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more than twice the present number. tions. But all this and more may be done, - We pass over various other par. votion, or promoting the worship of God

without arriving at the mark of real deticulars in the charge ; such as the in spirit and in truth. The church may duty of peaceableness of conduct be regulated externally, but that which is towards “ the members of the within may yet remain unsanctified and Romish Church, and our Protestant impure. That God's blessing may prosper dissenting brethren ;” the import- and ended in prayer. Except the Lord

our ministry, it must be begun, continued, ance of catechising; and the pro- keep the house (and more especially his motion of congregational singing ; own house, the temple of the heart, whereto give the Right Reverend author's in the Holy Ghost has promised to dwell),

their labour is but lost that build it.' In solemn conclusion.

the spirit of prayer, therefore, let us en

treat of God, for our people, that, accord“ I will only remind you, in conclusion, ing to his promise, he will be alway with that there is something still wanting, his church, even to the end of the world, when every care lias been taken for the and that the abundant grace might, better ordering of the palpable and visible through the thanksgiving of many, redound worship of God amongst us,—something to the glory of God. For ourselves, that without which it will be as a body without we may be enabled to render up our aca soul- the form and semblance of Chris- count with joy, and say, if possible, with tianity without its power and substance. the great Shepherd of souls himself: of I take for granted that every provision has those whom thou hast given me, have I been or will be made for the decency of lost none.' And may the Almighty and our outward religion-more frequent op- everlasting God, by whose Spirit the whole portunities of assembling together in pub- body of the church is governed and sanctiLic afforded—the truth preached, as it is in fied, receive our supplications and prayers, Jesus-our locks duiy visited their wants which we offer before him for all estates of inquired into-their Bibles multiplied- the men in his holy church; that every memsick attended without waiting for a sum- ber of the same, in his vocation and ini.. mons- the church carried, as it were, to nistry, may truly and godly serve him, those who from age or distance are un- through our Lord and Saviour Jesus able to be present at the public ministra- Christ.'” pp. 27, 28.


&c. &c.


age at the Mint, the Lord Chancellor In the press.- The Blasphemy against the stated, that the quantity of gold coined Holy Spirit, and the Doctrine of Spiritual from July 1825, to May 1827, amounted Influence; by the Rev. W. Orme;– The to 10,968,6931. ; a much larger quantity Life and Opinions of John De Wycliffe, than had ever before been, at one time, D.D., illustrated principally from his un- ready to send into the world. The silver published Manuscripts; by the Rev. R. coinage manufactured in the same period, Vaughan ;-Summary of the Laws relating amounted to 1,000,5991. to the Poor; by Sir G. A. Lewin ;--Sun- Dr. Parr was reported in his own liteday Evening Discourses ; by the Rev. R. rary circles to be the depository of the Warner ;-Origin and Affinity of the Lan- authorship of Junius's Letters; and he has guages of Asia and Europe; by Colonel been heard with grave solemnity to say, Vans Kennedy ;-A Tour in Italy and that the secret would be known when he Sicily; by L. Simond ;—The Infantile was no more. His bequest on the subject School System, as it is generally prac- is the following, written on the fly leaf tised ;-Marriage, an Essay, by the Rev. of Junius :-" The writer of Junius was H. C O'Donnoghue.

Mr. Lloyd, secretary to George GrenOrford. The following clergymen are ville, and brother to Philip Lloyd, Dean the Select Preachers at St. Mary's for the of Norwich. This will one day or other' next year:- The Rev. R. Whately, D.D.; be generally acknowledged.

S. P.” the Rev. V. Thomas; the Rev. H. Atkins; A Prospectus has been issued for formthe Rev. W. James; the Rev. E. Burton. ing an Association for the Encouragement

At a late meeting of the commissioners and mutual Protection of Governesses and and jury appointed to examine the coin Ladies' Companions, under the patronage CHRIST. OBSERV. No. 312.

5 F

of her Royal Highness the Duchess of lications of merit, without any regard to Kent. The institution is intended to the doctrines which they may inculcate.” provide preceptresses of suitable qualifi. There is an amusing naiveté in this ancations for families, and to inform quali- nouncement. We were not aware that fied preceptresses of suitable situations. our American friends were such cosmoThe arrangement also extends to ladies' politan religionists. We may perhaps companions. No profit or advantage, oblige our readers with a specimen of this direct or indirect, is to be connected with composition should any of our literary the institution; but the parties who are purveyors import a sample of it. provided with situations, are expected, A valuable copy of the Complutensian according to their convenience, to contri. Polyglot has been imported into New bute to its funds, and to form a benefit York for the use of the Episcopal Theostock to assist those who are unemployed, logical Seminary. It is stated to be the or in sickness, or age. Mr. Hatchard, only copy in America, except one in the 187 Piccadilly, will receive and transmit university of Harvard. communications respecting the society. In a late cause in the court of session at

Persons employed in grinding needles Hartford, Connecticut, after a witness had are usually seriously injured, and become given his testimony, it was objected that consumptive, by inhaling the steel dust he denied the existence of the Supreme thrown off in the operation. To prevent Being, and the future existence of the soul. this, a magnet is now suspended over the Proof having been brought to substantiate wheel, which attracts the particles and the objection, the judge informed the jury prevents all injurious effect. This is one that they must lay aside the testimony of among the many modern applications of the witness in the case ; for though he science, to the purposes of humanity. would not rule out the evidence of a wit. UNITED STATES.

ness for holding religious sentiments difThe friends of the Protestant Episco- ferent from the mass of the communitypal Church in the United States, acknow- much less for holding different religious ledge with much gratitude and fraternal sentiments from his own,-he could not esteem, the receipt from Mr. G. W. sit and hear a witness professing to testify Marriott, of more than three hundred under the sanction of an appeal to the pounds for “ the Society for the Advance- Searcher of hearts, when the very existment of Christianity” in South Carolina

ence of such a being was denied by him. being the profits on the sale of Bishop The following is the emphatic language Dehon's sermons reprinted in England. of the concluding section in the revision Such international communications of of the statutes of the state of New York, Christian affection are of inestimable relative to the importation into that state service to the cause of our common na- of persons held in slavery. ture and our holy faith, in binding man person born within this state, whether to man and brother to brother, in every White or Coloured, is free; every person part of the world.

who shalt hereafter be born within this The whole of Mrs. H. More's works state shall be free ; and every person have just been reprinted at Boston, in brought into this state, as a slave, except two volumes, with a sketch of her life, by as authorised by this title, shall be free." an American authoress; who, by her But turn only a little Westward, and how initials, we conclude to be Mrs. Sigourney, different the scene ! An American gena lady already known to her country, by tleman passing through Richmond, Virher interesting poem of “the Aborigines ginia, writes :-“ Seeing an advertisement of North America.”

of a lot of Negroes to be sold at auction, I One of the representatives of the state went to the sale. A counter stood in of New York has recently complained in Market Street, before the store, and the the bouse, that the chaplain endeavoured sale commenced by a woman's being led to influence the votes of the members by his from the store, and told to stand thereon. prayers, and has urged a resolution admo- She walked from end to end of the counnishing him that he must not, as chaplain ter just as the bidders wished. The of the house, pray respecting any subject auctioneer cried for a bid. Some unfeel. of legislative discussion.

ing wretch told the trembling victim to A publisher at Philadelphia advertises take off her bonnet.-Another cried, a new monthly “ Religious Journal," How old are you?' And what can you which is to include “the greater part of do ?? She tremblingly said, ' I reckon 1 the Christian Observer, and the best arti

am twenty-eight.' -Her agitated frame cles from all the English theological pub- excited my compassion, I sincerely pitied

« Every



her; for her husband was to be sold next. America. The following is an additional The barbarous slave-drivers were present recent fact :- The ecclesiastical governor with their mighty cudgels, restraining the of the archbishopric of Lima has issued forlorn beings. The woman was sold for an edict, abolishing a great number of the 295 dollars. Her husband was struck off Roman Catholic holy-days, and retaining to the first purchaser for 375 dollars. A only twelve of the principal fasts and fesyoung man, brought more than 400 dollars. tivals, besides Sundays. The edict says, A little boy of twelve, being of a light com

that these holydays, instead of being conplexion, and having straight hair, sold for secrated to the service of God, were spent 105 dollars. His whiteness took from in idleness, vice, and debauchery. A cirhis value. The bidders pulled his hair.

cular issued for the same purpose, by the Next came a woman with an infant, who governor of the bishopric of Caseo, rewere sold for 229 dollars. Is this our marks: “Every day in the year ought to republicanism?"

be a holyday to us, by avoiding wicked HAYTI.

deeds, and by the practice of virtue." The friends of the American Coloniza

INDIA. tion Society state, that they are authorized The Horticultural Society of Calcutta to convey to Hayti, free of expense, all have procured a piece of ground for the such emancipated slaves as shall be deli- purpose of rearing the indigenous fruits of vered to them for that purpose ; and that the country, and instituting experimental they will be well provided for on their ar

modes treatment with a view to their rival, until they can supply their own amelioration; new fruits will be also in

troduced, and esculent vegetables. An PERU.

European gardener is to be procured from We have repeatedly noticed the rapidly England. declining influence of Popery in South LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS.

Report addressed to the Marquis of Lectures on Paul's Epistles to the Co- Wellesley, by E. Fry and J. J. Gurney, rinthians, by William Lothian, St. An- respecting their late visit to that country: drews. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

View of the Character, Position, and Sermons, by the Rev. S. H.'Cassan. 12s. Prospects of the Edinburgh Bible Society,

Bretschneider's Apology for Modern by Anglicanus. German Theology, translated by the Rev. The Servants' Friendly Instructor, by W. A. Evanson. 38.

E. Copley (late Hewlett). Is. Dr.Chalmers’s Sermon, preached at the

A Fire-side Book, by the Author of Opening of the Scotch National Church in “ May You Like It.” 6s. London.

An Elegy on the Death of Joseph ButExposition of the Book of Psalms, by terworth, Esq. and other Poems, by H. the Rev. J. Morison. Part I. 4s. R. Griffiths. "Is. 6d. “ Christ's Name precious," a Sermon,

The Missionary Cabinet, comprising a by E. Andrews, LL. D.

Gazetteer of all the Places occupied by “ The Parish Priest," a Sermon, preach. Christian Missionaries, by the Rev. C. ed at the Primary Visitation of the Right Williams. Rev. Charles Richard, Lord Bishop of Historical Tablets, illustrative of a SysLlandaff, by the Rev. W. B. Knight. Is.6d. tem of Artificial Memory, by J. H. Todd.

The Church Catechism, with Scripture 11. 10s. Proofs, by a Layman.

A Tabular View of Volcanic Pheno“ Memorial of Ministerial Labour," a mena, by Professor Daubeney. 7s. 6d. Selection of Discourses, by the Rev. W. Baynes's Catalogue of Sermons, by Mudge. 10s. 6d.

Divines of the Church of England, Puri“ The Character of a true Catholic tans, Dissenters; French Sermons, ManuChurch,” a Sermon, by the Rev. R. W. script Sermons, and Lectures. Also, a Sibthorp.

Catalogue of Theology and General LiteA Sermon, preached before the Lord Mayor, by the Rev. G. H. Watkins. The Process of Historical Proof ex

A Course of Morning and Evening plained and exemplified, by I. Taylor. 6s. Prayers, by C. Williams. 5s.

Selections from the Works of Howe, “'The Right of private Judgment," a by the Rev. W. Wilson, D. D. Second Sermon, by the Hon. and Rev. Baptist volume. 3s. W. Noel.

Greek, Latin, and English Prosodial

Lexicon, by the Rev. J. Brasse, B.D. 24s. A Letter to a Clergyman of the Esta- A Hebrew and English Lexicon to the blished Church, on the Subject of War, Old Testament, by J. W. Gibbs. 255. by John Clarkson, Esq.




MEETING FOR DISCUSSION ON fested during that period, the general im

THE PROPHECIES. pression seemed to be, that the best A SECOND meeting has been held of a sources of information are to be found number of gentlemen who have devoted in the types of the Old-Testament dis"much attention to the study of prophecy, pensation ; such as the reign of Solomon with a view to ascertain the scriptural and the Theocracy which formerly existed, ·bearings of the subject, the light which and prefigured the more glorious and exhas been shed upon it, and the duties tended one of the latter days. arising out of it.

Much, we are informed, was stated We are informed, that the points which concerning the condition of the church, were considered by the meeting as most under the various dispensations, as the important for investigation were as fol- paradisiacal and the patriarchal, through lows; namely, What is revealed respect- which it had to pass during its progress ing the order of the events connected to its final, glorified, or renewed, and with the second coming of our Lord ;- more exalted paradisiacal state ; as also respecting the war of the great day of concerning the seasons and annual feasts God Almighty (Armageddon), and the of the Jewish calendar, considered as historical events which typify it ;-the prophetic symbols, typifying events which state of the church under its various dis- occur in the same order in the great calenpensations ;-the restoration of the tribes dar of time. of Judah and Israel ;—the types repre- As the mutual communication of the senting our Lord, in bis two states of sentiments held by the various individuals humiliation and glory ;-and the chrono- present, was the principal object sought - logical arrangement of the discursive pro- for, and the time was limited, much did phecies ; concluding with an inquiry into not pass in the way of discussion. Vathe practical results that should arise from rious texts which speak of the coming of a right apprehension of these subjects. our Lord were, however, adduced by one

The points upon which there appeared of the members present, in order to shew to be a general agreement amongst the that this expression is used in Scripture, members of the meeting were the follow- in reference to three different events, or ing : That, the twelve hundred and sixty acts of Christ's coming in power to judge prophetic years having already expired, his enemies, of which each rises in imwe are now living under the effects of the portance upon that which precedes it, and sixth vial ; the pouring out of which is closes a separate dispensation. It was connected with the warning, “Behold I urged, that the first act of his vengeance come as a thief ; blessed is he that watch- and righteous judgment upon his enemies eth ;” and that, in reference to the atten- which is spoken of at his coming, was the tion which is so generally given at this destruction of Jerusalem, when he came time by the church to the subject of pro- providentially in ju hent upon the naphecy, we are already arrived at that tion which had rejected and crucified period described in the parable of the him ; this act terminating the Jewish disTen Virgins, when the cry goeth forth, pensation. The second, it was observed, a Behold the bridegroom cometh.” We was the destruction of the nations at the are further informed, that there was also great battle of Armageddon, terminating a general consent among the members the Gentile dispensation; when he will of the meeting, upon the fact of the ap- come, it was urged, in some outward and proaching restoration of the ten and the more visible demonstration of his glory, two tribes; though it was considered that in judgment upon all the anti-Christian there is great difficulty in arranging, in a powers gathered together against him. connected order, the various particulars The third, it was considered, was at the stated in the different prophecies of the end of the world, when he will manifest Old Testament upon this subject. There himself in all his glory to judge both men was a like agreement as to the fact of the and angels. personal reign of our Lord, or the exist. This was mentioned chiefly, as shewing ence of an universal Theocracy, during the the necessity of ascertaining when any period of the Millennium, though as to the event is stated in Scripture to take place mode in which his glory would be manis at the coming of our Lord, to which of these three acts of his coming in power, explained in the introductory lecture, by in contradistinction to his first coming in the Rev. T. Webster, minister of Tavishumility, the event is to be referred ; and tock Chapel, where they are delivered. particularly in allusion to 1 Thess. iv. 17, The clergymen who have since preached, from which it has been inferred, that and whose discourses are already pubat the coming of our Lord, at the end of lished or are in the press, are the Hon. B. the seventh vial, and battle of Armaged- W. Noel, Mr. Jerram, Mr. Sibthorp, Mr. don, which was considered to be fast ap- Owen, Mr. Bickersteth, and Mr. Mutter. proaching, all the living members of Christ We may probably notice these discourses will be suddenly changed, as there de- in our review department, in some future scribed, and caught up to meet their Lord number: for the present we give the folin the air ; and also in reference to 2 Peter lowing cutline of the plan from Mr. iii. 10, from whence has been inferred, that Webster's lucid statement. He describes at his coming in power previously to the the objects of the proposed lectures as Millennium, the earth will be purified by two-fold. material fire ; opinions which, it was main- “ First, we desire to enlighten more tained by some members, appear to have fully the public mind on the actual differno other basis than the insufficient one of ence which exists between the Roman their being mentioned in connexion with Catholic and Protestant Churches. On the coming of our Lord, the act there this point considerable ignorance and misspoken of being apparently the last act of apprehension exist. Many entertain the his coming in power at the end of the idea that the difference is at least prinworld. This consideration was stated to cipally of a political kind- a mere quesbe one of great importance, as tending to tion of ascendency-a struggle for certain remove a difficulty which, according to the temporal advantages and emolumentsmore usual modern views, stands in the but such is not the case; we meddle not way of the church's receiving the alleged with any political question--feeling most strong and otherwise unquestionable evi. fully that such topics are at once of very dences to the coming of Christ, as taking minor consideration, and are not the subplace before the Millennium.

jects which should occupy our time and The various questions proposed for attention in the house of God. There are consideration, we understand, were at others who regard the difference as merely the close considered in their practical speculative-as unaccompanied with any bearing upon the hopes and the duties of important moral results—as relating chiefly the Christian church.

to rites, and ceremonies, and names, and We have thus laid before our readers forms—a subject about which the polewhat we are informed is an impartial mic may wrangle, and the formalist condutline of the discussion to which we tend, but which is unworthy of the notice have alluded, without however pledging of Christians in general, and too destitute ourselves to the advocacy of all the senti- of any important results to require or jusments embraced in it. Our own views of tify their serious attention. We deem it the exact bearings of unfulfilled prophecy, therefore important most distinctly towe confess, are very obscure; and they are state, and shall to the best of our abilities: not likely, we fear, to be materially clear- establish, That the difference between the ed up by any'line of argument which we Roman Catholic and the Protestant is have yet had an opportunity of examining; not a mere speculative or polemical difbut, as we have already remarked at a ference, but that it involves questions of former page of our present Number, we are a moral and practical nature,—questions unwilling to withhold from our readers which affect, in a greater or less degree, the results of any investigation which

almost every doctrine and every duty, seemed to exhibit a fair opportunity for which affect the present and the future haptrying the merits of the various opinions piness of many thousands and millions of which are afloat on the subject, and to our fellow-men, and which therefore claim elucidate the prophecies of holy writ.

the serious attention of every statesman and

philosopher-of every one, in short, who COURSE OF LECTURES ON

possesses either liberality of sentiment or POPERY.

benevolence of disposition ; but which A course of weekly lectures has been more especially demands the diligent excommenced in London, on the points in amination of every minister and every controversy between Roman Catholics Christian. and Protestants. The object of them is “ Our second object is to awaken the

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