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Ninth. He shall attend in person, or appoint a proper officer to attend, Attendance at when his crew is finally paid off, to see that justice is done to the men final payment of

crew. and to the United States in the settleinent of the accounts.

Tenth. He shall cause the articles for the government of the Navy to Articles for the be hung up in some public part of the ship and read once a month to his government of

the Navy. ship's company. Every commanding officer who offends against the provisions oí this Punishment for

offending against article shall be punisted as a court-martial may direct.

this article. ART. 21. When the crew of any vessel of the United States are sepa- Authority of rated from their vessel by means of her wreck, loss, or destruction, all officers after loss

of vessel, the command and authority given to the officers of such vessel shall” remain in full force until such ship's company shall be regularly discharged from or ordered again into service, or until a court-martial or court of inquiry shall be held to inquire into the loss of said vessel. And if any officer or man, after such wreck, loss, or destruction, acts contrary to the discipline of the Navy, he shall be punished as a courtmartial may direct.

ART. 22. All offenses committed by persons belonging to the Navy Offeuses not which are not specified in the foregoing articles shall be punished as a specified. court-martial may direct.

ART. 23. All offenses committed by persons belonging to the Navy Offenses comwbile on shore shall be punished in the same manner as if they had been mitted on shore. committed at sca. ART. 24. No commander of a vessel shall inflict upon a commissioned Punishment by

mond one order of comman or warrant officer any other punishinent than private reprimand, suspension from duty, arrest, or confinement, and such suspension, arrest, or confinement shall not continue longer than ten days, unless a further period is necessary to bring the offender to trial by a court-martial; nor sball he inflict, or cause to be inflicted, upon any petty officer, or person of inferior rating, or marine, for a single offense, or at any one time, any other than one of the following punishments, pamely:

First. Reduction of any rating established by himself.

Second. Confinement, with or without irons, single or double, not exceeding ten days, unless further confinement be necessary, in the case of a prisoner to be tried by court-martial.

Third. Solitary confinement, on bread and water, not exceeding five days.

Fourth. Solitary confinement not exceeding seven days.
Fifth. Deprivation of liberty on shore.
Sixth. Extra duties.

No other punishment shall be permitted on board of vessels belonging to the Navy, except by sentence of a general or summary court-martial. All punishments inflicted by the commander, or by his order, except reprimands, shall be fully entered upon the ship's log

ART. 25. No officer who may command by accident, or in the absence Punishment by of the commanding officer, except when such commanding officer is officers temporabsent for a time by leave, shall inflict any other punishment than con- arily command. finement. [See articles 26 to 35 inclusive, under COURTS-MARTIAL- 108. Summary. ]

ART. 36. No officer shall be dismissed from the naval service except by Dismissal of of. tbe order of the President or by sentence of a general court-martial; and ficers. in time of peace po officer shall be dismissed except in pursuance of the sentence of a general court-martial or in mitigation thereof.

ART. 37. When any officer, dismissed by order of the President since Officer dis3d March, 1865, makes, in writing, an application for trial, setting forth, m.

missed by the

President may under oath that he has been wrongfully dismissed, the President shall, demand trial. as soon as the necessities of the service may permit, convene a courtmartial to try such officer on the charges on which he shall have been dismissed. And if such court-martial shall not be convened within six months from the presentation of such application for trial, or if such court, being convened, shall not award dismissal or death as the punishment of such officer, the order of dismissal by the President shall be void.* [See articles 38 to 54 inclusive, under COURTS-MARTIAL-General. See articles 55 to 60 inclusive, under COURTS OF INQUIRY.]

* See act of June 22, 1874, under head of DISMISSAL, modifying the act of March 3, 1865. on which this article is based and is the substance.


1176. Trusses, to whom furnished.
1177. Applications for trusses.
1178. Purchase of trusses.
4787. Artificial limbs to be furnished every five

4789. Money commutation, how paid.
4790. Commutation to persons who cannot use ar-

tificial limbs.
4791. Transportation for persons to whom artifi.

cial limbs are furnished. -- Artificial limbs not to be supplied to certain



4788. Commutation rates in money value for limb,


Title 14, Chap. I. SEC. 1176. Every soldier of the Union Army who was raptured while Trusses, to!

a to in the line of duty during the war for the suppression of the rebellion, whoni furnished. is entitled to receive a single or double truss, of such style as may be

designated by the Surgeon-General, as best suited for his disability. Application for SEC

SEC. 1177. Application for such truss shall be made by the ruptured soldier, to an examining surgeon for pensions, whose duty it shall be to examine the applicant, and when found to have a rupture or hernia, to prepare and forward to the Surgeon-General an application for such truss

without charge to the soldier. Trusses, pur. Sec, 1178. The Surgeon-Generalis authorized and directed to purchase chase of.

the trusses required for such soldiers, at wholesale prices, and the cost of the same shall be paid upon the requisition of the Surgeon-General out • of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.

Title 57. SEC. 4787. Every officer, soldier, seaman, and marine, who was dis

abled during the war for the suppression of the rebellion, in the miliArtificial limbs. &c.: to be tary or naval service, and in the line of duty, or in consequence of furnished every wounds received or disease contracted therein, and who was furnished five years. by the War Department, since the seventeenth day of June, eighteen

hundred and seventy, with an artificial limb or apparatus for resection, or who was entitled to receive such limb or apparatus since said date, shall be entitled to receive a new limb or apparatus at the expiration of every five years thereafter, under such regulations as have been or may

be prescribed by the Surgeon-General of the Ariny. Commutation SEC. 4788. Every person entitled to the benefits of the preceding sec. rates in money tion may, if he so elects, receive, instead of such limb or apparatus, the

,&c. money value thereof, at the following rates, namely: For artificial legs,

seventy-five dollars; for arms, fifty dollars; for feet, fifty dollars; for

apparatus for resection, fifty dollars. Money commu- SEC. 4789. The Surgeon-Ġeneral shall certify to the Commissioner of tation, how to be Pensions a list of all soldiers who elect to receive money commutation inpaid.

stead of limbs or apparatus, with the amount due to each, and the Commissioner of Pensions shall cause the same to be paid to such soldiers in

the same manner as pensions are paid. Money commu- SEC. 4790. Every person in the military or naval service who lost a tation to those limb during the war of the rebellion, but from the nature of his injury who cannot use artificial limb. cial limb. *° is not able to use an artificial limb, shall be entitled to the benefits of

section forty-seven hundred and eighty-eight, and shall receive money

commutation as therein provided. Transportation SEC. 4791. The Secretary of War is authorized and directed to furnish for persons to to the persons embraced by the provisions of section forty-seven hundred whom artificial limba rantur. and eighty-seven, transportation to and from their homes and the place nished.

where they may be required to go to obtain artificial limbs provided for them under authority of law.

An act to increase pensions in certain cases. June 18, 1874.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

*_ States of America in Congress assembled, That all persons who are now Certain pen' entitled to pensions under existing laws and who have lost either an sions increased.

arm at or above the elbow, or a leg at or above the knee, shall be rated

in the second class, and shall receive twenty-four dollars per month : Proviso. Provided, That no artificial limbs, or commutation therefor, shall be fur

nished to such persons as shall be entišled to pensions under this act.

SEC. 2. That this act shall take effect from and after the fourth day of June, eighteen hundred and seventy-four.

Approved, June 18, 1374.

For AssIGNMENT OF CLAIMS, see § 3477 under CLAIMS.

Sec. 1576. Assignment of wages.

Sec. 1576. Every assignment of wages due to persons enlisted in the Title 15,"Chap. 8. naval service, and all powers of attorney, or other authority to draw,receipt for, or transfer the same, shall be void, unless attested by the wages.

Assignments of commanding officer and paymaster. The assignment of wages must specify the precise time when they commence.



189. Employment of attorneys or counsel. 1550. A geuts to disburse money abroad.

1783. Persons interested not to act as agents of the

3614. Bond of special agents.

SEC. 189. No head of a Department shall employ attorneys or counsel Title 4. at the expense of the United States; but when in need of counsel or advice, shall call upon the Department of Justice, the officers of which attorneys or

Employment of shall attend to the same. [See ♡ ♡ 364, 365, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.] counsel.

SEC. 1550. No person shall be employed or continued abroad, to receive Title 15, Chap. 7. and pay money for the use of the naval service on foreign stations,

Appointment whether under contract or otherwise, who has not been, or shall not be, f Appoir

ve, of persons to disappointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

burse money on

foreign stations. SEC. 1783. No officer or agent of any banking or other commercial Title 19. corporation, and no member of any mercantile or trading firm, or person

Persons interdirectly or indirectly interested in the pecuniary profits or contracts of esteds

ested not to act such corporation or firm, shall be employed or shall act as an officer or as agents of the agent of the United States for the transaction of business with such Government. corporation or firm; and every such officer, agent, or member, or person, so interested, who so acts, shall be imprisoned not more than two years, and fined not more than two thousand dollars nor less than five hundred dollars.

SEC. 3614. Whenever it becomes necessary for the head of any Depart- Title 40. ment or office to employ special agents, other than officers of the Army Rome or Navy, who may be charged with the disbursement of public moneys, as such agents sball, before entering upon duty, give bond in such form and with such security as the head of the Department or office employing them may approve.




510. Preparation of.

—. Nuniber to be printed. 511. Distribution.

SEC. 510. As soon as practicable after the last day of September in Title 11, Chap.87. each year in which a new Congress is to assemble, a register shall be 7

Preparation of compiled and printed under the direction of the Secretary of the Inte- Biennial Regisrior, of which seven hundred and fifty copies shall be published, and ter. which shall contain the following lists, made up to such last day of September:

1. Correct lists of all the officers, clerks, employés, and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of the United States, including cadets and midshipmen, which lists sball exhibit the amount of compensation, pay, and emoluments allowed to each, the State or country in which he was born, the State or Territory from which he was appointed to office, and where employed.

2. A list of the names, force, and condition of all the sbips and vessels belonging to the United States, and when and where built.

3. Lists of all printers of the laws of the United States, and of all printers employed by Congress or by any Department or officer of the Government, during the two years preceding the last day of September up to which such list is required to be made, with the compensation allowed to each, and designating the Department or officer causing the printing to be executed.

4. A statement of all allowances made by the Postmaster-General, within tho same period of two years, to each contractor on contracts for carrying the mail, discriminating the sum paid as stipulated by the

original contract and the sums paid as additional allowance. Distribution of SEC. 511. On the first Monday in January, in each year when a new

Regis. Congress is assembled, there shall be delivered to the President, the ter.

Vice-President, each bead of a Department, each member of the Senate and House of Representatives, one copy of the Biennial Register; to the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House of Representatives, ten copies each, for the use of the respective Houses; to the Library of Congress, twenty-five copies; and to the secretary of state of each State, one copy; and the residue of the copies shall be disposed of as Congress shall, from time to time, direct.

An act in relation to the printing of the Biennial Register, commonly called the Blue


January 23, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 1874.

States of America in Congress assembled, That in lieu of the number of

States of Ameri Biennial Regig. copies of the Biennial Register now authorized by law to be printed, ter, number of the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is bereby, directed to cause to copies to be print- be printed fifteen hundred copies of the said work.

Approved, January 23, 1874.




2032. Bounty-laws to remain in force.
2414. Military bounty-land warrants and loca-

tions assignable.
2415. Warrants located at $1.25; excess paid in

cash. 2416. Claims for bonnty-lands in virtue of certain

acts named, &c. 2417. Same subject. 2418. Bounty-lands for soldiers in certain wars. 2419. Certain classes of persons in the Mexican

war, their widows, &c., entitled to forty

acres. 2420. Militia and volunteers in service since 1812. 2421. Persons entitled under preceding sections.' 2422. Period of captivity added to actual service. 2423. Warrant and patent, to issue when. 2424. Widows of persons entitled. 2425. Additional bounty-lands, &c. 2426. Classes under last section specified,

2427. What classes of persons entitled under sec-

tion 2425, without regard tolength of service. 2128. Widows and children of persons entitled

under section 24:25. 2429. Subsequent marriage of widow. 2430. Minors under section 2428. 2431. Proof of service. 2432. Former evidence of right to bounty-land to

be received in certain cases. 2433. Allowance of time of service for distance

from home to place of muster or discharge. 2438. Deserters not entitled to bounty-land. 2439. Lost warrants, provisions for. 2440. Discharges, omissions, and loss of, provided

2111. New warrant issued in lieu of lost warrant.
4635. Bounty for persons captured on enemy's ves-

-- Appropriation to pay bounties.

Title 27. SEC. 2032. All laws and parts of laws pertaining to the collection and

sto pay íent of bounty, prize money and other legitimnate claims of colored Bounty-laws t remain in force. soldiers, sailors, and marines, or their heirs shall remain in force until

otherwise ordered by Congress. [See March 3. 1875, post.]

Title 32,Chap.10. SEC. 2414. All warrants for military bounty-lands which have been or

Military boun. may hereafter be issued under any law of the United States, and all ty-land warrants valid locations of the same which have been or may hereafter be made, and locations as- are declared to be assignable by deed or instrument of writing, made signable.

and executed according to such form and pursuant to such regulations as may be prescribed by the Commissioner of the General Land-Office, so as t vest the assiguee with all the rights of the original owner of

the warrant or location. Warrants lo- Sec. 2415. The warrants which have been or may hereafter be issued cated at $1.25; in

:; in pursuance of law may be located according to the legal subdivisions excess paid in cash.

of the public lands in one body upon any lands of the United States subject to private entry at the time of such location at the mininium

price. When sich warrant is located on lands which are subject to entry at a greater ipinimum than one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, the locator shall pay to the United States in cash the difference between the value of such warrants at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre and the tract of land located on. But where such tract is rated at one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre, and does not exceed the area specified in the warrant, it must be taken in full satisfaction thereof.

Sec. 2416. In all cases of warrants for bounty-lands, issued by virtue Claims for of an act approved July twenty-seven, one thousand eight hundred and bounty-lands in !

virtue of certain forty-two, and of two acts approved January twenty-seven, one thousand

acts named, &c. eight hundred and thirty-five, therein and thereby revised, and of two acts to the same intent, respectively, approved June twenty-six, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and February eight, eighteen hundred and fiftyfour, for military services in the revolutionary war, or in the war of eighteen hundred and twelve with Great Britain, which remained unsatisfied on the second day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, it is lawful for the person in whose name such warrant issued, his heirs or legal representatives, to enter in quarter-sections, at the proper local land-office in any of the States or Territories, the quantity of the public lands subject to private entry wbich he is entitled to under such warrant.

SEC. 2417. All warrants for bounty-lands referred to in the preceding Same subject. section niay be located at any time, in conformity with the general laws in force at the time of such location.

SEC. 2418. Each of the surviving, or the widow or minor children of Bounty-lands deceased cominissioned and non-commissioned officers, musicians, or for soldiers in privates, whether of regulars, volunteers, rangers, or militia, who per- cer

ver certain wars. formed military service in any regiment, company, or detachment, in the service of the United States, in the war with Great Britain, declared on the eighteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and twelve, or in any of the Indian wars since seventeen hundred and ninety, and prior to the third of March, eighteen hundred and fifty, and each of the commissioned officers who was engaged in the military service of the United States in the war with Mexico, shall be entitled to lands as follows: Those who engaged to serve twelve months or during the war, and actually served nine months, shall receive one hundred and sixty acres, and those who engaged to serve six months, and actually served four months, sball receive eighty acres, and those who engaged to serve for any or an indefinite period, and actually served one month, shall receive forty acres; but wherever any officer or soldier was honorably discharged in consequence of disability contracted in the service, before the expiration of his period of service, he shall receive the amount to which he would have been entitled if he had served the full period for which he had engaged to serve. All the persons enumerated in this section who enlisted in the Regular Army, or were mustered in any volunteer company for a period of not less than twelve months, and wbo served in the war with Mexico and received an honorable discharge, or who were killed or died of wounds received or sickness incurred in the course of such service, or were discharged before the expiration of the term of service in consequence of wounds received or sickness incurred in the course of such service, shall be entitled to receive a certificate or warrant for one hundred and sixty acres of land: or at option Treasury scrip for one hundred dollars bearing interest at six per cent. per annum, payable semi-annually, at the pleasure of the Government. In the event of the death of any one of the persons mentioned in this section during service, or after his discharge, and before the issuing of a certificate or warrant, the warrant or scrip shall be issued in favor of his family or relatives; first, to the widow and his children; second, his father; third, his mother; fourth, his brothers and sisters.

Sec. 2419. The persons enumerated in the preceding section received Certain classes into service after the commencement of the war with Mexico, for less of persons in the than twelve months, and who served such term, or were honorably dis- Mexican war,

their widows, &c., charged, are entitled to receive a certificate or warrant for forty acres, entitled to forty or scrip for twenty-five dollars if preferred, and in the event of the acres. death of such person during service, or after honorable discharge before the eleventh of February, eighteen liundred and forty-seven, the warrant or scrip shall issue to the wife, child, or children, if there be any, and if done, to the father, and if no fatter, to the mother of such soldier.

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