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SEASON, 1817–18.

With their Managing Owners, Commanders, Principal Officers, Surgeons, Pursers, Time of coming afroat, 8c.

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1817. 1817.
1 Canning

Company's Ship Wm. Patterson R. Glasspoole W. R. Blakely K Mac Donald Amb. Rivers Rob, Simmons S. Jas. Lee
Thomas Coutis.1324,

S. Marjoribanks Marjoribanks Alex. Chrystie Rian. Clarke E. M. Daniel Pred. Madan James Grant James Dunn
1 Dakoo York ....1321

S. Marjoribanks A. H. Campbell Charles More J. Shepherd
Bomb.& China

W. P. Moffat Whitm. Smart Jos. W. Rose
Rob. Lindsay

26Oct 27 Dec.
-2 Earl of Balcarras.. 1417

Company's ship James Jameson D. R. Newall Ph. Baylis John Hillman A. Broadhurst Henry A not Wm. Bruce
Marquis of Hantly 1900

Joon Campbell Dou. Mac Leod J.S. H. Fraser John Thacker Hen. H. Sumner Geo. Chenne Jahe Simpson Rob Horg
Buckinghamshire (1969

Company's Ship Fred. Adams James Head Tim, Smith T. B. Penfold Thos, Allchain Wm. Hayland J. W. Gra sam
7 Don

Gee, Palmer Mont. Hamilton Jas. Barber A.T. Chatfield John Allen J.CWhiteman And Kedslie Benj. B. Lord

3 Castle hamutiy ....1200
Beng & Chinu John Paterson
H 4. Drummond Alex. Morgan Thos. Dunkin J. Cruickshanks J. W Stewart David Irving John Stewart

8 Dec. 8 Feb.
1 London .........

WK. Packma D. Mackenzie John D. Smith Com any's Ship Wall. Cambell, B. Broughrion W. Longcroft Wm. Pultham 1532Mod. & China 6 Princess nelia

Rob Williams 200 Edw. Balston Sam. Lyde Jas. Kellaway Win. Pitman

Nath. Grant Jas. Thomson

Chas, Penny
Rich Clifford WHC Dalrymple Das. Sampson C. E. Bangles J. M. Bennett Wi. Milleti

Dav. Marshall Hen B. Bax Dav. Falconer John Reid j 12Jan. 12 Mar.
Marchigressef Ely 853 wad. Beng. Henry Borham 1. He h. Harris Step. Payotz, Tow. Andrer
Ore ......
Mait. Isacke

Wm. Bremner Rich. Prioce

Wm. Haviside
lady 11 Iville.

Sir R. Wigram Jolm Stewart Thos. Tapley Rob. Clifford Henry C. Smith Hen. Steinda e D. Cannan, ju. das Goudad


John Hine
John Card

20 Feb 11 April
C.W.H.Seweil David Blair Rich. Card E.M. Boutbex Gre, Waddell S. H. Ayers
15 senlehy Castle..


Com any's ship John B. Sotheby T. W. Barrow Rob. Lowis Jas. Murdoch John Griffin Rob. Down Cras. Jobling
Per everance...

Henrs Templer

Jas. S. Biles Wm Ticekaust
5 Astel

Fran Creswell Wm. Evans
George Gonch

A. Chapman Thos, A. Davis Alfred Bond
6 Phoe is

ws Cumming Wm. L. Gravel 6 Mar 27 April 818 Rob Williams Tos, White Tel. M1830n Wm. Carter

- Avarne Thos. Ranken Harry James

Rob. B. Shirtler 2 Ger Hiwitt 634 Company's Ship Peer Cameron Jas. Pearson Rees Thomas

Alex. Bell Fred.G.Moore Edw. turner 1). Leighton
5 Warren Hastings 1000

C. B. Horsley J. W. Pears
Jalin P Larkins Tivos. Larkins J.P. Hackman George Mason
Beng. g. Mad.

@April 26 May

Henry Bonham F. Ralderston J. T. E. Flint Thos. Davey Rob. H. Rhind John Gisbornejas. M Hodges

Thos, E Ward Thos. 1). Burn Wm. Powditch
David Gordon

J. Jolinstone T Stephenson
Beng.& Bomb.

Austin Hen. s. Graves } 10 Feb 22 Mar.
1 Henry, Porcher... 4651

Jos. Graves J s. P. Anstice Pat. Wallace Hen. Simpson
4 Lady Lushington.. 612 Bombay
Nath. Domett Thos. Dermer Henry Bird Jas Dudman

P. Mac Millan Chas. Burt 7 Northampton...... 547 Beng. Ben. George Palmer Clas. Tebbut John Vincent Henry Lee

Day. G. Arnot

22 Mar 1 May 18 Lord Keith 599 or Madras Robert Morris John Freeman

Geo. Lamb (J Christopherson

John Coulter D. H, Renny 2014 February, 1818.

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Published for the European Magazine bvŽ1.sperme 32rornbill ritpril 1998.

Latent Colgaheun nga

Engraved by H. Mover prom an original Painting by s Drummond En Al.




FOR MARCH, 1818.



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BY SAMUEL DRUMMOND, ESQ. R.A.] Clarorum Virorum fada moresque posteris tradere antiquitus usilotum.

Tacitus. To the Editor of the Furopean Magazine. form the best eulogy of his character ;

and the rapid succession of important THE contemplation of the cbarat events, trio amazing activity both of by their actions, have contributed to ploved without diminution of their bencfil ibeir fellow-creatures, njust ever powers, connected with the arduous form a useful lesson to maukiud. It accomplishment of useful designs for points the way which others should fol. the public good, must strike the attenlow, it brconies the incentive lo virtu tion of the reader with admiration and ous exertion, and tells the rising gene- surprise. The trophied laurels gained rativo the best mode of employing those in the tented field by the slaughterers of talents with which they may be fortu. mankind, excited either by the blind ponately gifted. I have somewhere read, licy of states or the inordinate ambition that the way most pleasing to God is of individuals, that which is useful to maw; and if this observation is at all applicable to any

From Macedonia's madman to the Swede, individual, it is eminently so to the one, glaringly attract the attention of the a brief sketch of whose active and la- world; while he, who in the peaceful borious life I send for josertion in your tenour of his way contributes to the valuable Magazine. If great energy. essential comfort and prosperity of and iulegrity of character, steadiness of mankind, comparatively passes almost purpose, virtuous perseverance in well- silently to the grave; the thinking part doing unappalled by difficulties of no of society, however, and the reflecting ordinary magnitude, clearness of intel; philosopher in his retirement, fully aplect, great comprehensiveness of mind preciate the characters: what is more, with enlarged and benevolent views of ihe lasting beneficial effects of the wellall objects

within its grasp, have at any concerted and wisely-executed plans of time acquired and fixed the respect and the benevolent and political economist applause of mankind; such respect and for the happiness of his fellow.creatures applause bave been eminently acquired' will be gratefully hailed by millions yet by that distinguished Individual, a re unborn, and will give a lasting meniocital of the priucipal actions of whose rial to bis actions, and thus he lives meritorious life, now nearly octogena. beyond the grave, while the name of rian, it is my grateful task, from the the other will only survive possession of some authentic documents, to send you. The perusal of them will To poiat a moral or adorn a tale.

But, Sir, the short space which is law. With the advantages of this sonecessarily allotted for biographical ciety, and of a tolerable library, he finish history in a periodical work, does not ed his owo education, amidst the wilds of admit of that detail of observations trans-atlantic woods, a circumstance which the pumerous incidents of a long, remarkable and extraordioary, consiactive, and useful life imperatively re dering bis great attainments, and which quire.

marks at once the fertile resources of Patrick Colquhoun, Esq. the subject bis genius. After a residence of of the following biographical sketch, nearly five years, bis health being was born in the royal borough of Dum- greatly inipaired, he returned to his barton, io North Britain, on the 14th native country in 1766, and in the day of March, in the year 1745, old following year took up his abode perstile: he has therefore now attained the manently in the city of Glasgow, and 14th year of his age. He is descended, soon after formed connections of the both by the father and mother (both very first respectability with gentlemen bearing the same name), from the an of talents and fortune. In 1775 Mr. Col. tient family of Colquhoun, which has quboun married a lady of bis own name, intermarried with several of the first the daughter of James Colquhoun, Esq. nobility in Scotland, and which, at dif- Chief Magistrate of Dumbarton, by ferent periods, bas filled high official whom he has had seven children, four of situations in the state. His relation, Sir whom, a son and three daughters, have Robert Colquhoun, Bart. of Nova Sco. survived. In February 1810, be had the tia, who represents the family as heir misfortune to lose his wife, a lady of male, now commands a regiment in the the most amiable domestic virtues. la East Indies. The family estate of Luss the year 1776, during the American is in the possession of Sir James Col. war, Mr. Colquboun was one of the quhoun, the beir female, whose grand- fourteen principal contributors. to a father assumed the name of Colquhoun. fund for raising a regiment for his MaMr. Colquhoun's father died at the early jesty's service from the population of age of 44, bolding at the time the the city of Glasgow, which afterwards office of local Judge and Register of the greatly distinguished itself. In 1779 be Records of the county of Dumbarton, first transacted business in London with he was a class-fellow of the late Dr. Lord North, then Prime Minister. BeSmollet, and his son, the subject of the ing delegated on public business, he present sketch, was educated at the again visited London in 1780, when be same seminary.

succeeded in carrying a Bill through Par. 1

Before Mr. Colquhoun had attained liament, of the greatest importance at his sixteenth year, (so early did bis ar that period to the trade of the country; dent mind look to independent pursuits) and in the same year he was chosen a he einbarked for the colony of Virgi. Member of the Council of the city of nia, for the purpose of following com- Glasgow, and also a local Magistrate. mercial views. His residence there was He originated a scheme in 1781 for in the Peninsula called the eastern shore, building a coffee-house, and improving comprising two counties separated by the Exchange of Glasgow, which terthe Chesapeake Bay, at a distance of minated in that splendid building at. seventy miles from the chief territory tached to the Exchange, and which bas and population of the province. At the since proved the greatest ornament and age of 18 years he crossed the Bay convenience to the city, being the adtwice annually, to be present at the miration of all strangers. In the mooth general courts at the seat of govern- of July of the same year, being then a ment, at which all the principal inha. city Magistrate, he was chosen a Com. bitants were collected, for the purpose missioner to represent the city in the of altending law-suits, and of transact- convention of royal boroughs of Scot. ing commercial affairs. Such at this laud, then assembled at Edinburgh. In early period of his life was the confi. January 1782 he was unanimouslyelected dence placed in his abilities and pru. Chief Magistrate for the city of Glasdence, that, during these aquatic jour- gow, and such was the upiversal esteem neys, he was employed also by others to in wbich he was justly held, that, contransact business of considerable im- trary to general usage, he was continued portance. During his residence in Ame- in office three successive years ; and has. rica, Mr. Colquhoun associated chiefly been for many years the highly respected with gentlemen of the profession of the an: vencrable father of that city. In the

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