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or the result thereof, or if any person shall aid, i Lynch, Marshall, Mayham, McCarthy, McCormick, Mecounsel, procure, or advise any such voter, per- Moore. Morgan, Morrell, Norrill, Mungen, Niblack, O'bon, or officer to do any act herein made a crime, Neill, Packer, Palmer, Peters. Poland, Pomeroy, Potter, or to omit to do any duty the omission of which is Randall, Reading, Reeves, Rice, Rogers, Schenck, Schuhereby made a crime, or attempt so to do, or if maker, Scofield, Shanks, Slocum, Worthing on C. Smith, any person shall by force, threat, menace, in- land, Svann, Sweeney, Tatte, Tanner, Trimble, Twichell, timidation, or otherwise prevent any citizen or

Van Auken. Voorhecs, Cadwalader C, Washburn, William citizens from assembling in public meeting to Wilsun, Winans, Woodward—103.

B. Washburn, Wells. Wilkinson, Willard, Eugene M. discuss or bear discussed any subject whatever, Nays-Messrs. Ambler, Arnell, Asper, Beaman, Beatty, or if any person shall by any means break up, Benton, Bingham, Bowen, Boyd, Buffinton, Burdelt, disperse, or molest any assemblage, or any citi Churchill

, Amasa Cobh, Clinton L. Cobb, Coburn, Cook zen in or of such assemblage when met or meet. Conger, Donley, Duvall, Ela, Fisher, Hay, Heaton, Hill, ing to discuss or hear discussion, as aforesaid, or lloar, Alexander H. Jones, Judd, Julian, Kelley, Kelshall by any means prevent any citizen from Moore, Neyley, Orth, Packard, Paine, Phelps, Prosser, attending any such assemblage, every person so Roots, Sargent, Sheldon, John A. Smith, William J. offending shall be deemed guilty of a crime, and Smith, Stevenson, Stoughton, Tillman, Tyner, Upson, shall for such crime be liable to indictment in Yan Horn, Ward, Welker, Whittemore, Williams, John

T. Wilson, Witcher-62. any court of the United States of competent jurisdiction, and on conviction thereof shall be

The Public Credit Act. adjudged to pay a fine not exceeding five hundred dollare or less than one hundred dollars, the first act approved by President Grant:

This bill became a law March 18, 1869, being and suffer imprisonment for a term not exceed.

Be it enacted, &c., That in order to remove ing three years nor less than six months, in the discretion of the court, and pay the costs of any doubt as to the purpose of the Government

to discharge all just obligations to the public prosecution. SEC 6. That no officer of Mississippi shall buy interpretations of the laws by virtue of which

creditors, and to settle conflicting questions and or sell treasury warrants, or claims of


such obligations have been contracted, it is upon the treasury of the State, or of any county hereby provided and declared, that the faith of or district thereof. All taxes and moneys lected by any officer shall be paid into the ap: payinent in coin or its equivalent of all the

the United States is solennly pledged to the receive warrants in payment of taxes shall file obligations of the United States not bearing with the treasurer a schedule, made under oath. interest, known as United States notes, and of of such warrants, with the name and residence all the interest: hearing obligations of the United of each person from whom any such warrant

States, except in cases where the law authorizmay have been received. Any person who shali ing the issue of any such obligation has exviolate this section shall be deemed guilty of a

pressly provided that the same may be paid in

lawful misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shail

inoney or other currency than gold and be punished as is prescribed in the fifth section silver. But none of said interest-bearing obliof this act.

gations not already due shall be redeemed or Sec. 7. That the courts of the United States paid before maturity unless at such time United shall have jurisdiction of cases arising under this States notes shall be convertible into coin at the act.

option of the holder, or unless at such time Seo. 8. That the poll-tax levied in any one of interest than the bonds to be redeemed can

bonds of the United States bearing a lower rate year upon any citizen of Mississippi shall not exceed '$1 50, and all laws in said Sate for the be sold at par in coin. And the United States collection of taxes and debts shall be uniform, at the earliest practicable period for the redemp

also solemnly pledges its faith to make provision and every citizen shall be entitled to all the exemptions and immunities in these respects of the tion of the United States notes in coin. most favored citizen or class of citizens.

March 12-It passed the House--yeas 97, Sec. 9. That all lands which shall bereafter naye 47 (not voting 49,) as follow : be forfeited and sold for non-payment of any Arnell. Asper, Axtell, Bailey, Banks, Beaman, Benja

Yeas-Messrs. Allison, Ambler, Ames, Armstrong, tax, impost, or assessment whatever, in the min, Bennett, Bingham, Plair, Boles, Boyd, Buffinton, State of Mississippi, or under proceedings in Burdett.Cessnn, Churchill, Clinton L. Cohb, Cook, Conbankrupicy, or by virtue of the judgment or ger Cowles, Cullom, Dawes honley, Duval, Dyer, Farnsdecree of any court in the said State of Missis. Gilfillan, Hale, llawley, Heaton, Iloar, Hooner, Hotchsippi, shall be disposed of only by sale in sepa. kiss, Jenckes, Alexander !! Jones, Judd, Julian, Kelrate sub-divisions not exceeding förty acres each: sey, Ketcham, Inamn, Laflin, Lush, Lawrence, Lynch, Provided, however, That such poriion of said William Moore, Morrill, Negley, U'Neill, Packard, land shall first be offered for sale as can be sold Paine, Palmer, Phelps, Poland, Pomeroy, Prosser, with the least injury to the remainder.

Roots Sanford, Sargent, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield,

Sheldon, John A. Smith, Worthington C.Smith, William April 1-Its further consideration was post- Smyth, Stokes, Stoughton, Strickland, Tanner, Tillponed till the first Monday in December next-man, Twichell. Upson, Van Horn, Ward, Cadwalader C. yeas 103, nays 62, (not voting 31.) as follow:

Washburn, William B. Washburn, Welker, Wheeler,

Whittemore, Wilkinson, Willard, Williams, WiYE48-Messrs. Allison, Archer, Armstrong, Aztell, nans-97. Bailey, Beck, Biggs, Bird, Blair, Brooks. Burr, Calkin, NAYS–Messrs. Archer, Beatty, Beck, Biggs, Bird, Burr, Cleveland, Cowles, Crebs, Cullom, Dawes, Deweese, Dick Benjamin F. Butler, Roderick R. Butler, Amasa Cobb, inson, Dixon, Dockery, Eldridge, Farnsworth, Ferriss, Coburn, Crebs, Deweese, Dickinson, Eldridge, Getz, Gol Finkelnburg, Fitch, Garfield, Getz, Gilfillan, Golladay, laday, Hawkins, Holman, Hopkins, Johnson, Thomas L Griswold, Haldeman, Halo, Hambleton, Hamill, Hawkins, Jones, Kerr, Knott, Marshall, Mayham, McCormick, MC Ilawley, IIoag, Holman, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Jenckes, Neely. Moflet, Mungen, N black, Orth, Reading, Reeves, Rice Johnson, Thomas L. Jones, Kerr, Laflin, Loughridge, Shanks, Joseph & Smith, Sliles, Stone, Strader, Sweener:

Taffe, Trimble, Tyner, Van Trump, John T. Wilson, SEC. 2. That any contract hereafter made spe-
Winchester, Woodward-47.
March 16 --It passed the Senate-yeas 42, which may be a loan of coin, or a sale of property,

cifically payable in coin, and the consideration of nays 13, as follow:

or the rendering of labor or service of any kind, YEAs-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Boreman, Brown. the price of which, as carried into the contract, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Fenton, Ferry, Fessenden, may have been adjusted on the basis of the coin Gilbert, Grimes, Harris, Howard, Kellogg, McDonald, value thereof at the time of such sale or the renMorrill, Nye, Patterson, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey, Robert- dering of such service or labor, shall be legal son, Sawyer, Schurz. Scott, Sherman, Stewart Sumner, and valid, and may be enforced according to its Thayer, Tipton, Trumbull, Warner, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Yates-42.

terms. Nays -- Messrs. Bayard, Carpenter, Casserly, Cole, March 11-Mr. Howard moved to insert the Davis, Morton, Osborn, Rice, Ross, Spencer, Stockton, word "written" before “contract” in the 2d secThurman, Vickers-13.

Pending the consideration of this subject, the tion where it first occurs; which was agreed to. following proceedings took place :

Mr. Sumner moved to strike out the 2d sec

tion; which was agreed tomgeas 28, nays 15, as IN HOUSE,

follow: 1869, March 12–Mr. Schenck introduced the YEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Carpenter, Casserly, bill passed at tbird session of Fortieth Congress, Goubling Corbett, Cragin, Ferry, Fessenden, Gilbert, and pocketed” by President Johnson. (See son, Sawyer, Schurz. Scott, Sprague, štewart, Stockton, page 13-395.)

Sumner, Thurman, Trumbull, Vickers, Wilson-28. Mr. Allison moved to strike out the second Grimes, Ilamlin, Morrill, Morton, Osborn, Patterson,

Nays-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Brownlow, Drake, section ; which was agreed to-yeas 87, nays 56, Ramsey, Ross, Sherman, Warner, Williams—15. as follow:

Mr. Thurman moved to add to the 1st section YEAs-Messrs. Allison, Ames, Archer, Bailey, Beaman, the following proviso: Beatty, Beck, Birgs, Bingham, Bird. Bowen, Burr, Benjamin F. Butler, Cake, Cessna, Amasa Cobb, Coburn, Provided, That nothing herein contained shall Callom, Davis, Deweese, Dich inson, Dyer, Eldridge, apply to the obligations commonly called five*Farnsworth, Ferriss, Ferry, Fitch, Getz, Gulladay, Haldeman, Hale, Hamill, Hawkins, Hay, Houg, Holman,

twenty bonds. Hooper, Hopkins, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Thomas L. Jones,

Which was not agreed to-yeas 12, nays 31, Kelsey, Kerr, Knapp, Knott, Lawrence, Loughridge, as follow : Lynch, Marshall, Mayham, McCormick, McNeely, Moffet, Jesse H. Moore, Morrill, Mungen, Yiblark, O'Neill, Orth,

Yeas-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Casserly, Morton, Reading, Sawyer, Scofield, Shanks, Worthington Norton, Osborn, Pratt, Ross, Sprague, Stockton, Thur? Smith, Stevenson, Stiles, Stone, Stoughton, Strader, wann, man, Vickers-12. Sweeney, Tatre, Trimble, Tyner, Van Horn, William B.

NAYS--Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Brownlow, CarpenWashburn, Welker, Wells, Wilkinson, Willard, illiams, ter, Conkling, Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Fenton, Ferry, Eugene M. Wim, John T. Wilson, Winans, 'Winchester, Gilbert, Grimes, Hamlin, Harris, Kellogg, McDonală; Witcher, TV wurd–87.

Morrill, Nye, Patterson, Ramsey, Sawyer, Schurz, Scott, NAYS- Jossrs. Armstrong, Asper, Axiell, Banks, Ben Sherman, Stewart, Sumner, Tipton, Trumbull, Warner, jamin, Dennett, Blair, Boles, Boyd, Buffinton, Burdett, Williams, Wilson-31. Roderick R. Lutler, Churchill, Clinton L. Cobb, Conger, Mr. Morton moved to strike from section 1st Cowles, Dawes, Dockery, Donley, Finkeinburg Fisherthe words, "authorizing the issue of any such Jones, Judd, Julian, Ketcham, Laflin, Lash, Logan, obligation;" which was not agreed to-yeas 14, McGrew, Mercur. William Moore, Packard, Paine, Pal Days 32, as follow: mer, Poland, Pomeroy, Prosser, Roots, Sanford, Sargent, Schenck, Sheldon, John A. Smith, Stokes, Strickland,

Yeas-Messrs. Bayard, Brownlow, Casserly, Morton, Tanner. Tvichell, Ward, Cadwalader c. Washburn, Norton, Pomeroy, Pratt, Robertson, Ross,' Spencer, Wheeler, Whittemore-56.

Sprague, Stockton, Thurman, Vickers-14.

NAYS-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Boreman, CarpenThe bill was then passed by the vote previously ter, Cattell, Corbett, Cragin, Drake, Fenton, Ferry, fesgiven.

senden, Gilbert, Grimes, Ilamlin, Howard, IIowe, MorIN SENATE.

rill, Patterson, Ramsey, Sawyer, Schurz, Scott, Sher

man, Stewart, Sumner, Thayer, Tipton, Warner, Willey, *March 9-The following bill was reported from Williams, Wilson, Yates—32. the Committee on Finance:

March 15—This bill was then laid aside, and A BILL to strengthen the public credit, and re- the IIouse bill taken up and passed by the vote

lating to contracts for the payment of coin. given above.

Be it enacted, &c., That in order to remove any doubt as to the purpose of the Government to

Amendment to the Tenure-of-Ofico Act. dischargo all just obligations to the public cred- This bill passed both Houses, and became a itors, and to settle conflicting questions and inter- law: pretations of the laws by virtue of which such An Act to amend "An act regulating the tenobligations have been contracted, it is hereby

ure of certain civil olices." provided and declared that the faith of the United Be it enacted by the Senate and House of RepStates is solemnly pledged to the payment in resentatives of the United States of America in coin, or its equivalent, of all the interest-bearing Congress assembled, That the first and second obligations of the United States, except in cases sections of an act entitled "An act regulating where the law authorizing the issue of any such the tenure of certain civil offices," passed March obligaiion has expressly provided that the same 2, 1867, be, and the same are hereby, repealed, may be paid in lawful money or other currency and in lieu of said repealed sections the followthan gold and silver: Provided, however, Thating are hereby enacted: before any of said interest-bearing obligations That every person holding any civil office to not already due shall mature or be paid before which he bas been or hereafter may be appointed, maturity, the obligations not bearing interest, by and with the advice and consent of the Senknown as United States notes, shall be made ate, and who shall have become duly qualified convertible into coin at the option of the holder. I to act therein, shall be entitled to hold such office

during the term for which he shall have been

IN SENATE, March 31. appointed, unless sooner removed by and with YEAS-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Boreman. Brownlow, the advice and consent of the Senate, or by the Buckingham, Cameron, Carpenter, Chandler. Conkling, appointment, with the like advice and consent, bert, Grimes, Iamlin, Harlan, Harris. Howard, Kellogg. of a successor in his place, except as herein other- Morrill, Nve, Osborn, Patterson, Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, wise provided

Ramsey, Rice, Sawyer, Schurz, Scott, Spencer, Sumner, SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That during Tipton. Trumbull, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Yates 42 any recess of the Senate the President is hereby Sprague, Stockton, Thurman, Vickers-8. empowered, in his discretion, to suspend any

PRELIMINARY VOTES. civil officer appointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, except judges of the

The following is the action of each House in United States courts, until the end of the next

detail: session of the Senate, and to designate some suit

IN HOUSE. able person, subject to be removed in his discre- 1869, March 9—The bill to repeal the tenuretion by the designation of another, to perform of office act was introduced by Nir. Benjamin F. the duties of such suspended officer in the mean- Butler, and read a first and second time and time; and such person so designated shall take passed-yeas 138, nays 16, (not voting 39,) as the oaths and give the bonds required by law to follow : be taken and given by the suspended officer, and YE15_Messrs. Adams, Allison, Ambler. Archer, Asper, shall, during the tim; he performs his duties, be Artell, Bailey. Banks, Beaman, Leck, Bennett, Biggs, entitled to the salary and emoluments of such Burdett, Buri, Benjamin F. Butler, Roderick R. Butoffice, no part of which shall belong to the officer ler, kake. Cessna, ihurchill, Clarke, Cleveland, A masa suspended; and it shall be the duty of the Presi- Cobh, Clinton L. Cobh, Coburn, Cook, Conger,, Crebs, dent within thirty days after the commencement Dyer, Eldri'g. Ferry, Finckelnburg, Fisher, Fitch, of each session of ihe Senate, except for any office Gilbllan, Goll day, Griswold, Haldeman, Hale, Hamill, which in his opinion ought not to be filled, to Hawkins, llawley, Nay, Ileaton, Ilill, Hong, lloar, lol nominate persons to fill all vacancies in office man, Ingersoll, Johnson, Alexander II. Jones, Thomas L.

J.nes, Judd, Julian, Kelley, Kelsey, Kerr. Ketcham, which existed at the meeting of the Senate, Knapp. Knitt. Lash, Logan Loughridge, Marshall, Maywhether temporarily filled or not, and also in ham, NicComick, McCrary, McGrew, Ale Verly, Moffet, Eliathe place of all officers suspended; and if the O'Neill, Orth, Packard, Packer, Paine, Palmer, Peters, Senate during such session shall reluse to advise Phelps, Pomeroy, Fotter, Prosser. Randul, Leading, Rico, and consent to an appointment in the place of Rogers, fargent, Schumaker; Scofield, Shanks. Sheldon, any suspended officer, then, and not otherwise, Stiles, Stone. Stoughton, Strader. Strickland, Swann, the President shall nominate another person as Sweeney Trim'.le. Twiehell, Tyner.Upson, Pan Auken, Van soon as practicable to said session of the Senate llorn, Van Trump, Voorhers. Cadwalader c. Wasliburn, for said office.

William B. Washburn, Welker, Wells Wheeler, Williams,

Eugene M. Wilson, John T. Wilson, Winans, Finchester, Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That section Witcher. Wond, Woodward—138. three of the act to which this is an amendment

NAys-Messrs. Arnell, Boles, Farnsworth, Ferriss,

Ilotchkiss, Jenckes, Lawrence, Maynard, Schenck, be amended by inserting after the word " resigna- Worthington C. Smith, Stokes, Taffe, Tillman, Ward, tion," in line three of said section, the following: Whittemore, Willard– 16. or expiration of term of office.

IN SENATE. Approved, April 5, 1869.

March 11--It was referred to the Committee The final vote was as follows:

on the Judiciary-yeas 34, nays 25, as follow:

YEAs--Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Brownlow, BuckIn House, March 31.

ingham, arpenter, Cattell, Chandler, i'onkling, Cragin,

Drake, Edmunds, Ferry, Gilbert, Llamlin, Ilarris, HowYE48—Vessrs. Allison, Ambler, Ames, Armstrong, ard, Ilowe. Morrill, Norton, Nye. Patterson, Pomeroy, Arnell, Asper, Bailey, Banks. Beaman, Bennett, Bing. Ramsey. Rice. Sawyer, Schurz. Scott, Stewart. Sumner, ham, Blair, Boles, Bowen, Buffinton, Birdett, Benjamin Tipton, Trumbull, Williams, Wilson, Yates-34. F. Butler, Roderick R. Butler, Cake, Cessna, Churchill,

N 18s--Messrs. Bayard, Boreman. Cameron, Casserly, Amasa Cobb, Clinton L. Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Conger, Corbett, Daris, Fenton, Fessenden, Fowler, Grimes, Cowles, Cullom, Dawes, Dixon, Dockery, Donley, Duval, McCreery, McDonald, Morton, Pool, Pratt, Robertson, Ela, Ferriss, Finkelnburg, Fisher, Fitch, Garfield, Gil Ross, Sherman, Spencer, Sprague, Stockton, Thayer, fillan, Hale, Hawley, Hay, Heaton, Hill, Hooper, Hop-Thurman, Ficker's, Warner-25. kins, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Alexander H. Jones, Juda, Kelsey, Knapp, Latin, Lash, Logan, Lynch, Maynard, from the Committee on the Judiciary, amended

March 24—Mr. Trumbull reported the bill Moore, Jesse 11. Moore, Silliam Hoore, Morrell, Morrill, so as to strike out all after the enacting clause O'Neill, Packard, Packer, Paine, Palmer, Peters, Phelps, and insert as follows: Pomeroy, Prosser, Roots, Sanford, Sargent, Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Shanks, Sheldon, John A. Smith,

That the 1st and 2d sections of an act entiWilliam J. Smith, il illiam Smyth, Stevens, Stevenson, tled " An act regulating the tenure of certain Stokes, Stoughton, Strickland, Taffe, Tanner, Tillman, civil officers,” passed March 2, 1867, be, and the C. Washburn, William B. Washburn, Welker, Wheeler, same are hereby, repealed, and in lieu of said Williams, John T. Wilson, Winans, "Fitcher--108. repealed sections the following are hereby en

Nays-Messrs. Archer, Artell, Beatty, Beck, Benton, acted: That every person holding any civil office Biggs, Bird, Boyd, Brooks, Burr, Calkin, Clarke, cieve to which he has been or may hereafter be ap. Getz, Golladay, Griswoll, Haldeman, Hambleton. Humil, pointed, by and with the advice and consent of Hawkins, Houg, lloar, Holman, Johnson, Thomas L. Jones, the Senate, and who shall have become qualified mick, Neely. Moffet, Alorgan, Mungen, Niblack, Orth, Po to act therein, shall be entitled to bold such office land, Potter, Randall, Reading, Reeves, Rice, Rogers, Schu- during the term for which he shall bave been maker, Slocum, Worthington C. Smith, Siles, Stone, Swann, appointed, unless sooner removed by and with Wilkiuson, Willard, Eugene 1. Wilson, Wood, Woodward the advice and consent of the Senate, or by the

appointment, with the like advice and consent,


of a successor in his place, except as herein | Twichell, Ward, Welker, Wheeler, John T. Wilson, otherwise provided.

NAYS–Messrs. Allison, Ambler, Archer, Axtell, Banks, SEC. 2 And be it further enacted, That during Beck, Biggs, Bird, Blair, Boyd, Brooks, Buffinton, Burr, any recess of the Senate the President is hereby Benjamin F. Butler, Culkin, Clarke, Cleveland, Amasa empowered, in his discretion, to suspend any civil Cobb, Cool, Conger, Crebs, Cullom, Davis, Dawes, Deofficer appointed by and with the advice and Fox, Getz, Golladay, Griswold, Haight, Haldeman, Hambleconsent of the Senate, except judges of the ton, Hawkins, Hlay, Ileaton, Hoag, Hoar, Holman, HopUnited States courts, until the end of the next Julian, Kerr, Knott, Logan, Loughridge, Marshall, May

kins. Jolinson, Alexander II. Jones, Thomas L. Jones, session of the Senate, and to designate some ham, McCrary, McNeely, Moffet, Jesse 11. Moore, Morgan, suitable person subject to be removed in his dis- Mungen, Niblack, O'Neill, Orth, Packard, Paine, Palmer, cretion by the designation of another to perform maker, Sheldon, Slocum, John A. Smith, Joseph S. Smith, the duties of such suspended officer in the mean- Stevenson, Swann, Sweeney, Tanner, Townsend, Trimble, time; and such person so designated shall take Tyner, Upson, Van Horn, Van Trump, Cadwalader c. oaths and give bonds required by law to be Wilkinson, Williams, Eugene M.' Wilson, Winchester, taken and given by the suspended officer, and Witcher, Wood, Woodward—99. shall during the time he performs his duties be

IN SENATE. entitled to the salary and emoluments of such

March 30-A motion to recede from its amendoffice, no part of which shall belong to the officer suspended. It shall be the duty of the President ments was lost-yeas 20, nays 37, as follow: within thirty days after the commencement of

YEAS—Messrs. Bayard, Cusserly, Cole, Davis, Fenton, each session of the Senate, except for an office ton, Pool, Robertson, Ross, Sprague, Stockton, Thayer,

Fessenden, Fowler, Grimes, McCreery, McDonald, Morwhich in his opinion ought not to be filled, to Thurman, Vickers, Warner–20. nominate persons to fill all vacancies in office NAY8-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Boreman, Brownlow, which existed at the meeting of the Senate, Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Ferry, Gilbert, Hamlin, Har?

Buckingham, Cameron, Carpenter, Cattell, Conkling, whether temporarily filled or not, and also in lan, Harris, Howard, Howe, Kellogg, Morrill, Nye, Patthe place of all officers suspended, and if the terson, Pomeroy, Pratt, Ramsey, Rice, Sawyer, Schurz, Senate during such session shall refuse to advise Scott, Spencer, Sumner, Tipton, Trumbull, Willey, Wil

, and consent to an appointment in the place of A committee of conference was then voted, and any suspended oficer, and shall also refuse by Messrs. Trumbull, Edmunds, and Grimes apvote to assent to his suspension, then, and not pointed conferees. otherwise, such oficer, at the end of the session,

IN HOUSE. shall be entitled to resume the possession of the office from which he was suspended, and after

March 30-A motion that the House recede wards to discharge its duties and receive its from its disagreement was lost-yeas 61, nays emoluments as though no such suspension had 106. The conference was granted, and Messrs. taken place.

Benjamin F. Butler, Cadwalader C. Washburn, Which was agreed to-yeas 37, nays 15, as and Bingham were appointed the managers. follow :

March 31-The committee of conference re-
Yeas-Messrs. Abbott, Anthony, Boreman, Brownlow, ported, recommending certain amendments, (to
Buckingham, Carpenter, Cattel, Chandler, Conkling make the bill stand as it finally passed,) and the
Cragin, Drake, Edmunds, Ferry, Gilbert, Hamlin, Har: report was adopted-in the House, yeas 108,
son, Pratt, Ramsey, Rice, Sawyer, Schurz, Scott, nays 67; in the Senate, yeas 42, nays 8, as
Spencer, Stewart, Sumner, Tipton, Trumbull,' Willey, printed above,
Williams, Wilson, Yates-37.

Nays-Messrs. Bayard, Casserly, Davis, Fessenden,
Fowler, Grimes, McCreery, McDonald, Norton, Ross, On the Effect of the XVth Amendment.
Sprague, Stockton, Thurman, Vickers, Warner-15.

1869, March 22-Mr. Jobnson moved a susMarch 25—A motion to refer to the Committee pension of the rules so as to enable him to sub

mit this resolution : on the Judiciary was agreed to-ýeas 94, nays Resolved. That in passing the resolution for 79, not voting 23.

the fifteenth amendment to the Constitution of March 26—This vote was reconsidered, with the United States this house never intended that out a division, and the House refused to concur Chinese or Mongolians should become voters. in the amendment of the Senate-yeas 70, nays

The motion to suspend the rules was lost99, (not voting 27,) as follow:

yeas 42, nays 106, not voting 48. The yeaS YEAs-Messrs. Ames, Armstrong, Asper, Bailey, Bea- were Messrs. Archer, Axtell, Bird, Brooks, Burr, man, Beatty, Benton, Bingham, Boles, Burdett, Roderick R. Butler, Cessna, Churchill, Clinton L. Cobb, Co- Calkin, Crebs, Dickinson, Eldridge, Fitch, Golla? burn, Cowles, Dixon, Dockery, Donley, Duval, Ela, day, Haight, Haldeman, Hambleton, Hamill, Farnsworth, Ferriss, Finkelnburg, Garfield, Gilfillan, Hawkins, Holman, Johnson, Thomas L. Jones, Kelley, Kelsey, Ketcham, Knapp, Latin, Lash, William Kerr, Knott, Mayham, McNeely, Potter, Ran. cur, Eliakim H. Moore, William Moore. Packer, Poland, s. Smith, William J. Smith,

Stiles, Stone, Strader, Lawrence, Lynch, Maynard, McCarthy, McGrew,

Mer- dall

, Reading, Reeves, Sargent, Slocum, Joseph Schenck, Scofield, Shanks, William 'J. Smith, William Swann, Van Auken, Van Trump. Wells

, Eugene Smyth, Stevens, Stoughton, Strickland, Taffe. Tillman, M. Wilson, Winchester, Wood, Woodward.

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President Grant's Inaugural Address, March | debt will be trusted in public place, and it will 4th, 1869.

go far towards strengthening a credit which Citizens of the United States :

ought to be the best in the world, and will ultiYour suffrages having elected me to the office mately enable us to replace the debt with bonds of President of the United States, I have, in bearing less interest than we now pay. To this conformity to the Constitution of our country, should be added a faithful collection of the reytaken the oath of office prescribed therein. 'I enue, a strict accountability to the treasury for have taken this oath without mental reservation, every dollar collected, and the greatest practicaand with the determination to do to the best of ble retrenchment in expenditure in every demy ability all that it requires of me. The re-partment of government. sponsibilities of the position I feel, but accept When we compare the paying capacity of the them without fear. The office has come to me country now—with the ten States in poverty unsought; I commence its duties untrammelled. from the effects of war, but soon to emerge, I I bring to it a conscious desire and determina- trust, into greater prosperity than ever before tion to fill it to the best of my ability to the with its paying capacity twenty-five years ago, satisfaction of the people.

and calculate what it probably will be twentyOn all leading questions agitating the public five years hence, who can doubt the feasibility mind I will always express my views to Con- of paying every dollar then with more ease than gress, and urge them according to my judgment; we now pay for useless luxuries? Why, it looks and, when I think it advisable, will exercise the as though Providence had bestowed upon us a constitutional privilege of interposing a veto to strong box in the precious metals locked up in defeat measures which I

oppose. But all laws the sterile mountains of the far west, and which will be faithfully executed whether they meet we are now forging the key to unlock, to meet my approval or not.

the very contingency that is now upon us. 'I shall on all subjects have a policy to re- Ultimately it may be necessary to insure the commend, but none to enforce against the will facilities to reach these riches, and it may be neof the people. Laws are to govern all alike, cessary also that the general government should those opposed as well as those who favor them. give its aid to secure this access. But that should I know no method to secure the repeal of bad only be when a dollar of obligation to pay seor obnoxious laws so effective as their stringent cures precisely the same sort of dollar to use now, execution.

and not before. Whilst the question of specie The country having just emerged from a great payments is in abeyance, the prudent business rebellion, many questions will come before it for man is careful about contracting debts payable settlement in the next four years which prece in the distant future. The nation should follow ding Administrations have never had to deal the same rule. A prostrate commerce is to be with. In meeting these it is desirable that they rebuilt and all industries encouraged. should be approached calmly, without prejudice, The young men of the country, those who hate or sectional pride, remembering that the from their age must be its rulers twenty-five greatest good to the greatest number is the ob- years hence, have a peculiar interest in mainject to be attained.

taining the national honor. A moment's reflecThis requires security of person, property, tion as to what will be our commanding influence and free religious and political opinion in every among the nations of the earth in their day, if part of our common country, without regard to they are only true to themselves, should inspire local prejudice. All laws to secure these ends them with national pride. All divisions, geowill receive my best efforts for their enforcement. graphical, political, and religious, can join in

A great debt has been contracted in securing this common sentiment. How the public debt to us and our posterity the Union. The pay- is to be paid, or specie payments resumed, is not ment of this, principal and interest, as well as so important as that a plan should be adopted the return to a specie basis, as soon as it can be and acquiesced in. accomplished without material detriment to the A united determination to do is worth more debtor class or to the country at larze, in ust be than divided counsels upon the method of doing. provided for. To protect the national honor Legislation upon this subject may not be necesevery dollar of government indebtedness should sary now, nor even advisable, but it will be when be paid in gold, unless otherwise expressly stip: the civil law is more fully restored in all parts ulated in the contract. Let it be understood of the country, and trade resumes its wonted that no repudiator of one farthing of our public channels.


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