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EXTRACTS FROM A LAWYER'S clorh reachiog to the elbow and knee. PORTFOLIO

But the Appellant's heard was ever co

vered, and the Defeodant's rayed or (Continued from page 389.)

shaven tous."'-As he spoke, the desNO

o part of our laws implies a more criber suddenly raised his hat, and dig.

becoming consciousness of human covered a head of most extraordinary judgmen!'s fallibility, than the cautious character. It reminded us of those five and deliberate procedure required in as., busis tirund among the ruins caused by a certaining merital disease, and surren

volcavo, scorched and bruised, but not dering a supposed lunatic to ihe custody deprived of their woble symmelry and of his kindred. A remarkanie instance expression. His shin was darkened as of this kind tell under my own observa if burning liva had passed over it, extion: was on my way to visit an cept on the upper part of his biead, uncle resident on the remorest comb of which appeared to have been latels Cornwall, and believed ony ell very near shiver, and was now bordered by id my journey's end, when the stage-cooth frmge of the same crisp black hair driver aumitted a stronger in nila scat

wloch tormed the thick curl of his eyewhich had been vacated. The viher bruns, and mel near his chin. Blackthree passengers were busily eng ged stone and Beccaria were wholly forin a discussion on lawful and uniawlul gotten, while we looked on this for. duels, and referring occasionally to a

casionally to a midable countenance, and observed that pasophiet printed in 1632, 0occasion ils possessor has also a strony sias, not vi the Battle awarded in the preceding unlike the balon of the champions de year in the Court of Chivalry on au Ap bad been describing. Not another word peal of Treason by Lord Rea against was hazarded; and when the mail-coach Mr. Rainsay. Then followed an al- stopped, I invuuted the borse provided tempt to trace the Writ of Appeal and for ine with grcat readiness, to escape Wager of Battel from the practice of from the sight of our uukuown compa. Turkey, ud ils prevalence in England nion. I shall be pardoned, I believe, if till the third year of Henry VII. But I confess, that during my ride through our new companion, whose dress was the solitary lane wbich led to my onvery little superior to a disbanded sea cle's old manor house, I cast several maii, suddenly, joined the conversido su picious glauces at the shadows which tion : “ Geollemen," he began, in a a few shaggy elms threw over my path. stern voice, “ modern philosopbers ne The first kind salutations of a hospitable ver read, therefore they are always relative were hardly Gnished, when his making discoveries - Did Black siune porter came to announce a stranger, see any barbarily in this mode of sa. who desired instant admission on the tisfying justice, or did the Archbishop most urgent busines. It was late, the of Toledo disdain to witness such a manor-bogse was lonely, and situated combat in the most religious court of near a const noted for desperate pirates Europe?"- This extraordinary combi- and contraband adveuturers. But my naliou of authorities made one of the good old uncle, wha held that office party sinile, though his professional pe the like of which," as has been mertulasice was stirred by the inplied cume rily said, “ is known to po oblier land," parison between our English oracle and was too proud of his authority, and too an old Spanish bigot. To waive any fr. conscious that he hcid it with pure ther disputes ou ine wisdom or antiquiis hands, to entertain any fears.— Yei he of trial by single combat, he began to allowed mne to accompaay bin to what describe the dresses worn on such occa he called his jaslice room, where, with sions in our third Henry's days. "Sir," much surprise and some apprehension, interposed our legislator in a bluzes jae I saw the dark man. He looked at me ket, the pike, dagger, long sword, indi lirsiis if recognizing my features, ind short-sword, which you speak of, were endeavourios lo examine their itu pori; appointed only for Renaal Ramsay. th:0 audresselle my uncle with more Iu Henry's time, such combatants fought courtesy than his ride apparel prowith weapous of smail lengin, will: mised. he repuestod a privale udience. heads, hands, and feet bore; or with A glou of voicinerice which we bid ebon staves or batoons, having bare tine in variange, induced my old kins, sand-bags fastened at the ends. And mau !) *484?ri wwe wlicu i professed each might have a four cornered shield] 113st if luis indispensable clerk. Atter without any iron, and a frock of red 10jniciently closing the door, and idEurop. His l'ol. IXXIll. J12.1515.

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vancing so near us as to make me regret" gold,” tie answered ; "and my valet that iny travelling pistols were out of my tells me they were restored."- We reach, he announced, in a low aud sin. looked at each other with sufficient gularly solenn tone, that he came to agreement in our thoughts that the lay a capital charge against two sea charge was wholly due to a disordered men of his Majesty's ship the

imagination ; and hoping to detect its ' Of felony or murder ?” said my incubereuce still more broadly, we reuncle, and I prepared pep and paper to quired him to repeat it, while I made fulfill my assumed office of his clerk.– minutes. But he made no variation “Of completing one, and conspiring to in uames or dates; bis descriptions of commit ibe other,” replied the in the secret cove, of the boatswain's former in the same low love, with a figure, and bis companion's dress were mixed expression of fear and borror siogularly precise and forcible. My in his countenance. The Justice re. uncle' called for supper, and seating quired him to relate particulars, and him by bis fre-side, with the fraok They seemed dis:inctly told. He stated, kiodness of an old Evglish squire, thai the boatswain and another person endeavoured to fix his attention on belonging to an English ship of war, other subjects. We talked of political had conveyed him in their boat, after occurrences, of the general state of dining with their captain aod his offi- Italy, and the victory then recent at cers, to an obscure cove on the coast Maida. A slight shivering of his lips near Naples, where he had been im. and vgelids indicated that ihis last subsprisoned several days

, and at laste re ject touched some lender nerve, and he leased, or, to speak more properly, asked me if I had seen Calaabandoned without money, and almost bria.- My nepbew is an idle Temwithout clothes, on a desolate spot, plar,” said the Justice, answering for from whence he was conveyed ju a me,

" and has more ambition to be delirious fever by his valet. This last lined with good capon than at a can. particular deserved enquiry. How did don's mouth."-Our guests imaginahis valet discover his master's situa. tion probably caught some unintended tion, and what induced him to visit reference in this allusion to Shakspeare, à part of the Neapolitan coast so deso. and he replied, with a fierce gesture, late and undistinguished, in quest of “He is right, and I bave pow do him? Our informer answered, that the honour to be jealous of. Gentlemen, inau himself might be questioned on I understand the purpose of all this. that subject. To my remark, that only You persuade yourselves that an outthe fact of robbery could be substani. rage which did not end in the actual tiated, as murder did not appear to loss of my life and property, is not have been designed, he replied, Both worth a public and difficult investigawere committed, but not within the

tion: you wish to soothe me into for. letter of our laws." Being urged to getfulness and forgiveuess, and I thank explaió this ambiguous sentence, he you for the altempt. You know not remained several minutes in a silence what a blessing it would be to forget, which implied such deep and melan- and I have sought for it io many ways, choly recollectiou, that neither our cu but these men haunt me still, avd I must riosity aor our suspicious emboldencd

accuse them. Remeniber, gentlemen, I us to interrupt it. My hobest uncle did not say how much of my life and prospoke first. - Child," he said, laying perty they spared, oor how little." - We his haud ou the young man's shoulder, could make no answer to a speech which, with a kindness which almost always with all its obscure iucotierence, was created the confidence it expressedsolewn. Almost convinced that his “ there is something in this business visitor was iusane, my uncle soothed more than you have communicated, bin with au assurance that he would or less than you imagine. If these expedite the progress of justice, and men proposed an outrage against your had begun ofter him a chamber life, why did they leave the opportu. der his roof till morning, when another nity and the work unfinished, and if stranger with three allendauts claimed they never attempted it, wbs is a mur. adinission. They were brought into derous design insputed to then ?"- the room where we still sat with the still be made no reply, and my uncle accuser, who staried from his place at enquired the extent of the robbery he their entrance, and held op te forhad suffered. -" Ouly a few picces of midable baton 1 bare meulioaed once

before. Sir Frederick Cornwall, as I the selfish plans of individuals are ren. chuse to call our new visitor, presented dered parts of one wide aud perfect kimpelf with very engagivg politeness, system of equal justice. A few years and entreated pardon for his relative's passed after this incident, and all reintrusion. I accompanied him into membrance of it had begun to disanother apartment, and heard his ex. appear, when my professional duties pressions of regret at the notional in. brought me, on the western circuit, sanity wbich seemed to have taken en. to a town where I received an anong, tire bold of his nephew's mind. To my nous letter enclosing a large Bauk. question whether Colonel C. bad ever pute to retain ine as counsel io Ibe been in Naples, he replied tbat he had cause of a very young French boy oply returned from thence a few days; charged with private robbery. The pole

but," he added, “his valet assures me I deposited in my uncle's hands, to reno part of this strange romance, wbich main potouched as a clue lo future he persists in repeating, ever had existo discovery; but the accouut circulaied eace, if we except the delirious fever he in the town concerning this young bimself confesses "-A request that the offender was sufficient tu interesi me. unhappy young mau might be delivered He was accused of slealing the purse into his custody followed this speech, and pocket-book of an unfortunate which did not appear to me quite satis- gentleman who occupied a small manfactory. He perceived it, and pro. sion po£ far from the castle appro. duced several letters dated from Naples, priated to French prisoners of war. and distinctlygiving the Neapolitan phy. Louis, as this buy called himself, had sician's opinion of his distemper. One, been found bruised und scuseless under wrilteu by the captain of the vessel the mansion-wall, frums which he apin which Colonel C. had sailed home, peared to have fallen in an attempt detailed many touching instances of to escape from the garden, wbere the

incurable dejection, and binted at an owner had seen him lurking, probably . allempted suicide. This leller enclosed aller robbing the lunatic who, resided another from the unforluvale young there of the invoey found upoor him. officer himself, relating the trausaction Amongst this money was a guid seal and in the bay of Naples oxactly as he had diamond ring, butli bcaring the initials described it to us, but with many ex of Colonel Cornwall, and recognized by pressions of the keepest and most des.many persons as bis property, though pkrale resentment. Though these ex. his reputed insanity rendered his evi. pressions were mingled witb others which dence inadınissible. I questioned the seemed to imply grateful confidence in boy with all the severiiy and adroit. his uncle's affection, I thought myself at ness in my power, but could extort Jiberly to doubt it, and ventured to ep. uo confession from him regarding his quire why the valet bad nol accom business at that mansion, or lhe mcaus panied his unfortunate master lu Eng. by which the pioney fell into bois bands. land. Sir Frederick shewed me an Ilie . Jle did not deny that he had scen Cuiu. liau letter, containing so natural and so nel Cornwall; he admitted the seal and clear a statement of the man's reasons ring night have been onec his fireperty, for remaining in his native country, that bui would give no account of the gold. no objection could be made. Pül my My earnesi application procured a wigood uncle, who well deserved the nanie gistrale's order for my admission into of Justice, positively detained the Colo Colonel C.'s presi'nce alone. The keeper nel as his guest till the strictest enqui- warned me of his concealed fiercebe:s bjes had been pursued. Nolbing results and malignity, and left us togellier with ed that could throw doubt ou Sir Frede- evident reluctance. He know me inrick, or justify us in withholding the stantly, and burst into lears. I love Colonel's person, which' he surrendered' bumao rature, and honour it too mucb himself with an air of tranquillity al- ' tr dwell on the frightful picture he gave inost amountiog to happiness.

me of his sufferings. The clearness, the I remember in my boyhood a certain moderation, and the method of bis die piece of mathematical inagic in av oid tail, convinced me they were undeLucyclopædia, representing almost in- served ; and my representations gained puiderable circles inost intricately in such allention fruin a discerning materwoven, but all combining in one. gistrate, supported by the voies of Į have since found it a very accurate ihree physicians, that he obtained ad. representation of the mauver in which wissiou into court as a capable wito

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ness. llis narrative was simple and con not confess the trnih Complete your vincing. Louis, he said, had conveyed task by staying with me till my deain, three letters to him from an unknown and you will learo all."-"You hare person, offering him money and jewels deceived me, then, in the affair of to bribe the keeper employed by his in- Naples too, perhaps ?"-". On the faith terested relative. This inysterious friend of a dying man, you have beard the also promised to produce such evidence truth, and nothing but the tru!h, on as would ettectually silence those who that stbject. I told you when we first impeached his intellects. But he so. met, that I had enemies who had taken lemnly protested that he could not con away my honour, and now they have jecture from whence these offers canie, reached mr lile" bor by what means Louis bad obtained This terrible bird confirmed suspithe seal and ring, which he did not re cions in my mind that had been in. member ever to bave seen before. I distinctly forming since the first pe confess my surprise at this last asser. riod of our acquaintauce. Coruwall's tion, but it was useful to the prisoner. urcle had children who miglit be largely As the charge of felony was completely benefited liy his death; the suspected falsified, the court did oot deen it a valet was probably their arent, and ile duty to enquire farther; the young strange outrage conmited at Naples Frenchman was released ; and after a might bave been a stratagem to distedious struggle with the forms of order bis imagination, or an aiteippit another court, our more unfortunate to remove hins baffled by some secret friend Cornwall was freed from bis

Mine was not the only judge uncle's custody. I acconipanied himnient biassed against Sir Frederick to a retired viila in my own good un Corowall, and the, emaciated state of cle's neighbourhood, which he chose his vephew, every where ascribed to for the wildness of its scenery and the the cruelties inflicted on hiia, caused påstoral simplicity of its inhabitants. such general indignation and abhor. We arrived at the pleasantext hour of repce, that the darkesi suspicions were that sweet spring-season which belongs willingly reccived. Letters were prionly to England ; and I congratulated vately sent to powerful persons at hini, as I Thonght, most opportunely Naples, urging them to trace the Italialı on bis restoration to the rights and valet; and while we awaited the result, comforts of an English.n. -* It is my uncle and myself neglected no means your work,” he rapird, with a mea te allure the melancholy man from his Taucharily smile, • and I will not be solitude. He was our guest whole days 80 ungrateful is to tell you it is use and weeks, and his house on these occalesz.' " I would rather be told that it sions was left to the care of Ihree trosty is imperfect, provided you will tracte servants, who had known and loved hini me how to ainend it. But I do not from his youth. They were alarmed perceive any thing wanting to your onc evening, in their naster's absence, franquillity, unless you wish to know by the stoppage of a hired post haise more of Louis or bis employer; and at their gates, froin #hence, without it is impossible to deny, Cornwall, that ceremony or enquiry, a veiied woman your unwillingness to pursue enquiry came into the liall, and seated berself. in that quarter calls some suspicion The servants looked at each other in npon yourself." le nade no answer stupid consusion, for they all recorto Ibis speech, except one of those fixed nized their masier's divorced wilc. and haggard looks which accompanied Be under no embarrassinent," said his former state of dejection, till i she, will a coolness which completed couched my question in direct terms llieir astonishinent: "Colonel Corowall

-"On your honour as a gentleman, is absent, and-I neither desire nor expert and under the sacred secresy which to see him. Bring me ink and paper, I owe you as your counsellor, tell nie aud carry the letter I shall write."if you know more of Louis?"-" My They all obeyed without understanddear friend," he answered, " and those ing her authority, and the whole housewords imply everything inost sacred be- bold gathered roimd, each indulying his i vreen man and man, I do know Louis,' curiosiy by hoiding some article of ite and therefore I disclaimed all know.' writing apparatus. With ber veil still ledge of the scal and ring ; the gold over her face, and an unnloved allia would have burned both my heart and tude, she wrote and sealed her billel, brain if I had accepted it, but I could which luc steward, a mian of great fiđe

to me.


lity and shrewdness, brought'instantly he added, "She has told you all, I sce;

His accouut of ihis singular but the disclosure might have been i vinil gave me great hopes of some dc- spared till after my decease. You have

cisive crisis ; and not without many beard that villains who personaled Eng anxious expectations, I gave the paper dish seamen betrayed me into the ha:ds into her husband's hands. He read of Neapolitan trailors -1, who had vo

it twice, his countenance changed ex Junteered my services on an important : tremely, but merely writing two lines undertaking, and was entrusted with se

with bis pencil on the back of his wife's crel documents-1, while the army was note, he desired me to deliver it my: sailing to its destination, was impri

self. On sucb a mission there could soved in the dep of that false woman's & he no besitation. I found her still sit- paramour, and then released alive with -- ling in the hall with her veil drawn a inoch of mercy."-"

" But perhaps i over her, and the servants stationed even that small mercy was shewo at ber E: in a cluster at some distance to watch jotercession."-" Yes!"' be rejoined,

her moliops. She read her busbard's wilb a smile full of bitterness, " and answer, and after a short pause rose, she probably believed I would owe my and threw back her veil. "I have Jiberly a second time to her inter

recollected myself, sir!” she said, ad. ference, and thank her for it.-Teil įvancing towards me: " these people her I do give her thanks, not for my

haow ine, and I bave no right to screen Jife, but for making me seem a mad. myself from their contempt: it is part mao rather than a coward or a traitor, of ibe punishment I am come to mnect, aud fur bastening my death now by and tbis veil is an indulgence I do not her intrusion."--- Look at this pic

deserve. Colonel Cornwall commands ture, however, and if it resembles the i me to quit his house, but something is person whose ageurs imprisoned you,

due to justice and public opinion. His iell ine by what came he is now called.” Eupcle accuses him of inventing the con -He looked at it an instant, and espiracy at Naples-You suspect lis une thrusling it into the fire, replied

cle of abetting it for his owo purposes. An Emperor's brother-in-law-the I was the only witness of that trang King of Nuples !"

action, and will give my evidence when These were his last articulate words. : and where you please ; but I adjure Except a' look of sorrow and a long

all these persons to attest that their pressure of my brand when I asked for. master has spoken the truth, and that giveness for his wife, he gave no sign of bis uncle is innocent."-1 was con recollection before he died that night. founded by this public declaration on Tbe uobappy woman fell into the oxa subject so unfit for the ears of vulgar tremest agonies of despair, and resigned and prejudiced hearers. I begged a herself to the most desolate solilude. private audience, and endca soured to Yet the energy of her conduct in her persuade- ber that her late husband's last confession, her courageous efforts health was in no stale to bear agito release her husband from the tortating appeals and discoveries ; but she tures of a mad house in the garb of persisted in offering a termination of a French boy, and her deep repentance all secrets as the readiest and most cer. of the frailty which led her step by step tain medicive for his melancholy. She into the society of military rene; ades, urged me to conduct her into his pre- proved a niind worthy, a Deller laic. seace, or to be the medium of her com. I did not discover till long after, that munication. I accepted the last alter. during three years she bad submitled native, and she put a large drawing into to perform the nieanest duties of a me. my hand." I took au oath,” said she, nial in the house where her husband half-smiling, never lu panie the prin- suffered confinement as a lunatic, lopcipal actor in this affair, but I did not ing to find some means of expressing promise to conceal his picture." her remorse, or of alleviating his ori. The servants of Colonel Cornwall's sery: but she found neither; and when establisbment received iny orders to her detection and disnjission by the observe her narrowly till my return, keeper suggested the romantic expeand I set out, charged with a heavy dient of boy's attire, his inflexible pride and difficult task, to see him again. refused all aid from a band that had His first words were to prohibit the disgraced hiin. He died the victim of intrusion of tbe woman once called feelings too fuely wrought: and if the bis wife. Then" eying me stedfastly, misery of an unfaithful wife needs aga

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