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AKERS, A. Charles-st. March 21 Hardy, R. Chorlton-row, March el Rogers, W. Oulney, March 21 Arrowsmith, W. Stoke, April 4 Huxham, G. Blackhall, May 81 Roper, J. Long Melford, March ! Bray, W. Coleman-st. March 19 Hyde, W. Earl-st. April

Rees, W. Casile-st. March 24 Bleads, J. Chester, March 17 Holroyde, J. Halifax, April 4 Raine, J. Bagninge-wells, Mar. 26 Rray, J. s. Coleman-st. March 17 Higham, J. Oldham, April 7 Roberts, S. Shetheld, April 14 Bell, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Henzell, J. H. South Shields, April Scurr, R. Thirsk, March 17 March 17

Shoriman, P. Bristol, March 24 Beckett, w. and B. Wakefield, Johnson, N. S. Manchester, Mar. Stanley, H. Lower Thams st. Mas. April 11

31 Clarke, J. Warwick, March 21 Jones, T. Birmingham, April * Strachan, R. and Co. Cheapside Card, 8. jun. Mere, March 24 Jackson, W. Slepton, April 7 Schmaling, F. W. Fenchurch-st. Collyer, Ř Cheltenham, March 28 Johnston, P. North Sunderland, April 4 Cooke, B. Palsccroft, April 4

April 7

Samuel, A. Middlesex-st. April 7 Cowell, w. jun. Wigan, April 4 Jones, J. Deretend, April 7 Shepherd, J. Moorton, April 7 Duck, D. Whitby, March 28 Jorden, T. Bristol, April 1 Smuggs, J. Henrietta-st. April 7 Dodd, T. Stanhope, April 4 Kirkham, J. Aure Farm, March 17 Scinton, P. Bristol, April 1i Doswell, J. Winchester, April 11 Kadd, F. Liverpool, March 28 Sedgwick, W. Liverpool, April 11 Evans, H. Cheapside, March 17 Lee, S. Duke's-pl, March 28 Thompson, J. jun. Walton, April Ellioti, J. Bath-st. April 4 Maithews, W. Husk, March 17 Elliott, J. Bristol, April u Mason, W. S. Colchester, Mar. 17 Tomkins, S. Plymouth, April 11 Farenc, G. March 17 Marshall, J. Manchester, March 98 Valentine, C. dt. James's-walk, French, A. B. March 21 Moore, T. Bartonsham, April 4 March 31 Freebody, W. Reading, March 28 Norrison, J. Riidstone, April 4 Williams, T. Leadenhall-st. Mar. Ferneley, A. Manchester, April 1& Oliver, J. Newington, March 28 17 Gomersal, J. and Co. Deighton, Ollerton, R. Bradford, April 4 Waddington, S. Brighouse, March March 21

Oldham, J. H. Manchester, April 7 88 Granville, A. Plymouth Dock, Mar. Okeley, W. Bath, April 7

Watchorn, J. H. Oxford-st. March Price, J. Chrow, March 24 Greetham, C. Liverpool, April 7 Powis, R. Grosvenor.mews, April 4 Waits, G. and Co. Bristol, April 4 Griffin, T. Lambeth, April 11 Pilkington, J. Preston, April 7 Wart, H.V. Biriningham, Aprit 7 Hanham, W. Bath, March 17 Picton, W. Liverpool, April 7 Walker, W. and J. Pall-mall-co. Howard, E. Lower Thames-st. Pollard, J. Bridgwater, April 14

April 14, Marek 17




ANDERSON, W. and Johnson, R. Walbrook, sur

geons. Atkinson, B. and Atkinson, B. jun. Bath, brandy

merchants. Albers, W. and Codner, W. London. Buggin, J. Binley, T. and Buggin, T. Warwick,

timber-merchants. Brown, G. and Munro, J. London. Blackwell, J. and Kirkby, s. Sheffield, York, che.

mists: Blinkhorn, M. and Butcher, H. Preston, Lancaster,

millinen. Barker, R. sen. and Barker, G. Houndsditch, pawn.

brokers. Barker, J. and Picker, J. Stafford, lime.dealers. Brown, J. and Veall, J. St. Mary, Islington, linen

prapers. Birley, G. and Small, J. H. Boston, Lincoln, dra.

pers Bland, J. and Skinner, J. Butcher-row, Ratcliffe,

wood dealers. Balfour, A. and Landal, A. Stow Park. Boti, M. of Nantwich, Birch, $. of Tatenbill, and

Bower, T. of Birmingham, cotton-spinners. Blakemore, J. P. Robbins, W. and Fletcher, T.

West Bromwich, Stafford, ball-merchants.
Brunton, J. and Fearman, W. Lynn, Norfolk, thea-

Brown, W. and Farley, T.
Brown, J. G. and Gillett, G. Bristol, maltsters.
Boden, W. Sarson, J. and Lawton, E. D. Lough.

horough, Leicester, lace-manufacturers.
Blakey, W. and strong, W. Rosemary-la. New.

castle upon Tyne, tailors.
Brocket, Ġ. Hand Mitchell, W.T. Plymouth Dock,
contractors for certain works for his Majesty's

Navy Board.
Blyth, D. and Mier, G. Watling-st. Scotch factors.

Buckley, J. Medhurst, T. Marland, J. Taylor, R. and

Hilton, w. Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester,

cotton-manufacturers. Buckley, N. and Binns, J. Duckingfield, Cheshire,

Bennett, J. Richardson, J. and Heslop, R. Chorley,

Lancashire, wholesale beer brewers.
Cox, R. A. Merle, W. and Pattison, R. Cox'

Little Britain, bankers.
Cooke, T. Brentano, J. and Longdon, J. Liverpool,

Clegg, S. and Butterworth, J. Cowm within Spot-

land, Lancaster, cotton spinners. Crux, M. T. and Sympson, G. Canterbury, shoe.

warehousemen. Creswick, M. and Litherland, 8. Sheffield, dealers in

Campbell, C. Buist, 1. Scheviz, G. M'Lachlan, C.
Dennistoun, J. jun. Dennistown, R, Buchannan,

J. and Thomson, C. Glasgow.
Collett, G. B. aud Salt, T. St. Martin's-la, brass

Cary, W. and Denman, R. Horsley, Gloucestershire,

maltsters. Cormack, J. W. and J. nursery and seedsmen. Dupont, G. and Dupont, F. Noel-st. Soho, ostrich

feather manufacturers.
Drinkwater, R. and Oke, W. 9. Farnham, Surrey,

Day, R. H. and Day, R. London, brokers.
Day, W. and Neve, C. Gerrard-st. Westminster.
Day, J. and W. Nottingham, mercers.
Ellis, W.C. and Betty,

w. $. Kingston-upon-Hull,
York, surgeons.
Edmunds, G. and Jeyes, F. Chancery-la.
Eland, 8. E. and Eland, J. B. Aidgate High-st.

Eccles, W. 'Eccles, R, Eccles, J. Bernard, F. Cole,


G. Kernan, O. and Kernan, J. Glasgow, mer.

chants. Fairclough, W. and Simkin, J. Dalton, Lancaster,

dealers in fax. Frost, J. and Frost, w, Air-st. Piccadilly, army

accoutrement makers. Fleming, J. and lang, M. Liverpool, linen-drapers. Gillespie, A. and Gillespie, D. Manchester, cabinet.

makers. Greenhalgh, E. and Bromiley, J. Harwood. Lancas

ter, bleachers. Gandry, s. Downe, J. G. and Rose, J. Bridport,

Dorset, maltsters. Giddens, R. and Giddens, G. Trowbridge, Wilus,

shopkeepers. Grimshaw, J. and Holme, H. Bolton, Lancaster,

cotton-manufacturers. Hernon, J. and Ryle, J. King-st. Covent-garden,

tailors, Harrison, E. Nicholson, J. Proctor, J. Welles, J.O.

Dixon, W. and Monkhouse J. Barnard Castle, Durham, manufacturers. Hale, M. and Hemingway, R. York, linen-drapers. Hooker, R. and Peatherstonehaugh, J. Chatham-pl.

coal merchants. Hardy. C. and Hardy, J. Piccadilly, cork-cutters. Hale, R. A. Holmes, R. jun. and Hale, G. L. Lon.

don, merchants. Horrocks, S. and Rostron, J. Bradshaw, Lancaster,

cotton-spinners. Handcock, G. White, W. Forster, J. Handcock, M.

and Handcock, S. Pijarside, Durham, woodmongers. Harris, J. Rosdew, R. Harris, C. Gibson, A. B, and

Predham, J. D. Piymouth, bankers. Harpham, J. and Harpham, I. Spalding, Lincoln,

inaltsen. Hasdy, J. R. and S. High st. Shadwell, stationers. Hausserman, C. F. and Swaine, C. $. London, mer.

chants. Home, F. Salisbury, R. Harkes, T. Keate, R. and

Tate, P. Dudley, Worcestershire, iron-masters. Hall, P. and E. Poulton. wheelwrights. Hirst, H. P. and R Welbank, W. Horner, J. Jack.

son, G. Botcherley, R. Wright, P: Dixon, W.' and Smith, J. and R. Lead Hill Mines, Lanark.

shire. Irving, W. and Dewhurst, T. Lancaster, spirit-mer.

chants. Jones, B. and Frewin, C. Crawford-st. Monta.

gue-sq Johnson, J. Prichard, H. and Johnson, W. Bristol,

oil and colour men. Johnson, J. and Banton, W. jun. Norwich, bankers. Kay, J. May, W. and Kay, J. Leeds, cloth and stuff

printers. Knight, T. and Edgell, R. Brook-green, Hammer

smith, apothecaries. Kissack, W. and Wight, R. Liverpool, merchants. Knowles, R. H. and Bickerton, E. Liverpool, malte

sters. Lavoine, M. C. and Kraus, A. und H. Portman-st.

stationers. Lees, H. Lees, E. and Lees, H. Parkbridge, Lancas.

ter, roller makers. Langdon, J. and Ollis, R. Angel-alley, Little Moor

fields. curriers. Long, J. and Rickett, E. Hatton-gard. truss-makers. Leighton, W. Riley, R. Paley, J. Harrison, L. and

Petiy, W. Preston, Lancashire, cotton manufacturers. Lawrence, J. and Kirtin, W. Fore-st. Lambeth,

timber-dealers. Lee, W. and Lee, J. and J. Moss-bank, Lancaster,

nail-makers, Lane, R. and Boughton, W. Chepstow, Monmouth,

curriers. Mills, T. and Mills, J. Red-lion-st. Clerkenwell,

watch-manufacturers. Middleton, J. H. and Fretwell, J. Boroughbridge,

York, timber-merchants. Monkhouse, J. and Monkhouse, J. Barnard Castle,

Durham, seedsınen. Martin, E. and Walts, R. Moretonhampton, Devon,

attornies. M'Dougall, A. and Hunter, c. P. Lincoln's-inn,

atronies. Mooney, J. and Dare, J. Emsworth, Southampton,


Moate, R. Moate, J. and Monte, S. Knightsbridge

soap-makers. Mutrie, W. Mutrie, R. and Dick, D. Glasgow, mant

facturers of fancy muslins. M'Kerrell, J. and K. London, merchants. Merridew, N. Merridew, J. and Merridew, T. H.

Coventry, printers. Mainwright, W. and Downing, J. W. Manchester,

merchants. Mogg, R. and Gaby, R. Farrington-Gurney, Somer.

setshire, coal-merchants. Mole, J. and Stevenson, R. coal-merchant. Makin, R. Sulton, W. Christopherson, J. and New

ton, J. Liverpool, corn and general commission

merchants. Makin, R. Sutton, W. and Barton, J. Liverpool,

general merchants. Middlebrook, T. Rogers, B. and Mansford, T.

Newark-upon-Trent, wharfingers. Nickells, M. and Nickells, J. Haymarket, truuk.

makers. Nisbitt, J. and Reed, N. Tavistock. Oliver, W. and Moore, 8. M. Manchester, paper.

manufacturers. Perkins, R. and White, W. Warwick, curriers. Paul, T. and Simpson, A. New Malton, York, attor.

nies. Porter, C. and Porter, G. Moretown, Hants, fell

mongers. Potter, S. and Williams, J. Monmouth, saddlers. Prowse, T. and Prowse, J. Chew Magna, Somerset

shire, surgeons. Pendry, J. and Mattingley, A. Northampton, far. Quirk, P. Quirk, J. O. and Quirk, W. Liverpool,

ship builders. Render, A. Horsfall, S. and J. Leeds, York, milli

ners. Ross, J. Mackenzie, G. and Gair, A. Tain, mer

chants. Russell, T. and Welsh, J. Liverpool, merchants. Rolls, J. and House, J. Wendover, Bucks coale

merchants. Roper, R. Esdaile, J. and Esdaile, J. Gravel-la,

Houndsditch, marine block makers. Roberts, H. J. and E.J. Wolverhampton, grocers. Ridsdale, W. sen. Porter, J. and Ridsdale, L. and

L. Darlington, Durham, hackle-makers. Richardson, T. and J. New Sarum, saddlers. Swainson, c. Bazendale, G. Stepbenson, J. and

Geill, R. Rannister Hall, Lancaster, calico.

printers. Seedorff, H. Seamy, J. and Westphalenn, J. J.

Spital-fields, scum-boilers. Schroeter, A. F. E. of Oldendorf, Sibeth, c. c.

of Lubeck, and Eckenstein, D. London. Sands, T. and Brayshaw, W. Leeds, York, dyers. Scott, W. and Brown, G, Narrow-wall, Lambeth,

coal merchants. Smith, 7. D. and J. Horsley, Gloucestershire, mali. Stokes, J. and Brown, W. Bristol, merchants. Taylor, J. and Thornley, S. Manchester, manufac

turers. Tunley, W. and Ball, W. Knowles's-co, Little Cap

ter-la. wholesale.glovers. Tyer, T. and Westlead, J. Liverpool, common.

brewers. Vining, T. L C. and J. Bristol. Westphal, J. G. Seedorffe, H. and Seamy, J. Flying

horse yard, Spital. fields, scum.boilers. Wood, J. and Wright, w. Whittersham, Kent,

procers. White, W. and Clifton, C.C. Bath, surgeons. Wils, A. and Braaksma, H. Amsterdam. Woodnoteh, P. Richardson, H. and Lawton, j.

Guim, Cumberland, pipe manufacturers. Wood, E. and sanders, R, Worcester, glove-mang

facturers. Whyte, J. Nisbett, J. and Healey, A. Liverpool,

merchants. Woodhead, J. sen. Pratt, T. and Woodhead, J.

Rotherham, York, wine-merchants, Wilson, W. and Thurman, S. Notringham, hatters. Wilkinson, E. and Bowers, T. Congleton, Cheshire,

brewers. Walker, R. and Harris, W. Bristol, cordwainers.



(Continued from page 180.)

Sir THOMAS COCHRANE, Knight, commonly for an improvemeut in steam-boats, and in the called Lord COCHRANE; for an improvement of machinery for propelling the same. Dated January improvements in process or processes of purifying, a 23d, 1818,

certain spirit or essential oil which is known by ihe JAMES IKIN, of Williams-street, Christ-church, name of spirit of tar, or oil of tar, and which is ob. Surrey, Machinist ; for an inproved method or me tained from the different liqueous, carbonacenas or thods of constructing or manufacturing fire or fur bituminous substances; by means of which improvenace bars for gratings. Dated January 27, 1816. ment or improvements the said oil or spirit will be

GEORGE FREDERICK HAYNER, late of Phi separated from certain impurities which have hitlerladelphia, in the United States, but now of the Adel. to prevented the application of such oil or spirit to phi, Middlesex, Gentleman; for certain improve divers useful purposes. Dated February 3d, 1818. inents in the art of inanufacturing pigments, come MATHEW'COTES WYATT, of Heneritia-street, monly known by the name of white lead and verdi Cavendish-square, Mary-le-Bonne, Middlesex, Esq. ; gris. Dated January 27, 1818.

for a safe.griard, to prevent the accidental more RANDOLPH ACKERMAN, of the Strand, Mid ment of the cock of a gun or pistol or other fire dlesex, Publisher and Printseller; for certain im arms, forward towards the hammer. Communicatprovements on axletrees, applicable to four wheeled ed to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad. carriages, communicated to him by George Lenkin. Dated February Sd, 1818. sperger, of Munich, in the kingdom of Bavaria. JEREMIAH CHUBB, of Portsea,

county of Dated January 27th, 1818.

Southampton, Mechanic; for certain improvements WILLIAM HORNER, of Howick, Northumber in the construction of locks. Dated February 3d, land, Clerk, Bachelor of Arts ; for a machine or 1816. apparatus for the purpose of acquiring a very high DANIEL WILSON, of Carle-street, London, Gen. mechinical power in a small compass and with little tleman; for certain improvements in the process of friction, and without the possibility of running boiling and refining sugar. Dated February 5d, 1818. amain, if employed in raising or lowering weights. EDMUND NAISH, of Bristol, Gloucestershire, Dated January 27, 1818.

Hosier, one of the people called Quakers; for cerGEORGE PRIOR, Leeds, in the West Riding of tain improvements on the machines or machinery the county of York, Watchmaker; for perfecily used for winding cotton. Dated February3d, 18:8. detaching the escape wheel of chronometers from GRANT PRESTON, of Burr-street, Aldgate, Midthe influence of the friction and inaccuracies arising dlesex, Brazier; for an improvement in the deck from the mainspring, the pivots, and the teeth of all glass rim and on the safety gate. Daled Feb. 3d, 1878. the other wheels and pinions in the machine during

NATHANIEL SMITH, of Kettering, Northains the time of its giving impulses to the balance, where tonshire, Cooper; for certain improvements or by its vibrations will be more accurately and uni. winnowing machines. Dated February sth, 1918, formly supported than by any other invention here. MARY SEDGWICK, of Bishopsgate-streer With. tofore made public. Dated January 29th, 1818. in, Starch Manufacturer; for a valuable product or

JOHN PENWARNE, of Stafford-street, Mary. valuable products from that part of the refuse, slime, le-Bone, Middlesex, Esquire; for a certain improve or wash of starch that will not of itself subside. ment: being an improvement on the cock for draw. Dated February 10th, 1818. ing beer, cyder, and other liquors from casks and JOHN MUNRO, of Finsbury-square, Middlesex, other vessels, without the interruption of a vent.plug, Esquire; for certain improvements on steam enor any opening whatever in the upper part of the gines. Communicated to him by Barnabus Lang. cask or vessel, either for the purpose of admitting ton, of New York, one of the United States of Ame. air, or for affixing the said instrument or cock, or rica. Dated February 12th 18'8. any apparatus or appendage belonging to the same. ZACHARIAH BARRATT, of No. 27, WindmillDated January Sist, 1818.

street, Tottenbam-court-toad, Middlesex, Cabivet. BENJAMIN TAYLOR, of Mile-end, near Glas. maker and Carpenter ; for a machine for curing, gow, Lanarkshire; for a loom to work by the power cleansing, sweeping, and ventilating chimnies; and from a steam engine, which will weavé figures or when chimnies are on fire for exuinquishing the same. flowers upon either twilled or plain cloth, in either Dated February 10, 1818. silk, cotton, linen, or worsted, or any of them intermixed. Dated January 31st, 1818.



By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNRILL. 1818 Barom Ther. Wind Obser. 1816 Barom N'ind Ther Obror. Feb. 24/ 29.70 38 W Fair Mar. 1 29.40 W 40 25 29.51 50 SW Rain

19 28.80 SW 31 Ditto 26 29.35 40 W Ditto

13 29.20 XNE 96 Ditto 27 29.46 ! 38 SW Ditto

141 29 80 S 37 Ditto 28 29.60 39 W Fair

15 29.51 S 39 Ditto Mar. 1/ 29.51 43 SW Show.

16 29.32 W 41

Ditto 2 29.63 42 SW Fair

17 29 72 W 46 Ditto 3 29.66 45 SW

18! 30.02 SW

45 Ditto 4 29.30 38 SW


19 29.92 SW 46 Ditte 5 28.82 44 SW Rain

20 29.90

NW 49 Dilto 6) 29.22 43


21 29.87 W 47 Dith 7 29.09 44 SW Rain

92 29.64 W 46 Rain 28.71 in the afternoon

23 29.25 W 48 Diuto 8 28 87 45


24 29.6% W 43 Ditto 9/ 29.37 40 W


25 99.56 NW 41 Fair 101 29.27 34 W Ditto

26 29.50 S 42 Rain


COTTON. There has been little TOBACCO.-There has little busibusiness done in Cotton. The sales ness been done in Tobacco since our sioce our last, little exceed 600 pack- last; the holders continue sanguine ages-200 Pernambuco were disposed that, from the reduced stock, the preof at 2s. Vid. to 2s. 1 d. 90 Bahias for sent prices will be fully supported ; export 28. old. a few common West there are scarcely any parcels of Vire India 19 d. to 21{d. Carolina 23 d. givia offering under 8d. 40 Surats 141d. and 220 Bengals in the bouse 104d. to 11d. The East India OILS.— The prices of Greenland Oil Company have not declared any further have again given way considerably. sales of Cutton.

There is no variation in Southern since our last.

A vessel with 220 tuns Sperm SUGAR.–There were no Sugars on has arrived, but as the cargo had been shew this morning on account of the previously sold to the trade, it will proholidays. There was a considerable duce little variation in the market. revival in the refined market last week : Seal Oil may be stated at a decline of -alter it was ascertained that vo new A. Rape is also a shade lower. There duties would this year be levied in Rus. has been more inquiry for Linseed: the sia, the prices advanced about 2s. the prices are at an advance. Gallipoli is at request has since subsided, and the cur a small decline. reocy may again be stated declining; the purchases had been chicfly low MADDER.–By public sale last week, Lumps for crushing, and crushed Su 21 casks French Madder, 105s. to 107s. gars. There was less inquiry after 161 bales Madder rools 94s. to 95s. Foreign Sugars; no alteration in the damaged 985. to 90s. 6d. prices could be stated.

NAVAL STORES. - There is no COFFEE — There was only one pub., Rongh Turpentine at market ; the delic sale of Coffee brought forward last mand for Spirits continues limited.' week, it consisted of 84 casks British Little doing in Pitch, l'ar, or Rosin. Plantation Coffee, and 405 bags Brazil description ; the quantity of the former HEMP, FLAX, AND TALLOW.was too inconsiderable to form a crite. The purchasers of Tallow bave been rion of the market; it went off, how. sanguive that the arrivals would be so ever, freely, at very high prices-good extensive, that they bave for a levgth middling Demerara realized 116s. and of time bought only parcels for imme116s. 68. – 405 bags fine ordinary Bra- diale use, and as the wind still continues zil sold at 106s. and 106s. 6d. after the to the westward, it has entirely presale, the demand by private contract vented the expected supplies; the scarwas still very limited, and it was re city of Tallow is now so apparent, that ported several rather extensive parcels the holders have realized an advance of of Coffee were offered at prices a shade 28. to 3s. on parcels here; yesterday lower ; there were, however, few sold. 79s. and 80s. for Yellow Candle Tallow There were no public sales this fore was reporied to be realized; for arri. noon, and few are advertised; the val there was little variation, 68s. to demaod by private contract appears 70s. being the prices for parcels to arimprovirg, potwithstanding the holi- rive during the season.

Hemp and Flax are without any variation.


IRISH PROVISIONS.- Prime Mess RUM, BRANDY, AND HOLLANDS. Beef cootivues in good demand. Pork -'l he demand for Rum bas rather rein fair request. Bacon remains steady: vived; the request appears to be chiefly There is not much inclination evinced for Leeward Island 'Rum for North to purchase at the present prices. The America ; the prices may be stated a Buiter market bas been heavy.

sbade higher. The inferior deseriptions

of Brandy may be quoted at a small RICE. There continues to be a decline. Geneva witbout any varia. demand for Carolina Rice. East ladia tion. descriptions also in request.


Feb. 4310 Mar.2 March 8 to 0. Mareks ta 16. (March 16 to us.

[blocks in formation]

BREAD, per quartern.
Mour, Fine, per sack...

Seconds .......

Mustard, Brown, per bushel...

Turnips, Round..
Hemp, per quarter...
Cinque Foil
Clover, English, Red, per cwt.

Trefoil ...
Rape Seed, per last
Linseed Cakes, per 1000
Onions, per bushel
Potatoes, Kidneys, per ton....

Mutton Newgate & Lead
Lamb en hall, per st. of

8 lbs.
Butter, Dublin, per cwt.


York, per firkin.
-, Cambridge

Cheese, Cheshire, Old

Ditto, New
Oloucester, doubled
Ditto, single

Hams, Westphalia ...

Dacon, Wiltshire, per stone ....


York, per cwt.
Tallow, per ewt.
Candles, Store, per doz..
Ditto, Moulds....
Soap, Yellow, per cwl...
Ditto, Mottled
Ditto, Curded
Coals, Newcastle
Vitto, Sunderland...

I Kent
Hops, in bags


St. James's
Straw ........

Hay ........... Smithfield
Siraw .......

averaged Hay ..........

Strone ........


75 a 80 O 75 0 0 0
000 a 70 O 00 0 700
550 a 70 0 55 03 70 0
60 0. 75 0 60 03 79 O
20 O a 88 O 20 O a 28 0
19 0 a 140 ISO a 14 0
120 a 24 O 16 O a 20 O
60 a
19 O

70a 10 0
10 O &
16 O

13 O a 13 0
18 O a
98 0
150 a

20 0
80 O a 86 0 84 O a 88 0
99 o a 000 54 0264 0
50 O &

84 0 50 0 a 95 0 600 a 193 O 70 O & 140 O 10 O SUO

20 O a

50 0 48 O a 52 0 +6 O a

58 0 80 & 8 8 13 0 a 19 13 60a 0 0 @ 0 a 00 4 0 a 4 10 4 10 2 0 0 3 0 a 5 0 3 0# 4 10

3 6 46

0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
) 0 1 0 5 4 a 14

8 8 6 8 40 a 60
188 a 130 0 128 0 a 130 O
134 02 136 0 134 0 & 136 0
0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 0
62 0 2 0 0 64 0 a 00
69 0 2 0 0 62 0 a 0 0
70 0 2 0 0 70 0 a 0 0
90 0 2 100 0 90 0 a 1000
70 O & 600 70 0 a 800
74 0 a 70 0 74 0 78 0
56 0 a 66 0 56 0 a 600
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0a 0 0

0 0

0 0 00 a

0 o oa o o
60 a

0 0 6 O a 0 0
0 0

0 0
0 O a 0 0

0 0 a

0 0 105 O&O


105 a 0 0 3 19 0

3 17 0

18 0 13 6

19 6 100 0

100 0 110 0

110 0 114 0

0 4 6 a 4 10

4 10 S3 O a 43 6 33 9 & 49 9 39 0 a 0 0 35 0 a 37 0 20 Oa 26 0 92 0 a 94 O 20 0 a 99 0 900 & 23 0 4 15 0

4 150 0 0 0

0 0 0 2 12 6

280 4 15 0

19 6
5 15 0

5 15 0
9 15 0
5 0 0
5 15 0

5 15 0
29 0

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By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, and of oatmeal per Boll of 140 lbs. Avoirdupoir,

from the Heurns received in the Week
Ending Feb. 81. Ending Feb. 28. Ending Mar. 7. Ending Mar, 14.




84 4

50 8
50 6

50 1

46 10 OATS

89 4


54 10



bg 4

99 1
$4 6

39 8 AGGREGATE PRICES of BRITISH CORN in SCOTLAND, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Busbes, and of OATMEAL per Boll, of 198 Ibs. Scotch Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four Weeks immediately preceding the 15th of Feb. 1818, from the London Gazette of Saturday, Feb, es, is, Wheat, 688. 9d. Hyė, 61s. Id. | Barley, 418. 3d. 1 Oats, 335. 11d. / Beans, 52s. 10d. | Peas, 598. 81. I Vas. meal, 285, 7d. Beer or Big, 408. 9d. Published by Authority of Parliament, WILLIAM DOWDING, Receiver of Corn Returns.

AVERAGE PRICE OF BROWN OR MUSCOVADO SIGAR, Exclusive of the Dutics of Customs paid or payable thereon on the Importation thereof into Great Britain.

Computed from the Returns made in the Week ending Feb. 85, is ths. Std. per swt, 1 March 4, is 196. 10 d. per-cwl. 1 March 11, is 176. Id. per own. | Narch 18,

is 585. 9 d. per cwl.

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