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Cap. Distresses levied for payment of Indemnity Act; Offices, &c. 14

small rents, regulating the costs Indigo and Cochineal, free importaof 9S tion of

23 Dollars, preventing further circula Iron (Pig and Bar), prohibition of tion of


exporting, repealed during peace 17 Droits of Admiralty, settling share Jamaica (Porta Maria, in the Isle

of, payable to Greenwich Hos of), allowing the importation and pital

.127 exportation of certain goods.... 74 Dwelling Houses solely einployed in Justices of Peace, enabling to settle Trade, exempting from assessed fees of clerks

91 taxes...

25 Labourers in Steel, &c. prohibiting regulating exemp the payment of, in goods ...... 115 tion of, from duties


in the Collieries, or in the East India Company, regulating working of Coals, prohibiting the

trade within the limits of, and payment of, in goods...... ...122 places in the Mediterranean 36 Land Revenue of the Crown, Act

, exempting for the improvement of, altered territories of, from certain navi and amended.

24 gation laws

95 Land Tax, exonerating small livings

Court of and charitable donations from ..100 Directors of, empowered to make Life Annuities, rendering more effecallowances to ship-owners ......120 tual Acts, empowering CommisElection of Members of Parliament, sioners of National Debt to grant 26 regulation of......

..131 Loans, Annuities, Exchequer Bills, Bxcise Officers, permitting, to re &c. raising, issuing, and funding,

move goods from one bonding 24,000,0001. Exchequer Bills. warehouse to another

...116 18,000,0001. Excbequer Bills. 16 Execution of the Laws, amending 9,000,0001. Exchequer Bills. 80 two Acts for

22 3,000,0001. Treasury Bills 81 Bxportation of British goods to Lotteries

31 America, direct, on certain terms 68 Lunatic Poor, establishment of asyExtents in Aid, regulating the issue Jums for

106 of .

.117 Malt, continuing annual duties on.. Eyre, Chief Justices, Justices, &c. Malta, exteuding the privileges of

in, North and South of Trent, the trade of, to the port of Gibralabolishing the offices...

61 tar... Female Offenders, abolishing whip Manslaughters, for more effectually ping

75 punishing, in places of his MaFisheries, Act for improvement of, jesty's dominions

53 contioned

69 Mary-le-bone (St.) ratifying purchase Frame-breaking, provisions against 126

of rectory

93 Frauds by Tenants, altering laws for Milbank Row, Westminster, making preventing

52 road from Friendly Societies, extending cer Militia, suspending, training, and tain provisions

39 regulating Fuller's Earth, &c. carrying Coast

Adjutants, allowances to ..109 wise


Disembodied, pay and 102 Funds, for transferring certain, in clothing Great Britain, to certain stocks

Serjeant Majors, allowances of funds in Irelaud


..102 Gage (Lord Viscount), ratifying

Serjeapis, Corporals, &c. agreement of

97 reducing number of, while dis.. Game, preventing persons going embodied

.,104 armed by oight for destroying 90

Subaltern Officers, allow-s 102 Gibraltar, extending the privileges ances to ..

( 103 of the trade of Malta to.


Surgeons' Mates, allowances Grand Juries, regulating present


..102 ments, for roads

.107 Mint, regulating certain offices in .. 68 Hackney Coach or Chiriot, antho Murders in places out of his Majes. rizing he driving or keeping of, ty's dominions, for more effectual under the same licence .125 punishment of



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establishment { 180

Cap. Mutiny, punishment of persons ex Redemption of Land Tax, further citing sea or land forces to mutioy 7 provision for....

..100 Act, Army

12 Rents, altering law for securing the

35 payment of Marines

13 Rialton and Retraighe, vesting lands National Debt, directing the appli at, in the King

.129 cation of movies by the Commis. Rogues and Vagabonds, repealing sioners for reducing, 48 56 Geo. III.

90 Naval Stores, prohibition of export Salt, permitting the exportation ing certain, repealed during peace 17

from Bahama Jslands in AmeriNavy Bills, regulatiog the interest can ships, coming in ballast 42 and payment of

30 and Rock Salt, altering, and Navy, Treasurer of, regulating pay. amending Excise laws ment of old stores and imprests. 121 Savings' Baoks,

S 105 Newfoundland, extending the ex

of portation of wares, &c. from Seamen, reducing allowance of spi. West India Islands to 29 rila, &c..

33 regulating marriages

Seditious Practices, making perpetual in

51 certain parts of 36 Geo Il. agaiust Oaths, regulating the administration Seizures for Breach of Revenue, of, to officers of army and navy,

Colonial, Navigation, and Slave in certain cases

92 Abolition Laws, securing of, to Offices and employments, angual Greenwich Hospital

127 duties on

Sheriff's, amending the laws retating - enabling persons holding dur to

68 ing pleasure at the deinise of the Shipping Goods, altering the hours King 45 of, in the port of London

116 -.certain, abolition of some, 62 Silk Manufactures exported, addi. and regulation of others... 64 tional bounties

15 recompensing the services of Smuggling, prevention of.

8 persons holding certain high and Souff, annual duties on..

5 efficient civil offices

65 Soldiers, seducing from their alle. regulating the offices of Ex. giance chequer in Eugland and Ireland 84

fixing the rates of subPassengers, regulating the vessels sistence to innkeepers on quarcarrying, to British Colonies....10 tering

18 Pay of Naval Officers, regulating, in Spirits, continuing Acts for rogu. certaio cases

20 lating the trade in, between Great Peusions and Personal Estate, an

Britain and Ireland

72 nual duties on

regulating the collecting, Post Horse Duties, letting to farm, &c. of dulies on..

110 and recovery:


, duty on the excess of, above Preservation of the Peace, law pro certain proportions

123 viding for

50 Stone Bottles, new duties on, 32 Prince Regent, for the safety and

made and used for preservation of the person of, liquid blacking solely, exempting against treasonable practices.... 6 from new duties thereon

- U19 Prisons, amending laws concerning 71 Sugar, annual duties on Prize Money to the Army, regu

refined otherwise than by lating the payment of, &c. ... 77 claying, bounties on.

43 settling share of, pay. Supplies, appropriation of 132 able lo Greenwich Hospital .127 Sweets, suspending dulies on ....11 Public Funded Debt, charge of addi. Tea, reducing the allowance of, to tions to, provided for.. 83

33 Works, authorizing the issue Tobacco, annual duties on

5 of Exchequer bills and the advance

reducing allowance of, to of money from Consolidated Fuod, seamen

33 for carrying on ..

34 Tobacco PipeClay,carrying coast wise 88 amended

124 Trade and Commerce in Spirits be. Recognizances (forfeited), amending tween Great Britain and Ireland, Jaws concerning.

56 regulating






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£. Transport Bills, regulating the inte In the years 1815 and 1816, rest and payment of .

of ...

22,000,900 Treason-For detaining persons

1816 and 1817,

3 suspected of conspiring against

of ...

40,000,000 55 the King and Government.. Treasurer of the Navy, regulating

Total ........£.62,000,000 the Office of


If the war had continued, Govern-, regulating

ment would have raised these sixty-two payments to, under the head of

millions at least, and probably more : old stores and imprests ...


but as its glorious termivation enabled Trinity, relieving from certain pe-,

them to reduce the expenditure, the nalties certain persons impuguing money has been left to accumulate in the doctrine of the


the hands of the public. Universities, regulating the draw

back on paper allowed to Vexalious Arrests, Acts for preventing, continued

....101 Victualling Bills, regulating the in

The American Secretary of State has terest and period of payment of 30 reccived from the United States' Consul Volunteer Cavalry, quartering when

at the Isle of France, a letter, dated on duty, and exempting from office Sept. 2, 1817, enclosing the following of constable

44 new tariff of pilotage and port dues, Watching and Warding, continuing published August 29, 1817. Act for


His Excellency the Governor has been Wines (Made), suspending duties on Ull pleased to direct, that the following tariff Woollen, or Bay Yarn, allowing the of pilotage and port dues shall be pubexportation of


lished for general information: Manufactures, abolishing the subsidy and alnage of .....109

Port Louis, Maurilius,

29th of Aug. 1817.

Pilotage of all English vessels to the It is now two years since any addition flag buoy, per foot, i dollar 50 cents. has been made to the Funded Debt of Boats and wharps, &c. 15 dollars. the country, and during that time such Port clearance, 6 dollars. has been the operation of the Sinking Anchorage, one fifth of a dollar

per Fund, that the iotal Unredeemed Debi ton ou vessels receiving cargo or breakof Great Britain and Ireland on the 5th ing bulk. of January 1818, was less than it was on Ditlo, one-tenth of a dollar per ditto the 1st of February 1816, bg no less a

on all coasters. sum than 37,565,5301.

filolage into the Harbour. At the former period, it stood thus Pilotage, per foot, 1 dollar 50 cents. For Great Britain £699,315,516 Boats and wharps, 15 dollars. For Ireland


Port clearance; 8 dollars.

Anchorage, seven-fifths of a dollar

785,767,521 per ton; after eight days, and not At the latter period (the revenue of breaking bulk or receiving cargo, one

tenth of a dollar. Great Britain and Ireland having been consolidated by stat. 56 Geo. III. c. 98.)

Mooring with a chain, per day, one

dollar. it stood thus

*Dillo Poinle aux Forges, and Trou For the United Kingdom £.748,201,991

Fanfaron. During the period that this large re

Vessels under 100 tons, per day, 25 duction has been going on, the expendi

cents. ture of Government has been expe.

Dilto ditto 200 tons, ditto 50 cents. rieucing a proportionate diminution :

Ditto above 200 tons and upwards,

per day, I dollar. In the year 1815, it was.. £102,000,000 lo

Mooring a vessel by pilot to the hulk, 1816

80,000,000 &c. 20 dollars.

Winding alongside the bulk, 10 dolmaking a difference between the ex. lars. penditure of Goveroinent,

A tank of water, 12 dollars.


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Pilotage, per foot, 3 dollars.
Boats, wharps, &c. 50 dollars.

In order to lessen, if not prevent, the Port clearance, 12 dollars.

frequency of forgeries, the following Anchorage, half a dollar per ton on certificate of the efficacy of a plan was, vessels receiving cargo or breaking bulk. according to an evening paper, offered

Mooring with a chaio, per day, 2 to the Directors so far back as the year dollars.

1797 ; Ditto Pointe aux Forges and Trou Panfaron, vessels under 100 tous, per

London, April 5, 1797. day, 50 cents. Ditto, ditto, 200 tons, ditto 1 dollar.

“ Mr. Alexander Tilloch, of CareyDilto, above 200 tons and upwards, street, London, baving submitted to per day, 2 dollars.

our inspection a specimen of an art Mooring a vessel by pilot to the bulk,

invented by him, for the purpose of 40 dollars.

producing checks to prevent the forWinding ditto alongside ditto, 20 gery of Bank-notes, bills of exchange, dollars.

drafts, &c. we have examined the same A tank of water, 24 dollars.

with care and attention, and we declare PORT CHARGES.

each of us for ourselves, that we could To an anchor from 4,500 to 3,500lb. not make a copy of it, nor do we believe weight, 4 dollars per day.

that it can be copied by any of the Ditto, ditto, 3,500 to 2,500 ditto; known arts of engraving. It, therefore, ditto, 3 dollars.

appears to us highly deserving of the Ditto, ditto, 2,500 to 2,000 ditto, notice of the Bank of England and priditto, 2 dollars.

vate Bankers, as an art of great merit Ditto, ditto, 2,000 to 1,500 ditto, and ingenuity, calculated, not merely I dollar.

to detect, but to prevent the possibility Ditto, ditto, 1,500 and under, to of forging bank and other circulating ditto, 1 dollar.

bills. Boals. To a lighter, per day, 5 dollars.

(Signed) Small ditto, ditto, 3 dollars.

“ FRANCIS BARTOLOZZI, R.A. EaTo a launch, ditlo, 4 dollars.

graver to bis Majesty, &c. Toa small ditto, ditto, 3 dollars.

“ JAMES Heath, Engraver to bis A capstan, ditto, 5 dollars.

Majesty and to the Prioce of Cables.

Wales. To a cable from 14 to 16 inches, per " James Fittler, Engraver to bis day, 8 dollars.

Majesty. Ditto, from 11 to 13 ditto, ditto, “ J. LANDSEER, Engraver to his 6 dollars.

Majesty. Ditto, from & to 10 ditto, ditto, 5 “ J. R. Smith, Engraver to the dollars.

Prince of Wales. Ditto, from 6 to ī dilto, ditto, 3 “ Francis HAWARD, Engraver to dollars.

the Prince of Wales. Ditto, froin 4 to 5 ditto, ditto, 2 “ James Basire, Engraver to the dollars.

Royal Society, and to the Workomen.

Society of Antiquarians. · Marine blacks, boatmen, &c. per day, « WILLIAM SHARP. 60 cents.

“ WILLIAM BYRNE. Ditto ditto, ditto, &c. per night, 60 " THOMAS HOLLOWAY. cepts.

“ W.S. Blake (Writing Engraver). • Between hours, 20 cents.

“ Joan Puke (Writing Engraver). Divers, per day, I dollar 50 cents.

“ WILLIAM BLAKE. Cureening.

“ WILLIAM SKELTON. Careening a vesscl love down of 100 · “ MARJANI Bovi. tons and under, per day, 3 dollars.

“ ROBERT DUNKARTON. Boats, pirogues, &c. per mooth, 6 doll. " Wilson LOWRY. Foreigners.

“ John ANDERSON (Engraver All foreigners pay double of the above

Wood). dulies. By order,

“ RICHARD Austin (Steel Letter G. A. BARRY, Chief Sec. to Gov.

Culter & Engraver on Wood),"




liar pleasure to the inhabitants of that By the Royal Marriage Act, two quarter. The aggregate number of permodes

sons resident in five of the principal paare provided by which the Princes of the Blood may marry :

rishes in the western part of London ;

viz. St. Martin's in the fields, St. 1. By the King's previous approba- James Westminster, St. George Hanotion, by and with the consent of his

ver-square, St. Pancras, and St. Mary. Privy Council, and consequently, by le. Bone, is estimated at 224,268. the same authority, in the name and on

Now if we suppose that each parish. behalf of his Majesty, by the Prince church was capable of containing 1500 Regent.

people (which is an overcharged calca. 2. By the Prince intending to marry, lation) there still remains an overplus of if he shall have attained the full age of 216,768; and I would inquire, in what twenty-six years, entering on the books places are they to fulfil ihe duties of of the Privy Council such bis inten. iheir religion ; It'mas, perhaps, be tion, specifying the person; which no answered, there are parochial chapels. tice shall authorize the union, unless True : but on what system are they bolb Houses of Parliament shall, be conducted ? on a most mercenary and fore the expiration of twelve months most improper one. There the merefrom the date of such entry, expressly tricious attraction of popular preachers, declare their disapprobation of such theatrical singers, &c. &c. are to comintended marriage.

pensate to a certain class, for the inor. tification of sitting two hours, with nought but religion to amuse shem!!!

The accommodation of the middle and The fees paid upon each pardon lower ranks of society is never once granted under the Great Seal, amount, considered by the managers of these according to a return just made to establishinents ; I presume they deem Parliament, to no less than 501. 171. 8d.

it immaterial whether these stand or koeel to worship their Maker. I can confidently affirm, tbat five guineas per

annum is demanded in more than The recent rise in the price of mut

one proprietary chapel, for a single ton is said to have taken place in con

You must be aware, Mr. sequence of the rot having made con

Editor, how comparatively few there siderable progress in the sheep.walks, are who are cnabled to meet such an from the late wet weather. The use of exorbitant charge. Hence the alarma few ounces of salt given to these ing increase of sectarism among the necessary animals, is not ouly a cure, lower members of the community : but will also prevent the inalady. which is indisputably owing, not, as

it has been asserted, from the luke

warmness and inactivity of the minisOn the Erection of New Parish

ters of the Establishment, not from aoy CHURCHES.

disaffection of the people towards that Tolhe Editor of the European Magazine. Establishment, but from the poverty

of parochial churches. They are litePE

ERHAPS no clause in the specch of rally entorced by necessity to desert their

his Royal Highness the Prince Re ancieot staodard, and enlist under the gent, at the opening of the present ses banners of new leaders, many of whose sion of Parliament, has given more uni- priociples tend to the complete subversal satisfaction, than the one which version of religion, morality, and sorecommended the attention of Parlia. cial order ; and who possess an ine ment being particularly directed to a Buence over the minds of their consubject deeply interesting to every mem. verts as boundless as it is baneful, ber of the Established Church; name. Are we uot then imperiously called ly, the erection of new churches in the upon to crush in ils germ an evil, metropolis. The want of places of pub. which, if suffered to mature and lic worship commensurate with the po. strengthen by the "stealing hours of pulation of the west end of the town, is time,” will ultunately become firon as an evil that has been long and justly the oak, poisonous is the upas. The complained of; and the prospect of the plain and obvious method of doing so removal of that eyil bas afforded pecu. is lbis : let every one who calls hime




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