hope that, based on Godly fellowship, interfaith dialogue can dispel any misunderstandings. I am especially grieved at the allegations of "brainwashing." Sincere religious conversion often brings about profound changes in personality. This turning from selfishness to unselfishness is not brainwashing, but an awakening to the reality of God's love and God's purpose.

It is easier for me personally to bear such calumny than to behold it directed toward my disciples. Today, the very name, "Moonie" conjures fear and suspicion among many Americans, but what is wrong with these God-centered men and women? Have their critics carefully evaluated the way Unification Church members live or the values that motivate them? Unification Church members see history from a comprehensive viewpoint and identify themselves as true sons and daughters of the Living God working for the redemption of humanity. When impartial historians and sociologists of religion have studied the life-styles of members of the Unification Church, they have uniformly found men and women whose lives are God-centered, loving, decent and sacrificial.

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