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ADDRESS, President Grant's Inaugural, 416, 417.

CONSTITUTION, proposed Xviin amendment to, 500; pro-
ALABAMA, Smith, Governor, vice Patten, Legislature con- posed religions amendment to, 506.

vened and XIVth amendment ratitied, 428; mili- | CONTRACTS, express, to pay coin, 443-448.
tary rule withdrawn, 422, 4:28; attitude towards | Cooke, General P. St. G., to department of Cumberland,
XVth amendment, 488.

ALLISON, WM. B., motions on public credit bill, 396, 413. CORBETT, HENRY W., motion on Xyth constitutional
AMENDMENT, congressional proceedings on XVth, 399– amendment, 402.

406; to the tenure-of-office act, 413-115; resolution Cox, Jacow D., Secretary of the Interior, 407.
as to effect of XVth, 415; votes of State legisla- CRANDALL 28. State of Nevada, 431-437.
tures on the XVth, 488; proposed XVIth, 506; pro- CREDIT, bill to strengthen public, 395, 397; act, &c.,
posed religious constitutional, 506.

412, 413.
AMNESTY, General, President Johnson's Proclamation of, CRESWELL, JOHN A. J., Postmaster General, 407.

CROOKE, General George, to department of the Colum-
ARKANSAS, military rule withdrawn, 422, 428, 429; admit- bit, 422.

ted to representation, 428,429; vote on XVth amend- DANIEL, R. T., Virginia election dispatch to Grant,
ment. 488.

BATARD, JAMES A., motions on XVth amendment, 402, Davis, GARNETT, motion as to general disability bill, 393;
401; as to public credit bill, 396.

motions on XVth amendment, 405.
BINGHAM, JOHN A.,motions as to XVth amendment, 400, Deet, statement of the public, 500-502.

DECISIONS, judicial, 454, 475.
BLAINE, JAS. G., Speaker House of Representatives, 407. DELAWARE, attitude towards XVth amendment, 489.
Boxps issued to the Union Pacific R. R. Co., 503.

DISABILITIES, vote on removal of, 393.
BOUTWELL, GEO.S., motions on XVth amendment, 405; DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, further security of equal rights,
Secretary of the Treasury, 406.

BORIE, ADOLPH E., Secretary of the Navy, 407.

Dixon, JAMES, motions on XVth amendment, 402, 405.
BROONALL, JOHN M., resolution declaring repudiation DOOLITTLE, JAMES R., motion on XVth amendment, 405.
odious, 392.

DRAKE, CHARLES D., motions as to XVth amendment,
Broxson ts. Rodes, United States Supreme Court opin- 401, 404.
ion, with dissenting opinion, 443-418.

DUTIES upon merchandize in French ships, 421.
Brown, Chief Justice, opinion in White vs. Georgia, 470, EDMUNDS, GEORGE F., resolution as to Georgia electoral

471; opinion of Georgia supreme court as to inter- vote, 393.
marriage of whites and blacks, 474, 475.

EIGHT-HOUR WAGES, Grant's proclamation, 421.
BUCHANAN, General, temporary command Louisiana, ELECTIONS of 1869, 506.

ELECTION, presidential, returns, 499; Virginia, Grant's
BUCKALEW, CHARLES R., motion on XVth amendment, proclamation for, 420, 421.

Evony, General W. H., to department of Washington,
BUTLER, BENJAMIN F., objects to Georgia electoral vote,

391; reports Mississippi bill, 410, 411; tenure-of- EQUAL Rights in District of Columbia, further security,
office act, 414.

CABINET of President Johnson, 383; of President Grant, Evarts, WILLIAM M., Attorney General, 383; as to mili-
406, 407.

tary aid to United States marshals, 422, 423.
CÆBAR GRIFFIN CASE, opinions in the, 457-466.

EVIDENCE of colored persons before military courts, 425.
CALIFORNIA, Republican and Democratic platforms, 178, EXPRESS CONTRACTS to pay coin, 113-448.

attitude towards XVth amendment, 488. FEMALE, SUFFRAGE, 506.
CANBY, E. R. -, Ge ral, assigned to department of FIFTEENTH AMENDMENT, congressional proceedings, 399–

Washington, 422; to first military district, 424; to 406; resolution as to effect, 415; votes of States,
fifth and department of Texas, 424; in command 488.
first district, orders all civil officers to take test FISH, HAMILTON, Secretary of State, 406.
onth, as to registration and voting, extending stay FLORIDA, cessation of military rule, 422, 428; ratifies
law and guarding against fraud, 426; justifies his XIVth amendment, 428; vote on XVth amendment,
test-oath order, 426, 427; in second military dis-

triet annuls railroad appointments and withdraws FORTIETH CONGRE88, 3d session, members of, 383, 384.
military rule from North and South Carolina, 427, For-r-First Congress, members of, 407, 408.
428; in command of fifth district, re-assembles FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT, Seward's final certificate, 417–
Texas constitutional convention, military posts, 419.
apprenticeship, and education of children, real FOWLER, Jos. S., motions, XVth amendment, 401, 405
estate sales, indigent educational fund, relin- GENERAL AMNESTY, President Johnson's, 419.
quishes command, 420, 430.

GEORGIA, counting electoral vote, vote on representa-
CHASE, Chief Justice, dissenting opinion in Crandall tion, 393; military government ends, 422, 428; mil-

vs. Nevada, 436, 437; opinion of United States Su- itary orders as to resignation of sheriffs, intimi-
preme Court on State taxation of United States cer- dating voters, carrying arms, armed assemblages,
tificates, 437-439; on State taxation of United States the test oath, ratification of constitution, provis-
notes, 430, 440; on the legality of tender of United ional governor, stay law, ratification of XIVth
States notes for State taxes, 410-443; on express amendment, 428; judicial decisions as to negroes
contracts to pay coined dollars only satisfied with holding office and intermarriage of whites and
coined dollars, 443-447; on the status of the State blacks, 466-475; vote on XVth amendment, 489, 490.
of Texas, 448–451; in the McCardlo case, 456, 457; GILLEM, General A. C., assigned to fourth military dis-
the Cæsar Griffin case, 457–462.

trict, 422; relieved, 424.
CLIFFORD, Justice, dissenting opinion, in Crandall vs. GORHAM, GEORGE C., Secretary United States Senate, 407.
Nevada, 436, 437.

GRANT, GENERAL U. S., orders re-districting southern
Colfax, SCHUYLER, Speaker, 389; declared elected Vice States, 422; military aid to civil authorities, 423,

President, .395; Vice President and President of 424; sentences of military commissions, &c., 424;
Senate, 407.

assigns Canby to, and relieves Reynolds from, fifth
CONGRESS, Members of the 40th, 3d session, 383, 384; of military district, 424; declared President of the
the 41st, 407, 408.

United States, 393; cabinet of, 406, 407; inaugural
CONNECTICUT, vote on XVth amendment, 488, 489; elec- address, 416, 417; reconstruction message, 417;
tion of 1869, 506.

proclamation for Virginia election, 420, 421; as to
Coxxess, Jonx, motion as to XVth constitutional amend- duties on merchandize, 421; eight-hour wages,
ment, 401.

421; for Mississippi election, 505; for Texas elec-
CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, XVTi, congressional pro- tion, 505, 506; majority for President United States,
ceedings upon, 399–406.



GRIER, Justice, dissenting opinion as to status of Texas, | NEGRO office-holding in Georgia, 466-474.

NEVADA, vote on XVth amendment, 494.
Griffe, (234R, judicial opinions, 457-466.

NEW HAMPSHIRE, vote on XVth amendment, 494, 495;
HALIECK, General H. W., to military division of the election of 1809, 506.
South, 124.

NEW JERSEY, XVth amendment, 495.
HANCOCK, General W. S., to department of Dacotah, NEW YORK, vote on XTth amendment, 495, 496.

VIDLACK, WILLIAM E., motion as to public credit bill, 396.
HENDERSON, JOHN B., motions as to public credit bill, NORTH CAROLINA, order a4 to railroad directors, ratifica-
395, 397; as to XVth amendment. 401.

tion of XIVth amendment, 427; military rule
HENDRICKS, THOMAS A., substitute for resolution con- ceases, 42, 427; vote on XVth amendhent, 496.

demning Pre-ident Johnson's repudiation proposi- Norrs, United States, for State taxes, Supreme Court
tion, 391 ; motion on XVth amendment, 407.

opinion, 440-113.
HOR, E. ROCKWOOD, Attorney General, 407; opinion on OFFICE-HOLDING, by Georgia negroes, 466, 471.

jurisdiction of military commissions, 476-478. OFFICIAL proclamations of the year, 417-421.
HOWARD), JACOB M., resolution as to Georgia electoral Ohio, Republican and Democratic platforms, 182, 483;

rote, 391; motion as to and upon XTihamendment, vote on Xvih amendment, 196, 497.
401, 404, 105,; on publie credit bill, 413.

ORDERS on reconstruction, 422-432.
HOWARD, General 0. O., to department of Louisiana, OREGOX, XVth amendment, 497.

PACIFIC Railroad bonds, 503.
ILLINOIS. vote on XVth amendment, 490,

PAINT, HALBERT E., resolution as to Georgia congress-

men, 303.
INDIANA, Vote on X1th amendment 190, 491.

PASSINGER TAX, can States levy a through, 431-437.
INTIIMARRIAGE of whites and blacks in Georgia, 474, PENYSYLVANIA, Republican and Democratie platforms,

483, 481; vote on Xith amendment, 497.
Iova, Republican and Democratic platforms, 479, 480; PEELPs, (HARLES E., minority representation motion,
XVt amendment. 401.

JOISSAN President :INDRIII, cabinet of, 383; last annual PLATFORMS of States, 1869, 478-488.

m'ssage', 384-391; genoral amnefty proclamation, POLITICI. Votes, o session, 10th Congress, 301-598; 1st

Session 41st Congress, 408-115.
JONIN, JAMES A., motion as to effect of XVth amend- PROCLAMATIONS of the year, oficial, 417-121, 505, 106.
mont. 111.

PUBLIC (REDIT,bill, 297-297: Act, 112, 113.
JOHNSION, J. E., the surrender of, 501, 505.

PLBLIC DERT, stationen. 500-R.
JUT DAISO4, 4:11-17).


PINOT General $3.
JUDICIDYO VITTURY COMMISSIONS AC70-178. RATILICATION ITth amendinent, final certidute, 417-
Kila votern Ilhaneniment. 491.

Kility, vote on Xi'th amendment, 401, 492.

RAWLINS, JOUX A., Secretary of War, 400; Attorney Gen.
1943.), JOIN I., motion on Xith amendmeni, 40.3.

eral 110-lettr t'), on jurisdiction of military
11.154, radities Xilil amendmint, 129; military commi-sions, 177-178.
rile reases, 422, 429; vote on Xvih anendment, RECONSTRUCTION, Johnson's last message on, 321-391;

additional legislation. 108-115; Grant's message on
MAYE, vote on XVth amendment, 492.

417; military orders, 422-432.
MARRIAGE, I VZER-, Georgia, whites and blacks, 174, 475. REMOVAL of Disabilities, vote on, 393.
MATILAND, XVth amendment, 492.

REPRESENTATION, minority, 392, 393; of Georgia, 393.
Mis (ICETTS, vote on XVih amendment, 492.

REPRESENTATIVES, Members of House of, 407.

RESOLUTIONS condemning President Johnson's repudia.
Meros; Justice, decision and opinion in White t's. tion plan, 391, 392.
Georgia. 466-470.

REYxolds, General J. J., assigned to fifth district, 422,
McCULLOCHI, HUGII, Secretary of the Treasury, 383.

424; relieved, 421; orders cessation military rule
McPurrsov, EDWARD, Clerk House of Representatives, in Louisiana, convention tax to be paid, Texas not

to send Presidential electors, is removed, rein.
MEANT, General G. (1., to department of South, 422; to stated, test oath, 429, 430.

division of the Atlantic, 424; order as to Georgia RHODE ISLAND, XVth amendment, 497; election of 1869,
sheritlis' resignations, intimidation of voters, carry. 506,
ing of arms, &c., test oath, ratification Georgia and ROBESON, GEORGE M., Secretary of the Navy, 406.
Florida constitutions, appointing Governors of ROUSSEAU, General L. H., to department of Louisiana,
Georgia and Alabama, stay law, ratification XIVih 422.
amendment and withdrawal of military rule from SAWYER, FREDERICK A., motion as to XVth amendment,
Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, 428.

MIMDERS of President Johnson's cabinet, 383; 40th SCIENCK, RODERT C., reintroduces public credit hill, 413.

Congress, 3d session, 383, 384; President Grant's SCHOFIELD, General J.M., Secretary of War, 333; assigned
calvinot, 406, 407; 41st Congress, 407, 408.

to department of the Missouri, 425.
MERCHANDIZS in French ships, duties on, 421.

SEWARD, WILLIAM H1., Secretary of State, 383; final cer-
MESSIGE, President Johnson's last annual, 381-391; tificate XIVth amendment, 417–419.
Pre-ilent Grant's, on reconstruction, 117.

SEYMOUR, HORATIO, Presidential vote, 499.
MICHIGAN, vote on XVth amendment, 493, 494; election SHELLABARGER, SAMUEL, motions Xvih amendment, 400,
of 1869, 506.

Military, aid to United States marshals and sheriffs, SAENIDAN, General Philip H., to department of Louis-

423, 121; readjustment of districts, 422; orders on iana, to division of the Missouri, 424.
reconstruction, 422, 432; jurisdiction of commis- SAERMAN, General, letter as to surrender of J. E. John-
sions, 475-478.

ston, 504, 505.
MILLER, Justice, opinion of the United States Supreme SIXTEENTH Amendment to United States Constitution

Court on right of States to tax through passengers, proposed, 506.
431, 137; dissenting opinion in Bronson rs. Rodes, Souru CAROLINA ratifies XIVth amendment, 428; mili-
417, 418; dissenting opinion as to status of Texas, tary rule ceases, 422, 428; vote on XVth amend-

ment, 497, 498.
MINNESOTA, XVth amendment, 494.

STATE PLATFORMS of 1869, 478-488.
MIX RITY REPRESENTATION, vote on, 392, 393.

State Tax on through passengers, 434-137.

M1981-SIPPI bill, 410-112; Virginia and Texas bill, 108- | Status of Texas, 418-456.

410; constitution lost, test oath promulgated, poll STEWART, WILLIAM M., motions, XVth amendment, 400,
tax annulled, colored persons competent jurors, 401, 404.
428, 4:29; Republican and Democratic platforms, STEWART, ALEXANDER T., Secretary of the Treasury, 406.
480–182; Grant's electio. proclamation, 606; XVth STONEMAN, General, removes Governor Wells, and is
amendment, 494.

himself removed, 425.
MISSOURI, vote on XVth amendment, 494.

SUFFRAGE, Female, 506.
MORTON, OLIVER P., motion as to tenure-of-oflice bill, SUMNER, CHARLES, amendment to tenure-of-office bill,

398; on XVth amendment, 402, 403, 404; as to Vir- 398; motion on XVth amendment, 402, 403; on
ginia, Mississippi, and Texas bill, 410; on public public credit bill, 413.
credit bill, 413.

SURRENDER of General Johnston, 504, 505.
MOWER, General J. A., to department of Louisiana, 425. SWAYNE, Justice, dissenting opinion as to status of Tex-
MULLINS, JAMES, objects to electoral vote of Louisiana,

as, 456.

TABLES, statistical, 500-602.

TAXATION, State, upon United States certificates, 437-
NEDEAEKA, XVth amendment, 494.

439; of United States notes, 439-443.

Tax, can a State levy, upon through passengers, 431- XVth amendment, 498; election of 1869, 506; Dan-

iel's dispatch to Grant, 506.
Taxes, State, are they payable in United States notes, Vote on minority representation, Georgia electoral,

Georgia representation, removal of disabilities, 312,
TERNESSEE, vote on XVth amendment. 498.

393; popular, for President, 499.
TENURE-OF-OFFICE ACT, votes on, 397, 398; amendment, Votes, political, 40th Congress, 3d session, 591-98;

condemning President Johnson's repudiation plan,
Terry, General A. H., to department of the South, 424; 391, 392; on counting Georgia electoral Frite, 36;

orders colored evidence received in all cases be- equal rights in Disiriet of Columbia, 395; public
fore military courts, 425.

credit bill, 395-397; tenure-of-office art, 337, 398;
Test OATH, in Virginia, 425, 426; Georgia, 428; Missis- XVth amendment in Congress, 399-106; political,
sippi, 429; Texas, 430.

41st Congress, 1st session, 408-115; Virginia (Mis-
Texas (Virginia and Mississippi) bill, 408-410; orders as sissippi and Texas) bill, 409-410; Mississippi bill,

to taxation, Presidential election, constitutional 410-112; public credit act, 412, 413; amendment to
convention, apprenticeship and tuition of children, tenure-of-office act, 413–15; effect of XVth amend-
real estate sales, education fund, test oath, 429, 130; ment, 415; State legislatures on XVth amendment,
new constitution, 430-432; status of the State, 418- 488-198.
456; Grant's proclamation for election, 505, 500; WADE, BENJAMIN F., acting Vice President, &r., 393.
XVth amendment, 498.

WARNER, Justice, dissenting opinion in White 18.
THOMAS, GEORGE H., General, to division of the Pacific, Georgia, 471-174.

WARNER, WILLARD, motions, XVth amendment, 401, 403.
THURMAN, A. G., motion on public credit bill, 413. WASHBURN, HENRY D., bill to repeal tenure-of-utlice act,
TRUMBULL, LYMAN, bill to amend tenure-of-office act, 414. 398.
UNDERWOOD, Justice, dissenting opinion in the Cæsar WASHBURNE, ELIuu B., Secretary of State, 406; resigns,
Griffin case, 462-166.

106, 408.

tion upon, 437; notes, State taxation on, 439-143. platforms, 487, 484; election of 1869, i.
Union Pacific RAILROAD Bonds, 503.

WEDB, General A. S., to first military distriet, reinstates
VERMONT, Republican and Democratic platforms, 481; Governor Wells, appoints military men to civil
XVth amendment, 498.

oftice, is relieved, 27, 42.
VICKERS, GEORGE, motion on XVth amendment, 401. Welles, GIDEON, Secretary of the Navy, 249.
VIRGINIA (Mississippi and Texas) bill, 108-110; Grant's! WEST VIRGINIA, vote o Xith amendment, 498,

election proclamation, 420, 421; military orders as WHITE 18. GEORGIA, opinion of Georgii stiri ine court,
to test oath, colored policemen, removing Gover- with dissenting ipinion, 170-174.
nor Wells, reinstating him, reappointment military ' WILLIY, WAITMAN 1., resolution condemning President
ofiicers to civil offices, registration and election offi- Johnson's repudiation plan, 391.
cers, stay law extended, to prev?nt election irauds, WILLIAMS, Głorge 11., motion, XVth amendment, 401.
Canby's letters justifying his test-oath order, 125– Wilson, HENRY, motions, XVth amendment, 101, 102,
427; judicial opinions in Cm-ar Griffin case, 457-160; 403, 401.
Republican and Democratic platforms, 481–1871 | Wisconsin, vote on XVth amendment, 498.

McPherson's Political Publications.



From November 6, 1860, to April 15, 1865, the Date of the Death of Abraham Lincoln,

With a Copious Chapter on the Church and the Rebellion.

Clerk of the U. S. JIouse of Representatives.

This work is a magazine of facts of the highest historical interest and value, and the most thorough, accurate, and impartial compendium of the action of the Government of the United States, and the Rebel Administration, which has been published. It includes the various State Papers of the Period on all the topics of the War-Votes in Congress; Presidential Messages, Proclamations, and Orders; Judicial Decisions; Military Orders; Diplomatic Correspondence ; Compromise and Peace Propositions; Lists of Members of Union and Rebel Congresses and Administration; the whole action on Slavery in its multiformn phases; action of the various Church Bodies, &c., &c.

North American Review: "Of great value for reference and consultation.”

Ilarper's Magazine: "No one who has not occasion to use such a work for constant reference can appreciate the admirable manner in which this has been executed."

The Nation : "The completest and most valuable collection of the kind ever made in this country.”
New York Post: "Every way deserving of the warmest commendation."
Philadelphia North American: “One of the wost valuable political digests."

National Intelligencer: "In no other work can they find the materials of history so faithfully compiled, so copiously selected, and so judiciously arranged."

London Athenaum: "An accurate and thoroughly honest repertory of historical data."
One vol., 8vo., 653 pp., cloth.—Price $3, post paid.


THE POLITICAL MANUAL FOR 1866, (from April 15, 1865, to July, 1866;) THE POLITICAL MANUAL FOR 1867, (from July, 1866, to April, 1867;) and THE POLITICAL MANUAL FOR 1868, (from April, 1867, to July, 15, 1868.)

Cloth, $1 each, post paid.

These volumes are a complete digest of the Political Facts of the eventful period they cover, and are a recognized authority for their fullness and accuracy. They are compiled from official sources, and are universally accepted as ÎMPARTIAL. To all students of history, to journalists, to publicists, and to intelligent readers of every class, they are an invaluable repository of facts and memoranda relating to the times in which we live.

PHILP & SOLOMONS, Publishers,

Metropolitan Book-Store, Washington City, D. C.

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