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COVENT GARDEN Dec. 26. A new pantomime followed formations. Gulliver's intercourse with George Barnwell : it is called “ Har- the people of Brobdinguag is briefly Jequin Gulliver ; The Flying introduced, and the appearance on the Island.” All our readers, young and stage of this Patagonian race, immeold, who have read the celebrated diately after the exbibition of LillipuDean Swift's amusing and satirical tian size and symmetry, occasioned voyages to the islands of Laputa, Lilli. overwhelming merriment. The Miss put, obrobdingnag, and Glubbdubdrib, Dennetts, introduced a pas de trois need not be told that Gulliver's tra with great taste-it was loudly, envels furnished the ground-work of this cored. The whole concludes with a pantomimic entertainment. When we grand magnetic fiery temple, which is say the ground-work, we mean, with executed in the most brilliant and magali due respect for the scenic painters nificent style. The scenery of the pan. and machinists, who have done their tomime is painted with very fine taste. several duties most ably on this occa The views of the French and English sion. The performance opens with a coasts are admirable. The machinery fine sea view and storm, displaying worked better than is generally the case Gulliver on a barren rock, from which on first nights of representation, and he is removed by the happy interven the piece went off with great eclat, tion of the flying island. He is then The ancient practice of having a wellseen at the Islaud of Laputa, and the studied plot for pantomimic exhibitions huinour of this part of the piece is kept has been so long discontinued, that we irresistably alive by a grand procession hardly look for its revival ; but all of the Royal House of Lilliput, and the those rapid transpositions and transLilliputian army, whose correct evolu- foripations, to which the machinist so tions drew down universal applause. mainly contributes, and which fill up the Gulliver (afterwards Harlequin), Bo- space between incidents not easily conlogna, carries off the Princess Rhom- necled or accounted for, and by that boidilla (afterwards Columbine), Miss means keep the mind of the spectator F. Dennett, and they are protected by in constant activity and exertion, were astrologers, who confine them in a ter- bere very amply supplied, and the restrial globe, and afterwards by a whole arrangement, which is under the talismanic operation bring them again direction of Mr. Farley, is extremely joto human life, out of the different creditable to his skill and ingenuity.-signs of the Zodiac, as they revolve in The house was crowded, and the Pantheir several orbits. Harlequin from tomime given out for repetition with Sagittarius, Columbine from Virgo, great applause. Laputa's emperor from the Ram, and Jan. 1. " Retribution.”-A new the Minister creeps backward from the Tragedy from the pen of a Mr. Dillon, Crab.-Grimaldi, who plays succes, a young gentleman of twenty-three or sively Lord Chancellor of Laputa, and twenty-four years of age, and his first Clown, has a great share of business on dramatic attempt, was produced here. his hands. He sets fire to the palace. The following is the plot : and assists, as our young readers are Varanes, King of Persia .. Mr. Young. aware of, in extinguishing the conda- Chosroo, his sons


} gration. He bas also a duet with a cock Hamed,

Mr. C. KEHBLR canary bird, which was an excellent Abdas, a Persian Lord.... Mr. EGERTON.

Mr. A BBOT. parody on Say, little foo'ish Butter. Hafir, his sou ing thing,” in The Padlock, and was

Sithes, a captive Chieftain Mr. TERRY. encored. It would be rather an excur

Sohrab, the King's Cham

} Mr. Connor.

berlain sive, and not perhaps a very intelligi. Kobad, Confident to Chosroo Mr. COMER. ble range, to follow this pantomime

Devah, Slave to Chosroo .. Mr. JEFFRIFS. through all its windings--some of tbem Zimra, daughter to Suthes Miss O'NEILL, have no connection with the story on The date of the tragedy is supposed to which it is founded, and are introduced be in the fourth century; the scene is for the sake of having a few humorous Jaid in the royal palace of Chesipbon, ovations on the dresses, the babits, and the then capital of the Persian domiwaltzing of our French neighbours, and nions, and the time represented is two for the purpose of shewing some ex days. The piece opeus on the anniver. cellunt mechanical deceptions and traus. sary of the accession of Varancs to the

throne ; his elder son, Chosroo, returns ken. Hamed and Zimra mount together triumphant from an expedition against the throne of Persia, and the curtaia one of the rude tribes wbich inbabit the falls. Carduchian Mountains; among bis cap Our general impression with regard tives is the Chieftaio of the tribe, Suthes, to “ Retribution," is, tbat it is a pro. whose daughter, Zimra, had been pre- duction of great promise. We noticed viously carried off by Chosroo, but had many fine touches, and many passages been rescued from him, and was now of the highest poetical beauty. It is protected and concealed by Hamed, the true that the plot is defective, and seveyounger brother of Chosroo. These ral of the incidents improbable, while two brothers now dispute, and succes. others bear too close a resemblance to a sively obtain possession of the captive very recent play. But still it is the Chieftain and his daughter. They are genius displayed by the Author on delivered by Varanes to his virtuous which we formed our opinion of his son Hamed, but are again forcibly future success as a dramatic writer. seized by Chosroo, who is found to pos. The piece is splendidly got up, and the sess a strong and mysterious hold over performers did the most ample justice the actions of bis father, which arises to their respective parts. from bis knowledge of some fearful JAN. 7. Shakspeare's Comedy of crime, of which the latter bas been Twelfth Night has been likewise regulity.

vived, in allusion, we suppose, to the The violence of Chosroo against the season. If we could all dream as Shak. captives, and his latent designs of trea speare dreams, who wouid not wish son against the throne, are discovered to sleep? The powers of this poet are so by Varanes, who seeks Chosroo, when wonderful, that something new breaks surrounded by his armed slaves, awes out upon us every time he is seen and him into temporary fear, and commands read.' But this is one of his produce him to desist from bis purposes ; Chos- tions in which all performance must roo, however, whose love is indignantly necessarily play, behind the fancy of rejected by Zimra, confines her and her the author. " It is painting to the imafather in separate dungeons.

gination. The poet, walking by a Hafir, with his father, Abdas, and the haunted stream, transcribes the imaKing's Chamberlain, Sborab, bad, in the gery of his mind into his tablet; the previous part of the play, found Va- play is therefore wild, beautiful, and ranes senseless, and on his recovery had abrupt; in a word, one of those which beard fall from hin frantic expressions, will be always read wild wonder, aud whicb convinces the former of these seen with pleasure. (Hafir, an impetuous young man,) that Jan. 8. “ Artaxerxes” was re-pro. Varanes had mounted the throne by the duced, in a style and manner very bomurder of his brother and predecessor, nourable to the liberality of the manaSapor; he insults Hamed with the gers. Never was so foolish an opera charge, wbo Aying to his father, Va- supported by such magnificent music. ranes, to inquire into its truth, finds it We are not acquainted with Metas. confirmed. Hamed, found by Chosroo tario in his Italian original ; but if this standing over bis fainting father, is now English version in any degree cor. charged by him with ihe murder of responds with the original opera, MetasVaraues, whose body is carried off - tasio himself is only a worthy poet jo a Hamed, together with Suthes, charged nation of fiddlers. We do not say this also with treasonable designs, are on the from any British contempt of modern point of being led to execution, not. Italians. Dante, Tasso,' and Ariosto, withstanding the prayers and evtreaties are exceeded only by our Milton, Pope, of Zimra, when it was found that the and Dryden ; Peirarch, in his own pebody, brought in as that of the King, culiar line, exceeds any one we have is, in fact, toat of a slave, who had been to produce against him ; and if the commissioned by Chosroo to destroy licentiousness of Boccacio would perbim; the life of the King having been ipit us in honesty to praise him, we saved by Hafir, while endeavouring lo would add that he upites the life and rescoe Suthes aud Zimra. Varanes now fidelity of our best cornic writers to re-appears, orders Chosroo to execution; the tancy and colouring of our best discovers “ Retribution" for his own prets. But Metastasio - perhaps, how. crime in the misconduct and guilt of his ever, it is unfair to judge him from this son, aud dies exbausted and heart-bro Arlaxerxos.


But the music by Arne more than to deliver the love billet, except the compensates for the wretched poetry last. The tar, by climbing up the signs of the recitative. We have nothiag post, and throwing down his hat, which like it, except in the Comus by the he requests the quot to pick up, avails same composer. It is of the English himself of the opportunity to give the school through all its variety of tones, letter to Louisa, who is seated at an and proves of what our national music adjoining window. His master arrives is capable. Hence, wben wortbily repre at this juncture of time; the niece sented, it is always well received, and elopes, and the parties are married. by the force of its music has borne upits The dialogue is sprightly, and occabad poetry for an buodred years. Bra. sional bursts of loyalty ron through the ham, in Arbuces, was all that the au. wbole. We are sorry to say that Mr. dience could wish; it afforded him am Deuning's performance did not partake ple means for the display of bis ini. of the sprigbuliness. The part of the ipitable powers, and he used all bis French courier was decidedly the best ;

the mixture of broken English and Miss Stephens sung with her usual coarse French was well managed. The taste and sweetuess. It is a true musi author was fat and uninteresting: and cal treat to bear Braham and this lady although he was travelling with the at the saire time.

Jaudable view of paying his creditors Duruset was much applauded in Ar with the profits arising from the sale taxerxes.

of his intended tour, we augur, that lucledon was much missed in Arta. if his writing be no be!ter than his actbancs : this character was his chef ing, they will be lillle benefited. d'euvre. Taylor might have supplied It was, on the whole, quite as well his place with credit.

received as its merits deserved, and After the Opera of Artaxerxes, a when announced for a repetition, the new dramatic piece, in one act, called sense of the house was most decidedly “ Three Miles from Paris," was repre against it. sented for the first time. It is one “ The Point of Honour,” a Drama of those trifles which, to animadvert in three acts, has been revived, when on seriousiy, would be like breaking Miss O'Neill appeared, for the first time, a butterfly on the wheel. The main in the part of Arriht, and as the situaobject of the piece is to exhibit Mr. tion is good, whatever may be the diaDenaing in a variety of characters, logue, she represented it with her usual probably attempted from a recollection vigour. The other characters in this of the great success attendant on the piece acted as well as their several parts Actor of . il Work.

would adivit The plot (if such it can be called) is Lury Bertram, the part in “ Guy simply this - Motley (Mr. Denuing), Mannering," usually undertaken by Miss servant to a Colonel in an English regi. Stephens, was on the 24th inst performed meni, falls in love with Lousa (Miss by a Mrs. Garrick, from the Liverpool Mathews), the piece of a rich widow thcalre. This lady, both as an actress (Mrs. Davenport), who keeps a tavern and a singer, displays considerable selfat the distance of three miles from possession and experience of the stage. Paris. His great object is a desire to Her voice and style are good, and her convey a letter to his beloved, for which musical talent is far above mediocrity; purpose he assumes the character of some of her upper notes are a lilile a French courier, an English grenadier, harsh and in perfect, but her lower opes an author, and a sailor. The aunt con

remarkable for smoothuess and trives always to be present at their flexibility. interviews, and detects every ailempt


IN 19. Dec. 26. George Parnwell - Harlequin Gulliver or Jan. 19. Retribution-Barlequin Gulliver. the Flying Island.

13. Guy Mannering-Ditto. 27. Guy Mannering--Ditto.

14. Point of Honour-Husband and Wives 29. Await-Dinti

Ditto. so. Gus Nanterak-Ditto.

15. Artaxerxes-Three Miles from Paris 91. Slie Strop in ('ouquet-Ditto.


IR. Retribution-Ditto.
- Ditto.

17. Guy Mannering-Ditto.
3. Guy Minnering-Ditto.

19. Point of Honour-Dito. 5. Retr buuion - Dirto),

20.-Guy Vani ring-Ditto. 6. Guy Mannering-Ditto.

81.-Retribu' in Ditto. 7. Twelfth Nigdi-Ditto.

22.-Twelfth Night--Ditto. 8. Artaxerxes-Husband and Wives-Ditto.

29.-Point of Honour-Three Miles from Pa9. Retribution-Ditt),

ris-Ditto. 20. Guy Mannering-Ditto.

24.-Guy Mannering-Ditto.


Jan. 1.

THE SURREY THEATRE. Dec. 29.-A crowded audience, on Columbine, and that the more suborthis evening, again gave testimony to dinate characters were equally well the very superior merit of the various supported, we need add nothing more performances with which this Theatre relative to its performance. The horeceotly opened, and which have com- liday audience were also entertained manded success, because they so pecu. with the terrific evolutions of Mr. liarly deserved it. The Christmas Mackintosh on the Corde l'olante, and Tale” (origioally produced at the The a whimsical Ballet, which displayed to atre Royal, Drury-Lane, while under much advantage the talents of Miss the management of Mr. Garrick) con- Simpson, and Messrs. Giroux, Kirby, and sists in the love of Floridor for Camilla, Dore. The scenery and dresses are in for whose sake he vanquishes a bost of every respect worthy of this Theatre's demoos, formerly held captive by bis former fame, and are equally splendid father, and to whom his imprudence and appropriate in all of the evening's had given freedom. The hand of Ca- entertainments. millo is proinised as the reward of their Jan. 5, 1818.-In addition to the subjection. Love and valour triuniphs, amusements of last week, a new grand the Sorcerer is overthrown, and the serious Melo Drame was produced topiece concludes with the union of the night, under the title of “ The Knights lovers, in a splendid scene of Bonoro's of the Lion," and was received with Fairy Region.

every applause which its most sanguine In alluding to the very powerful ex. frieuds could have anticipated. (lotildi, ertions of all the performiers, we cannot Countess de Neuberg, is accused of the omit noticing the highly successful de- murder of her husband and infant son, but of Miss Cherry, late of Drury-Lane, and the interesting plot of the piece who gives flattering promise of powers arises from the developement of ber which will be an acquisition to any stage. innocence, and the discovery of her

The speaking Pantomime of the accuser's guilt; many of the situations * Touchstone, or Harlequio Traveller,” are highly dramatic, and the denoueopens with an aërial combat between ment is most powerfully effective. Miss two Geoii. The evil spirit is victorious, Taylor, Mr. Huntley, and Mr. Cordell, and his discomfited rival is, by the made their first appearance this season, power of his art, plunged into the cleft in characters well suited to their re. trunk of a wiihered oak. From this spective talents; and the scenery and imprisonment she is, however, speedily machinery amply merited the applause released by Harlrouin, and in addition with which the entire performance was to the magic sword, usually presented received by an overflowing audience. on such nccasions, rewards her deli. Jan. 19.– The adinirable Burlesque verer with a talismanic touchstone, of " Don Giovanni” was revived with which has the power of extortiog truth every eclat which attended ils unprecefrom all on whom its potency is exer dented popularity when first produced. cised. The pleasantry and witticisms, Jan. 19. --At ibis Theatre novelly is arising from its effect on the various the order of the day, or rathece of the characters, are highly entertaining night, for we were this evening gratified throughout the progress of the piece; with the performance of a new Bur. and Harlequin Traveller proceeds in letta, entitled “ Tom Jones, or the the usual routine of a pantomimic Foundling.Wheo we slate, that the journey in various parts of France and outline of Fielding's admirable Novel is England, until bis adventures termi. strictly adhered to, and that it was suppate in the magic abode of the Fairy ported by all the strength of Mr. Dise Feridon.

din's corps dramatique, it is almost This laughable extravaganza is an al needless to add, that it was pre-emitered revival of a Pantomime written nently successful, and continues to draw by Mr. Dibdin's justly celebrated father, crowded houses. Huntley's Tom Jones, and is reproduced with new incidents and indeed all the principal characters, and dialogue more suited to the present were supported in a way that reflected day. When we say that Fitzwilliam and no less credit on the performers than on Mrs. Bryaa were the Harlequin and the manager.


1818. Dec. 96, to Jan. 9, 1818. Christmas Tale- Love and Jan, 19 to 17. Christmas Tale-Don Giovanni Lancet-The Touchstone or Harlequin

Knights of the Lion,

Jan. 19 to 34. Love and Lancet-Tom Jones or The Jap. 5 10 11. Love and Lancet-Knights of the

Foundling-Knights of the Lion,


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Thou canst not reach so rich a prize
RY TAE LATE GOVERNOR FRANKLIN, In Pleasure's gayest Paradise !
HEN Phæbus heard Ida a recipe Midst sands that sparkle in my glass

No purer gem I find; He vow'd by old Styx to retaliate the deed;

The rest may glitter, break, and pass, Then hasten'd to fam'd Epidauros's top,

But this remains behind; Where grave Esculapius first opened his

Pride may the modest pearl disdain, shop.

Or Love a brittle semblance feigo, « My son !” cried the God,

But Pride and Love are blind ; weary of trade,

They mock my pow'r, yet I alone That thus your prescriptions in verse are Their fraudful counterfeits make known. array'd ?

Receive my gift -of Nature's wealth My credit and yours must be fast growing

Thy mind has ample store ; worse,

Of Pleasure. Honour, Hope, and Health, If poets teach physic and chymists learn

I cannot give thee more.

The gem which none of these can buy Prescriptions ! believe me no mortal will Will youth's ethereal light supply, need 'em,

When thou like me art hoar; If poets can write, and a lady can read 1 give what Fortune cannot lend 'em !

Time, only Tiine reveals a friend ! Let lovers for smooth-sounding syllables

CHRONOS, seek,

Jan. Ist.

But wisdom should thunder in Hebrew or

Besides, what disgrace to the Muses and me,
If doctors joia med cine and verse for a “ She pass'd-like a dream of the morn-

ing.' Man's knell will be rung in poctical chime,

H! say not that the fairest flower And death-warrants sign'd in bexameter rhyme."

bower, The God of the Pestle and Mortar replied, The flower we loved, and cherish'd most, “Not me, but fair Ida, Apollo should chide ; Is nipp'd by Fate's untimely frostSbe rivals my skill with a whim or a jest, Oh! say not, that our star of light, And keeps for my patients a new med'cine Which shone, in native splendour bright, chest,

Hath quench'd its beams in CHARLOTTE's But let not my foes on her promise rely


As sinks the sun beneath the wave.
Such smiling physicians cheat ofter than 1:
Their spells may bid head-aches and heart.

Yes! like that glorious orb, whose rays
aches depart,

Seem holier in their parting blaze, But take for their fees both the head and the

Than when, o'erpowering every eye,

They glow in noontide majesty, -
Her gentler spirit seem'd io shed

More radiance round her dying bed,

That when, so late, we saw her inove
CHILE others grace thy natal day

The idol of our pride and love.
With festive dance and song,

Stranger -if thou wouldst seek to learn

The praise that must not stain ber urn, A pilgrim leaves his lonely way

Go-read it in the altered cheek To mingle in the throng:

Of those who weep.- but cannot speak.When thou art near, a ling'riog pace,

Go,--ask yon Briton, whence the grief A scanty lock, a wrinkled face,

That seems to rend, yet mock reliet? No more to me belong;

Unbidden tears will swell bis eye, For smiling Beauty best can prove

Add sorrow speak his heart's reply. How swift my silver pinions move.

Blest saint!--if from thy glorious sphere I will not boast how oft and bright

Thou look'st on aught thai loved thee here,
This day I mean to bring,

Thou'lt grieve,- if angejs griei can know,
Tho' many a downy plume last night For those thus left to mourn below:-
Thy bounty gave my wing.

Thy country's bopes thus wi ering fast,
Thy hand my rosy crown bestow'd

Beneath affliction's chilling blast. To thee my sparkling glass I ow'd,

All bounteous Heaven !--whose chasten. Now take my offering:

ing hand

Thus sorely smites an erring land, * Sent in his 80th year, in reply to a Abasing her high soul of pride,versified prescription.

la mercy turn thy wrath aside.

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