An Ecclesiastical History of Scotland: Containing the State of the Church of that Nation, from the Time of Queen Mary to the Union of the Two Kingdoms, Being the Space of 154 Years

Charles Marsh, 1734 - 429 páginas

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Página 265 - Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god : their drink offerings of blood will I not offer, nor take up their names into my lips.
Página 296 - Ye that are the people of God, do not weary to maintain the testimony of the day in your stations and places ; and, whatever ye do, make sure an interest in Christ : for there is a storm coming that shall try your foundation. Scotland must be rid of .Scotland before the delivery come : and you that are strangers to God, break off your sins by repentance, else I will be a sad witness against you in the day of the Lord.
Página 295 - I am come here this day to lay down my life for adhering to the truths of Christ, for which I am neither afraid nor ashamed to suffer. Nay, I bless the Lord that ever he counted me worthy, or enabled me to suffer any thing for him ; and I desire to praise his grace, that he hath not only kept me...
Página 135 - I must tell you, that there are two kings and two kingdoms. There is Christ and his kingdom the Kirk, whose subject King James the Sixth is, and of whose kingdom he is not a king, nor a head, nor a lord, but a member...
Página 248 - Upon this dialogue, if the story be true, the soldier let the poor man pass. But be the story true or not true, it serves to give the reader a true idea of the dreadful circumstances every honest man was in at this time, when their life was in the hand of every soldier, nor were the consequences other than might be expected on such occasions.
Página 278 - I being a minister of Jesus Christ, and having authority and power from him, do, in his name, and by his spirit, excommunicate, cast out of the true church, and deliver up to satan, Charles the Second, king, &c.
Página 310 - That Prelacy and the superiority of any office in the Church above Presbyters is, and hath been, a great and unsupportable grievance and trouble to this nation, and contrary to the inclination of the generality of the people, ever since the Reformation (they having reformed from Popery by Presbyters) and therefore ought to be abolished.
Página 268 - Where have ye been all this time ? A. " Sometimes here and there, in England and Scotland. Q. " Whom have ye conversed with ? A. " I was about my business, being a merchant. " They said, Ye have been about another business ; for ye are found to be a fugitive and a vagabond.
Página 332 - I cannot omit, viz., that in a whole church full of people, not one shall be seen without a Bible — a custom almost forgotten in England, On the other hand, in a church in Scotland, if you shut your eyes when the minister names any text of Scripture, you shall hear a little rustling noise over the whole place, made by turning the leaves of the Bible.
Página 296 - And having thus finished nis course, served his generation, and witnessed a good confession for his Lord and master, before many witnesses, by the will of God he yielded up his spirit into the hands of God who gave it, being the last that sealed the testimony of this suffering period in a public way upon a scaffold.

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