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Though late we mourn'd! and Britain's Dr the Anniversary of the Birth-Day of O'er the lov'd Tomb, where youthful Virtue

Genius weeps
H. R. H. the Duke of Sussex.
Tuesday, Jan. 27th, being the Anniver-

sleeps, sary of the Birth of the Duke of Sussex, a

(Sweet Rose of Promise! whose existence

flew grand dinner was given at Freemasons' Hall by the Fraternity, of which Iris Royal

E'en in the bud of hope-while hope was Highness is the revered Grand Master,

new), The gallery was crowded with Ladies ; as

Let resignation dry the tears we shedit was merely an assembly of Masons, not

Grief, unrestrained, does but insult the a Masons' Lodge, and that the day was

dead : devoted to the expression of their gratitude Turn, then, and leave the mournful cypress and attachment to the Illustrious Prince for

wreathe, the harmony and splendour which Masonry

And let our hearts their grateful tribute

breathe. has acquired under his able and kind direction. The Right Hon, Sir Jobn Doyle,

Hail! to ibe day that gave a Sussex birth, G.C. B. and Provincial Grand Master of Hail! virtue, goodness, bail! to princely tbe Isles in the Channel, was requested by

worth. the Board of Stewards to take the Chair;

Lo! in thy train the Holy Handmaids seen, and upon no previous occasion was the high

Faith, Jlope, and CHARITY, with look conviviality of a numerous party sustained witb more spirit than by this distinguished Justice and Temperance shall with thee Brother. The happy address and eloquence

abide, trith wbich he ushered in the several toasts,

And meek-eyed Peace be ever at thy side. produced barsts of acclamation, and every

Illustrious Sussex! here no venallyre toast was followed by an appropriate glee,

Shall mock the theme thy greatness should performed by a number of the most eminent

inspire ; Tocalists, who are all Members of the Fra.

Science aad Friendship shall their homage ternity. This department of the day's

рау, pleasure was under the superintendance of

And grateful pour the tributary lay. Sir George Smart, whose taste in the selec

Thy name shall oft to Heaven in prayer tion of ine pieces was highly approved. The poor man's hope-thy fav’rite coun

ascend To Ms. Attwood, the company were also obliged for an exquisite glee, composed by

try's friend. him, the harmony of which was delightful,

Thine bė ihe incense of the Widow's praise and admirably performed by Mr. Hawes,

Thine be the blessing lisping Orphans raise. Mr. Clark, Mr, Terrail, Mr. Evans, &c. &c.

Oh! sweeter far such tribute to the great, was performed a second time by the uni

Than all the pomp and pageantry of state: versal desire of the compauy. The words

This must forsake them at the dreary Tomb, were as follow :

Those like the flowers of Paradise sbali

bloom : Round some fair tree th' ambitious wood

A sacred halo round the Royal brow-

A richer crown than monarchs can bestow. And breathes her sweets on the supporting The various Charities that grace our land boughs ;

Are fed and nurtured by thy fostering hand, So sweet the song, th' ambitious song should

Bound by no party zeal, thy liberal soul be,

Would sacred knowledge spread from pole O! pardon mine, that hopes support from to pole;thee;

Would teach each feeble voice that book to Thee, Sussex, born o'er senates to preside, Their dignity to raise, their councils guide, Which forms the Christian, and improves Deep to discern, and widely to survey,

the man. And kingdoms' fates, without ambition

The shivering Infant, and the Child of weigh;

shaine, Of distant virtues nice extremes to biend, Alike shall bless and venerate thy name. The Crown's asserter, and the People's The victim sad, wbo, doom'd no sun to see, friend ;

Still lifts his sightless orbs in Heay'n for Nor dost thou scorn, amid sublimer views,

thee; To listen to the labours of the Muse ; And loosened tongues in faulteriog sounds Thy smiles protect her, while thy talents

declare fire,

How much they owe to thy benignant care, And 'tis but half thy glory to inspire: All-all unite to hail AUGUSTUS' birth, Receive, lor'd Prince, her tributary lay, And spread his merits o'er the spacious That swells to celebrate thy Natal Day.

carth, On his. Royal Highness's health being But let me look around I here shall find, drank, with the enthusiasm which his vir A nearer bond of union in each mind. toes and services are ever sure to excite, If dear his worth, to MISONS doubly dear, the following copy of verses, written by a I know cach Brother's heart will pledge me Lady, were recited by Dr. Hemming.

hereEurop. Mag. Fol LXXIII. Jun. 1818.


bine grows,


Lift high the goblet-raise the sparkling and entertainment of the Ladies. After the bowl,

Chair was quitted in the Hall, the Royal Whilst cheerful sentiment exalts the soul. Duke, with several of the distinguished Hail great descendant of a royal line! characters, retired to the room set apart for May years of health and happiness be thine. the Ladies, and partook of tea and coffee May every blessing here be freely given, with them. Music was then resumed there, And closing life he but the verge of Heaven. by the same professional Gentlemen who Then may the world's Great Architect look had gratified the coinpany in the Hall. down,

Some most deliglitful glees were sang, with And grant thee, Sussex-an Immortal which the Duke and every one present Crown.

appeared much gratified. Mr. Evans sung In a room adjoining the gallery, a sup

“ Tarry awhile with me, my ply of English and foreign fruits, a variety love,” in which he eminently excels. of excellent ices, with confectionary and The Royal Duke's Birth-day was celevarious wines, were provided for the re brated in a large room in the same house, freshment of the Ladies; at which several by the Regiment of Royal North Britons, of the Stewards attended with their wands at which the Highland Pipers attended, a od of office, and their splendid Masonic orders played during the entertainment in their and decorations, to wait upon the Ladies. Highland uniforms.

After this excellent tea and coffee were A numerous band of wind instruments served up. The blewards deserve the high attended in the Hall, and played frequently est praise for their attentions to the comfort during the evening.

the song,

BIRTHS. EC. 27. In Upper Harley-street, the Jan. 5. In Portland-place, the Lady of

William Curtis, Esq. of a daughter.

11. In Jeffery’s-square, the Lady of J. In New-street, Spring Gardens, the Lady Koch, Esq.of a son. of J. H. Tremayne, Esq. M. P. of a son.

The Lady of G. H. Freeling, Esq. of the General Post Office, of a son.

or of




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When the bridegroom bad signed an obliga.

AY 17. At Madras, George William

to Miss Marshall, niece to Colonel Marshall, during his life, and her father and brother Secretary to the Hon. Governor.

had bound themselves to protect her after bis Dec. 23. At Yarmouth, the Rev. Tho- deutli, the happy couple next repaired to the pas Sayers, A. M. of Pembroke Hall, Cam middle of the room, under a rich canopy, bridge, to Maria, daughter of the late Tho borne by four near relations, where, amidst mas Burton, Esq. of Bracondale Hill, Nor the chaunting of the prayers, the bride and wich.

bridegroom were each presented with a glass 30. The Rev. Richard Turner, Minister of wine. After this, however, the former of Great Yarmoutlı, to Miss Parish of the broke her glass under her feet, in rememsame place.

brance of the destruction of Jerusalem. An Jan. 1, 1818. At Lyme, by the Rev. Mich. excellent dinner was then served up, and Babbs, Benjamin Cleave, Esq. of Coombs, dancing continued till one o'clock, near Crediton, in Devonshire, to Miss Cor. 16. Pierre Felix Viennot, Chevalier of nish, of Hay, near Lyme, in Dorsetshire. the Legion of Honour, to Sylvia, daughter of

James Hugo Greenwell, Esq. of Bentinck. the late Robert Shaw, Esq. of Dublin. street, St. Mary-le-bone, to Bridget, eldest 17. At St. James's Church, Major Keane, daugbter af Mr. Lloyd, of Harley-street, and 7th Hussars, to Anne, third daughter, and grand daughter of the late John Salmon, Esq. also John Grove, M.D. of Salisbury, to Jean of Holcombe, Somersetshire.

Helen, fourth daughter of Sir Ww. Fraser, 5. Mr. Jacob Valentine, jon. son of the

Bart. Bedford-square. famed Hebrew Bard, to Miss Levy, of Rath 21. At Chrisi Church, Spitalfields, by the bone-place, at Meeks's Great Rooms, Brew. Rev. Samuel Hemming, D.D. the Rev. John er-street, Golden-square. Amongst the com. Hemming, of Kimbolion, A. M. F. W. S. to pany were, Sir George Cockburn and his ne. Mary, daughter of the late Joho Symonds, of phew, Lady G. Gordon, and Lady Franklin. Kinderminster, Esq.


Lieutenant-General of the Royal Marines, Ashhurst, brother to W. H. Ashhurst, aged 77. F.sq. M.P.

28. At Oakley-park, near Ludlow, Lady Lately, the Rev. T. Bedford, rector of Clive, in the 841/1 year of her age, relict of Philleigh, Cornwall, aged 50.

Robert, first Lord Clive, the founder of our Lately, at Blandford, the Rev. Robert Empire in Bengal. Lady Clive was in vaMaurice, aged 86.

rious parts of ludia whien her husband conLately, at the advanced age of 99, John inanded the army there. She joined him Smith, who had been porter at the King's in Calcutta after the retaking of that town, Printing-house for more than 60 years. He and the decisive battle of Plassey. The was well-known at all the public offices; death of Lord Clive took place in 1774. and wore a cucked hat, according to the 28. At Hastings, Horatio Martelli, Esq, ancient custom.

of Norfolk-street, Strand. SEPT. 4, 1817, At Trinidad, of an abcess In the 81st year of her age, Princess in the liver, William Samuel Winkworth, Sophia Caroline Maria, Margravine of Bay. eldest son of the late Rev. Wm. W mckreuth. worth, chaplain of St. Saviour's, Southwark, The Rev. Dr. Charles Barney, after a and to the county gaol of Surrey. Mr. rather short illness, » few days before his Winkworth was brought up to the medical attaining the age of 60 years. He has long profession, and successively filled, with great been known and eminently distinguished approbation, the appointments of assistant. as one of the first Greek scholars of his surgeon to the Royal Naval Hospital at time, and was of a family remarkable for Plymouth; dispenser and interpreter to the literary and scientific eminence; and, on French prison at Dartmoor; and, lastly, Saturday, Jan. 3, the remains of this prodispenser to the Royal Hospital at Barbadoes. found scholar were deposited in his family On the reduction of the latter to a peace pault, St. Paul's, Depttord, of which parish establishment in 1816, he returned to Eng. he was rector. The principal inhabitants of Jand, where he found the ground already the place attended the funeral, and having occupied by great numbers of medical prac met afterwards in the Vestry-room, agreed titioners, who had been previously dis to erect in the church, at their own excharged from the army and navy, and was, pence, a monument to his memory. The therefore, induced to accept the situation of loss of so eminent and useful a man cannot surgeon to the very extensive essaies of Sır fail to be sincerely deplored, for, having Alexander Cochrar at Trinidad. He em created a noble income by his industry and barked for this island in the month of July, learning, he disbursed it with the nuost 1816, with his wie and two of his children, princely liberality, w giving largely to most ene of whom, also, fell a victim to the clie of the public subscriptions, but chiefly in male, shortly after their arrival. He had contributing to whatever tended to promote scarcely time to acquaint himself with the literature and science. Amongst a multiDature of his new duties, before he was tude of instances may be mentioned, that affeeted with a succession of disorders pe his veneration for Dr. Bentley induced him culiar la the West Indies, which ultimately to print a splendid edition of his letters, produced his death. His attainments in the under the title of Bentleii Epistolae, which sciences and knowledge in most of the he enriched by his own erudile annotations, European and dead Janguages were very and distributed every copy of the work extensive. of the former we can speak gratuitously. He purchased the famous with confidence, as our pages have exhibited Townley Homer, for which MS, he paid 630 proofs of his ability in a successful attack guinteas, and refused a thousand, that, it is which he made, some years since, upon a said, were offered by the University of Ox, new and specious theory in an inportant ford for the precious relic, so anxious was he branch of philosoply. Mr. Wmkworth to complete his Greek MSS. bs an addition died at the premature age of 33, and has which renders them almost invaluable; inleft a widow and two children to deplore deed bus library is altogether one of the his loss.

most magnificent private collections in Oct. 26. At St. Denis, near Paris, on Europe. This now passes into the posses• her return to England, Frederica, wife of sion of his son, the Rev. Charles Parr Bor. Thomas Hearen, Esq. of Spital-square, in ney, of Greenwich; and we cannot help albe 20th year of her age.

expressing a hope that he will not allow Dec. 26. In Judd-place, New-road, it to be dispersed; or, rather, that he will aged 62, Sarah, widow of the late John not suffer the rare things in it to be pur. Elwes, Esq. of Portman-square.

chased for the purpose of enriching foreign 27. Jaines Gibbs, Esq. of Wallbrook, libraries. Dr. Burney is the second lumi

pary in that bright constellation of learung At Southampton, Sir Richard Onslow, furined by Porson, Parr, and himself, that Bart. K.G.C.B. Admiral of the Red, and has now disappeared fruin our view. His

aged 74.

family have all been conspicuous; his father, the State. He was Treasurer of the Navy, the historian of music, and friend of John President of the Board of Trade, Cierk of ann, was one of the most elegant writers of Parliament, Keeper of the Records on the that age ; bis brother, Captain Burney, of Receipt side of ihe Exchequer, one of the the navy, who accompanied Cook in his two Lords of his Majesty's Privy Council, an last, long, enterprising, and perilous voyages, Elder Brother of the Trinity House, Veris one of the finest geographers that this durer of the New Forest, Hants ; and Mem. country possesses, a fact well-supported by ber for the town of Christeluurch. He was a his voluminous and elaborate History of native of the Means, Kincardini shire, and Voyages of Discovery; and Mad. D'Arblay, was first a Steward, aud üfterwards a Purser his sister, has equally distinguished herself in the Royal Navy. At an early period of by her well-known writings. Dr. Burney his life his arithmetical tulenis and bnancial was a Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian knowledge recomended him to the particuSocieties, Chaplain to his Majesty, Rector of lar attention of the Earl of Shelburne (af. Deptford, and of Hooe, in Kent, and also terwards Marquis of Lansdown), then First Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral.

Lord of the Treasury, and he was soon alIn Harpur-sireet, Red-lion-square, Daniel ter appointed one of the Secretaries to the Braithwaite, Esq. F.R.S. A.S. &c. &c. for. Treasury, but resigned on the formation of merls comptroller of the foreign post-office, the Administration of Lord North and Mr. aged 86.

Fox. On the subsequent elevation to the 31. In the Temple, Myles Walker Hail, Premiership of his friend and patron, Wm. Esq. barrister-at-law, aged 62.

Pill, he was again appointed one of the SeAfter a few hours illness, in her 73d year, cretaries to the Treasury, and continued as Mrs. White, wife of Mr. W. White, of Ar senior in that important situation for many tillery-place, Finsbury-square.

years. On the retirement of Nir. Pitt, and JAN. 1. At Brighton, in his 561h year, his immediate political adherents, Mr. Ruse Mr. Tatham, of Mount-street, upholsterer resigned his situation, but was shonly afterto the Prince Regent.

wards sworn of the Privy Council. He was In Duke-street, St. James's, in his 56th

subsequently, on the reiurn of Mr. Pitt lo year, Count Zenobio. The Count was not office, one of the Payma ters-General of the only a Prince in the Venitian Republic, but Forces; anıt on the dismission of the Whig a Prince of the House of Austria. He was Administration from power, in 1807, was the owner of two of the finest palaces in the appointed Treasurer of the Navy, which ofworld, Emo and Zenobio. As a man of fice he held to the time of his death. Latfashion and gallantry, he took the lead at terly, the important office of President of Ve ailles, when under the ancient regime; the Board of Trade was chiefly executed by at Baxter's Club be usually risked 50001. the Right llon. Frederic Ronnison. The every night,

lucrative situation of Clerk of Parliament Miss Isabella Blake, daughter of Sir was several years since conterred on Mr. Francis Blake, Bart, of Twisel Castle, Dure Rose- with the reversion to lus eldest son, ham.

George H. Rose, Esq. M.P. tur Southamp: 2. In Hanover-street, in his 28th year, ton, and Minister to the Court of Berlin Capt. J. Prince, of the Coldstream Guards. as an ulterior provision. The other situations

At South Lambeth, John Bridges, Esq. above-mentioned, of which hat of President in the 57th year of his age. His suavity of of the Board of Trade, thal of Verdurer of manners and benevolent disposition were the New Forest, and the Keeperstup of the equalled by few, exceeded by none. He Records, become vacant by luis demise ; but lived beloved, and died respected.

as Clerk of Parliament, Mr. Rose will of 6. In St. James's palace, Mr. Eldred, in course be succeeded by his son.--No man has his 100th year. He was Page of the Pre- occupied more of the public ällention, or sence to fieorge II, which oflice he may be possessed more of official influence than this said to have filled during three reigns. gentleman has done; and the general opinion

At her liouse, in Walworth, Mrs. Judith is, that he has anuasses great wealtii, iliough Thompson, Aged 74, only surviving sister he always declared to the contrary. His inof the late Rev. Seth Thompson, Kensing come, however, by places held by hunseli ton.

and his sons, was immense ; and lots oppor. 13. At his seat, at Cuffuels, the Right tunities, if not restrained by the most scru. Hon. George Rose. He had for some inonths pulous honour and delicacy, were such as na been in a very ill state of health, from which other man in the kingdom ever enjoyed. If his advanced age afforded no reasonable he has not died rich, his moderation will be hope of recovery, and was, we believe, at

his best encomium, and has most appropriate his death, little short of eighıy. Mr. Rose eulogy. was a gentleman of extensive information, 16. In Soho-square, Edward Buwman, Esq. and of practical experience in all commer one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace cial, financial, and official subjects, and rose for the City of Westminster, aged 88. from his own merils and industry to some of 18. Mr. James Comer, aged 41, late parts the most lucrative and important offices of ner with Mr. C. Holmes, Royal Exchange.,

D 'WES Kidscellanea Critica Cura.


PUBLISHED IN JANUARY, Al lhe Prices they are advertised at, in bruris, unless otherleise expressed ;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNIL... It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE.

Sermon on the Cominandments. By Robt. By J. Kidd, 12s.

Jones, D. D. Svo, 6%. Lyson's Derbyshire, 410, 31. 10s.

Hatt's Epicedium to the Memory of PriaDitto royal, 61. 6s,

cess Charlotte, 4th edition, 33. 60. Britannica Depicta, Derby, 41.

The History of Julius Fitz-John. , By the Ditto large, 6!.

Author of Hardinbroso and Haverill, in Accum's Chemical Amusements, 2d edit. 93. 3 vols. 12mo, 21s. Mackenzie on Taste, Ss.

Dunsany, an Irish Story, 2 vols, 12mo. 125. Blumboldi's Personal Narratise, ll, Is, The Balance of Com'ort. By Mrs. Ross, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, 3 vols. 1 2mo. 4th edition, 163, 6«. 3 vols. 12mo. 165. 60.

Miller on the English Government, 10th Thomson's Atlas, complete set, 111. lls, edition, l'. 10s. half bound Rossia,

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benj. Mills's British India, 5 vols. 4to. 61. 6s.

Franklin, LL.D. Vol, 1. %. 125. 6d, Revolt of Islam, by Shelley, 103. 6d. A Cruise, or Three lionths on the ContiThe Dragon Knight, a poem, by Sir Bland ment. By a Vaval Officer. Burgess, 12s.

Delusion, a novel, 2 vol. 10.. 60. Milford's Tour in Italy, &c, 2 vols. 8vo. Dickenson's fireek Primer, 33, 6d. 11. 13.

Allen's Demosthenes, 7s. The Advertisement, or 20 Years Ago, 164.60. Shelliber's Voyage to Piscairn's Island, 3d The Church her Owu Apologist. By the edition, Svo. 5. 64. • Rev. Daniel Campbell, 8vo. 6s.


E.Qulia, well meant, but badly exe

R. A. D), as soon as possible.
1. G. S. is inadmissible.

1. cuted.

If Museus had taken the necessary troue ble of understanding as well as reading the query be attempts to answer, he would have found, that bjs reply has no analogy whatever to the question. We are such decided enemies to plagiarism in every shape, as not even to tolerate a poet's quoting from himself,

J.G.J.-T. H.-and G, M. H. in our Dext,

ERPATA.- Page 483, line 31, for undiurating, read undeviating.-P. 484, 2d line from botton, for renereed, read removed P. 485, line 49, for compassioned, read compassionated. — P. 511, Jine 12, for clouils, read crowds.--Ibid. line 15, after conceive, insert bul.


FROM SATURDAY, DEC. 27, 1817, TO SATURDAY, JAN, 24, 1818.

Extracted from the London Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at GUILDIALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Altornies' Names are between Brackets,

LAWES, LOT, Charlton, Southampton, horse-dealer, Jan. 17.

AKERS, JOS. Charles-st. City-ro. corn-dealer, BURGESS, HARTLEY, Birmingham, factor, Feb.
Feb. 17. [Hall, Chiswell-st. Fiusbury-sy. Jun. 2, 3, and 24, koyul, Dirnaingin m. [looke, Heim Gray’s-inuJan. 13. ADAMSON, EDWARD, Liverpool, tobacconist, CLARKE, WIL, Shiat-ld, builder, Feb. 14. TonFeb. %, George, Liverpool. (Davenport, Liver.

(Wake, Sheteld; and Blakelock, ser. pail; and Chester, Staple-inn.] Jun. 10.

jeant's-inn, Hleet st.) jan. 36. BAKEK, JOHN LOWBRIDGE, and GEO. Leeds, CHILD, ROBT. Waliham, 51. Law ence, Berks,

Yorkshire, merchants, Feb. 7, Court House, farmer, Feb. , Lower Sinip. Read ng. leedi, (Smith and Co. Leeds ; and Wilson, Readingi and Hamilton, berwich-s.. Solvej valla Greville-st. Haltion-ear.] Dec. 27.


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