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European Magazine

FOR JUNE, 1818,
[Embellished with a Portrait of John Reeves, Esq.]


Page List of East India Shipping

466 Philosophical Tea-pots and FireMemoir of John Reeves, Esq. 467


ib. The Hive, No. XXXIX.... .472 Yeates' Variation Chart

ib. Farly Rising...

ib. Election Anecdote .


LONDON REVIEW. Anecdote of Peter the Great

ib. Benger's Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Anecdote of a Freocbman... ib. Hamilton

515 Extracts from a Lawyer's Portfolio The Fudge l'amily in Paris . ...517 [Continued]

.473 Evans's Excursion to Windsor ...519 Toe GLEANER. No. IX....

.478 TAEATRICAL JOURNAL: State of Reflections of a Young Mau in Pri Drury.lane Theatre-The Castle of

son, after committing an Act of Sui. Paluzzi, or the Extorted Oath-Mr. cide...

..431 Mathews's Address -Opening of the History of Peter Pliant (Coocluded) ..486 English Opera- How to write an Irish Extracts: containing a concise Opera, or the Delights of Dramatic

Description of some of the principal Composition—The Kaleidoscope, or Places in Ireland; with the Antiqui Pay for Peeping-False Accusa. ties, Castoms, Character, and Man. tion, &c. &c.

.....521 ners of that Country (Concluded] ..489 POETRY... BIOGRAPHICAL REGISTER OF EMINENT On a Lady's Kaleidoscope .........526

PERSONS RECENTLY DECEASED, Ne. An Address for the Anniversary of XXVII.-John Gifford, Esq. 492

the Literary Fond, at Freemasons' Emma: a Tale founded on Fact

Hall, May 7, 1818.. Epitaph in Eyam Church-yard ..496 Dissolu:ion of Parliament.. ......528 Memoir of Patrick Colquhoun, Esq. Intelligence from the London Gazette 529 (Concluded)...


Abstract of Foreign and Domestic InFRAGMENTA, Being Thoughts, Obser telligence...

.....535 vations, Reflections, and Criticisms,


..540 with Anecdotes and Characters An Marriages

ib. cient and Modern, No. XXVI. ....503 Monthly Obituary

.541 An Essay on Charity ..507 Literary Intelligence..

.543 Answers to Arithmetical Queries 508, 509 List of New Publications

.514 Nautical Query

ib. Acknowledgments to Correspondents.. ib. Tue REPOSÚTORY. No. XLIX.. ib. List of Bankrupts, Dividends, and Cer. A Second Letter from Dr. Yeats to

tificates .....

545 the Right Hon. Sir. John New Dissolutions of Partnership

.547 port, Bart, M.P. on the Subject of List of Patents".

.549 Contagious Fever ib. State of the Weather

ib. On the Politic Institutions of Great London Markets

.550-552 Britain ......511 Average Prices of Sugar

552 Duration of Parliaments, from the Prices of Canal, &c. Shares ...553 First of Henry VII, to the pre Rates of Government Life Annuities .. ib. sent Time.

..513 Course of Exchange-Prices of Bullion ib. MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION.

Price of Stocks

.554 XLIII, :,

.514 ! Index,




London :

NO. 32, corNHILL.


Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. June 1818.

3 O


SEASON, 1817-18.

With their Managing Owners, Commanders, Principal Officers, Surgeons, Pursers, Time of coming afloat, 30,

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I Canning

Company's Ship Wm. Patterson R. Glasspoole W. R. Blakely K Mac Donald Amb. Rivers Rob. Simmonsis. Jas. Lee
Thomas Coutts.

S. Marjoribanks WMarjoribanks Alex. Chrystie Rich. Clarke E. M. Daniell Fred. Madan James Grant James Dunn
i Duke of York 1327

S. Marjoribanks A. H. Campbell Charles More J. Shepherd
Bomb.& China

Rob. Lindsay W. P. Moffat Whitm. Smart Jos. W. Rose
2 Far of Balcarras. 1417

Company's Ship James Jameson D. R. Newall (Ph. Baylis John Biliman A. Broadhurst Henry Arnot Wm. Bruce
4 Marquis of Huntly 1900

John Campbell Don. Mac Leod J.S. H. Fraser John Thacker Hen. H. Sumner Geo. Chennell John Simpson Rob. Hogg
Buckinghamshire 1969

Company's Ship Pred. Adams James Head Tim, Smith T. B. Penfold Thos. Allchin Wm. Hayland J. W. Graham
1 Dunira

Geo. Palmer Mont. Hamilton Jas. Barber A.T. Chalfield John Alien J.CWhiteman And. Kedslie Benj. B. Lord 3 Castle Huntly

John Paterson H A. Drummond Alex. Morgan Thos. Dunkin J. Cruickshank J. W. Stewart David Irving Wolin Stewart 1 London...


Mad. f China Company's Ship Walt. Campbell B. Broughton 7. Longcroft Wm. Pullham WK. Packman D. Mackenzie John D. Smith 6 Princess Amelia 1900

Rob. Williams Edw. Balston Sam. Lyde Jas. Kellaway Wm. Pitman Chas. Penny Nath. Gyant Jas. Thomson 4 Marchioness of Ely 959

Sir R. Wigram. Brook Kay Rich, Clifford WHC Dalrymple Dav. Sampson C. E. Mangles J. M. Bennett Wm. Millett 4 Prince Regent 953

Mad. Beng. Henry Bonham T. Herb. Harris Step. Poyntz Tbos. Baker Day. Marshall Hen B. Bax Day. Falconer John Reid 1 Orwell........

Matt. Isacke Thos. W. Leech Wm. Cousens T. W. Andrews Wm. Haviside Thos Welsh Wm. Bremner Rich. Prince 3 Lady Melville. 1200

Sir R. Wigram John Stewart Thos, Tapley Rob. Clifford Henry C. Smith Hen.Sterndale D.Cannan, ju. Jas. Goddard 4 Cabalva .....

1200 China

John Card Jas. Dalrymple C.W.H. Šewell G. G. Jarnan Rich. Card E.M. Boultbee Geo. Waddell. H. Ayers 6 Scaleby Castle 1949

Company's Ship John B. Sotheby T. W. Barrow Rob. Lowis Jas. Murdoch John Griffith Jas. Halliday Cras. Jobling 7 Perseverance 11871

Henry Templer Henry Templer Hen. Clement Jas. S. Biles Wm. Ticehurst Hatton Galway Thos. Godwin Jos. Hodson 5 Asten 890

George Gooch Fran. Creswell Wm. Evans A. Chapman Thos. A. Davis John Sprott WS Cumming Wm. L. Grave 6 Phoenix


Mad. A Beng. Rob. Williams Thos. White Tel. Musson Wm. Carter Rob. B. Shittler H. B. Avarne Thos. Ranken Harry James
2 General Hewitt 894

Company's Slip Peter Cameron Jas. Pearson Rees Thomas Alex. Bell Fred.G.Moore Edw. Turner D. Leighton
Warren Hastings 1000 Beng. f Marlohn P.Larkins Thos. Larkins J.P. Hackman George Mason George Cowan Fran. Oattley T. B. Horsley J. W. Pears

Henry Bonham T. F. Balderston J. T. E. Flint Thos. Davey Rob. H. Rhind John Gisborne Jas. M. Hodges Jas. Gardner
3 Fairlie

David Gordon Thos, E. Ward Thos. D. Burn Wm. Powditch Thos, Clarkson P. Backerville J. Johnstone T. Stephenson
Henry Porcher.... 465

Beng & Bomb.
Jos. Graves Jas, P. Anstice Pat. Wallace Hen. Simpeon Edward Warts

John Austin Hen.s. Graves
Lady Lulaington..69$ Bombay Nath. Domett Thos. Dermer Henry Bird Jas. Dudman David Urquhart ................

P. Mac Millan Chas, Burt
Beng. 4 Ben George Palmer Chas. Tebbut John Vincent John Waucope Johan Edwards

DAY. G. Arnot Chus. Bennet Lord Keith ...... (Robert Morris John Preeman John Shute IGco. Lamb Christopherson.

Jobn Coulter D. H. Renny 25th May, 1818.

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LONDON, Published for the European Magazine by 7. Esperne 32, Combill 1. "July 1818,

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Engraved by Thomson, from an original Painting in the Provost Lodge

at Eton College, by S. Drummond Esq. 4.RA.

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EROISM in the field is surrounded sounded, and all the banditti of Great

Britaio and Ireland were rallying togemost men are so liable to be dazzled by ther at its blast. Anarchy and licenthe splendor of military exploits, that tiousness proclaimed with loud boast Dot only the poet, but the biographer the multitude of their adherents, while and bistorian, have always too fondly hypocrisy, ambition, and avarice, were enlarged on the successes of the war secretly plotting how to secure the tior, wbile the less brilliant, but more SPOILS of a PLUNDERED NATION. serviceable, exertions of the slatesman The local and the lirave, though upare mentioned with sparing testimonies daunted by Jacobin menaces, foresaw of applause. We often see the powers of with agouy the wounds they must be gepius employed in giving an artificial foreed to inflict, in the hateful strugverdure to the blood-stained laurels of gle; and Justice herself turned pale at victory, and we hear the car of triumph ihe number of apprehended executione. rattle through the sounding periods, At this crisis, the heaven inspired though its whecis arc clogged with counsels of a vigilant patriot averted HOMAN GORE.

all those calamilies, aod put a stop to But whatever praise may be due to the rising tumult, without shedding the champion who risks his life it fight- ONE DROP of BLOOD. He joined jog the ballles of his country, and of men of property and virtue in the bonds repelling the attacks of a foreign in- of iodissolable union; he inspired the vader, the highest honours of patriot- peaceful and industrious with security ism, and the warmest tributes of public and confidence ; he restored deluded gratitude, ought certainly to be reserved thousands to their allegiance and their for the man who, in the hour of internal duty; he quelled the turbulent , he alarm, and amidst the DARK BROODING intiinidated the audacious; be con. of DOMESTIC TREASON, steps for- founded the designing : he made the ward by bis wisdom, his virtue, and his dagger fall from the band of the assasspirit, io snve a whole people from the sin; and he extinguished the torch HORRORS of a civil waÅ.

which the incendiary had just lighted to Such was the state of affairs in which involve the kingdom in fiames. the talents of Mr. REÉVES, ont long Can it then be deemed an useless since, were so bappily displayed. A ten or an uninteresting task to trace the rest was gathering over our heads which outlines of this admirable cbaracter, was likely to burst with irresistillejury. and to present to the real lovers or The FRENCH HORN of sedition liad bucu licir country so briglit and so oncou

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