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RAGWEED, the plant

corn, &c.

Quey, a cow from one yeas Refus't, refufed.
to two years old

Remarkin, remarking
Remead, remedy

Requite, requitted

Rest, to stand reftive
Restit, stood restive, ftunt,

ed, withered

Restricked, restricted Raible, to rattle nonfenfe Rhymin, rhyming Rair, to roar; rair't, roar- Ridin, riding

ed; rairing, roaring Rig, a ridge Raize, to madden, to in- Rin, to run, to melt; runin, flame

running Ramblin, rambling

Rink, the course of the Ram-feezl'd, fatigued, over ftones, a term in curling spread

Rip, a handful of unthreshed Ram-stam, forward, thoughtless

Rikit, made a noife like the Rantin, ranting

tearing of roots Rarely, excellent, very well Roamin, roaming Rajh, a rush; rask buss, a Rood stands likewise for the bush of rashes

plural roods Rattlin, rattling

Roon, a thred Ratton, a rat

Roose, to praise, to comRaucle, rash, ftout, fearless mend Raught, reached

Roun', round, in the circle Raw, a row

of neighbourhood Rax, to stretch

Roupet, hoarse as with a Ream, cream

cold Receivin, receiving

Row, to roll, to wrap Reck, to heed

Row't, rolled, wrapped Rede, counsel, to counsel Rowte, to low, to bellow Red-wud, Atark-mad Rowth, plenty Ree, half-drunk, fuddled Rowtin, lowing Reek, smoke; to smoke; Rozet, rosin

reekin, smoking; reekit, Rung, a cudgel smoked, smoky

Runkld, wrinkled



Runt, the stem of colewort Screed, to tear; a rent
or cabbage

Scrieve, to glide swiftly a-
Rustlin, rustling

Scrievin, gleesomely, swift-

Scrimp, to fcant; scrimpet,

did scant, scanty
YAE, so

See'd did see
Saft, soft

Seizin, seizing
Sair, to serve, a sore

Sel, felf; a body's fel, one's
Sairly or fairlie, sorely

self alone
Sair't, served

Sell't, did sell
Sang, a song

Sen', to send ; fen't, send it
Sark, a shirt

Servan', servant
Sarkit, provided in thirts

Sets, sets off, goes away
Saugh, the willow

Settlin, settling; to get a
Saul, soul

settlin, to be frighted in-
Saumont, salmon

to quietness
Saunt, a faint

Shaird, a shred, a fhard
Saut, salt ; fauted, falted Shangan, a stick cleft at one
Saw, to sow

end for putting the tail
Sawin, sowing

of a dog, &c. into, by
Sax, fix

way of mischief, or to
Scar, to scare

frighten him away
Scaud, to scald

Shaver, a humorous wag,
Scauld, to fcold; Scaulding,

a barber

Shaw, to show

a small
Scaur, apt to be scared wood in a hollow place
Scawl, a scold

Sheen, bright, shining
Scone, a kind of bread Sheep shank, to think one's
Sconner, a lothing; to lọthe self nae feep bank, to be
Scornfu', scornful

Scraich, to scream as a ben, Sherra-moor, Sheriff-moor,
partridge, &c.

the famous battle

fought in
Scraichin, screaming

the Rebellion, A. D. 1715
Screechin, screeching Sheugh, a ditch, a trench


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Shill, shrill

Sklented, ran or hit in an Shog, a shock

oblique direction Shool, a shovel

Sklentin, flanting Shoon, shoes

Skreigh, a scream; to Shootin, shooting

scream Shore, to offer, to threaten Slade, did slide Shor'd, offered

Slae, floe Shouther, the shoulder

Slap, a gate, a breach in a Sic, such

fence Sicker, sure, steady

Slaw, flow
Sidelins, fidelong, llanting Slee, sly; Neeft, flyest
Siller, silver, money

Sleekit, fleek
Simmer, summer

Sliddery, slippery Sin, a son

Slype, to fall over, as a wet Sin', fince

furrow from the plough Sinfu', finful

Slypet, feil Sinkin, sinking

Sma', small Sittin, fitting

Smeddum, dust, powder ; Skaith, to damage, to in- 7 mettle, sense jure, injury

Smiddy, fmithy Skelp, to strike, to lap; to Smoor, to smother; fmoord

walk with a smart trip smothered

ping step; a smart stroke Smoutie, smutty, obscene, Skelpin, stappin, walking ugly smartly

Smytrie, a numerous collecSkelpi-limmer, à technical tion of small individuals

term in female scolding Snafh, abuse, Billinsgate Skiegh, proud, nice, high Snaw, snow; to foow mettled

Snawbroo, melted snow Skirkling, shrieking, crying Snawie, snowie "Skirl, to shriek, to cry thril. Sned, to lop, to cut off ly

Sneeshin, snuff; fneeshinSkirling, shrieked

mill, snuff box Skirl't, shrieked

Snell, bitter, biting Sklent, flant; to run allant, Snick, drawing, trick-conto deviate from truth



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Snick, the latchet of a door Spence, the country parlour
Snool, one whose fpirit is Spier, to ask, to enquire

broken with . oppressive Spier't, enquired
flavery; to submit tame- Spitefu', spiteful
ly, to sneak

Splatter, a splutter; to sput-
Snoove, to go smoothly and ter

constantly, to sneak Spleuchan, a tobacco pouch
Snoov't, went smoothly Splore, a frolic, a riot, a
Snowk, to scent or snuff, as noise
a dog, borfe, &c.

Sportin, sporting
Snowkit, scented, snuffed Sprattle, to scramble
Sobbin, sobbing

Spreckl’d, spotted, speckled
Sonfie, having sweet, enga- Spring, a quick air in mu-

ging looks ; lucky, jolly sic, a Scottish reel
Soom, to swim

Springin, springing
Sooth, truth, a petty oath Sprit, a tough-rooted plant
Souple, flexible, swift

something like rushes
Souter, a shoemaker

Sprittie, full of sprits
Sowp, a spoonful, a small Spunk, fire, mettle, wit

quantity of any thing li- Spunkie, mettlesome, fiery;

will-o'-wisp, or ignis fa. Sowth, to try over a tune, tuus

with a low whistle Squad, a crew, a party Sowther, folder; to folder, Squatter, to flutter in water, to cement

as a wild duck, &c. Spae, to prophesy, to divine Squattle, to sprawl Spairge, to dalh, to foil as Squeel, a scream, a screech; with mire

to scream
Spak, did speak

Stacher, to stagger
Sparin, sparing

Stack, a rick of corn, hay,
Spaul, a limb

Spaviet, having the fpavin Staggie, dimin. of stag
Speakin, speaking

Stampin, ftamping
Speat, a sweeping torrent, Stan', to stand ; stan't, did
after rain or thaw

stand Speel, climb

Stane, a stone


Stank, a pool of standing Stoor, founding hollow, water

strong and hearse Stap, stop

Stot, an ox Stark, ftont

Stoup or ftowp, a kind of Startin, starting

jug or dish with a handle Startle, to run as cattle ftung Stoure, dust, more particuby the gadfly

larly dust in motion Starvin, starving

Stowlins, by stealth Staumrel, halfwitted

Stown, stolen Staw, did steal; to surfeit Strack, did strike Stech, to cram the belly Strae, straw ; to die a fair. Stechin, cramming

ftrae death, to die in bed Steek, to shut; a stitch Straik, to stroke; straikit, Steer, to moleft, to stir

stroked Steeve, firm, compacted Strappan, tall and handStell, a still

fome Sten, to rear as a horse Straught, straight Sten't, reared

Streek, stretched, to stretch; Stents, tribute, dues of any Areekit, stretched kind

Strewin, strewing Stey, steep ; steyest, steepest Striddle, to straddle Stibble, stubble ; ftibble-rig, Stringin, ftringing

the repear, in harveft, Stroan, to spout, to piss

who takes the lead Stroan't, spouted, pissed Stick an' ftow, totally, al- Strunt, fpiritous liquor of together

any kind; to walk itur. Stilt, a crutch ; to halt, to dily linp

Studdie, an anvil Stimpart, the eighth part Stuff, corn, or pulse of any

of a Winchester bushel kind Stirk, a cow or bullock a Stumpie, dimin. of stump year old

Sturt, trouble; to moleft Stock, a plant of colewort, Sturtin, frighted cabbage, &c.

Sucker, sugar Stockin, stocking

Sud, should


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