The Pacific Reporter, Volumen44

West Publishing Company, 1896

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Página 352 - A contract in writing may be altered by a contract in writing, or by an executed oral agreement, and not otherwise.
Página 340 - When the defendant is brought before a magistrate upon an arrest either with or without warrant on a charge of having committed a crime, the magistrate must immediately inform him of the charge against him, and of his right to the aid of counsel in every stage of the proceedings, and before any further proceedings are had.
Página 161 - Parties to a question in difference, which might be the subject of a civil action, may, without action, agree upon a case containing the facts upon which the controversy depends, and present a submission of the same to any court which would have jurisdiction if an action had been brought; but it must appear, by affidavit, that the controversy is real and the proceedings in good faith, to determine the rights of the parties.
Página 257 - Such deed, duly acknowledged or proved, is (except as against actual fraud) conclusive evidence of the regularity of all other proceedings, from the assessment by the Assessor, inclusive up to the execution of the deed.
Página 182 - Children under ten years of age, who appear incapable of receiving just impressions of the facts respecting which they are ex-amined, or of relating them truly.
Página 147 - This police power of the state extends to the protection of the lives, limbs, health, comfort, and quiet of all persons, and the protection of all property within the state.
Página 86 - ... contemplated irrigation and which plan shall be sufficient to thoroughly irrigate and reclaim said land and prepare it to raise ordinary agricultural crops and shall also show the source of the water to be used for irrigation and reclamation...
Página 223 - The beneficiary of a trust for the receipt of the rents and profits of real property, or for the payment of an annuity out of such rents and profits, may be restrained from disposing of his interest in such trust, during his life or for a term of years, by the instrument creating the trust.
Página 195 - ... in the penal sum of , dollars, for the payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators firmly by these presents.
Página 328 - ... all the real property of the judgment debtor, not exempt from execution, in such county, owned by him at the time, or which he may afterwards and before the lien expires, acquire.

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